The 73 Best Baby Poems to Celebrate the New Arrival

Little bundles of joy, babies are probably one of, if not the most adorable thing in the world.

Simply watching them move about and play is delightful and makes us smile. If you’re expecting a newborn, you’re probably both nervous and excited right now!

While you’ll probably have to put up with some tiresome days and restless nights, the good news is that there’s a lot to look forward to!

On this page, you’ll find a collection of the 73 baby poems. Some are funny and lighthearted, while others are more profound and inspirational. We have shorter baby poems that are perfect if you want to share the news of your newborn’s birth with your friends and family via gift cards.

And we have longer baby poems that are better recited to an audience in person. Regardless of what you choose to go with, you’ll only find the very best poetry in our collection, written by famous, world-class authors. We even have some soothing lullabies you can sing to calm your newborn down when he/she won’t stop crying.

If you’re looking to congratulate a friend or relative, we have poems for you too! Celebratory poems that convey sincere congratulations are perfect for sharing with new parents.

We’ve sub-categorized our list so you can jump around and find what you need. Let’s get started:

Poems About Babies

1.) I Know A Baby

I know a baby, such a baby, –
Round blue eyes and cheeks of pink,
Such an elbow furrowed with dimples,
Such a wrist where creases sink.
‘Cuddle and love me, cuddle and love me,’
Crows the mouth of coral pink:
Oh, the bald head, and, oh, the sweet lips,
And, oh, the sleepy eyes that wink!

– Christina Rosetti

2.) My House Creaks In The Rain

My house creaks in the rain,
a porch-skirted grandmother
shifting her lap.

Sing to me, Grandmother.
Comfort me, house.

You are used to
the nattering of raindrops,
used to their prickly breath,

used to cold knees
as they crawl down
your neck to your breast.

Sing to me, Grandmother.
Comfort me, house.

My nipples are cracked
from milk wetness.
My womb shudders

in sharp gusts. I’m rocked
by this baby, this raw-fisted
baby, flooded

by this baby who clings
like rain to the eaves
of my chest.


– Sara Lewis Holmes

3.) Baby

The birds sing sweeter,
Since our Baby’s birth;
The buds bloom brighter,
Fairer is the Earth!

If we should weigh our Baby,
The weight could ne’er be told;
For the substance of our Baby
Is in Love – and not in gold!

– Althea Randolph

4.) Baby’s World

I wish I could take a quiet corner in the heart of my baby’s very
own world.
I know it has stars that talk to him, and a sky that stoops
down to his face to amuse him with its silly clouds and rainbows.
Those who make believe to be dumb, and look as if they never
could move, come creeping to his window with their stories and with
trays crowded with bright toys.
I wish I could travel by the road that crosses baby’s mind,
and out beyond all bounds;
Where messengers run errands for no cause between the kingdoms
of kings of no history;
Where Reason makes kites of her laws and flies them, the Truth
sets Fact free from its fetters.

– Rabindranath Ragore

5.) Infant Joy

I have no name
I am but two days old.—
What shall I call thee?
I happy am
Joy is my name,—
Sweet joy befall thee!

Pretty joy!
Sweet joy but two days old,
Sweet joy I call thee;
Thou dost smile.
I sing the while
Sweet joy befall thee.

– William Blake

6.) Grandchild

New life, a little baby, a little star,
The world awaits you near and far
With guidance and loving care
That will keep you safe and happy there.

There’s family to meet,
Pets and friends to greet.
A long path with us you’ll share,
We’ll always be happy to meet you there.

Life experiences will soon unfold,
Stories now waiting to be told.
Adventures, discoveries, obstacles and dreams
All join to form your self-esteem.

Of yourself, have no fears.
Enjoy each day over the years.
Be proud of who you are, no fuss,
A unique little person loved by all of us.

– Penny Brown

7.) Maternity

There once was a Square, such a square little Square,
And he loved a trim Triangle;
But she was a flirt and around her skirt
Vainly she made him dangle.
Oh he wanted to wed and he had no dread
Of domestic woes and wrangles;
For he thought that his fate was to procreate
Cute little Squares and Triangles.

Now it happened one day on that geometric way
There swaggered a big bold Cube,
With a haughty stare and he made that Square
Have the air of a perfect boob;
To his solid spell the Triangle fell,
And she thrilled with love’s sweet sickness,
For she took delight in his breadth and height—
But how she adored his thickness!

So that poor little Square just died of despair,
For his love he could not strangle;
While the bold Cube led to the bridal bed
That cute and acute Triangle.
The Square’s sad lot she has long forgot,
And his passionate pretensions …
For she dotes on her kids—Oh such cute Pyramids
In a world of three dimensions.

– Robert William Service

8.) Babies Are

Babies are a gift.
Each with their own uniqueness.
So cuddly and small
It is hard to believe that they will crawl.

Happiness is what they bring
Even with all the babbling
They grow so fast
A baby they won’t last.

Cooing and smiling
Wetting the bedding
Eating and sleeping
Whatever they do we are cheering.

Even the most aged
See a baby and they are engaged
Babies melt our heart
They truly are a work of God’s art.

– Catherine Pulsifer

9.) A Baby Changes Things

A baby changes things;
They’ll never be the same;
Your life is filled with wonder,
Since your little miracle came.

There’s lots of things to do now,
But with the new tasks you face,
Your family gains more love,
And bonds time will never erase.

Congratulations on your new addition!

– Karl and Joanna Fuchs

10.) Song For Baby-O, Unborn

when you break thru
you’ll find
a poet here
not quite what one would choose.

I won’t promise
you’ll never go hungry
or that you won’t be sad
on this gutted

but I can show you
enough to love
to break your heart

– Diane Di Prima

11.) A Year Of Babies

January Babies grow
As pretty, pure and white as snow!

February Babies, next,
Have “Kindness” for their daily text!

Babies born in bleak March gale,
Are healthy, happy, strong and hale!

April Babies sometimes cry,
To help the flowers grow by and by!

Babies born in May are sweet.
As blossoms pink, from head to feet!

Babies born in June prove true,
And make the world a bower for you!

July Babies romp and run,
And revel in the noon-day sun!

August Babies sleep away
The sultry hours of summer’s day!

September Babies watch the sky.
And sing a twilight lullaby!

October Babies weave gay wreaths
Of smiles and autumn’s golden leaves!

November Babies dance and play,
And chase away the clouds of gray!

December Babies loving are
With eyes that sparkle like a star!

– Althea Randolph

12.) All The Time In The World

Lay down
Let’s explore this tenderness between us
There ain’t no one around at all to see us
And baby would you mind
If maybe you and I
Took a little time to find each other?

Baby, We got all the time in the world
So why don’t we just take it nice and slow?
We got everything we need
To plant a lovin’ seed
And all the time we need to watch it grow.

Stay down
Stay at least until the fire stops burnin’
At least until the room has stopped it’s turnin’
And when the embers dyin’
We’re lyin’ in the afterglow
It’ll be as sweet as anything we’ve ever known

Baby, We got all the time in the world
So why don’t we just take it nice and slow?
We got everything we need
To plant a lovin’ seed
And all the time we need to watch it grow.

– Shel Silverstein

13.) Little One

This is a letter to you to prepare you for life.
You have a beautiful mommy and a hard working daddy.
A few aunts ready to spoil you rotten and a grandma and grandpa that are ready for their first grandchild
But you have a long road ahead of you.
Many triumphs and a few setbacks to be expected.
But whatever may come your way,
Your family will be there.
This world is a crazy place,
Has many unexpected events.
In your lifetime you will see and experience many surprising things.
There are times when you will be overwhelmed by expectations,
Take it one day at a time.
There will be several firsts, from your first smile to your first crush.
There will be good times and hard times but the people, who love you and care about you the most will be there from the first smile to hardest times,
Will always be your family.
Whether you’re mommy’s angel or Daddy’s little one-
Your parents will always be around.
There will be times that you think Mom and Dad have no idea what you are going through; we have all been there.
There will be times that you feel everyone is against you-we just want to keep you from making our mistakes.
At some point you’ll look back at everything and realize that mom and dad were right
It’s a scary feeling,
I know first hand.
In everything you do-
I wish you luck.
Follow your dreams,
Reach for the stars.
But never forget where you came from.
Also take it from me-
They say that you cannot come back home,
Obviously they don’t know our family
In this family, the road always leads back home.
So little one-
Welcome home,
We have waited awhile for this day.
Are you ready for this crazy thing we all call life?

– Audrea Harvey

14.) Wee Babies

Babies short and babies tall,
Babies big and babies small,
Blue-eyed babies, babies fair,
Brown-eyed babies with lots of hair.
Babies so tiny they can’t sit up.
Babies that drink from a silver cup.
Babies that coo and babies that creep,
Babies that only can eat and sleep.
Babies that laugh and babies that talk,
Babies quite big enough to walk.
Dimpled fingers and dimpled feet,
What in the world is half so sweet
As babies that jump, laugh, cry and crawl,
Eat, sleep, talk, walk, creep, coo and all
Wee Babies

– Gov. F. W. Pitkin

15.) Lullaby Of An Infant Chief

O, hush thee, my babie, thy sire was a knight,
Thy mother a lady, both lovely and bright;
The woods and the glens, from the towers which we see,
They are all belonging, dear babie, to thee.
O ho ro, i ri ri, cadul gu lo.

O, fear not the bugle, though loudly it blows,
It calls but the warders that guard thy repose;
Their bows would be bended, their blades would be red,
Ere the step of a foeman draws near to thy bed.
O ho ro, i ri ri, cadul gu lo.

O, hush thee, my babie, the time soon will come,
When thy sleep shall be broken by trumpet and drum;
Then hush thee, my darling, take rest while you may,
For strife comes with manhood, and waking with day.
O ho ro, i ri ri, cadul gu lo.

– Sir Walter Scott

16.) Cradle Song

What does little birdie say
In her nest at peep of day?
Let me fly, says little birdie,
Mother, let me fly away.
Birdie, rest a little longer,
Till thy little wings are stronger.
So she rests a little longer,
Then she flies away.

What does little baby say,
In her bed at peep of day?
Baby says, like little birdie,
Let me rise and fly away.
Baby, sleep a little longer,
Till thy little limbs are stronger.
If she sleeps a little longer,
Baby too shall fly away.

– Lord Alfred Tennyson

17.) A Cradle Song

Sweet dreams form a shade
O’er my lovely infant’s head;
Sweet dreams of pleasant streams
By happy, silent, moony beams.

Sweet sleep with soft down
Weave thy brows an infant crown.
Sweet sleep, Angel mild,
Hover o’er my happy child.

Sweet smiles in the night
Hover over my delight;
Sweet smiles, Mother’s smiles,
All the livelong night beguiles.

Sweet moans, dovelike sighs,
Chase not slumber from thy eyes.
Sweet moans, sweeter smiles,
All the dovelike moans beguiles.

Sleep sleep, happy child,
All creation slept and smil’d;
Sleep sleep, happy sleep,
While o’er thee thy mother weep.

Sweet babe, in thy face
Holy image I can trace.
Sweet babe, once like thee,
Thy maker lay and wept for me,

Wept for me for thee for all,
When he was an infant small.
Thou his image ever see.
Heavenly face that smiles on thee,

Smiles on thee on me on all,
Who became an infant small,
Infant smiles are His own smiles,
Heaven & earth to peace beguiles.

– William Blake

18.) Hemlock

Hemlock branches
like babies in their

– L.L. Barkat

19.) A Couple More Years

I’ve got a couple more years on you, baby…that’s all.
I’ve had more chances to fly and more places to fall.
And it ain’t that I’m wiser…
It’s only that I’ve spent more time with my back to the wall.
And I’ve picked up a couple more years on you, baby.. that’s all.

I’ve walked a couple more roads than you, baby…that’s all.
And I’m tired of runnin’ while you’re only learning to crawl.
And you’re headin somewhere…
But I’ve been to somewhere… and found it was nowhere at all.
And I’ve picked up a couple of years on you baby… that’s all.

Now sayin’ goodbye, girl don’t never come easy at all.
But you’ve got to fly ‘cuz you’re hearin’ those young eagles call.
And someday when you’re older, you’ll smile at a man strong and tall.
And you’ll say I’ve got a couple more years on you, baby… that’s all.

I’ve got a couple more years on you baby… that’s all.
You’ll say I’ve had more chances to fly and more places to fall.
It ain’t that I’m wiser…
It’s only that I’ve spent more time with my back to the wall.
And I’ve picked up a couple more years on you baby… that’s a

– Shel Silverstein

20.) Time Well Spent

See tiny fingers and tiny toes,
Bright baby eyes, cute baby nose;
Hear baby gurgles and baby sighs,
As Mom and Dad sing lullabies.

Life is changed, but that’s okay;
It’s fun to spend glad hours each day,
Taking time for all the good
That comes along with parenthood.

– Joanna Fuchs

21.) Baby Fingers

Ten fat little fingers, so taper and neat,
Ten fat little fingers, so rosy and sweet,
Eagerly reaching for all that comes near,
Now poking your eyes out, now pulling your hair,
Smoothing and patting, with velvet-like touch,
Then digging your cheeks with a mischievous clutch;
Gently waving good-bye with infantine grace,
Then dragging your bonnet down over your face;
Beating pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, slow and sedate,
Then tearing a book at a furious rate;

Then thumping the window with tightly closed fist;
Now lying asleep, all dimpled and warm,
On the white cradle-pillow, secure from all harm —
Oh, dear baby hands! how much love you enfold
In the weak, careless clasp of those fingers’ soft hold!
Keep spotless, as now, through the world’s evil ways,
And bless, with fond care, our last weariful days.

– Mrs. Richard Grant White

22.) Ode To Dove’s Lament

You do not whisper coo-oo this
morning, your sound the signal
alarm—wings sharply whistling—
till I, twice pulled from slumber, run
my finger to the glass, imagining how
the limb on which you perch might be
shaken to one more vow of silence.

We do this often, you and I—call
and respond, me rubbing sleep’s eye
and you, my day-breaking game bird,
letting loose the same-syllable song
widows address in their dreams.

How could I know today would be
different, wing whirs replacing coo-
OO-oo, the racketeering Blue Jay
occupying the nest, its beak a bloom
of tiny shell chips, and you, in gray
dress, forever unstilled.

– Maureen Doallas

23.) A Baby’s Cradle With No Baby In It

A baby’s cradle with no baby in it,
A baby’s grave where autumn leaves drop sere;
The sweet soul gathered home to Paradise,
The body waiting here.

– Christina Rosetti

24.) I Know A Baby, Such A Baby

I know a baby, such a baby, –
Round blue eyes and cheeks of pink,
Such an elbow furrowed with dimples,
Such a wrist where creases sink.
‘Cuddle and love me, cuddle and love me, ’
Crows the mouth of coral pink:
Oh, the bald head, and, oh, the sweet lips,
And, oh, the sleepy eyes that wink!

– Christina Rosetti

25.) Prayer For A New Baby

We are grateful for the new being
Who is small in body but great in soul,
Who has come into our midst as a gift.

May we be sensitive to the Scared
As we nurture and learn from this child.
Give us patience. Give us strength.

And grant us wisdom and love to help this child
Learn to sing his own song.

– Anne Spring

26.) A Lullaby, Sweet Dreams

Sweet dreams my darling, the day is done.
The moon is here to say goodnight to the sun.

Gather your blankets and climb into bed.
Close your eyes and lay down your head.

Rest for now with peaceful dreams,
Of twinkling stars and shining moon beams.

Sweet dreams my darling, sweet dreams my love,
Sweet dreams my precious gift from above.

– Kimberly L. Brennan-Smith

27.) Button Nose

Babies are truly loved by all
People think they look like a doll
But when those eyes open wide
Mom and Dad are full of pride.

So very soft those chubby cheeks
We goo and gau as we speak
We hold their tiny hand
Oh, we think babies are so grand.

As we hold the tiny thing
We just cuddle and want to sing
We count their fingers and their toes
And kiss that little button nose!

– Catherine Pulsifer

28.) Joy Without Measure

We heard the good news,
So it’s hip, hip, hooray!
We’re so happy for you,
And we hope and we pray
That your brand new addition
Is a wonderful treasure,
And along with the work,
He/she brings joy beyond measure.

– Karl and Joanna Fuchs

29.) The Baby’s Dance

Dance little baby, dance up high,
Never mind baby, mother is by;
Crow and caper, caper and crow,
There little baby, there you go;
Up to the ceiling, down to the ground,
Backwards and forwards, round and round;
Dance little baby, and mother shall sing,
With the merry coral, ding, ding, ding.

– Ann Taylor

30.) Grandma’s Angel

A gift you are from heaven above,
a perfect example of God’s precious love.

Little fingers and little toes,
beautiful eyes and a button nose.

The day you were born we all hit our knees,
and prayed Oh Lord, let him be ok, please!

The Lord smiled down and answered our prayers,
and with a blink of His eye wiped away all of our fears.

The Lord knows what He’s doing, I know for sure,
for He brought you to us,
Safe and secure!

– Wendy Snyder

31.) Baby Face

Babies make us do silly things
Make funny faces to make them grin
We talk and we coo
We even call them boo-boo.

Happily, we change many things
So much love a baby brings
We cater to their every whim
Even the diapers, that can be so grim.

Even the toughest guy
Will rock a baby when they cry.
And children love little babies too.
With babies, we act a little cuckoo

Despite all the changes babies do bring
To our lives, they bring the best thing.
The world would be an awful place
If we didn’t see a little baby face.

– Catherine Pulsifer

32.) Little One

It’s been a long day, little one.
You’ve tired me right out.
As bed time came around,
I rocked you right to sleep.

We’ve had a rough day, little one.
You fussed quite a bit.
When our day came to an end,
I sang you right to sleep

My body is sore, little one.
You barely let me put you down.
When the sun set,
I hugged you close to sleep.

Mommy is tired, little one.
You didn’t nap at all
When the moon came out
You fell right to sleep.

Time won’t stop, little one.
The days are getting shorter
So when bedtime came around,
I rocked you a little longer.

Please slow down, little one.
I’m noticing you grow so fast,
So when our day came to an end,
I sang to you a little longer.

You amaze me, little one.
You are learning every day,
So when the sun set
I hugged you close a little longer.

It’s getting hard for me, little one.
I know you won’t need me as much soon.
So when the moon came out,
I watched you sleep a little longer.

– Taylor Thompson

33.) Smiles

As you lay there in your crib,
Watching the mobile go around,
A smile comes upon your face,
And I couldn’t make a sound.

I start to remember the past two months,
From newborn to infant,
God I love you so much.

We play airplane together,
Your face is so serious.
Before I sit you down you grin,
How unbelievable.

You’re growing so fast,
Just yesterday I could feel you move inside me.
Waiting nine months to see you,
And a lifetime to enjoy.

I love you with every ounce of my being,
And couldn’t imagine life any other way,
You bring so much peace and love,
To me each and every day.

– Jaya Russell

34.) Harvest Slumber Song

Sleep, little baby, sleep, sleep, sleep,
Red is the moon in the night’s still deep,
White are the stars with their silver wings
Folded in dreamings of beautiful things,
And over their cradle the night wind sings,

Sleep, little baby, sleep, sleep, sleep.
Soft in the lap of the mother night
The wee baby stars, all glowing and bright,
Flutter their silver wings and crow
To the watchful winds that kiss as they blow lo
Round the air-cradle that swings so low
Down in the lap of the mother night.

Sleep, little baby, sleep, sleep, sleep.
Red is the moon in the night’s still deep.
And the wee baby stars are all folded and kissed
In a luminous cradle of silver mist;
And if ever they waken the winds cry, Whist,
Sleep, little baby, sleep, sleep, sleep.

– William Wilfred Campbell

35.) Baby Mine

Baby sweet, baby mine,
King of Kings, so sublime,
Born for us on Christmas Day,
Master of all that you’ll survey.

Baby dear, baby fine,
Lord of Lords, so divine,
Your birth we celebrate, and share
Our lives with you, as we say your prayer.

Baby loved, baby shine,
God, Creator, we are thine,
Be our Father, dwell within
Our souls, and let our praise begin.

– Ernestine Northover

36.) Baby

Rosy dimpled cheeks and chin
Has our baby.
How it loves our smiles to win,
Pretty baby.
Laughs loud when our pet bird sings,
Does our baby,
And clasps its hands, chubby things,
Sweetest baby.
Tries to walk across the why,
Clever baby.
Kisses its hands, when we say,
“Good bye, baby.”

– Eloise A. Skimings

37.) Cradle Hymn

Sweet baby, sleep! what ails my dear?
What ails my darling thus to cry?
Be still, my child, and lend thine ear
To hear me sing thy lullaby:
My pretty lamb, forbear to weep.
Be still, my dear; sweet baby, sleep.

Thou blessed soul, what canst thou fear?
What thing to thee can mischief do?
Thy God is now thy Father dear.
His holy Church thy mother too;
Sweet baby, then forbear to weep.
Be still, my babe; sweet baby, sleep.

Whilst thus thy lullaby I sing,
For thee great blessings ripening be;
Thine eldest Brother is a King,
And hath a kingdom bought for thee;
Sweet baby, then for ear to weep.
Be still, my babe; sweet baby, sleep.

Sweet baby, sleep, and nothing fear,
For whosoever thee offends
By thy Protector threatened are,
And God and angels are thy friends;
Sweet baby, then forbear to weep.
Be still, my babe; sweet baby, sleep.

– George Withers

38.) Better Not Ask Me

(Hey the truth might hurt so I’m tellin’ you now that you better not ask me)
Hey you better not ask me where I been all night
Why my eyes are shinin’ and my spirit is flyin’
You better not ask if I been doin’ right or I just might tell you
And you better not ask me bout the girls I used to know
And days I used to run around before I ever met you
You better not ask how they compare to you or I just might tell you
And you better not ask me if I’m satisfied
With the way you’ve been givin’ me what you call lovin’
Better not ask me bout the times I cried or I just might tell you
So keep on doin’ what you’re doin’ and if you should see me straight
Well don’t you ask baby just let it pass baby
And maybe it’ll go away but I don’t doubt it
You better not ask me if I’m gonna stick around
Or pack up all my bags and find another pretty city
You better not ask me who it is I found or I just might tell you

– Shel Silverstein

39.) Little Bed

Here I lie safe in my little bed
My small hands tucked under my head
I sleep so content in my growing love
Knowing that my parents are standing above
watching out for me so that I can grow
They love me so much, this I surely know
When I open my eyes, first thing I’ll see
will be my Mom and Dad standing over me
From them I’ll learn what is right and wrong
And then I will grow so big and be so strong
Then, when I’m bigger I will be so good
just like my parents knew I always would

– Ben Mitchell

40.) Precious Baby

A new family member has arrived,
Your darling, precious baby.
Your lives are filled with amazing love,
And sleep has become a “maybe!”

Congratulations! Now enjoy
Your dear and special treasure;
Your lives are better, now transformed
With childhood’s awesome pleasure.

– Joanna Fuchs

41.) Good Night

Little baby, lay your head
On your pretty cradle-bed;
Shut your eye-peeps, now the day
And the light are gone away;
All the clothes are tucked in tight;
Little baby dear, good night.

Yes, my darling, well I know
How the bitter wind doth blow;
And the winter’s snow and rain
Patter on the window-pane:
But they cannot come in here,
To my little baby dear.

For the window shutteth fast,
Till the stormy night is past;
And the curtains warm are spread
Round about her cradle-bed:
So till morning shineth bright
Little baby dear, good night!

– Ann and Jane Taylor

42.) Someone Ate The Baby

Someone ate the baby it’s rather sad to say
Someone ate the baby so she won’t be out to play
We’ll never hear her whiney cry or have to feel if she is dry
We’ll never hear her asking why why why someone ate the baby
Someone ate the baby it’s absolutely clear
Someone ate the baby cause the baby isn’t here
We’ll give away her toys and clothes we’ll never have to wipe her nose
Dad says that’s the way it goes someone ate the baby
Someone ate the baby what a frightful thing to eat
Someone ate the baby though she wasn’t very sweet
It was a heartless thing to do the policemen haven’t got a clue
I simply can’t imagine who would go and (burp) eat the baby

– Shel Silverstein

43.) Tidings

A baby is coming!
Coming to me!
A man-child, or maid-child,
O which shall it be?
For which does my heart cry
In its lone, childless needs,
For strength, or for tenderness,
Which supersedes?

I know not, I list not!
Coming to me,
A man-child, a maid-child,
God’s will, it shall be.
‘Twas He heard my deep cry
For this sweet, precious boon,
Bring strength, or bring tenderness,
Joy cometh soon.

A baby is coming!
Coming to me!
A man-child, or maid-child,
Whiche’er thou mayst be,
Maternity’s rich love
Is waiting for thee.
Then come, O heart beautiful!

– J. B. Smith

Poems About Baby Girls

44.) Daddy’s Little Angel

When you were born, you filled my heart with pride,
And I was overcome by the joy I felt inside.

As I held you in my arms that very first day,
I knew I would never let any harm come your way.

With your tiny little hands and tiny little feet,
Every time I look at you, my heart skips a beat.

As I watch you sleep in the middle of the night,
I hope and pray I will do everything right.

I know I may make some mistakes along the way,
But I promise to do my best not to every single day.

I often wonder what you will grow up to be,
But whatever you become will be fine with me.

So whatever you may decide to do in your life,
Maybe an astronaut, a lawyer, or even a doctor’s wife,

I can say this without any doubt at all,
I will always be there to catch you if you fall.

And another promise I make to you from me,
Daddy’s little angel, you will always be.

– Jason A. Hodges

45.) Born Yesterday

Tightly-folded bud,
I have wished you something
None of the others would:
Not the usual stuff
About being beautiful,
Or running off a spring
Of innocence and love—
They will all wish you that,
And should it prove possible,
Well, you’re a lucky girl.

But if it shouldn’t, then
May you be ordinary;
Have, like other women,
An average of talents:
Not ugly, not good-looking,
Nothing uncustomary
To pull you off your balance,
That, unworkable itself,
Stops all the rest from working.
In fact, may you be dull—
If that is what a skilled,
Vigilant, flexible,
Unemphasised, enthralled
Catching of happiness is called.

– Philip Larkin

46.) God Bless You, Little One

A baby is a gift, a blessing that makes our lives worthwhile,
As they complete us, give us purpose and always manage to make us smile.

Their cuddles, snuggles, and soft kisses can brighten up any day.
And it’s amazing that even just watching them sleep can make all our problems simply fade away.

When they gently clasp your finger or you gaze down at their cute little feet,
We are reminded every day just how precious they are, so perfect and oh so sweet.

We have come together with our family and friends on this absolutely perfect day
To ask God if he could look after this princess as she goes on her way.

We pray that He will keep her healthy and safe and always be her guide,
And that he will be there for her when she needs him to be right by her side.

As we watch her grow and learn, I hope she always learns right from wrong.
May she be little warrior, brave and fearless, but at the same time, kind, gentle yet strong.

May she never stop following her dreams and reach for the highest stars in the sky.
Help her believe and achieve and let her spirits always fly high.

We hope that she will be respectful, humble, honest and true.
A life filled with pure happiness is what we all wish for you.

May she always be surrounded by laughter and her heart always filled with love.
And from this moment, we pray that she will be forever faithful to the Lord above.

God bless you, little angel; may you never stop wearing a golden halo,
And my wish for you is that your life will always be like a rainbow.

Perfect in every single way and just so beautiful to see,
A life that will be intriguing and as colorful as can be.

God bless you, little one.

– Ilona M. Blake

47.) I Never Knew

I never knew I could love so much,
until the day I felt your touch.

I softly kissed your tiny cheek,
and from under your lashes I saw you peek.

Your beautiful eyes so small and blue,
my sweet little baby just brand new.

I cannot wait to watch you grow,
from your little head to your tiny toes.

My daughter, my love, my little joy,
my little angel, my baby doll toy.

I promise to love you with all my heart.
I’m here for you from the very start.

I’ll comfort you when you cry,
I’ll answer true when you ask me, “Why?”

While you grow, be sweet and kind,
and show all others how much you shine.

– Martha L. Sheridan

48.) Raising A Baby

Raising a baby will be hard and tough.
You’ll love her and care for her, but it won’t seem enough.
She’ll scream and she’ll shout and most likely pout,
But pushing through is what family’s all about.

She will test your patience and your husband’s too.
He will have his days and so will you.
You might even wonder if there is a way to get out,
But pushing through is what family’s all about.

God sent you a beautiful angel from above,
And his every intention was to show you true love.
A mother and a child will have the greatest bond.
With her beautiful round eyes and cute little smile you will grow so very fond.
You will love her more than anything, I have no doubt.
Love is what family is all about.

– Luke O. Meyers

49.) Her Impact On Me

Her eyes like diamonds,
Reflecting and refracting the light of her heart,
Filling my world with the luminescence of a love I have never seen before.

I have felt darkness so thick it chokes.
The darkness hasn’t a chance when she enters my world.

I have seen horrid sights that cloud a once clear mind.
My memories fade with her smile.

The silence, once so quite my eardrums ached,
Has been soothed with her laughter and childlike words.

I see the miracle of a growing, learning child,
In the landscape of my life I once thought of a baron.

Do I do what’s right for her?
Do I love her as much as she deserves?

I did not know how to truly love before she became a part of my being.
I do and will forever love her with the deepest, truest love this tattered heart can muster.

I am now part of the lucky.
I am now part of the blessed.

– Paul Gould Jr.

50.) My Little Girl

Ten tiny fingers,
Ten tiny toes,
Two little eyes,
And one little nose.

A beautiful smile
Curly blonde hair
A perfect angel
Just standing there

A blank slate
For me to mold
A little girl
For me to hold

She watches my every move
Sure not to miss a beat
I can’t believe I am a mom
It’s different, but neat

My hero, my savior
My own little me
The love of my life
It’s hard to believe

An unbreakable bond
Between her and I
No limit to love
When it reaches the sky

– Meghann E. Mastri

51.) Angel

Such a pretty stranger,
Precious like an angel.
Tiny fingers of gold,
Looks like her mommy’s mold.
With a small button nose,
Her daddy’s little toes.
She has platinum blonde hair,
So bright you can’t stare.
Skin silky as a dream,
Carrying the color cream.
Her lips show a little quiver,
As her body holds a shiver.
Wrap her up and keep her close,
A mother is the path you chose.
Beautiful child deep in sleep,
I don’t want to hear you weep.
My little princess you’re a stranger,
God’s most precious dearest angel.

– Jennifer L. Vasko

52.) My Little Angel Baby

My pretty little angel with eyes of blue,
It’s hard to believe I wasn’t going to keep you.
I had a family able to provide so much more,
But God intervened and closed that door.
Your eyes are filled with such happiness and glee,
I wonder sometimes what you would have done without me.
More often though, what goes through my head,
What would I do if I had given you up instead?
God stepped in one cold dark night,
And finally touched me and made my life right.
Through someone else, a stranger in a sense,
Through the words she spoke, becoming more a friend.
She made me see that I really could do it,
Was already raising two, how much more was there to it?
I had never even given a thought to keeping you,
I wasn’t really sure what I should do.
I thought that I’d fail you, not be a good mom,
Give less than what you really needed to live on.
That first year, you taught me how strong I could be,
And like nobody else, you loved me for me.
The night you were born, I looked into your eyes,
My eyes filled with tears and I was surprised!
Surprised that I had ever given a thought
To give you up- I am so glad I did not.
You fill my days with smiles and tears,
Tears of joy and happiness for all our shared years.
Your freckles are like mine, and so is your face,
I would never have kept you if not for God’s grace.
So I thank Jesus for you daily, my little angel babe,
And treasure you always, this gift that He gave.
I hope you grow up to be stronger than I,
Keep your faith in Jesus and you will not go awry.

– Theresia A. Gray

53.) Heavens Have Blessed Me

I have a baby girl
who is my shining light.
She is my morning star
that makes my world so bright!

When she sees me
She greets me with a hug.
She curls up so tiny,
like a little bug!

She’s full of smiles and laughs and giggles galore.
It breaks your heart when she cries
because she tripped and hit the floor.

She has a smile that can light up a room.
It’s as big as a bright full moon

She has tiny ringlets
of golden curls.
Her skin shimmers
like freshwater pearls.

She is my life, my love,
my heart, my soul.
When we are together
we are complete as one whole!

– Andrea Grey

54.) Morning After

I was so sick last night I
Didn’t hardly know my mind.
So sick last night I
Didn’t know my mind.
I drunk some bad licker that
Almost made me blind.

Had a dream last night I
Thought I was in hell.
I drempt last night I
Thought I was in hell.
Woke up and looked around me—
Babe, your mouth was open like a well.

I said, Baby! Baby!
Please don’t snore so loud.
Baby! Please!
Please don’t snore so loud.
You jest a little bit o’ woman but you
Sound like a great big crowd.

– Langston Hughes

55.) Mommy’s Sleepy Boo

So tired you are,
Eyes and nose red.
Tears gloss your eyes,
Time to lay down your head.

Here now take teddy,
Hold him tight.
Close those eyes,
So all will be out of sight.

Dream wonderful dreams,
Of princesses and ponies.
May they bring you happy thoughts,
And help you sleep till morning.

And when you awake,
May happiness come over you.
Mommy will be waiting,
To hug and kiss you, Good morning.

– Julie Hebert

56.) Baby’s Likeness

Mother says she looks like Father!
Father says she’s just like me!
Grandma thinks her quite like Mother;
But with them I don’t agree!

For I think she’s like my Brother!
Brother says ’tis Uncle Joe
Whom our Baby so resembles,
But Aunt Till declares, ”Oh, no!”

‘Cause my Uncle’s eyes are hazel.
While our Baby’s eyes are blue;
Uncle has no pretty dimples,
Like our little Baby’s two!

Father’s Sister says the Darling
Is the image of herself!
And Nurse Mary says, “My Baby
Looks just like a Fairy Elf!”

Now Miss Jones, my music-teacher.
Thinks she’s like my Cousin Wynn,
While our next-door neighbor fancies
She’s more like the other twin!

So I’ve come to this conclusion.
That there’s not a single one
Whom our Baby truly looks like, –
No one’s daughter, – no one’s son! –
All the members of our family
Have brown hair, – both small and big;
Grandma says our Babe inherits
Red hair from Great Grandpa’s wig!

– Althea Randolph

57.) My Little Girl So Small So Sweet

Small and Sweet.
My Little Girl so small and sweet,
Those tiny hands and tiny feet.
Everyday I watch you grow,
You teach me everything I know.
Such a joy to be around,
Every smile and every sound.
Number one you will stay,
Each and every single day.
You changed my life in such good ways,
‘Thank You’ is all that I can say.
I love to watch you sleep at night,
Cuddled warm and wrapped up tight.
As I blink the time it flies,
It breaks my heart to see you cry.
I gave you life, so proud to say,
I’ll love you more with every day.
My little Girl so small and sweet,
For you my heart, It beats and beats.

– Shauna Scott

58.) Ribbons, Bows & Frilly Lace

Ribbons, bows, and frilly lace
We’re all waiting to see your pretty face.
From the first time she cries
To the first time she laughs
Both will be as big as giraffes.
A special love for you, hugs and a kiss
I’m sure will bring nothing but pure bliss.
A special girl so sweet and true
She is bound to turn out just like you.

– Dawn

Poems About Baby Boys

59.) Walking With Russell

Whatever the difference is, it all began
the day we woke up face-to-face like lovers
and his four-day-old smile dawned on him again,
possessed him, till it would not fall or waver;
and I pitched back not my old hard-pressed grin
but his own smile, or one I’d rediscovered.
Dear son, I was mezzo del cammin
and the true path was as lost to me as ever
when you cut in front and lit it as you ran.
See how the true gift never leaves the giver:
returned and redelivered, it rolled on
until the smile poured through us like a river.
How fine, I thought, this waking amongst men!
I kissed your mouth and pledged myself forever.

– Don Paterson

60.) Baby’s Way

If baby only wanted to, he could fly up to heaven this moment.
It is not for nothing that he does not leave us.
He loves to rest his head on mother’s bosom, and cannot ever
bear to lose sight of her.
Baby know all manner of wise words, though few on earth can
understand their meaning.
It is not for nothing that he never wants to speak.
The one thing he wants is to learn mother’s words from
mother’s lips. That is why he looks so innocent.
Baby had a heap of gold and pearls, yet he came like a beggar
on to this earth.
It is not for nothing he came in such a disguise.
This dear little naked mendicant pretends to be utterly
helpless, so that he may beg for mother’s wealth of love.
Baby was so free from every tie in the land of the tiny
crescent moon.
It was not for nothing he gave up his freedom.
He knows that there is room for endless joy in mother’s little
corner of a heart, and it is sweeter far than liberty to be caught
and pressed in her dear arms.
Baby never knew how to cry. He dwelt in the land of perfect
It is not for nothing he has chosen to shed tears.
Though with the smile of his dear face he draws mother’s
yearning heart to him, yet his little cries over tiny troubles
weave the double bond of pity and love.

– Rabindranath Tagore

61.) Thank You God

Sent straight from heaven up above
Came an angel for me to love
To hold and rock and kiss good night
To wrap my arms around real tight

To cuddle and nurture and watch him play
To kiss his boo-boo’s all away
To keep him safe and warm and count all his toes
To hold the tissue for him when he blows his little nose

To laugh at his jokes, to clap as he sings
To tell him all the joy in my life that he brings
To clean up his play dough, to pull his legos apart
To pin up his drawings and tell him it’s art

To watch his first day of school on the bus all alone
To fight back the tears as I make my way back home
To applaud real loud when he’s in his first play
To help him with his homework at the end of his day

To adore and cherish and watch him grow
To guide and teach him all that I know
To see him through good times and help him through bad
To share in his happiness and cry when he’s sad

To hold him close and be by his side
To watch him through life as my heart fills with pride
To help him with decisions, the best that I can
To know that someday he’ll be a fine young man

– Shirley J. Stankiewicz

62.) Some Things Don’t Make Any Sense At All

My mom says I’m her sugarplum.
My mom says I’m her lamb.
My mom says I’m completely perfect
Just the way I am.
My mom says I’m a super-special wonderful terrific little guy.
My mom just had another baby.

– Judith Viorst

63.) To My Unborn Child

To my unborn child,
what I wish to give you in times to come,
happiness, and wisdom,
a life filled with fun,
to explore all adventures of your curious mind,
to become knowledgeable of what you’ll find,
as I await your arrival and the presence of newborn cries,
I picture how you’ll look when I open up my eyes.
I feel your movements every time I wake each day,
letting mommy know that you’re okay,
obstacles I hope you’ll overcome,
education I know you’ll get done,
I stay up late reading to you,
talking to my stomach,
a feeling I never knew,
hungry all the time
‘No doubt you’re a son of mine’,
You make me feel happy even when I’m sad,
because the formation of another life makes me glad.
Proud of you I am,
I already know how you’ll be,
a smart ‘lil’ man for mommy to see,
no worries from me a mom to be,
to a special baby boy I can’t wait to see.

– Rhonda O. Jones

64.) Sweetest Little Moments

If I could go back to a time for a while,
It would be to the moment I first saw you smile,
To the time when you tottered that first wobbly walk,
To the moment your babble turned into talk.
I would lie down and hold you after your bath,
I would tickle your toes and cherish your laugh.
The look in your eyes when you suddenly knew
The face in the mirror was sweet little you,
That giggle you gave with a look of alarm,
As you realized your hand was attached to your arm.
The times when you cried as you’d woken at night.
I held you and rocked you, then tucked you in tight,
The moments you showed you were caring and kind,
So proud and so strong your beautiful mind.
These moments were riches beyond all else.
You won over my soul, my all, my self.
You grow each day, and I watch with such joy,
My wonderful, kind, and sweet little boy.

– Lucinda C. Bennett

65.) Little Brown Baby

Little brown baby wif spa’klin’ eyes,
Come to yo’ pappy an’ set on his knee.
What you been doin’, suh – makin’ san’ pies?
Look at dat bib – you’s es du’ty ez me.
Look at dat mouf – dat’s merlasses, I bet;
Come hyeah, Maria, an’ wipe off his han’s.
Bees gwine to ketch you an’ eat you up yit,
Bein’ so sticky an sweet – goodness lan’s!
Little brown baby wif spa’klin’ eyes,
Who’s pappy’s darlin’ an’ who’s pappy’s chile?
Who is it all de day nevah once tries
Fu’ to be cross, er once loses dat smile?
Whah did you git dem teef? My, you’s a scamp!
Whah did dat dimple come f’om in yo’ chin?
Pappy do’ know you – I b’lieves you’s a tramp;
Mammy, dis hyeah’s some ol’ straggler got in!

Let’s th’ow him outen de do’ in de san’,
We do’ want stragglers a-layin’ ‘roun’ hyeah;
Let’s gin him ‘way to de big buggah-man;
I know he’s hidin’ erroun’ hyeah right neah.
Buggah-man, buggah-man, come in de do’,
Hyeah’s a bad boy you kin have fu’ to eat.
Mammy an’ pappy do’ want him no mo’,
Swaller him down f’om his haid to his feet!

Dah, now, I t’ought dat you’d hug me up close.
Go back, ol’ buggah, you sha’n’t have dis boy.
He ain’t no tramp, ner no straggler, of co’se;
He’s pappy’s pa’dner an’ play-mate an’ joy.
Come to you’ pallet now – go to yo’ res’;
Wisht you could allus know ease an’ cleah skies;
Wisht you could stay jes’ a chile on my breas’-
Little brown baby wif spa’klin’ eyes!

– Paul Laurence Dunbar

66.) Pure Love

He looks. She smiles.
Love at first sight.
Trust, excitement, hope for the future.
This is the beginning.

He cries. She cries.
Frustration, sadness, overwhelmed thoughts.
Will this ever end?

He sleeps. She watches.
What peace.
Joy, love, angelic looks.
This gets her through.

He needs. She comforts.
Love, selflessness, embrace.
This is what she’s made for.

He smiles. She laughs.
Renewing love.
Trust, excitement, hope for the future.
This is forever.

– Rebecca Nauceder

67.) Booh!

On afternoons, when baby boy has had a splendid nap,
And sits, like any monarch on his throne, in nurse’s lap,
In some such wise my handkerchief I hold before my face,
And cautiously and quietly I move about the place;
Then, with a cry, I suddenly expose my face to view,
And you should hear him laugh and crow when I say ‘Booh’!

Sometimes the rascal tries to make believe that he is scared,
And really, when I first began, he stared, and stared, and stared;
And then his under lip came out and farther out it came,
Till mamma and the nurse agreed it was a ‘cruel shame’ –
But now what does that same wee, toddling, lisping baby do
But laugh and kick his little heels when I say ‘Booh! ‘

He laughs and kicks his little heels in rapturous glee, and then
In shrill, despotic treble bids me ‘do it all aden! ‘
And I – of course I do it; for, as his progenitor,
It is such pretty, pleasant play as this that I am for!
And it is, oh, such fun I and sure that we shall rue
The time when we are both too old to play the game ‘Booh! ‘

– Eugene Field

68.) Mother’s Promise

I promise to always love you in whoever you decide to be
I promise to be there for you, whenever you need me
I promise to not pass judgment without first hearing you out
I promise to be in your life from day one and to learn what you’re about
I promise to keep you healthy and to help you grow nice and strong
I promise to teach you to be a good person and know what is right and wrong
I promise to protect you and to always know you are okay
I promise to always remember that being your mom is a gift, every single day
These words, my angel, are my promise to you
And during tough times I will read them through
To be reassured that what I am doing is right
And never giving up without a fight
You are now and will forever be,
My sweetest little boy.. My baby

– Nicole Seymour

69.) For A Very Little Boy

Your eyes are sea-blue, and they hold
New visions they will not unfold.

You laugh and cry and sleep and play
And eat and croon each lazy day.

Your hours are dreams and happiness,
And life, your mother’s warm caress.

You know not ’neath the singing skies
Are hurt tears and shame and lies.

You think ’tis Heaven you are in.
You know not trouble, care, nor sin.

Oh, Baby, may you never know
The sordid things, the mean, the low.

But should they come, the things we dread,
Then — God’s own blessing on your head.

– Edmund Leamy

70.) My Baby Boy

Hey baby boy
You bring me joy
Every time I look at you
All the little things you do
I’m so glad God gave me you
I wake every morning just to look in your eyes
Every single morning I get a different surprise
I pray everyday that God blesses us both
But I pray even more that God blesses you most.

– Tonya Y. Hiers

71.) My Little Man

My little boy is growing
Getting bigger every day
I fear it won’t be long enough
Before I have to say
Goodbye my little man
How much you have grown
I still remember
When I brought you home
You looked so perfect
In your little blue hat
And now you’re leaving
And not looking back
It’s time for you
To follow your fate
As I’m watching you walk
Out the front gate
Tears come from my eye
As you wave goodbye
Don’t matter when
Don’t matter why
When you leave
Is the day I will die
No time soon
Will this come to be
But when it does
Please don’t forget me.

– Brittany

72.) Mommy Cries

The waters will still ebb and flow,
The moon still pulls the tide.
But nothing could be more naturally so,
Than the tears from a mother’s eyes.
It starts the day your child is born when he’s first laid upon your breast,
In spite of pain from muscles worn,
Heartstrings tug at your chest.
Tear drops fall from sleepy eyes and trickle down your cheeks,
You listen as your child first cries for your breast which he seeks.
Time has passed the pain is gone; a bonding has taken place,
You look at your little one; the tears still on your face.
Just once more you look at him before you lay him down to sleep,
You reach out for a kiss on a whim; knowing your heart is his to keep.

– Ashley R. Smiley

73.) Daddy’s Little Waterbug

A violet bathing suit
Stretched over a baby’s round body
Rolls of fat spilling over the baby’s tiny arms.
Cheeks as pump as little butterballs
An infant giggle:
Yet to be corrupted by the world,
Yet to experience loss or heartbreak.
Only concerned with one thing:
The crisp, cool water
in a plastic blue swimming pool
Just deep enough to cover her ankles.
Looking up at Daddy
whose strong , sculpted arms hold her steady
Whose handsome eyes
remain constant over the years
Given as a gift, later to become her eyes,
But not quite yet.
For now, all that matters
Is the hot breeze.
And the tiny open palm that splashes water.
Hearing the sound of Daddy’s deep voice
A low grumble of words only distinguishable to baby,
The smell of humidity and stuffy afternoon,
Spending time with Daddy.

– Whitney D. Bair


As precious and adorable babies are, they’re also very fragile and demanding. First-time parents will likely see their lives change significantly, which can be a little nerve-racking. At this time, it’s essential that the older and more experienced members of the family be there for them.

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