193 NBA YoungBoy Quotes on Love, Loyalty & Life

NBA YoungBoy is by many measures one of the most successful rappers of modern times. His incredible versatility, originality, and vocal skills have made him a highly successful artist on YouTube and other platforms.

Despite all the glamour, few people know about the struggles of his life. He has been in-and-out of jail on multiple occasions and grew up in a broken family. But with hard work and persistence, NBA YoungBoy has built himself into a chart-topping artist and one of the most watched YouTubers on the planet.

His music and verses are full of inspiring lessons about life, success, struggle, and loyalty. Here are some of our favorite quotes and sayings from the YouTube star, NBA YoungBoy:

NBA YoungBoy Quotes on Life

1.) “I’m just a lonely child who wants someone to help him out.” — NBA YoungBoy

2.) “I don’t really talk that much. I just watch and observe.” — NBA YoungBoy

3.) “The only thing that scares me is dying.” — NBA YoungBoy

4.) “I’m leaving and never coming back.” — NBA YoungBoy

5.) “I think music made me who I am. Music taught me what was gutter and what wasn’t. Music taught me how to live.”

6.) “I know I’m young but I feel like it’s nothing I can’t handle.” — NBA YoungBoy

7.) “I got my way with my grandma. I used to get whoopings with my mom, but my grandma spoiled me.” — NBA YoungBoy

8.) “When you with me you ain’t got nothing to worry about.” — NBA YoungBoy

9.) “I wrote my first song in the first or second grade.” — NBA YoungBoy

10.) “I hate school, I really don’t think it’s important. I got money without school. You go to school to become somebody and get a job and get some decent money, I got it without it.” — NBA YoungBoy

11.) “When my grandma left couldn’t do nothing but cry. Got on my knees send my prayers to the sky. I asked em why I swear so many times.” — NBA YoungBoy

12.) “I like being alone but I want someone to be alone with, if that makes sense.” — NBA YoungBoy

12.) “They say I changed a lot, I say a lot changed me.” — NBA YoungBoy

14.) “I’m just trying to be myself – make music how I make music.” — NBA YoungBoy

15.) “I just know what I go through, and I know how to speak on it in an interesting way.” — NBA YoungBoy

16.) “I’m leaving blood through the town. I ain’t never changed.” — NBA YoungBoy

17.) “I been tryna find some peace and only God.” — NBA YoungBoy

18.) “I don’t understand why my feelings be hurt most of the time because I real life don’t be giving a f**k.” — NBA YoungBoy

19.) “Just because you breathing that don’t mean you living.” — NBA YoungBoy

20.) “I am still tryna heal from my past while trying live like I’m okay.”

21.) “You gotta wake up one day and decide that you love yourself more than the unnecessary sh*t you put up with.” — NBA YoungBoy

22.) “Just want you to tell the truth about me. When talk like they was round or sum. And put a all white flower in my casket for they put me under.” — NBA YoungBoy

23.) “Don’t bite the hands that feeds you, cause most likely the hands that feeds you don’t need you.” — NBA YoungBoy

24.) “Since I was younger I been seeing & going thrrough certain sh*t “it’s normal” — NBA YoungBoy

25.) “You can get to know me through my music.” — NBA YoungBoy

26.) “You can’t help someone that doesn’t want to be helped. And you can’t love someone that doesn’t want to be loved.”

27.) “I can vibe with everybody sometimes I just don’t want to.” — NBA YoungBoy

28.) “I’m HEAVY on the “who all over there” because I really don’t like being around mfs.” — NBA YoungBoy

29.) “Never speak twice on how you feel, cause that mf heard you the first time.” — NBA YoungBoy

30.) “Everybody depend on me. I can’t fck up. I ain’t the only person that I’m hurting. If I was given a billion dollars to do life in jail, I’d do it and give that sh*t to my fam.” — NBA YoungBoy

31.) “Got a family counting on me so you knowing whats the deal.” — NBA YoungBoy

32.) “At some point life gone end and all your time will be wasted from trying to prove what didn’t matter.” — NBA YoungBoy

33.) “Sometimes you just gotta be quiet, no matters how you feel.” — NBA YoungBoy

34.) “Hold it down for your loved one’s up in heaven and they will do the same I’m very blessed and protected if you ask me.” — NBA YoungBoy

35.) “In this jail I call life I don’t need bail in this time y’all call crisis I don’t see failure.” — NBA YoungBoy

NBA YoungBoy Quotes on Struggle and Pain

36.) “Pain hit differently when nobody knows what’s really on your mind.” — NBA YoungBoy

37.) “Unless you are me, in my position, don’t ever tell me how to feel.” — NBA YoungBoy

38.) “Hurt me so deep ’cause I realized that it’s just ’bout money.” — NBA YoungBoy

39.) “I been thorough some sh*t that changed me mentally.” — NBA YoungBoy

40.) “When a person speaks out of anger give attention, cause that’s how they been feeling.” — NBA YoungBoy

41.) “Feel like nobody out here for me & I’m okay with that.” — NBA YoungBoy

42.) “If you could read my mind you would be in tears.”

43.) “Whenever you miss me just remember you had me, and I wasn’t enough.” — NBA YoungBoy

44.) “I don’t like being worth it to the point that you have to pretend with me.” — NBA YoungBoy

45.) “Can see the pain in my eyes but I always smile.” — NBA YoungBoy

46.) “They smile up in my face but they don’t know what I been through. Whole lotta nights I went to sleep and I ain’t had no food. — NBA YoungBoy

47.) “The good in me ’cause they won’t accept me and I feel I’m scarred for my wrongs.” — NBA YoungBoy

48.) “You gotta pay the cost to be the boss. Always been my dream for me to make it to the top. They act like they don’t believe me but sh*t I promise I won’t stop” — NBA YoungBoy

49.) “It’s either jail or death, like, literally. Ain’t no living out there.” — NBA YoungBoy

50.) “I’m broken inside, but I thug it out.” — NBA YoungBoy

51.) “You gotta struggle before you come up, it teaches you a place you never want to return.”

52.) “Sometimes you just have to accept the fact that things will not go back to the way they used to be.” — NBA YoungBoy

53.) “I come from a rare place. It’s a different culture, different atmosphere, police crooked. Different emojis, and when I say emojis I mean personalities.” — NBA YoungBoy

54.) “Locked in that cell missed a lot of things. Thinkin’ bout to take over the game. I gotta make my way outta the ring. My heart full of hatred, my chest full of pain.” — NBA YoungBoy

55.) “I don’t say much, I pay attention to everything tho, it’s always funny how people work.” — NBA YoungBoy

56.) “I have all bad days. I think I need help. I got an anger problem.” — NBA YoungBoy

57.) ”You gotta step out of your comfort zone. Be broke for a while. Lose friends. Sleepless nights. Most people don’t get it tho.”

58.) “Gave you everything you wanted. Still don’t have to give me nothing.” — NBA YoungBoy

59.) “Lowkey sad about the way things have been lately but i know it’s for the best so i’ll just keep going with the flow.” — NBA YoungBoy

60.) “Nobody will ever feel your pain. So do what you gotta do to get over that sh*t.” — NBA YoungBoy

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NBA YoungBoy Quotes on Success

61.) “I guess they don’t like how a nigga be coming Walking alone if nobody coming.” — NBA YoungBoy

62.) “Gotta keep my head above water, gotta make it through.” — NBA YoungBoy

63.) “All this sh*t that I go through just make me stronger. Came out the cave now they heard me conquer.” — NBA YoungBoy

64.) “A car is a car, a job is a job. Don’t let people belittle you.”

65.) “I’ma keep it a hundred, I don’t like you.” — NBA YoungBoy

66.) “And I’m the boss man, all I make is counting music.” — NBA YoungBoy

67.) “Look what I accomplished, I know you see me shining. I know you in the sky you looking down here watching.” — NBA YoungBoy

68.) “I’m moving up sh*t finally getting real.” — NBA YoungBoy

69.) “I always try to make my next song better than the last.” — NBA YoungBoy

70.) “They act like they don’t believe me but shit I promise I won’t stop.” — NBA YoungBoy

71.) “Low expectations equals less disappointment and heartache” — NBA YoungBoy

72.) “Won’t show no sympathy ’cause it’s a dirty game. I know they don’t feel my pain. Can’t let ’em end my name.” — NBA YoungBoy

73.) “Success hit differently when nobody believed you.”

74.) “I hope you woke up in grind mode patience for the ones who really don’t want nothing.” — NBA YoungBoy

75.) “You’ll learn to put yourself first when they constantly putting you last.” — NBA YoungBoy

76.) “You are on the road to success a lot of heart breaks come along the way.” — NBA YoungBoy

77.) “You gotta take a risk or you’ll be doing the same sh** for the rest of your life.” — NBA YoungBoy

78.) “It started with a dream, I’m only 16, but shit nigga its my time to blow.” — NBA YoungBoy

79.) “No matter what i’m going through I hold my head high. On everything for what I love I’d get crucified.” — NBA YoungBoy

80.) “I’ll never let nobody else tell me what’s best for me because I know my worth I know what I want.” — NBA YoungBoy

81.) “I got a lot of money, but when you wealthy, that mean that your children is ballin’, your grandchildren is ballin’.”

82.) “Remember being on that block posted up trying to find me a way to come up. Had to get off my ass, had to find me a jugg for to try to run it up.” — NBA YoungBoy

83.) “I was in that box locked up. I was sticking niggas up. Drawed on I don’t give it up.” — NBA YoungBoy

84.) “I know we got one thing in common: we both want the dough.” — NBA YoungBoy

85.) “I just keep recording. You never know what you’ll come up with.” — NBA YoungBoy

86.) “I wake up seven or eight in the morning and just smoke and write. It’ll be quiet as a beach, I’ll walk off or some sh*t. Sh*t just be coming to me. I really just rap about how I be feeling, the sh*t I be speaking about I done went through or I’m going to do.” — NBA YoungBoy

87.) “How I feel I should be up there less than a year. I gotta get it nigga knowing what it is.” — NBA YoungBoy

NBA YoungBoy Quotes on Love

88.) “Baby you so hot, all these diamonds cool you down.” — NBA YoungBoy

89.) “Your love is poison so no more I can’t take it.” — NBA YoungBoy

90.) “I’m sorry that I don’t know how to love.” — NBA YoungBoy

91.) “Cut me off before you hurt me I don’t have time for heartbreak.” — NBA YoungBoy

92.) “I don’t wanna fight no more, I need you by my side to help me escape this pain.” — NBA YoungBoy

93.) “You gotta make sure that person you choosing over everybody choosing you too.”

94.) “I be pretending like I’m heartless, when shit constantly getting to me every day.” — NBA YoungBoy

95.) “The cure for a broken heart is simple, my lady. A hot bath and a good night’s sleep.” — NBA YoungBoy

96.) “I just wanna wrap you up and hold you in my arms for the night. You been gone for so long, let’s celebrate that we unite.” — NBA YoungBoy

97.) “A man can change his ways for you if he wants you.. remember that.” — NBA YoungBoy

98.) “I’ll never change on you girl you my baby.” — NBA YoungBoy

99.) “At night I need someone on side me just to hold me …I’m tired of thuggin’, now I’m tryna see where the love at.” — NBA YoungBoy

100.) “And once you land, you better be glad to see me.” — NBA YoungBoy

101.) “I let you into my World, then you became it.”

102.) “I was falling in love with you, I ain’t take you as no dub. You something else, you don’t know what to do with yourself.” — NBA YoungBoy

103.) “I might like you a lot but, if the effort don’t match mine then ima fall back.” — NBA YoungBoy

104.) “If we’re in a relationship and we’re arguing that’s a problem you and I need to solve. Not you me your family your friends or social media. Just us.” — NBA YoungBoy

105.) “you walk in your house and you see him standing there, wyd?” — NBA YoungBoy

106.) “You can’t keep choosing the same thing expecting a different outcome all you doing is damaging yourself when all you need to do is love yourself.” — NBA YoungBoy

107.) “I can make you fall in love with all these diamonds.” — NBA YoungBoy

108.) “This brand-new ring make me feel like I won a whole season. You supposed to make me feel like a king without it on.” — NBA YoungBoy

109.) “I believe that you can’t cheat on someone you’re truly in love with. I mean if anger changes your loyalty, then you were really never loyal in the first place. You’re just in love with the thought of being in love and the feeling you get when you’re around them, not the person.” — NBA YoungBoy

110.) “Some people you thought loved you only needed you.”

111.) “A relationship is not always 50/50. Some days a person will struggle. You suck it up and pick up that 80/20 because they need you. That’s love.” — NBA YoungBoy

112.) “I cannot sit here just stress about our situation. I just gotta look at the bigger picture, baby.” — NBA YoungBoy

113.) “You’re just in love with the thought of being in love and the feeling you get when you’re around them, not the person.” — NBA YoungBoy

114.) “So much love so much passion it won’t ever end. I can see these haters faces, yeah I got ’em mad.” — NBA YoungBoy

115.) “I just need someone to stay and never leave.” — NBA YoungBoy

116.) “So many people not around who told me that they love me.” — NBA YoungBoy

117.) “Getting a lot of girls isn’t something you should be proud of. Keeping one is.”

118.) “If I delete our pictures you lost me.” — NBA YoungBoy

119.) “Don’t ever think you used me, you just run in to a real one with a big heart.” — NBA YoungBoy

120.) “Allow me to be distant sometimes without taking it personally.” — NBA YoungBoy

121.) “Baby I just wanna show you off, Come and show me what you all about.” — NBA YoungBoy

122.) “If we can’t argue and bounce back…. Ion want no dealing with you. Friendship or relationship.” — NBA YoungBoy

123.) “You the one I want you the one I need.” — NBA YoungBoy

124.) “Nobody is going to understand why you love someone the way you do except you.” — NBA YoungBoy

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NBA YoungBoy Quotes on Loyalty

125.) “Without loyalty, you won’t accomplish anything.” — NBA YoungBoy

126.) “Stuntin’ on everybody, whoever slept on me.” — NBA YoungBoy

127.) “I don’t really trust nobody.” — NBA YoungBoy

128.) “I am tired of making permanent places in my heart for temporary people.”

129.) “How many people check on you daily? For no reason… just a wassup? What’s good? You good?” — NBA YoungBoy

130.) “After you show me your true colors I’m not thinking “just let it go” I’m thinking “just let them go.” — NBA YoungBoy

132.) “Real friends don’t ever count favors if I got you, I got you my nigga.” — NBA YoungBoy

132.) “It’s hard to trust people here because these guys be having hidden motives.” — NBA YoungBoy

133.) “Some people don’t even have your best interest but want to get money with you.” — NBA YoungBoy

134.) “It’s ok to miss people, but never forget why you distanced them.” — NBA YoungBoy

135.) “Remember who had you when you were at your lowest.” — NBA YoungBoy

136.) “The real gone remain and the fake gone fade, you might not like it but it’s the truth.” — NBA YoungBoy

137.) “I value loyalty too much in a world where loyalty doesn’t matter.”

138.) “In that cell realized I ain’t got no friends.” — NBA YoungBoy

139.) “Said they behind me but I know that they ain’t with me.” — NBA YoungBoy

140.) “Everybody depend on me. I can’t f*ck up. I ain’t the only person that I’m hurting. If I was given a billion dollars to do life in jail, I’d do it and give that sh*t to my fam.” — NBA YoungBoy

141.) “If you lose me, you stupid.” — NBA YoungBoy

142.) “I believe that you can’t cheat on someone you’re truly in love with. I mean if anger changes your loyalty, then you were really never loyal in the first place.” — NBA YoungBoy

143.) “Your intention been for the leaving I can say that’s for certain. The day I die that’s my revenge from you hurtin’ me.” — NBA YoungBoy

144.) “I need nobody and I never needed nothing from nobody. I got me.” — NBA YoungBoy

145.) “To me blood doesn’t define family loyalty does, cause it’s people that I’m related to that I don’t even consider family.” — NBA YoungBoy

146.) “Everybody wants loyalty but no one wants to give it.”

147.) “Your opps changed up on me. Bout it I won’t complain. Can’t let you get to me. Give a f*ck what you thinkin.” — NBA YoungBoy

148.) “I can see if you was loyal from the start and I ain’t f**king with you on no level so you mad but if you wasn’t never loyal why you complaining?” — NBA YoungBoy

149.) “We all lost a good bond and over some wack sh*t.” — NBA YoungBoy

150.) “I don’t give up on people easy so just know, if I cut you off, you messed up.” — NBA YoungBoy

151.) “As we grow up, we realize it becomes less important to have a ton of friends, and more important to have real ones.” — NBA YoungBoy

152.) “Real isn’t what someone says, it’s what they do.” — NBA YoungBoy

153.) “Don’t get your hopes up you a get crossed 10 times faster for being loyal I seen it.” — NBA YoungBoy

154.) “Be careful how much you tolerate. You teaching them how to treat you.” — NBA YoungBoy

155.) “People put up with you because of what you bring the moment they feel they don’t need you any more or someone else come in the picture.” — NBA YoungBoy

156.) “I appreciate the ones whose there all all times, not when it’s convenient.”

157.) “Stop expecting loyalty from people who can’t even be honest with you.” — NBA YoungBoy

158.) “Claim they ridin’ Imma see who really with me, yeah. I went hard and I finally really did it.” — NBA YoungBoy

159.) “I wish I could pay for something real like these diamonds….everything coming out to be fake.” — NBA YoungBoy

160.) “I don’t care who’s what or what you think of me I hope you taking care of yourself.” — NBA YoungBoy

161.) “I always say “imma do them like they do me”, but its not even in my heart to be like that.” — NBA YoungBoy

Inspirational NBA YoungBoy Quotes

162.) “I ain’t got nothing to prove to nobody.” — NBA YoungBoy

163.) “I pay for therapy because my thoughts ahead of me.” — NBA YoungBoy

164.) “Ain’t no pretending, we live like this no acting.” — NBA YoungBoy

165.) “Success make these niggas mad I know how it is.” — NBA YoungBoy

166.) “Love yourself and never let the hate get to you.”

167.) “You probably can overcome what you’re going through from listening to my music.” — NBA YoungBoy

168.) “In the Maybach alone, I don’t need nobody.” — NBA YoungBoy

169.) “My chest gotta icebox inside it.” — NBA YoungBoy

170.) “F*ck the industry, won’t let ’em take me under.” — NBA YoungBoy

171.) “I won’t say that I am good but I’ll be allright, it won’t rain forever.” — NBA YoungBoy

172.) “What I really want I haven’t received maybe because I don’t need it.” — NBA YoungBoy

173.) “Don’t let your ego be your downfall.” — NBA YoungBoy

174.) “My heart so big I help people even when I be needing help.” — NBA YoungBoy

175.) “Gotta go through the worst to get the best.” — NBA YoungBoy

176.) “My heart a lil hurt but I always thug it out.” — NBA YoungBoy

177.) “Time is money I ain’t wasting time. I’m feelin like Kobe I’m in my prime.” 

178.) “Better stop showing more than people showing you.” — NBA YoungBoy

179.) “We all got the same 24 hours.. the time you spend speaking on me you could be getting yourself right.” — NBA YoungBoy

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180.) “I’m committed to my family.” – NBA YoungBoy

181.) “Youngboy never broke again freshman pitch.” — NBA YoungBoy

182.) “All that reppin’ like you steppin’ get you lined up. Everywhere I go you know I keep that iron tucked.” — NBA YoungBoy

183.) “When I’m in public people see me they screaming my name. Just a few days ago I was locked up in them chains. Now I’m in back of the Maybach with a lot of bands. I ain’t worry ’bout ’em dissin’ naw, I don’t hear a thing they sayin’” — NBA YoungBoy

184.) “If i can pray there i can stay there i ain’t scared of nothing.” — NBA YoungBoy

185.) “I try to keep my kids with me everywhere I go.” – NBA YoungBoy

186.) “You better work harder than you ever did.” — NBA YoungBoy

187.) “One day I’m gone have everything I prayed for. I really believe it.” — NBA YoungBoy

188.) “A hustler always funds a way figure it out, don’t stress out.” — NBA YoungBoy

189.) “You will never grow if you can’t admit your wrongs and learn from your mistakes.”

190.) “If they don’t appreciate you, they don’t deserve you.” — NBA YoungBoy

191.) My loyalty is different from everybody else’s loyalty. My loyalty is real and runs deep.” – NBA Youngboy

192.) “Play your role. Newer fw somebody more that they fw you cause they’ll use your heart agains you.” — NBA YoungBoy

193.) “You can only be mad at yourself from overplaying your part…just learning from it.” — NBA YoungBoy

Final Thoughts

NBA YoungBoy’s life was full of ups and downs. Even in his prime, he continues to struggle with mental health due to his distressing past and childhood. However, he has seemed to made the best out of his resources and uses his experiences to craft musical masterpieces.

People that value loyalty will find lots of resemblance in NBA YoungBoy’s quotes. His sayings also serve as excellent reminder to stick with people who are with you in the best and worst moments of life.

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