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Collection of the Wittiest and most Impactful Quotes from Lost in Space that will Change the way you Perceive Life.

Lost in Space (1965) is a classic sci-fi film that is one of the first movies to bring the concepts of space travel and aliens to cinematography. It was re-introduced to the audience as a remastered version of the movie, Lost in Space (1985) on Netflix starring Maxwell Jenkins and Mina Sundwall as the leading roles. Its first episode aired in 2018, bringing back an action-filled story with a pinch of nostalgia.

This series revolves around a family of space colonists who accidentally crashed on a planet lawless and swamped with aliens, which they must fight off to survive. To save you the hassle, we have compiled 53 best Lost in Space Quotes by the characters of this series, so sit back and enjoy the voyage into an alien world.

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Lost In Space Quotes by Will Robinson

1.) “The impossible happens all the time, just have to believe it can.” — Will Robinson

2.) “Have you seen our robot?” — Will Robinson

3.) “Will Smith has a way of making people do things they regret.” — Will Robinson

4.) “Relax, I’ll finish your new body. Mom always said I should make new friends.” — Will Robinson

5.) “Some robots hurt people, but they don’t have to. They can choose to help, too.” — Will Robinson

Lost in Space Quotes by Dr. Smith

6.) “It’s the world behind the world Dr. Robinson. Lie once, cheat twice, and everything becomes clear.” — Dr. Smith

7.) “Never fear, Smith is here.” — Dr. Smith

8.) “What noble charges my steely centurion. Sadly I fear you have far more dire deeds in store for you.” — Dr. Smith

9.) “Trust me, Major. Evil knows evil.” — Dr. Smith

10.) “Sarcasm is the recourse of the weak mind.” — Dr. Smith

11.) “Black was always my colour.” — Dr. Smith

12.) “Everyday we have these little battles going on inside us, between what we want to do, and what we need to do, And sometimes they can be very different things “ — Dr. Smith

13.) “I’m a doctor, not a space explorer.” — Dr. Smith

14.) “You can’t do it, can you? You can’t kill the man without becoming the monster.” — Dr. Smith

15.) “Waiting to be rescued is just planning your own funeral” — Dr. Smith

16.) “Give my regards to oblivion.” — Dr. Smith

17.) “Let’s try this again, shall we? You are the puppet, I am the puppeteer. Do try to get it right this time…” — Dr. Smith

Lost in Space Quotes by Robot

18.) “Destroy Robinson family.” — Robot

19.) “It sounds like old Morse code.” — Robot

20.)“Why did the robot cross the road? Because he was carbon bonded to the chicken.” — Robot

21.) “Danger, Will Robinson, danger.” — Robot

22.) “Friend. Will Robinson.” — Robot

23.) “Mom says, get the hell out of there!” — Robot

Lost in Space Quotes by Major West

24.) “You know, the planet IS breaking up around us.” — Major West

25.) “And the monkey flips the switch.” — Major West

26.) “You know, I’m thinking this is your “kiss for luck” situation.” — Major West

27.) “Okay, last one to kill a bad guy buys the beer.” — Major West

28.) “The hyperdrive. If we can’t go around the Sun, then we go straight through it, using your hyperdrive.” — Major West

29.) “I hate spiders.” — Major West

30.) “You never leave an enemy stronghold intact” — Major West

31.) “It’s gonna be a long flight.” — Major West

32.) “Eight years of flight training. Navigational holographic online. 50 combat missions. Course confirmed for slingshot exit of the solar system. Just so I could take the family camper on an interstellar picnic.” — Major West

33.) “If there’s no time for fun, Doc, then what are we saving the planet for?” — Major West

34.) “If this is all a dream, why can’t there be more girls?” — Major West

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Lost in Space Quotes by Penny Robinson

35.) “On this eve before she is torn from all she knows, kidnapped, hurled into deep space against her will, what thoughts fill the mind of the young space captive?” — Penny Robinson

36.) “Probably should have read the fine print before I launched into space.” — Penny Robinson

37.) “Just like Bumper cars, Bumper cars with death” — Penny Robinson

38.) “For the last three years, I’ve missed everything. Training. So I can spend the next ten years missing everything else. I’m not staying home for dinner. I’m going out to see my friends.” — Penny Robinson

39.) “This mission sucks. I don’t wanna leave early. I don’t wanna go at all.” — Penny Robinson

40.) “Never love anything, kiddo, you will just end up losing it.” — Penny Robinson

41.) “I’m going out to… say good-bye to my entire life.” — Penny Robinson

42.) “Ouch. Could he be cuter? I don’t think so.” — Penny Robinson

More Lost in Space Quotes

43.) “There’s a lot of space out there to get lost in.” — John Robinson

44.) “As much as we’d all like to change the past, undo our mistakes, we can’t. We have to live with our history” — John Robinson

45.) “NOT another word. Better. Now if you’ve finished hosing down the decks with testosterone, I suggest you come with me. I may have found a way to get us off this planet.” — Maureen Robinson

46.) “Am I interrupting something? No really, I think you two should go ahead and slug it out. I mean, here we are on an alien world and you boys want to get into a pissing contest? Please, go for it. I’ll have Judy down here in a heartbeat to declare you both unfit, and I’ll take over this mission. Now I don’t want to hear another word from either of you, is THAT clear?” — Maureen Robinson

47.) “I’ve spent the last three years training for this mission. I’m trying to save the planet. I haven’t had time for fun.” — Judy Robinson

48.) “You should have killed me when you had the chance.” — Monster Smith

49.) “I will hate you for giving up. I will hate you for taking another away from me. I will hate you for not loving me enough to try harder because I need you. I’m always gonna need you. And I’m not gonna hate you, and I’m not letting you go.” — Judy Robinson

50.) “Monster Smith: I never liked me anyway.” — Monster Smith

51.) “I am a god. Within these eggsacks lives a monster race of spiders. We shall descend upon helpless Earth. An entire planet on which to rule. An entire planet on which to feed! Time to die, son.” — Monster Smith

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Despite the original 1965 film being a cult classic, the new version still manages to take place in our hearts as it is a perfect fusion of sci-fi and an action thriller with a pinch of humor. With that said, the new version is a masterpiece, liked by a considerable fan following who can’t wait for the next season.

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