How is The Net Worth of Yung Bleu $500,000?

What is Yung Bleu’s net worth? 

Net Worth$500,000
Source of WealthRapping, Singing
Date of BirthApril 5, 1994
Height1.83 m (6’0”)
Place of BirthMobile. Alabama, USA
Star SignAries
PartnerTiemeria (m. 2022)

The Usual Intro

Jeremy Biddle, popularly known as Yung Bleu, is an American rapper who quickly rose to fame following his debut mixtape “Hello World.” Biddle gained substantial recognition from one of his earlier tracks, “Miss It.” His fame primarily came from YouTube, receiving millions of views and a huge fan following.

Biddle has successfully promoted his music through social media and remains active on most platforms. He is currently one of the well-known names in the hip-hop community. Other prominent artists have acknowledged his talents on multiple occasions.

Before the Spotlight

Jeremy Biddle was born on April 5, 1994, in Mobile, Alabama, USA. He was raised in a Christian family along with his ten siblings. The neighborhood was rough and filled with gang activity. At 17, he lost his little brother to gang violence. He attended a local high school and college until graduation.

Biddle got interested in music at the age of 11. He began listening to music and recording snippets of himself. Artists like Tupac, Lauryn Hill, and Boosie Badazz inspired him. Watching his older brother hang out with rappers further accelerated his interest in rapping.

The Journey to Success

Biddle officially began releasing music in 2013 and rapidly rose to prominence in the South. His debut mixtape was “Hello World.” Boosie Badazz noticed the rapper and signed him to his Columbia Records-affiliated record label, Bad Azz Music Syndicate. Unfortunately, his next few projects were not as well-received as the last ones.

Biddle returned in 2017 with the hit tracks “Miss It” and “Ice On My Baby” from his mixtape “Investments 4.” Famous rappers like NBA Youngboy, Kevin Gates, and Kid Ink collaborated with him on tracks and remixes. In 2020, he released his last projects with Columbia records. He landed a deal with Empire Distribution and a management position with Meek Mill’s label, Dream Chaser Records. 

One of his most successful singles was “You’re Mines Still,” which was remixed by Drake and peaked at No. 18 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Since 2021, Biddle has been a renowned artist who has collaborated with names like Drake, Gunna, 2 Chainz, Chris Brown, and many others. His debut studio album “Moon Boy” features some of the biggest names in the hip-hop industry.

The Best Moments

  • Debut mixtape “Hello World” (2013)
  • Signed with Columbia Records under Bad Azz Music Syndicate (2013)
  • Signed deals with Empire Distribution and Dream Chaser Records (2017)
  • Breakthrough song “You’re Mines Still” (2020)
  • Debut studio album “Moon Boy” (2021)
  • Won Best New Hip-Hop Artist award at iHeartRadio Music Awards (2022)

The Private Side

In 2022, Biddle married Tiemeria, with whom he is expecting their third child, reportedly a daughter. The couple has been dating for a long time and got married privately. Biddle chooses to keep his private life confidential. It is known that his mother is a homemaker and his father is a businessman.

Biddle lives an extravagant lifestyle in his $2.3 million mansion in Georgia. He owns several precious jewelry items, some notable ones being his watch and his necklace that says “BLEU VANDROSS.” He has a close connection to his origin story, which led him to buy a soul food restaurant in his hometown, Gwen’s House.

Yung Bleu’s Related YouTube Video

Famous Quotes of Yung Bleu

Here are some words from Yung Bleu about his music and career:

1.) “I used to record the beats off somewhere else to the tape, then play it from the tape recorder and record on the phone.”

2.) “I just wanna be remembered. I wanna make an impact to where, 10 years from now, you still listen to my music.”

3.) “I still kind of wanna prove myself and show people I know what I’m doing for me. By the time I do sign, people will trust me.” 

Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Here are some success lessons from the inspirational story of Yung Bleu:

Hard work.

Biddle’s rise to fame was no coincidence. He worked numerous jobs tirelessly to buy equipment for his music. He never gave up, even when the response to his music was slow. A strong work ethic is essential for success.


Biddle was firm about what he wanted in his career as an artist. His ideals for the type of music and the publicity he wanted compelled him to leave Columbia Records to have total control over his work.


Biddle found his passion for music at a young age but grew up in harsh conditions. Instead of being influenced by the extensive gang activity around him, he remained determined in his craft. Focus should be the top priority.


When Biddle’s music received a meager commendation, he transitioned and adopted a different music style to cater to the standards of the music world today. Being able to change your ways is crucial.

The Unusual Stuff

Here are some less-known facts about Biddle:

  • Biddle’s nickname “Bleu Vandross” was inspired by R&B legend Luther Vandross.
  • As a kid, Biddle recorded music on his Nokia flip phone and a tape recorder.
  • One of Biddle’s earliest jobs was at a pipe mill while producing music.
  • NBA star DeMarcus Cousins enjoyed Biddle’s music and promised that he would get Drake to work with him.

Answering Frequent Questions

Are Yung Bleu and Luther Vandross related?

They are not related. Luther Vandross has always been an inspiration for Biddle, and he incorporated his name into his brand on social media as a tribute.

What kind of music does Yung Bleu make?

At first, Biddle focused on rapping and upbeat music. However, his style evolved into an R&B tone.

Did Boosie sue Yung Bleu?

Although Yung Bleu left the label on good terms, he is being sued along with Boosie for copyright infringement by one of his former producers.

The Closing Remarks

Biddle came from a small town and exceeded everyone’s expectations through his talent and resolve. He entered the hip-hop community at an early age and the jumpstart gave him the time to fully take advantage of how it operated. He continues to diligently produce more projects.

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