53 of the Best Christian Christmas Poems

Christmas is one of the most important days in the year for Christians all over the world.

Not only is it a national public holiday in many countries, but it is also a day for Christians to celebrate their religion and express their love for the lord and savior, Jesus Christ. Today, Christmas is a social event as much as it is a religious one. Families and friends gather to enjoy the holiday and reaffirm their beliefs.

To make your upcoming Christmas extra special, we’ve gathered a list of 53 of the best, most inspirational Christmas poems out there. Our comprehensive list features various poems about strength and comfort in Christianity while also being easy to read and understand for children. Your sons and daughters can even use these poems to impress their peers in Sunday School!

Naturally, the poems make mention of God, Jesus, the Bible, and other holy subjects. So it can be a fun way to actively introduce toddlers to some of the fundamental elements of the religion.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some beautifully written religious poems:

Christmas Poems about Jesus

1.) “One Dark and Starry Night”

On a dark and starry night
One star shone particularly bright
And led wise men to the sight
Where a prince was born that night.

When they arrived upon the scene,
It was almost like a dream.
There lay the tiny Lord Supreme,
‘Tween Joseph and Heaven’s future queen.

The wisemen placed their gifts before him,
To show how much they adored him.
Their souls filled with joy to the brim,
As the angels sang their Heavenly hymn.

Now each Christmas we commemorate,
And rejoice with glee and celebrate,
The birth of Jesus, the one so great,
The Son of God, the Word Incarnate.

– Kelly Roper

2.) “Beneath the Star”

In the month of December, a long time ago
In a land full of sand, though we now think of snow
There shone in the sky, a bright guiding star
Who’s light one day would reach to lands near and far

Beneath that bright star was born a small baby boy
Who was, more than most babies, a source of great joy
Not just for his parents, but for men, one and all
Among whom this small baby would one day stand tall

He would be a great teacher, a leader of men
But also, a carpenter, a man, and a friend
For He was the one, born to save us from sin
He was the Savior, the Son of the King

– Unknown

3.) “The True Meaning of Christmas”

In today’s day and time,
It’s easy to lose sight,
Of the true meaning of Christmas
And one special night.

When we go shopping,
We say, “How much will it cost?”
Then the true meaning of Christmas,
Somehow becomes lost.

Amidst the tinsel, glitter
And ribbons of gold,
We forget about the child,
Born on a night so cold.

The children look for Santa
In his big, red sleigh
Never thinking of the child
Whose bed was made of hay.

In reality,
When we look into the night sky,
We don’t see a sleigh
But a star, burning bright and high.

A faithful reminder,
Of that night so long ago,
And of the child we call Jesus,
Whose love the world would know.

– Brian K. Walters

4.) “Mary’s Song”

My soul doth magnify
And glory in the Lord
His lowly handmaiden
He has chosen over all
My spirit doth rejoice
Over God my saviour,
For He has truly blessed me
And shown great favour…

Blessed and exalted
Is the fruit of her womb
The promise from ages past
Was coming very soon
I wonder if Mary,
The servant of the Lord,
Understood with depth
The magnitude of her call

The son she brought forth
Called Holy and righteous,
Blessed Prince of Peace,
Forever there to guide us
Did she know that Jesus
Is the name above all names?
That no one else can save us
And take away our shame

Did Mary know His future
And who He really was?
Did she know the price He’d pay
Upon the blood-stained cross?
Oh a mother’s heart must ache
To see her first born son
Hanging from a wooden cross,
Rejected by everyone

Did she know that He would rise
And walk among them again?
To eat and drink and share with them
Until He would ascend
He left with us His Holy Spirit,
Forever to dwell inside
I wonder if Mary ever knew
The significance of His life.

– M.S.Lowndes

5.) “Heaven Sings”

All of Heaven sings
Hallelujah to the Christ
Born to save mankind.

– Kelly Roper

6.) “Jesus Christ, Emmanuel”

Journeying to Bethlehem, a long and tiring trek
Every bed was full that night, no matter where they checked
Stable is empty, someone said, a place to lay your head
Until a baby was born in there, a manger for a bed
Someone special and holy, the angels all said

Christened Emmanuel, a name chosen by God
How noble for one born in a situation so odd
Remembered now in prayers and churches all around the world
Immortalized in stories and songs learned by every boy and girl
Sacrificed upon the cross to forgive us all our sins
The Son of God who was born for us, who died and was born again

– Unknown

7.) “The Purpose of Christmas”

Just one week before Christmas
Once prayers had been heard,
The people were scurrying
To get out God’s Word.

The hymns were being sung
To Holy God above,
In thanks for Him sending,
Jesus Christ and His love.

Christmas brings remembrance
Of family and friends,
And the importance of our sharing
A love without end.

Our blessings are too numerous,
Our hearts filled with joy,
Yet our eyes have often drifted
Away from our Lord!

The Christmas season brings forth
The best in most souls,
To help those less fortunate
And lighten their load.

Salvation was offered
For all to receive,
If only each person
Would listen, heed and believe.

So if you don’t know Him
Down deep in your heart,
Ask Him to save you now
You’ll be changed on the spot.

– Cheryl White

8.) “As A Baby, Jesus Came”

As a baby, Jesus came
From His home above
He left His throne, and who He was,
To teach us how to love

As a baby, Jesus came,
Wrapped in swaddling cloth;
Willingly took on humanity,
Though He was one with God

As a baby, Jesus came
To one day grow to be
The saviour of the human race,
People like you and me

As a baby, Jesus came
As God’s eternal light
That will never be extinguished,
But forever shine out bright

As a baby, Jesus came
The hope of eternal life,
Reconciling us back to God,
Giving meaning to our lives

As a man, Jesus died,
His blood poured out for all,
Cleansing and forgiving us,
For to this, He was called

We thank Him that He came a babe
And grew to be a man
And for His sacrificial love,
His nailed scarred feet and hands

Through it all we can live on
With Jesus Christ our Lord
The babe that came that first Christmas
Is what we thank Him for.

– M.S.Lowndes

9.) “What Christmas Is Really About”

Frantic shoppers crowd the stores,
Buying up bargains by the score.
Do they know the meaning of Christmas?
It’s difficult to tell for sure.

Christmas isn’t a race to see
How many gifts that you can buy.
It’s not about cooking a ham,
Or about baking pumpkin pie.

It isn’t about hanging lights,
Or visiting Santa at the mall.
No it really isn’t about
Any of those things at all.

It’s about the birth of Jesus,
And his true divinity.
It’s about the birth of the Savior,
Who came to redeem humanity.

So stop worrying about those sales,
And getting caught up in distractions
Let’s focus on what’s important,
And be responsible for our actions.

Jesus is the reason for the
season we hold so dear.
So let’s keep the focus on God
As we celebrate Christmas this year.

– Kelly Roper

10.) “The Love of the Animals”

The cows would admit, they were slightly confused
At the way that their manger was about to be used.
The sheep could acknowledge, they did not understand
The presence of this woman, this child, and this man.
The donkeys and horses were all a bit lost
They believed in being welcoming, but was this the cost?
Strangers in the stable, taking up space,
And now bringing in more people all over the place,
People who came with some strange-smelling herbs,
And whose voices, they were sure, left the baby disturbed.
But the baby slept on, untroubled by fame,
By all of the people putting reverence to His name.
So, the cows and the sheep, they decided they liked
This relaxed and imperturbable young little tyke,
And they vowed to protect Him, whatever the price,
From soldiers and swindlers and maybe even head lice.
They could not know what He would have to endure
To bring light unto humankind for forevermore,
But that night, in that stable, they surrounded Him gently
With the love of the animals, felt simply and intently.

– Unknown

11.) “Christmas Eve”

Today in the town of David
A Savior has been born;
We praise the Father of all mankind
For Jesus Christ, God’s Son!

Kneel before the holy babe
It was for us he came to save;
Give to him our wisest gifts
Gold and myrrh and frankincense.

Gold: Our money give unto Him
To help us serve in the world of sin!

Myrrh: To share in his sorrows and those of the world.
To love each other in one accord!

Frankincense: The adoration of a consecrated life,
Give to the Lord this sacrifice.

No greater gift was ever given
Than Jesus Christ come down from heaven;
Let thankful hearts rejoice in praise,
On this most holy day of days!

Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift (2 Corinthians 9:15).

– Lynn Moss

12.) “Don’t Forget Jesus”

Christmas is a special time
To reflect on Jesus Christ,
The wonder of His lowly birth
Brings meaning to our lives

There really is no other reason,
We celebrate this day,
The birth of God’s precious son
And the life, He willingly gave

But so much seems to distract us
In the busyness of our lives,
We lose our focus in all the happenings,
Not knowing, we leave out Christ

We lose sight of the true meaning
As we endlessly rush about,
Trying to find that perfect gift,
Seems to cloud our Saviour out

We need to stop and reflect awhile,
Remembering our precious Lord,
His birth, His life and sacrifice
And all that He stands for

For though the world may celebrate,
It seems, though, for other reasons,
Let’s keep in mind that Jesus Christ
Is the true meaning of the season.

– M.S.Lowndes

13.) “Following the Star”

The angel appeared to the shepherds that night
And gave them glad tidings amidst the starlight.
He told of a King, born away in Bethlehem;
He told them a little of things yet to come.
The shepherds believed him, and went to pay homage,
Following the star and the angel’s own knowledge.
So that night, by the manger, many people appeared
To see the one called Emmanuel, a King, they did hear.
One chosen by God to go on to great deeds,
Though he spent his first night in the animal feed.
Still the wise men, they came, and had their gifts accepted,
Gold, frankincense, and myrrh, as their God had directed.
Everyone knew they bore witness that night
To something extraordinary, far beyond their own sight,
Something few men were given to understand
For God operates on a scale much more grand,
And yet they all knew something special had come
To the small desert town, baked beneath the hot sun.
And that, I suppose, is why so many went forth,
To follow that star, from the east, west, and north.
They travelled long distances, walked many miles,
Just to get a glimpse of this most holy child.
To their companions, perhaps, their behavior seemed odd,
But they followed the star, and saw the Son of God.

– Unknown

14.) “Be It Unto Me!”

O blessed Virgin, rejoice!
An angelic voice
On the wings of joy
Brings a plea, a choice.

To undo the deed
Of the dark deceit,
Hidden on the tree,
Apple sought by Eve,
Falling unforeseen,
Our ancestral sin
Shall be healed by Thee.

How shall this be?
Light of Life in me?
God in flesh concealed,
Father’s will revealed,
The universe receives
The Son of God, indeed?

How shall this be?
Lord, I beg of Thee,
Hearken unto me!
How shall this be?

On Thy holy hill,
Thy celestial winds,
Life creating springs,
Streams of mystery,
Veiled eternity,
Lord, enlighten me!
How shall this be?

Lo, in the whirlwind
Time has ceased to be,
God’s awaiting Thee,
Holy mystery,
Silence deep within.

Just one word to hear,
Our salvation’s near,
The Virgin’s soul beams,
On her lips appear
Like the streams of Eden:
“Be it unto me!”

– Andrey Gidaspov

15.) “Christ Is The Light Of Christmas”

Christmas joy and lights aglow;
Christmas songs to warm and cheer
Excitement is on the children’s faces
As anticipation fills the air —

But for some, it can be lonely
When loved ones have passed away,
Memories are all that linger
As the years begin to fade

But Christ’s light should never dim;
It should ever shine out bright
Our ray of hope in this troubled world
Is our joy of eternal light

Christmas, when spent with Jesus,
Can warm our hurting hearts,
For as His light shines within us,
Its glow warms our deepest parts.

– M.S.Lowndes

16.) “If You Look for Me at Christmas…”

If you look for me at Christmas,
you won’t need a special star;
I’m no longer just in Bethlehem,
I’m right there where you are.

You may not be aware of Me
amid the celebrations.
You’ll have to look beyond the stores
and all the decorations.

But if you take a moment
from your list of things to do,
and listen to your heart, you’ll find
I’m waiting there for you.

You’re the one I want to be with,
you’re the reason that I came,
and you’ll find Me in the stillness,
as I’m whispering your name

– Unknown

17.) “Leave Christ in Christmas”

Christmas without Christ?
Tell me, how can it be?
So many people change it
To suit themselves, you see.

Can’t we say “Merry Christmas”
Instead of “Happy holidays”?
We take Christ out of Christmas
In so many different ways.

It is nice to exchange gifts
This special time of the year,
But what do we give to Christ,
Our Redeemer and Savior so dear?

Christ is really what makes it
A genuine Christmas season.
If we take Him out of Christmas,
We celebrate for the wrong reason.

I want Christ in my Christmas,
For inside my heart Jesus lives.
Jesus can be your Savior too,
For free salvation He gives.

– Margaret Cagle

18.) “The Light Of Christmas”

We bring in the Christmas season
With beautiful Christmas lights.
They shine forth across our cities
Throughout the season’s nights.

Many look forward to celebrating
This wonderful time of the year
By decorating their homes with lights
To spread some Christmas cheer.

We string lights on Christmas trees,
On wreaths hanging here and there.
Lights adorn many, many decorations.
We see pretty lights everywhere.

Jesus is the real light of Christmas.
He is the light of the world today.
He died on the cross for our sins.
He is the truth, the light, the way.

– Margaret Cagle

19.) “A True Christmas”

A special time to remember when
Why we’ve gathered together again
The meaning far beyond the lights
And toys and gifts and cancelled flights

Not just a day there is no work
Or mushy cards that have their quirks
The time of year the whole world sees
The Son of God not Christmas trees

Oh the hours we did spend
And how much cash now in the end?
It seems we try so hard to please
Everyone but Christ it seems!

Madly dashing here and there
As if this earthly world should care
Longing for the things we own
Instead of seeking Heaven’s Throne

Can we for once now just be still
And look at what is truly real?
Let us take time to reflect
The gift of Jesus, don’t forget!

– Paul Zimmerman Jr.

20.) “The Lamb of God”

In the stillness of a winter night
The earth received God’s Holy Light
An infant born to a young virgin girl
One tiny baby who would change the world

Birthed in a lowly barnyard stable
The King of kings who would enable
Born amid the cattle and sheep
The Lamb of God lay fast asleep

Wise men and kings traveled from afar
Led to this baby by the beautiful star
Shepherds were alerted by angels on high
The Savior is come; time to draw nigh

Angels filled the skies in glorious songs
Singing praises to Him all night long
Peace on earth and mercy mild
Came down to us in the form of a child

What a miracle for the world to see
Yet, many don’t believe He is our Savior to be
Many think the infant born in the stable
Is someone’s version of a long ago fable

Even those who walked with Him on earth
Doubted this man of the virgin birth
His wondrous miracles, compassion, and endless love
Were not proof enough for them that He came from above

This precious Christmas story is your saving grace
God’s gift of love to take sin’s place
He sent to this world His only begotten Son
This tiny Lamb of God; the Father’s will be done

– Donna Hendrix

Religious Christmas Poems

21.) “Written in the Stars”

Tonight, I look up at the stars in the sky
And remember another star, from days long gone by
That shone oh so brightly, to show men the way
To a small baby laid in a manger of hay

This baby was sweet, all shiny and new,
But he means so much more to me and to you
We know him as Jesus Christ, or Emmanuel
And his story is one we have long loved to tell

Because it is a story of the best of man
Of mercy and sacrifice and God’s all-knowing plan
It is a story of love beyond measure
Of a Father who gave us His most precious treasure

I think of all this, as I look at the stars
I think about the love of this God of ours
And I close my eyes and cross myself, and I pray
That I will remember this love every day

– Unknown

22.) “Christmas Time”

At Christmas, lights burn brighter,
and friendly hugs get even tighter.
The spirit of Christmas fills the air,
and people seem to really care.

Merry hearts are filled with cheer.
Families and friends all draw near.
The streets around are all filled
despite the cold winter chill.

Everywhere there’s smiling faces,
giving and receiving warm embraces.
And for a time, sadness disappear.
Peace, joy and hope replaces fear.

All because God’s love came down
and filled the earth all around.
So we celebrate at Christmas time
our Savior and Lord, holy, divine!

We honor Jesus throughout the year
so the Christmas spirit will linger near.
For the story of His birth is ours to tell –
that Jesus became our Emmanuel!

– Lenora McWhorter

23.) “A Christmas Prayer”

Loving God on this Christmas Day, we praise the newborn child, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
We open our eyes to see the mystery of faith and we claim the promise of Emmanuel, “God with us.”
We remember that Jesus was born in a manger, and walked as a humble suffering Savior.
Lord, help us to share the love of God with everyone we encounter, to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and stand against injustice and oppression.
We pray for the ending of war and for peace in the world.
We thank you for our family and friends, and for the many blessings, we have received.
We rejoice today with the best gifts of hope, peace, joy and the love of God in Jesus Christ.

– Rev. Lia Icaza Willetts

24.) “Christmas Eve Meditation”

I watch the way the snow dusts the earth
Gently falling, swirling, gathering,
Like people around a warm fire, conversational and close
Watch it accumulate on barefaced branches
And sparkle like tinsel in the starlight
Watch it skitter and blow into drifts, accumulate under the trees
Like twinkling presents in a memory of a child’s Christmas morning
Perhaps a rabbit will come
Or a deer, if I am lucky
Or maybe a bird, late for the season,
Who did not think the first snow would come so soon,
Will swoop down, gently,
Will alight on a tree branch,
Create a second snowfall with its weight upon the limb
And sing for me a Christmas carol about God
As all birdsong is a hymn
To the God who gave us the trees and the snow
And the stars that make it sparkle like a child’s laugh
As it drifts up outside my window on a cold Christmas Eve
And makes me lower my head in grateful prayer

– Unknown

25.) “Christmas Time”

Christmas time is finally here.
It only comes but once a year,
And it’s a time to spread good cheer
To those we love and hold so dear.

Christmas time is a time of glee,
A time when peace and love run free,
A time for those like you and me
To sit beneath the Christmas tree.

Christmas time is a time of joy,
A time to sit back and enjoy
The smile on each girl and boy,
As they play with a Christmas toy.

Christmas time is a time to share
The passing of another year.
Birth of Jesus, a joyful prayer,
To show loved ones how much we care.

Christmas time is a time for song,
A time for us to get along,
To make us feel Lord Jesus strong,
Forgive all those who did us wrong.

Christmas time is a time to pray,
Put love and kindness on display,
Show compassion along the way.
Christmas time should be every day.

– Ronald Doe

26.) “Going to Church on Christmas Morning”

Across the world tonight,
Boys and girls await Santa
Claus, while their parents
Destress from long days of shopping and wrapping.
Electronics and bikes and all manner of toys,
Festooned with ribbons and bows,
Glitter temptingly underneath a twinkling tree.
Homemade ornaments sit awkwardly amongst the fancy souvenirs;
Icicles crystallize outside some windows, while
“Jingle Bell Rock” plays on too many radios.
Knowing tomorrow will be special,
Little ones barely pretend to sleep in warm and waiting beds.
Maybe they dream of sugar plums,
Nutcrackers or reindeer or a million other festive things.
Others think drily of marching to church in the morning,
Pressed collars and starched skirts.
Questions of why will fill the air,
Really just begging to return home to presents and play.
Still, like every year, someone will explain,
To the children who do not know and the adults who need to be reminded,
Unlike their presents under the tree, the
Very special present of the season neither sparkles nor glitters.
We go to church to celebrate this gift, God’s gift to us of a Son.
X-ray glasses are no match for the gift of eternal life, but
You might not understand that until you are older.
Zip away your X-ray glasses, and go to church, and thank the Lord in your bedtime prayers.

– Unknown

27.) “Invited To The Manger”

Invited to the manger with the shepherds and the sheep
to visit, to behold, to glory, to believe.
The Savior is born for the nations and for me!
But what gift might I bring?
Is there anything of value I have that He might need?
I hear the little drummer boy drum, drum, drum his beat.
Mary sings a lullaby, and the baby goes to sleep.
Is there something I can give he might want to keep?
This is all I have: my life, my words, my poetry.
Invited with the nations, the shepherds, and the sheep
to adore, to abide, to behold, to believe,
invited as a welcome guest to visit the King of Kings!

– Cinthya Tumlison

28.) “Why Am I Rushing Around?”

You rush to the office, to look for those files;
You put on Frosty the Snowman to please your young child.
On Tuesday you shovel, on Wednesday hang lights,
Try not to think about that party – is that Saturday night?
Thursday is for shopping, which somehow takes all day;
Friday is for cheering at your kid’s Christmas play.
By Sunday, you are too tired to get out of bed,
But you do, because you have to fix the light-up deer’s head.
All of it busy, all messes and strife –
So much time on Christmas, almost no time for life.
No time for wine glasses with your spouse in the night,
No time for watching it snow in the crisp pale moonlight.
All of this rushing and running about,
Surely this is not what the season is all about?
And then you remember, at church one Sunday morn,
This is the day the child Jesus was born,
And all of the work in the name of the season,
You do it all for one very good reason:
It is a gift to your family, and it shows all your love,
Like the love of our God, that we are reminded of,
Every December, when we stop and reflect,
That He loved us so much, He gave what he loved best.
And so, the next Monday, you drag yourself out the door,
And do not step on the toys your child left on the floor.
It is for them that you do all this work,
Spend the time to set the table with china and salad forks,
Because Christmas is about love and generosity
Giving in the spirit of the God who so loved you and me.

– Unknown

29.) “What Can I Give?”

I went to church on Christmas morn to hear the angels sing.
My heart was lifted with every chorus; the rafters, they did ring.
I sang along with joy in my heart, the greatest sound I’ve ever heard.
From “O Holy Night” to “What Child is This?” I cherished every word.

I celebrated the King’s lowly birth; I shouted and danced about.
Then came along a “Little Drummer Boy,” and I knew I was without.
What had I given the babe this year? A panic crossed my mind.
I tried to think of what I had given, but there was none to find.

Did I find a child and clothe him well? Did I seek a widow to bless?
Did I go to someone sick in their bed and try to ease their death?
Did I ask a sinner to say a prayer or tell him the Good News?
Did I give a beggar something to eat or at least buy him some shoes?

I bowed my head as the drummer boy played; my tears started to fall.
I didn’t even give Him my best, let alone give Him my all.
So this Christmas, Jesus, I bring you my drum, the very beat of my heart.
I ask Your forgiveness, for things undone; it’s the only place I can start.

– Fran Peck

30.) “A Christmas Blessing”

May the grace of Christ bring you hope and joy,
and may the peace of Christ be yours.
May Jesus, the Lord, the miracle of God,
fill your heart with Christmas love.

May you hear the songs of the angels this morn’.
May you feel the joy that Jesus Christ is born.
May the beauty of Christmas surround you today.
May you find joy this Christmas Day.

May you thank the Lord for the hope that He brings.
May you know the love of Jesus Christ, the King.
May you always believe that Christ came to save.
May you find hope this Christmas Day.

May the peace of Christmas bring joy with no end.
May you feel the love of family and friends.
May the wonder of Christmas surround you today.
May you feel peace this Christmas Day.

May you share this day with our Jesus in prayer.
May you share this day and show all you care.
May you gather together with loved ones this day.
May you find Christ this Christmas Day.

– Marcia A. Newton

31.) “The Angels”

The angels came down from the heavens above
To spread the wondrous tidings
The shepherds they listened for miles around
Found the angels mesmerizing

But more awesome still than their mighty wings
Than their thousand staring eyes
Was the news they brought of miraculous things
In a stable begun that night

A Son was born to God that night
A Savior to us all
The greatest gift, of eternal life
Of salvation from the fall

– Unknown

32.) “The Miracle Of Christmas”

Mary was chosen; how could this be true?
A young girl and virgin was who they all knew.
Cousin Elizabeth, too, six months was she.
Her son was John, a “forerunner” he would be,
Lept in her womb when the news was told.
The King Mary carried they would all soon behold.
Not in a great palace but a stable he’d lay.
Not on fine linens but a manger with hay.
An angel told shepherds the glad news they’d sing,
A star led the Wise Men, their gifts they would bring.
When he heard of the birth, King Herod would seek,
But God up above Jesus’ safety would keep
So that you and I could know His great love,
And one day be with Him in Heaven above.
So remember that Christmas is not “going all out.”
It’s a season of miracles…THAT’S what it’s about.

– Elaine G. Brock

33.) “Shepherds”

Shepherds watch the sky
Following the star above
To a small stable

Inside is a boy
Laid to rest in a manger
Smiling at the world

They may not know yet
All this boy is meant to be
Someday they will learn

More than just a king
A friend to humanity
Savior of us all

– Unknown

34.) “The Holy Night”

We sate among the stalls at Bethlehem;
The dumb kine from their fodder turning them,
Softened their horned faces
To almost human gazes
Toward the newly Born:
The simple shepherds from the star-lit brooks
Brought their visionary looks,
As yet in their astonied hearing rung
The strange sweet angel-tongue:
The magi of the East, in sandals worn,
Knelt reverent, sweeping round,
With long pale beards, their gifts upon the ground,
The incense, myrrh, and gold
These baby hands were impotent to hold:
So let all earthlies and celestials wait
Upon thy royal state.
Sleep, sleep, my kingly One!

– Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Christian Christmas Poems for Children

35.) “​​A Little Bit Different”

There was no snow in Bethlehem
Just shifting desert dunes.
There was no shining Christmas tree,
No sparkling sleigh bell tunes.

The gifts the wise men gave the babe
Were frankincense and myrrh,
No toy train sets or Lego blocks,
No stuffed animals covered in fur.

When we look back at this first Christmas,
It seems strange, we will admit.
Christmas today, I am happy to say,
Looks brighter and quite a bit different.

But still, we remember that long-ago desert
And the baby who was born in a stable
In celebration of a loving God
Who gave us all that He was able.

God gave us His only Son
So that we could live forever
And so, we remember that very first Christmas
That made all of our lives much better.

– Unknown

36.) “Happy Birthday, Jesus”

Happy birthday, Jesus
and Merry Christmas too.
We all know that you love us,
And all of us love you!

Happy birthday, Jesus
And bless your mother too.
Mary said yes to God’s plan,
And gifted the world with you.

– Kelly Roper

37.) “A Song Was Heard at Christmas”

A song was heard at Christmas
To wake the midnight sky,

A Saviour’s birth, and peace on earth,
And praise to God on high.

The angels sing at Christmas
With all the hosts above,
And still we sing the newborn King,
His glory and His love.

– Timothy Dudley-Smith

38.) “This Stable”

This stable is old
The wood is worn smooth
The night air is cold
And filled with soft coos

From a boy, in the manger
Asleep in the hay
To this place a stranger
With nowhere else to lay

But this building remembers
Thousands of births
A million Decembers
Not talked of in church

Each calf that was born here
Each foal and each lamb
Was considered just as dear
When their birth was at hand

This boy is important
But the barn does not know
That He is any different
From other babies in the snow

But still, it accepts Him
As one of its own
And gladly protects Him
From the wind and the cold

In this whole-hearted welcome
Christmas began
When in the midst of a maelstrom
Someone held out a hand

– Unknown

39.) “Can You…?”

Can you hear the angels singing?
Can you hear the church bells ringing?
Can you tell who all this is for?
It’s for the birth of Jesus our Lord.

– Kelly Roper

40.) “Christmas Lights”

Bright Christmas Stars shine on high,
Golden stars in the wintery sky;
Christmas candles in windows bright,
Sends greetings into the night.

While in our hearts the Christmas flame,
Glows with a love like His who came;
The infant Christ of lowly birth,
To bring good will and peace to earth.

– Marie Irish

41.) “Christmas Giving”

Christmas is for giving
And for showing that we care,
For honouring the Christ Child
With the loving gifts we share

The wise men gave of riches;
The shepherds, faith and love.
Each gift, in its own measure,
Was smiled on from above.

Let every gift be treasured;
Not always size or price
Determines the extent of love
And willing sacrifice.

Handsome gifts with festive trim
Brings smiles of sweet content,
But modest gifts of humble means
Are ofttimes heaven sent.

Whether it be large or small
Each gift will share in part
The message of true Christmas joy
If given from the heart!

– Iris W. Bray

42.) “There’s More to Christmas…”

There’s more, much more to Christmas
Than candlelight and cheer;
It’s the spirit of sweet friendship
That brightens all the year;
It’s thoughtfulness and kindness,
It’s hope reborn again,
For peace, for understanding,
For goodwill to men!

– Unknown

Meaningful Christmas Poem

43.) “Why It Is”

Though the presents are shiny and the paper is bright
And it is hard to wait through the long and cold night
To open them all the very next day
And bring out the wonderful new toys to play
It is important that we all remember
Why it is we give gifts at the end of December
Why it is we all gather and joyously sing:
To celebrate the birth of our Savior and King

– Unknown

44.) “Make Christmas Last All Year Long”

Why confine the beauty of Christmas to a single season?

Give to the needy whenever you’re able.
Volunteer at a soup kitchen at least once a month.
Wish people a good day every day.
Sing your favorite Christmas carol just because.
Send cards to let loved ones know you’re thinking of them.
Surprise someone now and then with a gift from the heart.
Let that mistletoe hang all year round and use it.
Pray for peace on earth each and every day.
Try to love your fellow human beings even though they’re far from perfect.
Give thanks for all the Lord provides.
Keep Jesus first in your heart.

If you can do these things all year long, Christmas never has to end.

– Kelly Roper

45.) “The True Meaning Of Christmas”

Jesus Christ was born this day
So many years before
He came a servant to the lost,
Though he was Lord of Lords

We celebrate this joyous time,
Reflecting on His birth
Not born in a mansion, but a stable
As if He had no worth

He came so He could identify
With the human heart of man
And gave His life as a sacrifice,
Offering a better plan

A plan that reconciles us back
To our loving Father God,
Bringing hope and redemption from
Sins ruling, iron rod

For this is the only reason that we
Should celebrate this day,
To become focused on anything else,
Would take the meaning away

So let’s arise with joy in our hearts
And share it with everyone
The meaning of Christmas will always be
The birth of Jesus – God’s Son

– M.S.Lowndes

46.) “True Christian Christmas”

Christmas isn’t showy gifts
Or glittering decoration;
It’s honoring our Savior, Jesus Christ
In humble adoration.

It’s serving those less fortunate,
Meeting their needs before our own;
It’s making sure at Christmas time
That no one is alone.

It’s taking what we would have spent
On things that no one needs,
And using it to help someone
With service and good deeds.

Our Savior showed us how to live
With charity, faith and service.
It makes the holidays a joy,
More peaceful, and less nervous.

So let’s remember Christmas is
About our Savior’s birth;
That’s the way to happiness,
The way to peace on earth.

– Joanna Fuchs

47.) “Celebrating Christmas”

Celebration of the birth of Christ
He who is the Savior
Resting in a manger, in a bed of hay
In the light of the Christmas star shining above, showing the way
Shepherds and kings all followed the light to pay tribute to Him
To leave gifts at his feet and acknowledge their King
Mary’s son, and the Son of God
A man, too, and mortal, able to die for our sins, and so
Save us from ourselves, and grant us eternal life and light

– Unknown

48.) “Christmas Midnight Mass”

The alter is decorated with pine boughs
And red velvet bows tied in place.
Scents of beeswax and incense fill the air
Bestowing a heightened sense of Grace.

The church is shrouded in silence
And a feeling of peaceful anticipation.
The angels are already gathering,
To take part in the jubilation.

Parishioners greet one another
On this holy and joyous night.
They come to celebrate Jesus’ birth
And take part in the sacred rite.

All rise in their pews as the procession begins
And give voice to a beloved Christmas hymn.
There’ll be prayers and readings and time-honored rituals,
And the Holy Spirit will dwell with them.

For this is midnight Mass on Christmas,
And “yonder breaks a new and glorious morn.”
So when the church doors swing open,
Go forth declaring Christ is born!

– Kelly Roper

49.) “What Christmas Is All About”

Christmas will always be for us
A time to reflect on Christ,
The gift God gave to all the world
Was the gift of His life

We know Christmas is not about tinsel,
Nor fancy Christmas wreaths,
Nor is it about all the decorations
That adorns our Christmas trees

And it’s not about Holly or Mistletoe
Hanging from our doors,
Nor is it about the gifts that are left
By the jolly Santa Claus

Christmas is more than all of this
And the only reason why
We celebrate Christ’s birth together
And the wonder of His life

So remember as you celebrate,
Just what it’s all about
And invite the Lord to join with you,
Instead of leaving Him out

For He will always be the reason
We celebrate this day,
No substitute the world may offer
Can take that meaning away.

– M.S.Lowndes

50.) “Why We Celebrate”

Why do we celebrate
Jesus’ birth at Christmas,
though we don’t know
when He was born?
It was necessary and inevitable
that we select a date
to celebrate an eternal miracle–
the coming to earth
of God in human form…Jesus,
Who changed the entire world
with His message of love,
forgiveness, humility and peace.
Christmas is an obligatory
and indispensable holiday
marking the transformation
from guiltless selfishness
to striving to follow His example
of service to God and our fellow man.
That is worth celebrating.

– Joanna Fuchs

51.) “The Christ In Christmas”

How can you take Christ out of Christmas
What meaning would there be
For truly it is Jesus who is the reason
for this special season you see.

Those who want to say happy holiday
should be reminded this I say,
you can find Holy there
and that should be our prayer.

And further still you say, Santa Claus,
well, he was a Christian leader too
by the name of Saint Nicholas
who helped others all year through.

So as hard as you may try
There is no reason why
we would have Christmas time
without Jesus in our mind.

– Catherine Pulsifer

52.) “Why We Celebrate Today”

It is not about the presents and toys
It is not even about all the sweet girls and boys
Getting rewarded for their good behavior
It is about honoring and praising our Savior
A young man named Jesus, who was sent from above
To teach humankind about compassion and love
To remind us what it means to live free from sin
And to give us assurance we would see each other again
In his Father’s great kingdom, the one we call Heaven
Whether we have sinned one hundred times or seven
At Christmas we remember God’s gift of mercy
For the end of all of our lives that are earthly
That is why today is such a holy, great day
Not just because there are new games to play
But as a solemn reminder of all that He sacrificed
In the name of our goodness, our souls, and our lives

– Unknown

53.) “Why Do We Celebrate Christmas?”

Why do we celebrate Christmas,
A “Mass” for Christ, each year?
Why do we shop and give out gifts,
Basking in Christmas cheer?

Our joy is based in the Gospel,
The amazing “good news” of Christ;
We’re grateful for what He gave to us
And all He sacrificed.

Priceless gifts He brought,
Eternal life, and more,
A perfect role model for all of us,
He opened heaven’s door.

At Christmas time let’s be
Reverent and devout,
Celebrating a Christmas real and true:
Jesus Christ is what it’s about.

– Joanna Fuchs


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