61 Funny Birthday Poems (Short & Insanely Funny Poems)

Searching for something that will have your buddies rolling on the floor laughing at the next birthday party you’re attending? You’re at the right place!

Celebrating birthdays is an age-old tradition dear to many of us. It’s a time for people to relax, hang around with their friends and family, and enjoy the fact that they have an entire day dedicated to themselves.

However, things can get a little redundant after a while, especially if you’re dining out at the same place or planning the same activity year after year. If it’s starting to feel like a ritual more than a celebration, you need to mix things up! How about sharing some funny birthday poems?

If you’re interested in getting a laugh out of your audience, we’ve assembled for you a list of the top 61 Funny Birthday poems. We’ve selected poems that are upbeat, happy, and downright hilarious.

Whether it’s a friend’s birthday party or your own, whether the target audience is adults or children, we have something for you. We’ve selected some shorter poems and limericks that are perfect for writing onto a gift card and longer poems better suited for conveying a more emotional message.

Let’s get started:

Birthday Poems for Her

1.) “Untitled”

My sweet friend,
This prayer may seem late,
But, it won’t be over in a flash,
For its content is worth hearing anytime
Because it comes with lots of good tidings.
Happy birthday, my goodie friend!

– Unknown

2.) “Today is Your Birthday”

Today is your birthday, don’t pull your hair,
Look in the mirror, nature was fair,
Not a day over twenty,
I’m kidding, you’re plenty.

Don’t mean to burst your bubble,
But stop asking for trouble,
You know what I mean,
When you drink that caffeine.

What should I bring?
Just give me a ring.
Elephant or clown?
I knew you would frown.

– Unknown

3.) “Untitled”

Indeed, today you are older,
And being a youth isn’t something cheap,
So do away with all those unnecessary parties,
And just get your beauty sleep. Happy birthday to you!

– Unknown

4.) “The way you look”

You cannot do anything about the way you look,
All the aging stories that you cook,
One day your makeup will get exposed,
And, that time I will raise the toast,
Hey don’t crib my friend,
I was just making some fun,
You are always the number one,
Happy birthday to you!
Stay blessed!

– Unknown

5.) “Untitled”

You live like a superstar,
Living life forever large,
You move like Jason Statham,
But sound more like Cinderella. Haha!
Happy birthday to the one who makes me smile.

– Unknown

6.) “Untitled”

You are as dark as the blackness
Yet as pristine as moonlight
Men have failed to see your kindness
But I choose to see you in His light
Happy Birthday, Blackie!

– Unknown

7.) “Untitled”

There is no greater satisfaction
Than basking in our attraction
There is no greater happiness
Than to look at you and experience breathlessness
There is no greater pleasure
Than to cherish our love’s treasure
There is no greater joy
Than to call you my boy
Happy birthday

– Unknown

8.) “Untitled”

You may have been deprived in the past
But here’s to a new beginning of light
On your birthday double for all
Happy birthday to a monarch of peace.

– Unknown

9.) “Untitled”

I carry your hear with me ( I carry it in my heart),
I am never without it ( anywhere I go you, my dear; and whatever is done
by only me is your doing, my darling)

– E.E. Cummings

10.) “Untitled”

Today is your birthday, don’t pull your hair,
Look in the mirror, nature was fair,
Not a day over twenty,
I’m kidding, you’re plenty.
Don’t mean to burst your bubble,
But stop asking for trouble,
You know what I mean,
When you drink that caffeine.

– Unknown

11.) “Untitled”

I have seen women
And been privileged to interact with a few
You, my friend, surpass them all
In the silliest ways possible
Happy birthday Rare Breed. Haha!

– Unknown

12.) “Untitled”

As cold as Dog’s nose
As black as Cow Dung
As silly as a Monkey
As naughty as a goat
As annoying as a fowl
But as calm as reasonable as a pet
As pure as the Sun
As gentle as a Dove
Only the blind will fail to behold your beauty
Happy Birthday, Mi Amor.

– Unknown

13.) “Untitled”

You may look a little slimmer,
Your slimming down doesn’t come cheap,
So skip all those early parties,
And just get your gym dress on.
Be glad you’re young both in heart and body,
And still look as cute as your good self,
So good you’re now a model,
And no can put your looks on hold,
Happy birthday, dearest friend!

– Unknown

14.) “Untitled”

You rock like a Disney star,
Singing songs like Opera singers,
You move like Usain Bolt
But sound like your unique self.
I feel I should burst your bubble a little,
Yet it’s time to tell you how amazing you are,
Making sure your teeth grin like never before
But you’re getting younger as you smile for me
Happy Birthday to you, my best friend.

– Unknown

15.) “Untitled”

May your wisdom hold out for decades,
May it bring you only the folks you desire,
May those bright eyes never fail you,
May my prayers for you be ye and amen.
Happy birthday to the dearest of them all.

– Unknown

Poems For Him

16.) “Untitled”

How do we measure the impact of an ant’s damage?
How do we account for the missing Lion in the den?
Of what use is the extinction of a dragon?
All of the above was just to tell you how invaluable you are to me
Happy Birthday, great friend!

– Unknown

17.) “Untitled”

For every candle
That you blow today
I am going to make
A wish and pray
May you always
Remain so sweet
May your love for me
Never deplete
May we always
Be together and near
Wishing you a very
Happy birthday, dear

– Unknown

18.) “Untitled”

My dear husband you are going to hit 40
But I am bit sad on your birthday
Yes, I am very happy for you on this day
Yes, I also bought a special gift for you
Yes, I invite all our family friends
Yes, I am fully satisfy from your love
Yes’ I love you too
But, I am sad because I dropped
Your birthday cake and only 40 candles lefts.

– Unknown

19.) “Untitled”

We celebrate you today
Cause you are such a star
Even more than yesterday
And the days after that
You are more than worthy of this and more
Happy Birthday, Fathead!

– Unkown

20.) “Untitled”

At 19, we were just starting off
At 25, we were married off
At 47, we got laid off
Now in our later years, we will launch out
To infinity, and beyond Buddy!
Happy Birthday!

– Unknown

21.) “Untitled”

Now that we are empty nesters
How are we to cope?
Nope! I ain’t having none of that
Let’s paint the town red and grey
Simply because we are here
The world sure must know we came
Happy birthday, Partner-in-crime.

– Unknown

22.) “Untitled”

Around your birthday our kids cry
Around your birthday cake, fly die
Your hunger views just annoyed
While some kids begged to be enjoyed
Big problems we have include your health
It leads to problems of your wealth
While most of us are greedy for the cake
Too many of us became needy
We complain and cry without a hitch
Because here on Facebook, we only rich.

– Unknown

23.) “Untitled”

How have we survived the journey
The stress and rain
This sure is grace
Or is it so much of Rice?
Write me back honey
Or forever hold your case!
Winks. Happy Birthday, Boy!

– Unknown

24.) “Untitled”

Everyone is jealous of us
We make an awesome couple
Life with you seems perfect
Forever, I want to be in this bubble
Today I want to preach
Just one simply philosophy
That a handsome guy like you
Deserves a pretty girl like me
Happy birthday

– Unknown

25.) “Untitled”

I’m so happy you feel as classic as ever,
Even you’re getting older by the day,
You say you let’s have a blast birthday party,
That language sounds well and cool to me
So let’s do it before you change your mind
Happy Birthday, Buddy.

– Unknown

26.) “Untitled”

In your inner eye, you’re still young, that’s true.
But your vigor is about to switchgear,
It doesn’t matter anyhow, it’s a life thing,
You still get all the time to make it count like never before.
Happy Birthday, my Bestie.

– Unknown

27.) “Untitled”

Hey Oldie, your denture is ruptured
When will you get another
Is it before the rapture?
Happy birthday, my sweetheart!

– Unknown

28.) “Untitled”

I have known you quite a while,
When you talk, you make me smile.
A special friend, I will probably keep,
If you buy me a cool jeep.

It’s your birthday, I nearly forgot,
Searched on-line, bought you squat.
Hope you don’t turn all bitter,
Since you’ve never been a quitter.

I nearly quit, writing this verse,
Mind is blank, it’s a curse,
Soon your party will be here,
If I wake up, I’ll surely appear.

– Unknown

29.) “Untitled”

Men are just like chocolates
Us girls know that is true
Found in bars they don’t last long
Enough to satisfy you
And on that thought
Happy Birthday

– Unknown

30.) “Untitled”

I never thought our friendship would last so long
But we wax stronger daily
In my eye, you can’t be wrong
That’s because you are not a thorn. Haha!
Happy Birthday!

– Unknown

Poems For Dad

31.) “Untitled”

Happy Italian birthday.
Good luck and love.
Good health.
Good luck to thousands of things.
Take money, lots of silver wealth.
Joy, happiness is becoming more and more beautiful.
Wish to be well-off family.
Successfully followed the journey of publicity.
Wish you peace and peace.
How many happiness around each day.
Not sad nor bitter.
No pain every day laughing.
The smile will always be on the lips.
Always share with me.if need.
This role is based on my friend.
Remember that I am always near you!

– Unknown

32.) “Untitled”

You may have crossed fifty
But mum says you are still nifty

You may have aged a bit
But young, is your spirit

You may have become weaker
But in your mind, you are stronger

Here’s a birthday wish for a dad
Who by heart, is still a teenage lad.

– Unknown

33.) “Happy Birthday”

When you start to see your youth fade,
And your looks have seen better days,
I’ll be here to say you’re sexy,
Even when your nose hair is gray.

You may not be over the hill,
But you say “in my day” too much,
When you’re not clubbing at Costco,
You’re napping right after brunch.

You may be older than you think,
But you still have lots more time,
Celebrate each and every day,
Just don’t nod off before nine.

– Unknown

34.) “Untitled”

My daddy is the strongest
Not because he can lift the heaviest

But because he is the reason
Why I can have fun

He is the coolest dude
Always happy, never crude

I want to grow up to be the same man
Because I am my daddy’s biggest fan.

– Unknown

35.) “Untitled”

Having been through PMT and HRT.
You deserve an OBE and a PhD.

While you’re very old, you’re not RIP.
But you’re overdue for an MOT.

And I don’t need ESP.
Indeed, any B can clearly see.
You’re a (60) year old wrinkle-ly.
Congrats, you’re now an OAP.

Happy Birthday !

– Unknown

36.) “Untitled”

You are antique,
We need to tweak,
Start with physique,
Let’s make you a geek,
Or just join a clique,
And become sleek,
What do you seek?
A birthday creek,
With sublime mystique,
Surely unique,
I shouldn’t speak,
Quite often critique,
Courageous or meek,
Today is your peak,
Enjoy your week,
And stick out your cheek.

– Unknown

37.) “Untitled”

Hey it’s your birthday
The time has come
It’s an important moment
Coming from the Bay
I got you a gift
You can’t figure it out
Please do me a favor
And work my midnight shift

– Unknown

Poems For Mother

38.) “Untitled”

Are you an angel
Or a genie perhaps
You seem to have answers
To all of life’s traps
Are you a magician
Or a fairy in disguise
Troubles just wither away
When I look in your eyes
Maybe you are
An angel, genie, magician, fairy
All combined into one
Beautiful person called Mommy
Happy birthday

– Unknown

39.) “You Know Me”

Mom you know the worst of me,
My weaknesses and follies,
I know you’ve seen me poop my pants
and cut the heads off dollies,

You know all my most embarrassing moments,
You know that I’m a nut,
So what can I do to repay your love..
…and make sure you keep your mouth shut!?

– Holy Giffers

40.) “Untitled”

Mom you can
Read me as if I were a book
You are my best friend
In life, and on Facebook
You have always shared with me
Whatever is best
I am your loyal follower
In real life, and on Pinterest
Mom, I just want to say
Happy birthday, wish a cute snuggle
You are trending
In my life, both virtual and real

– Unknown

41.) “How Much Are You Loved”

More than bubble gum
or somersaults –
Piggy-back rides
or chocolate malts.

Cotton candy
a tire swing –
Mommy, you’re loved
more than anything!

Happy Birthday Mommy, with Love!

– Unknown

42) “Month of May”

For all the diapers
that you changed,
For all the playdates
you arranged.

For all the trips
back and forth to school,
For cleaning all the spit up
and the drool.

Why is there only
one Mother’s Day?
You should have at least gotten
the ENTIRE month of May.

– Unknown

43.) “Birthday Invasion”

Here they come, with birthday cheer,
Bringing gifts just once a year,
People you don’t even like;
You really wish they’d take a hike.

This should be a glad occasion;
But it seems more like a SWAT invasion.
Go away! Just take a break!
Oh well, at least there’s birthday cake.

– Joanna Fuchs

44.) “You Love my Art”

Dear Mum…
I love that you loved all my “art”,
You told me it was beautiful,
You told me it was smart,

You loved my pottery and painting,
And my popsicle stick bridge,
But don’t you think it’s long enough ago now,
To take it off the fridge?

– Holly Giffers

45.) “Happy Birthday”

You may look a little older,
Sadly youth doesn’t come cheap,
So skip all those Botox parties,
And just get your beauty sleep.
Be glad you’re young at heart,
And still look as good as gold,
Too bad you’re not a millionaire,
And can’t put your looks on hold.

– Unknown

46.) “Untitled”

Are you an angel
Or a genie perhaps
You seem to have answers
To all of life’s traps
Are you a magician
Or a fairy in disguise
Troubles just wither away
When I look in your eyes
Maybe you are
An angel, genie, magician, fairy
All combined into one
Beautiful person called ‘Mommy’
Happy birthday.

– Unknown

47.) “Untitled”

Mom, a birthday is a day to be lazy
Don’t clean up, just be crazy!
The years, they seem to multiply
Be happy to see your big day arrive.

On this day you can lounge in your pajamas
And take the time to watch all your TV dramas
Or, you just go walk on the beach
Don’t worry about the kids and what you’ll teach.

We all want to say you’re great
And, we can’t wait to celebrate
A Happy Birthday we wish for you
We love you and cherish you too!

– Unknown

48.) “Put Up With Me”

I’m glad that you’re my mother,
Kind and caring and strong.
Coz surely no-one else,
Could have put up with me this long!

– Unknown

Other Funny Birthday Poems

49.) “Can’t Remember”

I wish you something, just can’t remember,
Don’t be upset, you’re my family member.
It was clearly, on my mind,
With so many thoughts, it’s hard to find.

Maybe it’s simply not that essential,
Please lose that frown, you have so much potential.
On second thought, it might be coming back to me,
Now I know, why those brain pills were free.

Visions appear of colorful balloons,
In the background, I hear those fine tunes.
Near the end of the dream, I can taste a delicious cake,
It must be your birthday, as I awake.

– Martin Dejnicki

50.) “Untitled”

You might say we’re long in the tooth,
Eating chewy food is a nightmare,
We can’t sink our teeth into a steak,
Because they will just stay there.

Our aches and pains are worse,
We feel and look like hell,
BENGAY is now our BFF,
And the best cure for old man smell.

Sleeping through the night is tricky,
It’s now our Achilles’ heel,
Taking a nap anywhere helps,
Except when we’re behind the wheel.

We tend to forget names and faces,
Senior moments are now our friend,
We wish people wore name tags,
But we always forget to ask them.

– Unknown

51.) “Untitled”

Happy birthday to the cartoon I know,
You have so many stupid gestures to show,
Ok, don’t get bugged, I was kidding my dear,
Coz it’s your birthday, so spread the cheer,
Have the most amazing day of your life,
May god give me strength to survive,
With you..Lol!

– Unknown

52.) “Your Zoo”

A birthday should always be a joyous occasion,
Family and friends; obvious invasion.
Duplicate gifts, you don’t even like,
If you complain, might get a strike.

One simple day, placed on display,
Carefully observed, for signs of decay.
Dishonest smiles, they don’t mingle in truth,
As if you were the only, losing your youth.

At such a wise age, everything seems so clear,
Excuse to celebrate, they all came for beer.
Deep down inside, you know that they care,
Your Zoo is unique, normal is rare.

– Martin Dejnicki

53.) “Untitled”

On your birthday, let me sing a song
To lead the party and change your mood
You are 40’s now but still behaving like 4
You are craving for birthday cake
But wandering in party without any sake
May your birthday fixed in hall of fame
Don’t feel genius because you are still half baked.

– Unknown

54.) “Untitled”

I’ve been banned from having birthdays
A new rule has been made
Signed, sealed and delivered
By the local Fire Brigade!
They say that all those candles
Would create such a blaze
They’d have to come and put it out
And stay around for days !

So, I guess I’ll have to party
Without the birthday cake,
Perhaps I’ll light one candle
Just for old time’s sake,
Those firemen! So fit and strong,
Such handsome looking men –
Whose birthday is it, anyway?
Let’s light them all again!

– Unknown

55.) “Fun Birthday”

It’s your birthday, there is no cure,
Cakes and candles, you must endure,
Quick and painless, let me assure,
A tiny chance, you will be mature,
With this crowd, usually secure,
Random fun, with results obscure,
Liquids we drink, definitely pure,
Goofy friends, minds we tour,
Hilarious birthday, that’s for sure.

– Martin Dejnicki

56.) “Untitled”

Indeed, time flies
I hear it waits for no man
It must have waited for you in those silly years of yours
Now, when men die I just say I must be next inline
Awaiting my turn, for we know that’s the end
Graciously enough, we’ve got this time to say,
Happy Birthday, Man.

– Unknown

57.) “Untitled”

You now look so young like a youngster
Your ears still look smaller compared to your head
Though your arms still jiggle like Jello, Jeez!
And now that pimples had taken its location elsewhere
From your gorgeous face, I am so happy for you,
Happy birthday to the lady, my bestie,
who also cracks my ribs with peals of laughter

– Unknown

58.) “Untitled”

““Don’t eat meat’” the Doctor said
Yet our minds tell us, ‘but you are a mermaid’
Should that instruction affect us?
Let’s eat as many pieces of meat whilst we live
Ain’t no meat in the grave.
Happy Birthday, Foodie!

– Unknown

59.) “Perfect Gift”

Custom made, birthday gift,
Watch your back, as you lift.
Curiosity shall always win,
Random guesses; thick or thin.

Excitement reached, highest peak,
Hoping for a true antique.
You will like it, from the start,
Had to click that shopping cart.

Frantically rip, fancy wrapping tissue,
Mess created, not an issue.
Popping eyeballs; shocking surprise!
Perfect gift, in front of your eyes.

– Unknown

60.) “Untitled”

Around your birthday our kids cry
Around your birthday cake, fly die
Your hunger views just annoyed
While some kids begged to be enjoyed
Big problems we have include your health
It leads to problems of your wealth
While most of us are greedy for the cake
Too many of us became needy
We complain and cry without a hitch
Because here on Facebook, we only rich.

– Unknown

61.) “Untitled”

Here comes a calm sunset, after a blowy sun
Weather so beautiful to thrum a groovy tune
Such awe-inspiring vibes your birthday brings
So make the music let me dance and sing aloud
Happy birthday, dearest friend!

– Unknown


That concludes our list of the top 61 Funny Birthday poems. We hope we were able to get a laugh out of you. Feel free to share your favorite poem with your friends and family at the next birthday party. These poems also make for great social media posts and text messages for when you can’t attend the party in person.

Remember that not everyone is super excited about their birthday. Some people may feel less youthful as they get a year older. So, while it may not seem like it on the surface, a good laugh can go a long way in creating a fun birthday experience.

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