59 Family Valentine Poems

If you’re searching for Family Valentine poems, you’re at the right place.

February 14th – Valentine’s Day is the day that embodies love and affection. These days, it is seen mostly as a day for romantic couples only. While it’s the perfect occasion for couples to celebrate, it’s also a great opportunity for you to let your family members know that you’ve kept them in your thoughts and prayers. It’s also a chance to introduce your kids to Valentine’s Day and the customs and practices that surround it.

One of these customs, of course, is giving gift cards to your loved ones. And what better way to fashion these gift cards than with some friendly and sincere Family Valentine poetry? If you’re looking to send a cordial message to your family and relatives, poetry is one of your best options.

We’ve compiled a list of the best Family Valentine poems on the internet for you to conveniently access from a single portal. Our extensive catalog features poems you can share with your mother, father, sibling, son, and daughter.

Some of our poems are older and more archaic, whereas others have a more modern tone. Of course, we also have poems you can share with your husband or wife – your spouse is a part of your family too!

Valentine’s Poems For Family

1.) Valentine

Here is a Valentine.
I made it just for you.
With paper and ribbons
And lots of Elmer’s glue!
I cut it with my scissors
And designed it with my paint.
If I tell you that I love you,
Do you promise not to faint?

– Unknown

2.) Look At Your Loved Ones

When family are gathered ’round
There’s so much love in the air.
If you ever wonder who has your back,
Just look at your loved ones there.

– Kelly Roper

3.) My Family Is The Greatest

My family’s the greatest;
They’re surely the best.
I’m surrounded by love;
I really am blessed.
As families go,
You get an “A” on the test!

I’m sending to you
A verbal bouquet;
My love to you all;
Happy Valentines Day!

– Joanna and Karl Fuchs

4.) Family

God gave each of us a special family
that we can call our own.
A family that loves us for who we are
so we would never feel alone.

They may not like everything we do
or everything we say,
but the beautiful thing about “family”
is that they love us anyway.

Sometimes we feel rejected
by people who do not care,
but our hearts are warmed when remembering
that our family is always there!

So hug them a little more often,
for sometimes we hurt the ones we love.
And tell them how much you love them,
for they were sent to you from above.

– Josephine Zavala-Florez

5.) We Are Family

We are family,
Not just because we share blood,
But because we share a bond
Built from abiding love.

– Kelly Roper

6.) Family To Family

Family to family, we’re glad you’re our friends;
Our family and yours–everything blends.
Our closeness provides a safe harbor in storm,
A wonderful feeling, satisfying and warm.

We wish you the best on this Valentine’s Day.
We’re sending good thoughts–an affection bouquet.
Special friendship like yours is really a find
We think your great family is one of a kind.

– Joanna Fuchs

7.) My Family, My American Dream

If I took the time to list,
all my loves in life.

I’d start with my moments,
with my kids and wife.

Summers come and summers go,
they seem to move too fast.

Life with them is so complete,
and I thank God for my past.

Sometimes when I’m at work,
and things are really slow.

I’ll think of them at home,
and wish that I could go.

I’ll watch them when they’re sleeping,
hold them when they cry.

I’ll always be there for them,
until the day I die.

I like to make them smile,
their laughter warms my heart.

I don’t know what I would do,
if we were torn apart.

They’re my greatest inspiration,
in everything I do.

I’ve but three words for them,
and that is I love you.

My life with them is like a rainbow,
arched high above a stream

My life with them is my version
Of living the American Dream

– Robert Tadlock

8.) Family

A soft and gentle word for something strong,
A foundation to stand upon when things go wrong,
A place built through years
Of squabbles and tears,
Of laughter and joy,
And of love.

Those who know you deep inside,
Who can see beyond bravado and pride,
Who’ll pick you up each time you fall,
With love made from memories of when you were small,
The people who know your worst and your best
They’re the loved ones with whom you’re blessed.

– Alison Jean Thomas

9.) Family

Forever together,
Alone no more.
Many precious memories, which gives out an
Indescribable feeling of
Love, affection and gratitude, as
You are my precious family.

– Alice Sukuna

10.) Family Love

A thread of love joins us all;
It’s flimsy.
At times it trembles;
Almost breaks.
A thread of love joins us all;
It’s slender
And subtle.
But when things get rough,
It tautens,
Becomes tough,
And hauls us back together.

– Alison Jean Thomas

Valentine’s Poems For Parents

11.) Happy Valentine’s Day To My Mom

Mom, I’ve got some friends
Of each and every kind,
But a better friend than my mother
I’ll never, ever find!
I’m so happy you’re my mom!
I love you.

– Joanna Fuchs

12.) A Mother’s Love Is Forever

I’ve been with you
since before your birth.
I’ll stand by your side
as long as I’m on this earth.

A mother’s love is special,
a never-ending gift.
A love that’s always there
if you ever need a lift.

I think of you often,
never missing a day.
My love is forever
and always sent your way.

You’re never far from the caring
thoughts in my heart,
no matter how many miles
ever try to keep us apart.

A mother’s love, your gift,
the gift I’ll always give to you,
as we watch our lives go by,
no matter what you say or do.

– Alan Royer

13.) Happy Valentine’s Day

Mom and Dad, along life’s path,
Your love has shone the way.
For the guidance you have given me,
I’m thankful every day.

You’ve always been great parents;
I’m so glad you both are mine;
Deep in my heart, you’ll always be
My favorite Valentine.

– Unknown

14.) My Parents

You are both special in every way,
Encouraging me more and more each passing day.

You both are the reason why I’m so strong.
With you two at the helm, not a thing could go wrong.

You’ve both helped me through many trials and tribulations.
You’ve made things better in every situation.

Thank you both for always being there
And showing me that you truly care.

Words could never explain how I feel about you,
But I hope you know that I truly love you two!

– Brittany W.

15.) Mother Valentin’s Day Poem

Mom, on Valentine’s Day I am reminded
that no one in my life
gives more love than you do.
You care so deeply and give so much;
Without you,
I couldn’t be the person I am.
You are the foundation of my life.
Your encouragement and support
make everything seem possible,
because I know
you’ll always be there for me,
to cheer me, to comfort me,
to give me a boost when I need it.
On Valentine’s Day I want you to know
that I love you, I appreciate you,
and I feel so blessed that you are my mother!

– Joanna Fuchs

16.) A Parent’s Heart

When you feel like breaking down or crashing in,
Who do you turn to, to forgive your sin?
When you cried your lonely tears,
Who will be there to fight your fears?
And when it feels like no one would understand,
Who was there to hold your hand?

There are people whom you can’t replace,
They’re the ones who gave you your face.
They’ll love you through thick and thin,
They show you the light from deep within.
And if by chance you happen to die,
They’ll be the ones who will really cry.

You see, my friend, there’s no one who can love you more
Than your very own parents, that’s for sure.
Always remember this is true,
That wherever you go, your parents will be there for you.

– Ann T. Tran

17.) What I Think Of My Mum

When I think about my mum,
I just can’t help but smile;
The beauty of her loving heart,
The easy grace in her style.

She lovingly instilled in me,
Those values that made me strong,
And never stops being there,
My best friend since I was young.

When I think about my mum,
I just can’t help but smile;
She’s been an angel from the start,
Gentle, wise and versatile.

She always seems to know,
When things aren’t going too well,
Even when I try to pretend,
Just a glance and she can tell.

When I think about my mum,
I just can’t help but smile;
Her own troubles she’d set apart,
To go for me an extra mile.

She sometimes worries too much,
I guess it’s just the way mums are.
If she doesn’t, well, who will?
That’s why she’s my superstar.

– Abimbola T. Alabi

18.) Only A Dad

Only a dad, with a tired face,
Coming home from the daily race,
Bringing little of gold or fame,
To show how well he has played the game,
But glad in his heart that his own rejoice
To see him come, and to hear his voice.

Only a dad, with a brood of four,
One of ten million men or more.
Plodding along in the daily strife,
Bearing the whips and the scorns of life,
With never a whimper of pain or hate,
For the sake of those who at home await.

Only a dad, neither rich nor proud,
Merely one of the surging crowd
Toiling, striving from day to day,
Facing whatever may come his way,
Silent, whenever the harsh condemn,
And bearing it all for the love of them.

Only a dad, but he gives his all
To smooth the way for his children small,
Doing, with courage stern and grim,
The deeds that his father did for him.
This is the line that for him I pen,
Only a dad, but the best of men.

– Edgar Guest

19.) Because They Love Me

When I am sad, they comfort me.
When I am sick, they care for me.
When I misbehave, they discipline me.
Because they love me.

When I need help, they help me.
When I lose all faith, they help me regain it.
When I need forgiveness, they forgive me.
Because they love me.

When I am cold, they give me shelter.
When I need help with my homework, they help me the best they can.
When I am lost, they will come and find me.
Because they love me.

When I feel dumb, they let me know I am smart.
When I am made fun of, they tell me I am special.
No matter what happens, I know they will always be there.
Because they love me.

– Jenna Fowler

20.) Parents

They tried so hard to make us see,
We never listened, we only wanted to be free.
They gave us the tools to build our life,
We broke all the rules with our own strife.
The more they tried to raise us the best,
The easier it was to be just like the rest.
No greater love has ever been,
We will need our parents, again and again.

– Jennifer J. Bailey

Valentine’s Poems For Kids

21.) 5 Little Valentine’s

5 little valentines just for you
The first one says, “My love is true.”
The second one says, “You have my heart.”
The third one says, “Let us never part.”
The fourth one says, “Won’t you please be mine?”
The fifth one says, “‘Til the end of time.”

– Unknown

22.) A Mother’s Love

Full of laughter
Never ending dreams
When the sky reaches out, you’ll see me
When the night is full
No sound to be heard
Close your eyes
And you’ll learn
I’ll be by your side
Fighting off the monsters
Those sweet dreams
Will be forever

Play pretend
Such innocence
Beauty define
I can’t believe they are mine
To the fighting, to laughing
To the crying, to happy
No one can take that away

Sweet dreams are made
When you’re awake
When the world seems cold
And things gets old
Take a breath and you’ll see
Right there I’ll be

When you’re in pain
Head down in shame
Feel defeated
Nothing seems to go right
I’ll be your light

‘Cause sweet dreams are made
When you’re awake
I’ll take the pain
I’ll take the fears
For you my loves
I don’t want you to despair

I’ll guide you til the end
And then still be there to hold your hand
Just please promise me
To forever be young
‘Cause these sweet dreams
I don’t want to lose
With my last breath I’ll still say…

– Riyan Cook

23.) Will You Be Mine?

Valentine, you make me silly;
You make my heart beat willy-nilly;

When I’m with you, the world is hazy;
Valentine, you drive me crazy!

Valentine, when we’re apart,
My need for you goes off the chart.

Will you be mine? Can I be thine?
Say you’ll be my Valentine!

– Joanna Fuchs

24.) Valentine

Here is a Valentine.
I made it just for you.
With paper and ribbons
And lots of Elme’rs glue!
I cut it with my scissors
And designed it with my paint.
If I tell you that I love you,
Do you promise not to faint?

– Unknown

25.) Always In My Heart

You’ll always be in my heart,
Can’t bear the pain when we are apart.
Nobody is as special as you are to me,
I hope you are beginning to see.

I can’t describe how much I care,
But when you need me I’ll be there.
To wipe those tears when you are sad,
To make you happy when you are mad.

All these things I can really do,
Just remember I’m thinking of you!

– Unknown

26.) Blessed By Two

The two of you will never know
How much my love has grown
To be blessed by two
When others have so few.

From the moment you were conceived,
You were all that I would ever need.
To hold you, comfort you, and love you both
Is all that I could ever hope.

You are my life,
You are my hope.
To see you both happy
Is my only hope.

My happiness has been through you.
I loved you both before you were you.
There were aches and pains, but it was worth it all.
I could not foresee what was to be.

From the first moment I held you both,
My love has only continued to grow.
There have never been two children as beautiful as you.

I am so proud of the both of you.
The good Lord was good to me and making you both my destiny.
Though now you want to be free from me,
Just remember there wouldn’t be any you without me.

Grow up and be strong, but don’t forget about me.
Your futures are bright as anyone can see.

When I am gone and in a better place,
Remember me more than just a face
I will continue to thank God every day
For my role that I have played,
As I have been blessed by two.

– Teresa L. Finke

27.) Children, You Complete Me

Words can hardly describe
how much you mean to me,
the love I felt inside
when you looked up at me.
Your perfect little fingers
your tiny little toes,
made hearts around you linger
and long to hold you close.
Your beautiful, innocent face,
those shining blue eyes,
made my world a better place
much bluer were the skies.
My little red-haired boy
his freckles they do dance.
He’s always got a story,
makes us laugh at every chance.
My curly blonde-haired girl,
such spirit she possesses.
Her little mind just swirls
with all those little questions.
Children, you complete me.
I could not ask for more.
Thank you, God, for giving me
two children I adore.

– Shelly D. Poole

28.) I Like Hearts

Red hearts, White hearts,

Pink hearts, too.

I like Purple hearts.

How about you?

Green hearts, Yellow hearts,

Blue hearts, too.

I like rainbow hearts.

How about you?

– Nellie Edge

29.) My Children Are My World

M…y life is good.
Y…es, I’m glad to be me.

C…hildren running everywhere,
H…appy as can be.
I….glance around,
L…ooking at them all,
D…ancing and singing,
R…eally having a ball.
E…veryone’s happy,
N…o reason to complain.

A…sking for nothing,
R…eady to entertain.
E…verything’s wonderful.

M…y life is filled with joy.
Y…es, I have been blessed.

W…ith my three boys
O…ne thing is for certain,
R…elishing in my family,
L…ove is overflowing
D…efinitely in me!

– Kathy Murphy

30.) My Child

My child, you are so sweet.
Your eyes are as blue as the morning sky,
your hair is as red as a beautiful rose,
and your skin as pale as snow…

My child, I love you so.
I thank God for your presence every day,
as I hold you in my arms to comfort you,
when you get scared…

My child, you are my escape.
You show how to be free,
and I know that you will always be there…

My child, I love you dear.
As I hold you close to my heart,
I will protect you my child….

– Brittany D. Accord

Valentine’s Poems For Siblings

31.) Valentine Sister

On Valentine’s Day, day of affection,
I think of you, sister.
I recall all the love and caring
you have shown me throughout the years.
I remember the fun we had,
uncontrollable laughter,
unforgettable experiences we shared,
problems we solved…together.
I think about the comfort,
satisfaction and strength I derive
from having you as my sister,
and my Valentine!
Happy Valentine’s Day!

– Joanna Fuchs

32.) Brothers

From the depths of my heart, come the words of a brother,
where our souls and our minds, are like that of no other.
The spirit of competition, will always be there,
in the look of our eyes, and the glance of our stare.
Protecting each other, is always a must,
good times or bad times, never losing that trust.
Like a vision of Indians, riding across desert sand,
or the heart of a Raider, when he conquers new land.
We never lacked courage, or showed too much pride,
with no thoughts of guilt, or feelings put to the side.
It’s important to strive forward, and not live through regret,
but to savor the memories, and to never forget.
To be such close companions, always made me so proud,
never scared to express feelings, our emotions speak loud.
Whether it’s heaven or on earth, our souls are always together,
we share that sacred bond, knowing that brothers last forever.

– Steve Mason

33.) The Importance Of A Sister

A sister is someone who loves you from the heart.
No matter how much you argue, you cannot be drawn apart.
She is a joy that cannot be taken away.
Once she enters your life, she is there to stay.

A friend who helps you through difficult times,
Her comforting words are worth much more than dimes.
A partner who fills your life with laughs and smiles,
These memories last for miles and miles.

When she is by your side, the world is filled with life.
When she is not around, your days are full of strife.
A sister is a blessing who fills your heart with love.
She flies with you in life with the beauty of a dove.

A companion to whom you can express your feelings,
She doesn’t let you get bored at family dealings.
Whether you are having your ups or downs,
She always helps you with a smile and never frowns.

With a sister, you cannot have a grudge.
She is as sweet as chocolate and as smooth as fudge.
Having a sister is not just a trend.
It is knowing you can always turn to her, your best friend.

–Shiv Sharma

34.) My Brother, My Hero

You’re my hero; you know it’s true.
You excel in all you do.
You’re smart and funny, generous, too.
I’m happy to have a brother like you.

Of all the brothers, I’m glad you’re mine;
That’s why I’m sending this Valentine.

– Joanna Fuchs

35.) My Sister, My Friend

To me, you are an angel in disguise.
Full of intuition, you are intelligent and wise.
Always giving and helping through good times and bad.
You are the best friend I’ve ever had.
If I had one wish, it would surely be
To give you as much as you’ve given to me.
Though I’ve put our relationship through some cloudy days,
You’ve been my sunshine in so many ways.
Through trials and tests, right by me you stood,
And you gave me your hand whenever you could.
Thank you so much, my sister, my friend.
My gratitude for you has no end.

– Leann Stiegman

36.) My Brother Is Always By My Side

“If there wasn’t anything, there wouldn’t be anything”, my brother said to me.
Such a deep thought for a young boy.
It sounds pretty simple, but it is very complicated.
You see…If there wasn’t a brother, I wouldn’t be sister.
Part of who I am is because of my brother.
When I felt weak, like I couldn’t face something, he always shined the light on my strengths.
He helped me to see that I am a strong, smart, and courageous woman.
When I felt sad, he would say something hilarious and make me laugh.
He helped me to see sadness is a part of life, but you don’t have to dwell on it.
When I did not want to face something, he held my hand.
He showed me that sometimes you need a united front.
We came from the same seed, but are unique…Each holds something special.
We complement each other…always have, always will.
Just like salt and pepper, each has their own unique taste,
but you always see them together…
Because that is how it is supposed to be.

– Lisa Gardner

37.) My Dearest Sister

Sister, you are a guardian angel in disguise.
You are perceptive, intelligent, and wise,
Always helping me through good and bad.
You are also the greatest friend I’ve ever had.
If I could have one wish, it would be
To give you all that you have given to me.
Though I’ve put our relationship through some hazy days,
You’ve been the sunlight that has shone in so many ways.
Through my ups and downs, right by me you stood,
And you gave me your hand whenever you could.
Though I am sure my mistakes will not end here,
You’re always there to keep me away from my fears.
I don’t doubt some of your headaches are from me.
With all the times you lecture and tease,
I stand there upset and displeased.
Though I tell you I can’t stand you,
You come back with, “That’s not true.”
We’ve had our fights,
Which lead to sleepless nights,
But in the end, I thank you so much.
My appreciation for you has no end.
You will always be my sister and my friend.

– Aimee Tran

38.) Brother Of Mine

Brother of mine
I know sometimes I may whine
But deep down I really find you somewhat divine

You are smarter than you think.
Smarter than me – in some ways
Wiser than you know –
You have experienced pains and joys
Some twice your age have never seen
Because of all of this you are three times the man

Brother of mine
I could be no prouder
I could love you no more
I will always be here for you.
No matter what occurs –
No matter what is said or done
I will never be too far away
No matter the distance
You’ll always be in my heart.

– Samira

39.) One Plus One Equals Two

One plus one equals two, you see,
But somehow it’s different with you and me.

When we’re together, we share one mind.
A happier pair you’ll never find.

I’m only complete when you are near.
To lose you someday is my biggest fear.

You know my dreams and my every thought.
No stronger bond could ever be sought.

We have a lot in common, it’s true,
But who’d have thought, who ever knew?

Twins we’re not, so it’s not ESP,
But I’m not complete unless you’re with me.

More than friends, I can’t explain it all.
With you as my sister, I feel 10 feet tall.

As sisters and friends, we’re quite a pair.
One soul, one mind is what we share.

You make my world a better place.
I live each day to see your face.

It takes two halves to make a whole.
My heart and yours, we make one soul.

– Debbie A. Burrous

40.) Brothers Are Forever

Brothers share a special bond,
Like blood, brotherhood,
It’s thicker than water.
Friends may come and go,
And relationships may drift apart,
But brothers are forever.
Though the sun may rise in the east,
And set in the west,
We will still be brothers.
Though the seasons may change,
Spring, summer, fall and winter;
We will still be brothers.
What God has ordained,
No man can change,
Brothers are forever.

– Alex Romero

Valentine’s Poems For Spouses

41.) My One Valentine

If you were my rose, then I’d be your sun,
painting you rainbows when the rains come.
I’d change my orbit to banish the night,
as to keep you in my nurturing light.

If you were my world, then I’d be your moon,
your silent protector, a night-light in the gloom.
Our fates intertwined, two bodies in motion
through time and space, our dance of devotion.

If you were my island, then I’d be your sea,
caressing your shores, soft and gentle I’d be.
My tidal embrace would leave gifts on your sands,
but by current and storm, I’d ward your gentle lands.

If you were love’s promise, then I would be time,
your constant companion till stars align.
And though we are mere mortals, true love is divine,
and my devotion eternal, to my one valentine.

– Dan P. Brown

42.) Words Are Not Enough

No words could ever tell you,
No action could express
The way I feel about you.
With you, my life is blessed.

You’re the light in my tunnel.
You are my pot of gold.
You are the strength that gets me through
When despair has taken hold.

You’re my once in a lifetime.
You make my life complete.
You are my blue ribbon
In the shadow of defeat.

There’s nothing I could ever say
And nothing I could do
To let you know just how much
Love is in my heart for you.

– Denese H. Boyett

43.) My Wife

Unexpectedly she entered my life
This woman, this angel, who became my wife

She captured my heart and soul
Warming a place once so dark and cold

This woman, this angel, to love and embrace
With a gentle touch to caress her face

Her words of love, so honest and true
She whispers to me when the day is new

She provides a home filled with love
A home blessed by GOD above

This woman, this angel, GOD would bless
A baby to hold and gently caress

For eternity we shall adore and love
Our baby from heaven above

This woman, this angel, wife and mother
I know there can be no other

This woman, this angel, and mother; she is my life
This woman, this angel, and mother; she is My Wife.

– Rolly Reinhart

44.) Please Be My Valentine

Please be my Valentine,
Not only on this day.
But every day throughout the year,
You’re my best friend in every way.
You are my box of Chocolates,
In each piece a sweet surprise.
You shower me with diamonds,
With the sparkles in your eyes.
You are my Valentine candy,
With the loving words you say.
You’re like my dozen roses,
You are my heart’s bouquet.
You touch me with a tenderness,
That gently warms my heart.
You truly are my lifeblood,
I pray we’ll never part.
You’ve given my life meaning,
Like none other throughout my life.
You always bring me comfort,
When my heart is filled with strife.
You are my ray of sunshine,
You’re truly my best friend.
Our souls are joined together,
In a closeness that’ll never end.
You’ll always been my sweetheart,
Beyond the end of time.
You give me so much happiness,
Please be my Valentine.

– Robert B. Anderson

45.) Unforgettable Valentine’s Day

I hope you feel Valentine’s Day
is your favorite day this year,
because the first thing I’m gonna do
is hold you tight and shed a grateful tear.

And when night comes, in your strong arms
is the only place I wanna be,
so I can feel the pulse of your loving heart,
which always sets my soul free.

And in that magic moment in time
all I want to know is
that I am yours and you are mine.

On this romantic occasion,
I hope you will feel free to enjoy US this way
and lose yourself, consumed in my love,
making this our own unforgettable Valentine’s Day!

– Linzy Bruno

46.) To My Valentine And Husband

The years have passed on Rocky Mountains.
It’s been a steep and harrowing climb.
Along the way we’ve lost our footing.
We’ve faced the best and worst of times.

We know each other inside and out,
Each secret, sin and scar.
We accept those flaws and frailties,
Who we’ve been and who we are.

With you, I’ve laughed the hardest.
For you, I’ve shed the biggest tears.
You’ve been my comfort at the saddest times,
And you’ve kept me safe from all my fears.

We have shared our love of nature,
The falling snow and rolling seas.
We’ve hiked through wending, forest trails
In a chilly autumn breeze.

We’ve traveled to the mountain tops,
We glided ore’ the ocean’s waves.
We stood before the New York skyline
And watched a million sunsets fade.

You’ve been there through all my losses.
It was you who helped me cope.
And I’ve been right there by your side
When you’ve needed me the most.

We’ve struggled through the bad times
By clinging to the good.
The fact that love could sometimes be hard work
Was a truth we always understood.

Yes, the years have passed so quickly.
Another Valentine’s Day is here.
And I’m writing you these heartfelt words,
Which are honest and sincere.

We’ve weathered every single storm
And still we rose again.
I’ve loved you now for half my life,
And I will love you till the end.

– Patricia A. Fleming

47.) Valentine’s Day

To the love of my life
My beautiful sweet wife
Our lives will always be demanding
So let’s come to an understanding

Our love for God comes first
So our marriage won’t be cursed
We believe in this
To live a life of bliss

Our love for one another comes second
For better or worse I reckon
For richer or for poorer
Our love has never been surer

Our love for our kids comes third
So their future isn’t blurred
We will teach them love
So they don’t push and shove

Happy Valentine’s Day
Is what I want to say
And to tell you my wife
That you are the love of my life

– Joe Finger

48.) My Love, My Valentine

Becoming your wife, a year ago today;
who could have dreamed it would be this way.
Taking the vow, from this day forward…not knowing
loving you forever would be such a reward.
We stood and looked into each other’s eyes;
Spoke our true vows as husband and wife.
In sickness and in health, till death do we part,
soon came that test from the very start.
Though we’ve gone through a lot in our first year,
Our love has grown stronger through every dropped tear.
No words can express how very much you mean to me;
Beyond a shadow of doubt; I know our souls were meant to be!
You are my knight in shining armor, my prince of peace through it all,
I can’t imagine my life without you, my loving baby doll!
You’ve picked me up and made me strong,
forgiven me when all went wrong….
The storms of life have taken us down,
but our love just gets stronger with each other around.
As music you make whispers through my soul,
Your loving arms around me keep me whole!
Moving forward from this day through,
These five words I swear to you;
I’ll be there for you!!
Even if the sun refuses to shine,
you will still have my heart until the end of time,

– Amy Collins

49.) Valentine

A wish for you
on this Valentine’s Day
that you’ll take time to laugh
and maybe to play,
just bury the blues
let go your worries
do something happy
and giggle in flurries,
run in the forest
hug a small child
grin at the clouds
and do something wild,
just for this day
be perfectly free
for that is the way
you were meant to be,
watch how your magic
blossoms in wonder
as lightning flashes
in evening thunder,
and know in your heart
come what may
I send you my blessings
this Valentine’s Day.

– Ted L. Glines

50.) I Will Always Love You

I desire you when splinters of light appear
And the dew lazily joins morning sky.
When arias, pining birds to mates sing,
I want the soothing softness of your kiss.

I desire you when the sun centers the sky
And shadows hide beneath the soles of feet.
When butterflies dance among petals white,
I want the sparkle of your smiling eyes.

I desire you as the moon welcomes the night
And skies are flooded with twinkling bright stars.
When candles flicker their last silent breath,
I then want to feel your sensuous touch.

I desire you when passion swells all your soul
And your lovely face shines with radiance.
When your moist lips are full of love’s desire,
I want to feel every pulse of your heart.

I desire you when you are weary and down
And gray skies sprinkle droplets of sad tears.
When the world laughs at your every stumble,
I want to gently sooth your sorrows.

I desire you my love in every moment.
As time adds years like sands on the beach,
When you sense your beauty slipping to the wind,
I will want you so much more than now.

– Richard M. Deets

Valentine’s Poems For Grandparents

51.) Valentine’s Day Poem For Grandparents

Grandma and Grandpa, you’re my Valentine;
You make a difference in my life each day;
Because I have your unconditional love,
You’ve given me a gift I can’t repay.

If I could make the world a better place,
If there were just one thing that I could do,
To make each person happy and at peace,
I’d give them all grandparents just like you!

– Joanna Fuchs

52.) My Granddaddy, My Best Friend

The one that is my friend,
The one that is my guide.
How much I love and how much I care,
Is too much to describe.

You’ve always been my hero.
You’ve always been my pride.
You’ve always given so much love
And shown what’s deep inside.

My heart is full of love,
And my soul is all delight.
You’re the one who sang me to sleep
and whispered nighty night.

And every day I pray to God;
I thank him for sending you
Because you’re the one who wrote me the song
And made all my dreams come true!

– Lauren E. Garner

53.) To My Nana

Who would try to give me all the world
As far as she could see?

Who always has two open arms
And smiles just made for me?

Who always finds some special time
That we two can share?

And never is too busy
To show how much she cares.

There’s not another in the world
From Rome to Ohio

I’m glad God made you for me
I love you so much, Nana!

– Kaili S. Kowalski

54.) Granddad

The smile on your face is a lasting memory in our hearts,.
Nothing in this world, not even life or death, can keep us apart.
You have always been the one we went to for advice,
Whenever we were just upset, or even just a bit uptight,
You always seemed to know the right thing to do and say,
But don’t worry, you’re still the one we go to,
We’ll be together again one day,.
We want to say thank you for being the best that you could be.
You’re our confidant, our best friend, the head of our family.
Now it is time that you can finally stop worrying about us.
You can relax, have fun, you no longer need to fuss.
We know that if we need you, you’ll be here by our side.
We do believe that even though you’re not here with us,
This will never be goodbye,
We love you and the happiness you have given us will last a lifetime.

– Jessica Styles

55.) Nana’s Little Angel

Nana, you are special.
Your love knows no bounds
A room takes special warmth whenever you’re around.
You think I’m cute and talented and maybe even wise,
But I know that’s why all grandparents see though loving eyes
Every day with you is precious.
I’m so grateful for the time
Of all the grandparents in the world.
I’m thankful that you’re mine.

– Lindsey M. Moulton

56.) Grandma

You’re my earth, you’re my world;
you’re my moon that circles my world.
You’re my moon, you’re my star;
you’re the one I look upon in the dark.
You shine like the sun that brightens my day
And take all the dark storms away.
I will be there for you whenever you need help.
I will shine like you did through my sickness and health.
I will be that angel that sits on your shoulder
to make you happy and better when the sun goes away and sets for the next day.
Don’t worry, I will still be on your shoulder
and I will love you until the world is over.

– Shannon E. Hauser

57.) Family Tree

It seems strange to me
That a family tree is drawn from the top of the page.
Instead, draw mine with roots deeply planted in firm ground
Like forefathers, whose stories retold,
Nourish us.
Draw the trunk giving support and power,
Strongly branching out
So that young shoots can reach high
And buds,
Some yet unfurled,
May catch dreams in sunlight.

– Alison Jean Thomas

58.) I Was Thinking Of Love And You Came To Mind

I was thinking of love, and you came to mind.
I have many memories I would like to rewind.

Do you remember those days I would lie in your lap
As you doodled my ears, I would take a short nap.

I’m remembering the nights that we spent together.
You would scratch my back gently, ever so tender.

As I rewind a bit more, I am seeing much fun.
I’m remembering the fall and all the raking we had done.

So many leaves piled by the tree,
You would cover me up till I couldn’t see.

Those are just a few of the memories I have.
Let’s rewind a bit more to when I was bad.

I’m sorry for the times when I made you cry.
Looking back at the past, I’m not sure I know why.

I know as a child I was stubborn, selfish, and strange,
But look at me now, and how much I’ve changed.

I assume looking back, it’s hard to understand
That today I’m quite normal, I think God lent a hand.

The ending is near, I think I’ve said enough!
I could go on forever, but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

All joking aside, I would be up all night
If I continued this poem and continued to write.

There are just not enough words to express all the love
Other than the words written above.

So I thank you!
From the bottom of my heart for loving me no matter what.

– April Johnson

59.) Grandpa’s Ways Of Love

Grandpa, so thin and a twinkle in those
Sparkling blue eyes.
When you looked my way, I felt so loved
With you every day.

As a little girl, I followed your steps,
We ate butter and crackers by the fire
At night.
You loved to make me smile, you said I was your guiding light.

We went fishing, and filled up the pail,
As soon as we arrived home,
You bragged, “Look at all the fish she caught.”
You made me feel so proud.

Anything you would do to make me laugh,
Vaulting over fences at the farm,
Landing in mud puddles and singing Jim Dandy,
My favorite song.

You said I was smart, pretty and so kind,
So, I grew up that way,
Thanks to you, Grandpa,
A quiet fiercely loving man so kind.

As I grew older, and we had coffee
At the kitchen table, and troubles were on my mind,
You would grin and say, You don’t have to
Carry the world upon your shoulders, babe,
Now tell me what’s wrong, and part of that world is mine.

– Mary Beth Graves


How did you like our list of the top 0X Valentine Family poems? We hope you enjoyed the read and found the perfect poem to share with your family. Before you go, here are two fun activities you can plan for Valentine’s Day.
The first is a poetry writing contest where each contestant writes their favorite family Valentine poem on a gift card. The second is an old-fashioned poetry recital. Both of these are especially great activities for kids to learn more about Valentine’s Day and have fun while doing it.

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