How is The Net Worth of Yung Miami $2m?

What is Yung Miami’s net worth? 

Net Worth$2 Million
Source of WealthRapping
Date of BirthFebruary 11, 1994
Height5’3” / 160 cm
Place of BirthMiami, Florida
Star SignAquarius
PartnerSean Combs

The Usual Intro

Yung Miami is an American rapper who originates from the crime-ridden streets of Opa-Locka, Miami. She and her childhood friend, JT, formed the rap duo “City Girls” in 2017 and took off in popularity within a year through their clever use of social media and a timely feature from the rapper Drake. 

Before the Spotlight

Caresha Romeka Brownlee was born on February 11, 1994, in Miami, Florida, to a sixteen-year-old Keenya Young. The identity of her father remains undisclosed. She grew up with a brother and sister in a neighborhood where conditions were dire and crime was rampant. Her mother also suffered from drug abuse.

Miami’s grandmother is the famous rapper Trina. She was her first inspiration to start rapping. She completed her primary education at a local school and then enrolled at Carol City Middle School for higher studies. It was as a student that she met her future duo partner, JT, via some mutual friends.

Miami dropped out of school to pursue a career in music. According to her, it was JT who reached out to her and put forward the idea of forming a hip-hop duo. 

The Journey to Success

Miami and JT made their debut in 2017 as “City Girls” with the song “Fuck Dat Nigga.” The song did not take off initially. Since Miami was already well-versed with Instagram, she resorted to using “scammy” tactics on social media to promote her group. 

City Girls was very much a local group at this time, performing in bars and nightclubs, slowly but steadily building up an audience. The young rapper’s social media efforts soon began to pay off as their debut track saw an increase in viewership. It also made its way into the “Control the Streets: Volume 1” compilation album by Quality Control.

In 2018, the duo’s debut mixtape saw an overwhelmingly positive response. However, in July, JT found herself staring at a two-year sentence for fraud-related charges. Miami took it upon herself to promote the duo while JT remained incarcerated.

The duo’s biggest rise in popularity came when industry-famous rapper Drake featured them in his track “In My Feelings.” Miami capitalized on the opportunity by quickly releasing City Girl’s debut studio album, “Girl Code.” The album featured Cardi B, Lil Baby, and Jacquees, making waves in the industry and grabbing high chart ratings instantly.

After JT was released from prison, the duo released their second album, “City on Lock,” in 2020. Once again, celebrity artists such as Doja Cat, Lil Baby, and Lil Durk made appearances. The duo went viral on TikTok in 2021 owing to their song “Twerkulator.” That same year, Miami made her debut as a solo artist with the single “Rap Freaks.” 

The Best Moments

  • Debuted in 2017 as a part of City Girls
  • Was featured in the official music video for Drake’s “In My Feelings”
  • Collaborated with artists such as Cardi B, Lil Baby, Doja Cat, Gucci Mane, and Usher
  • Made her solo debut in 2021 with the single “Rap Freaks”

The Private Side

Yung Miami dated rapper Jai Wiggins for some time and had a son with him in 2013. Miami is a survivor of domestic violence. Wiggins is reported to have assaulted her severely multiple times. They finally broke things off in 2018. Wiggins succumbed to his wounds from a drive-by shooting in 2020.

Miami briefly dated producer Southside in 2019. She has one daughter with him. They also separated in 2020. 

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Famous Quotes of Yung Miami

Some of Yung Miami’s most famous quotes and sayings:

  • “My mom always told me ‘Don’t talk to a man who can’t do nothing for you. If you talkin’ to a man, make him do something for you.’ I don’t wanna talk to a broke boy. Period.”
  • “For all the haters who thought JT being away was going to slow us down, y’all was wrong.”
  • “We be like, ‘We scammed our way into the music industry.’ We’re the biggest scammers of all time.”

Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Here are some success lessons from the young rapper’s inspirational story of success:

  1. Develop and maintain friendships. Miami’s amiable and outgoing nature has allowed her to foster beneficial relationships.
  2. Collaborate for mutual benefit. A large part of City Girl’s success can be owed to the numerous features and collaborations they were a part of.
  3. Use the internet to your advantage. Miami cleverly used social media to promote her debut track. Had she not done so, the duo might never have taken off.
  4. Don’t let your past define you. Miami strives to be better than her past self. We’ve seen her grow and improve as both an artist and a person. 

The Unusual Stuff

Here are some fun facts about Yung Miami:

  • She was the victim of a drive-by shooting in 2019 but managed to come out unscathed.
  • Her mother was sentenced to 5 years behind bars for attempted murders. She was released in 2021.
  • She received public backlash in 2018 after some homophobic comments from her past surfaced online.
  • She owns a Mercedes-Benz G-Class. 

Answering Frequent Questions

Where is Yung Miami now?

Yung Miami resides in Miami, Florida. 

How does Miami make money?

Her sources of revenue include record sales, music royalties, tours and concerts, fashion and merch, and some other business ventures. 

Are Yung Miami and P. Diddy dating?

Diddy recently disclosed that the two are dating. 

The Closing Remarks

Yung Miami is a black female artist who formed the City Girls duo with her friend JT in 2017. She has seen great success in her career as a member of City Girls and, more recently, as a solo artist. The young artist is in the prime of her career, and we can expect much more to come from her in the near future.

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