49 Birthday Love Poems (for the love of your life)

If you’re looking for some birthday love poems for the big day, you’re at the right place.

Your partner’s birthday is probably an important event for you. You get to spend the day with someone precious to you, which is a big deal in and of itself. But more importantly, it’s in your hands to make your significant other’s coming birthday better than the last one. Having this opportunity can be exciting, but also somewhat intimidating – what can you do to make the day extra special?

In addition to the typical outing or birthday party, how about doing something to add some intimacy to the mix with some romantic birthday love poetry?

Sounds exciting, right? It is, until you get to the actual writing. Unfortunately, not all of us are lyrical geniuses. Coming up with something romantic and passionate can be a tiresome ordeal.

So we’ve compiled for you a list of 49 of the best Birthday Love Poems that you can take inspiration from. Romantic and heart-touching, these poems are perfect to share with your wife or husband, girlfriend or boyfriend, or him/her.

Birthday Love Poems for Wife

1.) “Untitled”

Adored is the heart
touched by you,
Redeemed is the soul
by your side,
Blessed are the eyes
that behold you,
For my heart, soul, and eyes
don’t lie.
Happy birthday!

– Kevin Nishmas

2.) “Your Birthday Every Day”

I wish your birthday, Sweetheart,
Would happen every day,
So I could celebrate you
With a compliment bouquet.

I’d say you’ve made me happy
Just by being you;
Your feminine charm delights me
In everything you do.

Your birthday is so special,
I wish I had the chance
Each day to show I love you,
With tender, sweet romance.

I guess I’ll just pretend
Every day’s the day of your birth,
Another opportunity
To show you all you’re worth!

– Joanna Fuchs

3.) “Wishing a Happy Birthday”

Wishing a happy birthday to the love of my life;Wishing a happy birthday to my beautiful wife.Wishing a happy birthday to the woman of my dreams,
Who somehow picked up my battered life and fixed all the fraying the seams.
Wishing a happy birthday to the one person I could not live without,
Wishing a happy birthday to the person who saves me when I am full of doubt.
Wishing a happy birthday to someone who is all of this and more,
And is most importantly, and forever, the woman I will always adore.

– Unknown

4.) “Untitled”

To my wife on her birthday,
Good wishes I give to you.
I know I’ve kept my promise
To love you and be true.
There’s something about this birthday
That seems to bother me.
Perhaps you know the answer,
Let me ask you, and we’ll see.
I married you at age twenty,
When you were looking nice.
We have our ups and downs,
Never had to pay the price.
I ask this in good conscience,
I hope that you don’t mind.
Is it okay, my little darling
To quit pretending you’re twenty-nine?
Happy Birthday Sweetheart

– Unknown

5.) “Birthday Surprise”

A beautiful new day begins,
It is the birthday of my queen.
Favorite flowers and a chocolate cake,
Romantic dinner with your favorite steak,
All the luxuries and diamonds in the world,
Nothing is as precious as you, my girl
A get together of family and friends,
I hope this wonderful day never ends,
May all your wishes be fulfilled by Almighty,
Happy birthday my gorgeous wifey!

– Unknown

6.) “My Sweet Wife”

My sweet wife,
You are my sunshine, my happiness
You truly are my happy place
You never fail to make me smile,
Every time I see your beautiful face!
Happy birthday, gorgeous!

– Unknown

7.) “Birthday Treat”

When you’re near me I feel whole and complete,
When you’re not, there’s a part of me missing.
Your caring and warmth provide such a treat,
There’s no one I’d rather be kissing.

You’re my sweetheart, my lover, the best part of my life,
That’s why I want to convey
My deep feelings for you, my wonderful wife,
All my love on your special day.

Happy Birthday!

– Joanna and Karl Fuchs

8.) “Bathroom Counter”

No matter how many times I ask you not to,
Ask you to be careful, to watch what you are doing, to clean up after yourself
You always seem to spill some of your makeup on the bathroom counter.
So, every morning, it falls to me to wipe up the foundation
Or mascara, or whatever it is,
With a sigh and a few squares of toilet paper.
But can I tell you a secret, darling?
I really do not mind the spills,
Not at all,
And I almost regret, every morning,
Having to wipe up this one little reminder
Of the beautiful woman with whom I share my life,
My house,
And this messy, messy bathroom counter.

– Unknown

9.) “Untitled”

In this world, where we are together,
Moments between us always get sweeter
The love we share will always grow stronger
I love you today, and I will love you forever.
Happy birthday to my dear wife!

– Unknown

10.) “You Are The One”

My spirited and loving bae
You captured my heart,
on the very first day.
Met many women gorgeous and smart.
But I never felt for anyone this way
Was it your dreamy eyes,
that touched my soul?
Or was it your sweet voice,
that makes me blissful and whole
I think it is all of you
that makes me feel the way I do!
Happy birthday my darling,
I love you

– Unknown

Birthday Love Poems for Husband

11.) “Untitled”

Sometimes words do not suffice
for me to say
You mean the world to me in every way
You make my life complete
And without you my strength
tends to deplete
And on your birthday
I am trying to make it special in every way
If I have to do this again
it will definitely be you
My life has had so much gain
From the moment I married you
Happy Birthday, dear husband!

– Unknown

12.) “How I Feel”

Many times, words are not enough,
To express how I feel
So, I use my eyes, my touch, and kisses,
Hoping my actions would reveal,
You are my everything,
With you, I am complete
Without you, I am useless,
Like a heart without a heartbeat
Today on this lovely occasion,
I will tell you how special you are
In this dark, cynical world,
You are the brightest star
Happy birthday, my life partner!

– Unknown

13.) “A Hubby Like You”

A hubby like you is truly one in few
Lost in the world I look so new
A hubby like you when I know it’s you
Feels like an angel when I am with you
You make me feel so special
And it’s a feeling so surreal with you
A hubby like you who stays in my heart
And u wish that we never ever part
A hubby like you who is a part of me
And there is nothing else to see
Happy birthday to you!

– Unknown

14.) “Untitled”

Our memories more colorful than springs,
Our togetherness a diamond mine,
You turn moments to precious paintings,
Be it a cup of coffee, be it time we dine,
When you remember the smallest things,
When my smile makes your eyes shine,
I feel like happiness has given me wings,
That I ean actually fly and be on cloud nine.
On your birthday, my heart simply sings
Bongs of joy, so glad that you’re mine.

Happy Birthday to
the most caring Husband.

– Unknown

15.) “Untitled”

Happy birthday, darling,
I fondly remember the day we met
And our love has not seen a dip as yet
I pray to God for keeping it alive
For you are the reason I took a dive
Into a relationship of bond and trust
Happy birthday, hubby, you are the best!

– Unknown

16.) “You Don’t Know What You Mean To Me”

You don’t know what you mean to me.
You are my ray of sunshine on the darkest day;
A mentor and guide when I lose the way.
You don’t know what you mean to me.
The warmest blanket on the coldest night;
My knight in shining armor in every fight.
You don’t know what you mean to me.
My life partner, my biggest supporter;
Half of my soul, my lifeline, my forever.
I hope now you know what you mean to me,
I chose this joyous occasion to tell thee,
Happy birthday, my wonderful hubby!

– Unknown

17.) “Birthday bliss is you”

Birthday bliss starts with you
And I will start with a wonderful kiss
You are my destiny I know
You are my life and words to show
You are my support I cannot do without you
With you everything seems so new
Baby when you are around I have my love
Baby when you are around I feel so blessed
So blessed to have you in my life
Happy birthday to my love
Keep smiling through!

– Unknown

18.) “Untitled”

Here is the perfect Acrostic Poem for my Hubby:

H – Hunk
U – Uber Smart
S – Sensational
B – Bold
A – Awesome
N – Naughty
D – Dynamic

Happy Birthday, love.

– Unknown

19.) “Untitled”

As I wish you on your birthday, I think of when you first walked into my life,
We’ve shared a few more years
and a few more birthdays since then,
and we’ve discovered that life is
so much more than we first imagined.
Love is waking up to each other in the morning
and falling asleep beside each other at night
It’s sharing all of life
the good parts and the hard parts –
and knowing no matter what happens
we’ll always be together.
It’s laughing, praying, loving and living together.
Happy Birthday dear husband!

– Unknown

20.) “When”

When you say my name,
My heart fills with affection.
We kiss, and the world stops,
It’s just us and our connection.
When we hug, I feel I am home,
You make me feel warm and secure.
All my worries seem insignificant,
Baby, you are the cure.
When it is your birthday,
I feel my excitement rise.
I want to fulfill all your wishes,
And see the happiness in your eyes.
Happy birthday, my wonderful husband!

– Unknown

Birthday Love Poems for Girlfriend

21.) “A Reason to be with You”

I am thankful for the joy you bring in my life,
I am waiting to share them a lot more when you become my wife.
I want you to stay.
For it makes me sad when you are away.
On your birthday, I stay with you all day,
For you are my sun and its every ray.

– Unknown

22.) “Untitled”

I was worried about making your birthday perfect
since you are a perfect imperfect woman
and I wanted it to be special.
But how could I create a day
that surpasses all your expectations
and lets you know I really care
And then I realized that if I do my best,
you will laugh and thank me a thousand times
because you are a happy person
who loves everything always.

Happy Birthday, my wonderful girl.

– Unknown

23.) “A special poem for a special girl”

My gift to you this year
Reminds me a lot of you
As it’s special, precious
And so incredibly dear.
It’s something unique
Something money can’t buy
A love letter or a poem
Drawn from my mind’s eye.
So from deep within my heart,
I’m sending you lots of
Sentimental wishes today
Filled with happy thoughts
To celebrate your special day.

Happy birthday to you, sweetie

– Unknown

24.) “Untitled”

Every one of your birthdays
is a gift to the rest of us
who have had the pleasure
of having you in our lives
for another year.
Every one of your birthdays
brings joyful memories
of your bright smile
and your love of life.
Every one of your birthdays
reminds us of your sensitivity
and service to others,
and other delights
too numerous to name
that we are gifted with
just by knowing you.
Happy Birthday
to one in a million.
May you, and we
enjoy many more.

– Joanna Fuchs

25.) “Happy birthday to the sweetest girl in the world.”

You’re the prettiest girl around.
Your happiness always leaves me dumbfounded.
I love being around you.
You’re the best thing I’ve found.
Today’s your special day.
I love you so much.
Happy birthday sweetheart.

– Unknown

26.) “Its truly special”

Birthdays are truly special in life,
But, I am truly happy today,
Because its birthday of my would be wife,
Yes that is you my love,
I just wish you have a great birthday!
May you have a super awesome day!

– Unknown

27.) “Untitled”

On a day such as this there is only one thing I could say
that wouldn’t even come close to saying how I feel about you. I love you.
You outshine the sun, you flatter the moon,
You break all the star’s little hearts as they shoot across the sky for you.
Today is your birthday it is all just for you and I hope all your dreams will come true.
Happy birthday babe

– Unknown

28.) “A love poem for my girlfriend”

A sweet poem for my girlfriend
With love from my heart to yours
Simply to tell you that you are
The one this guy most adores
I hope your birthday this year
Brings everything you wish for
I hope it fills your heart with joy
Bringing you happiness evermore.

Happy birthday, my most beautiful one.

– Unknown

29.) “Untitled”

Our love is as sweet as the cake,
Hoping it never to be fake.
Blessed with Apollo’s skill,
with more efforts in poetry you drill.

I wish you soar to new heights,
flapping your wings with all you might.
May you achieve all that you seek,
without a moment of befalling bleak?
To my sweetheart I wish and pray, may this be your best birthday!!

– Unknown

30.) “I’m lucky to be in a relationship with you.”

I can’t believe you’re with me.
I can’t believe I won the relationship lottery.
I really am lucky.
Happy birthday to you.
You’re everything lovely.

– Unknown

Birthday Love Poems for Boyfriend

31.) “Untitled”

No other guy
Not now, not ever
Can be like you
Handsome as well as clever
No other guy
Understands or knows
Life, with all its
Highs and lows
You are this guy
A looker, so fine
I hope that you
Always be mine

– Unknown

32.) “You are to me”

The sweetness on your birthday cake,
Can’t match up with the person you are,
You are one of a kind my boy,
Just like the shining star,
I am so glad that I have you in my life,
I am so glad to meet you this way,
Today I just have a thing to say,
That I love you a lot,
A very happy birthday to you!

– Unknown

33.) “Untitled”

My fondest wishes are for you,
Since today’s your special day,
May every dream you chase,
Come true and never stray.

– Unknown

34.) “Untitled”

There is no greater satisfaction
Than basking in our attraction
There is no greater happiness
Than to look at you and experience breathlessness
There is no greater pleasure
Than to cherish our love’s treasure
There is no greater joy
Than to call you my boy
Happy birthday

– Unknown

35.) “Birthday Wishes to my Love”

I think of you every time of the day,
A surprise is planned for your birthday.
Darling, you are the best that happened to me,
Without you, my life I dare not see…
You are not the only guy in the world,
But you are the only one that matters to me…

– Unknown

36.) “Untitled”

Even on my worst day, you make me happy and glad,
You make me forget every reason that makes me sad.
To me, you are the sunshine on a dark day,
Please always love me just like this, I pray.
Happy Birthday to my dearest one.

– Unknown

37.) “Untitled”

Everything seems so perfect and nice
Since we started dating, I haven’t seen a low
My life right now seems like a bright sunny sky
Highlighted with lovely hues and a beautiful rainbow
The love is beautiful, the romance is tingling
The passion is sizzling, the reason is YOU
This is all I wanted to say on your birthday
I hope that you feel the same way too
Happy birthday

– Unknown

38.) “Untitled”

We’ve shared so much, we two, in love and friendship;
Each year our bond just seems to grow and grow.
I always want to be right next to you;
To be with you means more than you can know.

– Unknown

39.) “Untitled”

Happy birthday to the guy
Who gave flight to my dreams
The way you’ve changed my life
Is more profound that what it seems
Days and nights, I feel thankful
For the fact that you are mine and only mine
Our relationships is what brings
In my life, the perfect shine

– Unknown

40.) “Untitled”

You’re always there for me with a loving smile;
I’m never happier than when I know you’re near.
I thought my love for you could not grow stronger;
And yet I love you, even more, this year.

– Unknown

Here are some more Heartfelt Birthday Poems:

41.) “A Birthday Sonnet For My Love”

Another year has passed for you, sweetheart;
It’s time to cut the cake and celebrate.
And once again, my love, I start to think
Of things about you I appreciate.

It means so much to have you in my life;
Your loving care fills up my days with pleasure.
Your warm and giving nature helps create
Close, special times together that I treasure.

I live within a safe and steady world,
Because you love me unconditionally.
Your easygoing ways mean that I’m blessed
With peace and joy and blissful harmony.

To me your birthday is a precious day;
I hope it brings you joy in every way.

– Joanna Fuchs

42.) “Warm Wishes Coming Your Way”

The passion of your love,
Makes me want you each day,
I don’t have many expressions,
Or words to say,
But, I know that my love for you is true,
I love you,
Wish you a very happy birthday!

– Unknown

43.) “Untitled”

My partner and my best friend
My lover and protector
Tonight we gather to honor you
On this special day you were made
And we thank the heavens for your present
Like the old saying, there’s no time like the present
Happy birthday to my one and only sweetheart

– Unknown

44.) “My Love for You”

My love for you, shall never pause,
Strong and determined with all our flaws.
It endures and doesn’t judge,
Never holds a lasting grudge.
Generous, loyal, always kind,
To your outer layer blind.
Surely, opposite of rude,
My beating heart I must include.
On your birthday, my love for you,
From the clouds, a perfect view.
Moments, memories, a year gone by,
I’m here for you, don’t you cry.
My love for you, lives by the truth,
Always keeps me, in my youth.
When it sees, our trust and hope,
It climbs and conquers any slope.

– Martin Dejnicki

45.) “Wrapping Paper”

I want to cover you in wrapping paper,
Your own birthday surprise,
And I will make sure to put a bow on top,
One that sparkles like your eyes.

You are the most beautiful gift I have ever received,
And I desperately want you to know
What it is like to unwrap a present
That makes your whole world glow.

You light up my world in a million ways
I will never match with paper and ribbon.
All of the glitter that ever existed
Could never match the shine you have given.

I want to cover you in wrapping paper
And ribbons and tags and bows
And anything it takes to show you
How much, every day, my love for you grows.

– Unknown

46.) “Another Birthday Together”

Your birthday marks another year together;
Such happy times, I couldn’t ask for more,
Spending precious minutes, hours and days
With you, my love, whom I cherish and adore.

We’ve shared so much, we two, in love and friendship;
Each year our bond just seems to grow and grow.
I always want to be right next to you;
To be with you means more than you can know.

You’re always there for me with a loving smile;
I’m never happier than when I know you’re near.
I thought my love for you could not grow stronger;
And yet I love you even more this year.

– Karl and Joanna Fuchs

47.) “I don’t know why”

I don’t know why I love you so much
The reason is unknown to me as much
But I know that without you I won’t be able to live
I know that its a pure thing that I feel
Under range of emotions that I reel
One thing is true that you are the one for me
Its everywhere that you I can see
Yes I love you and I can shout it aloud
And I can gather all the crowd
And say that you are the one
I love you so much!
Wishing a very happy birthday to you!
Have a lovely day!

– Unknown

48.) “Birthday Flowers”

Please accept these birthday flowers,
Filled with love, from random showers.
Thought of you, when I picked them out,
Grown and nourished, from a tiny sprout.
Graceful, like a rose in full bloom,
Known as the most, natural perfume.
Beautiful scents remind me of you,
Make you smile, in my soul I just knew.
Beauty surpassed oceans and sky,
One is special; never go dry.
Charming and humble, storms made her strong,
Here by my side, truly belong.
Delivered from the depths of my heart,
Symbols of love, I wish to impart.
Looking at you, everything is clear,
This most beautiful flower, it is you my dear!

– Martin Dejnicki

49.) “Candles”

Close your eyes, and blow out your candles, and silently wish a birthday wish.
When you open them, I will be standing by, waiting to give you a birthday kiss.
We are never supposed to share our wishes, but I am going to tell you mine:
That we spend the rest of our lives sharing little kisses,
Until the end and the end and the end of our time.

– Unknown

Final Words

We hope you enjoyed going through our list and were able to find a poem to your liking.
Keep in mind that a great birthday gift doesn’t have to be expensive, it just needs to be thoughtful and meaningful. One of the best ways to show your S/O that you’re thinking about them is by giving them a gift card with your personally handwritten poetry on it. Remember that you can use any of the poems on the list as they are; our handpicked selection doesn’t include poems that are generic, repetitive, or mundane so that your S/O gets only the very best.

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