How is The Net Worth of YBN Nahmir $1m?

What is the YBN Nahmir’s Net Worth?

Net Worth$1 Million
Source of WealthRapper
Date of BirthDecember 18, 1999
Height5’6.5 / 1.69m
Place of BirthBirmingham, Alabama, United States
Star SignSagittarius
Marital StatusUnmarried

The Usual Intro

Nicholas Alexander Simmons, also known as YBN Nahmir, is an American rapper, songwriter, and actor.

He rose to internal stardom after collaborating with WorldStarHipHop and debuting songs like “Glizzy Hella Geekin,” and “I Got a Stick.” His single, “Rubbin Off the Paint,” established him as a lead rapper in hip hop and also entered him into the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Nahmir has teamed up with many other high-profile artists like 21 Savage, Lil Pump, etc., which also significantly aided him in earning mainstream success.

Before the Spotlight

YBN Nahmir was born on December 18, 1999, in Birmingham, Alabama. Little is known about his parents, but we know that his mother brought him up in Clay. He spent his childhood days living with his aunt and cousins. YBN went to Clay-Chalkville High School but dropped out before graduating.

Nahmir became interested in music at the age of 14 when he was gifted an Xbox 360 on Christmas. YBN Nahmir initially began his career as a YouTuber. He began playing and recording the video game Grand Theft Auto V, gaining him subscribers.

YBN also began hanging on Xbox Live parties and doing freestyle rapping, slowly capturing the public’s attention.

The Journey to Success

YBN Nahmir was only 15 when he embarked on his journey to stardom. He began by forming a five-member YBN (Young Blood Ni*gas) collective hip hop group in 2014. The group members included YBN Glizzy, YBN Almighty, YBN Walker, YBN Cordae, and YBN Manny. The group released the single “Hood Mentality” on YouTube, which did not perform well.

In 2017, Nahmir turned to SoundCloud as an alternative. He released “Believe In The Glo,” which cemented his formidable base. Nahmir’s career began to take off after releasing his second single on SoundCloud titled “Why.” It accumulated more than 50k streams on SoundCloud.

On September 18, 2017, YBN hit a spectacular milestone with the single, “Rubbin’ Off the Paint.” Released on WorldStarHipHop’s YouTube channel, the single spread like wildfire on the internet. It instantly climbed to No. 46 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart and amassed more than 200 million views on YouTube. 

The following year, Nahmir made another ground-breaking success with the single, “‘Bounce Out With That.” It received over 160 million views on YouTube and attained the No.1 spot on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles chart.

The Best Moments

  • Nahmir was featured in G-Eazy’s song, “1942.”
  • He was named a member of XXL’s “2018 Freshman Class.”
  • He debuted his album titled “VISIONLAND.”
  • Released the single “Opp Stoppa,” featuring 21 Savage.

The Private Side

YBN Nahmir has kept the details of his private life away from the public. He had been in a relationship with a social media influencer, Alicia “Sahit” Tyre. They broke up in 2021 due to personal conflicts, ending a two-year-long relationship. Nahmir currently lives in Los Angeles, California. No information is known about his marital status. He is currently believed to be single.

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Famous Quotes of YBN Nahmir

Nahmir is known for his powerful quotes. Let’s take a glance:

  • “Everyone was messaging me like, ‘Yo, ‘Rubbin Off the Paint’ goes hard.’ Everybody in school knew it. The teachers know my song.”
  • “​​What’s the point of blowing up if you can’t give back to the people who helped you blow up?”
  • “It’s like everybody try to sound the same exact way because they think it’s going to get them some fame, but nah. You’ve got to be different.”

Lessons for Entrepreneurs

YBN Nahmir stands as an exemplary figure for us. Here are some success lessons we can adopt from him:

  1. Hard Work. Did you know YBN Nahmir posted 50 tracks on SoundCloud before his breakthrough? One hallmark of YBN Nahmir was his constant struggle toward becoming a top rapper. His journey to success was obstructed multiple times. Remember how his single “Hood Mentality” proved to be a flop? YBN’s other singles were not received positively by the public either. He endured all the hardships until finally “Rubbin’ Off the Paint” bore the fruit of his hard work.
  2. Passion Lights Up Your Path. Did you know that Nahmir is one of the few rappers who learned to produce and sing all by himself? Nahmir was only 15 when he garnered an immense love for music. Starting out on Xbox, Nahmir advanced his skills in music by purchasing a Rock Band. He eventually transitioned from a music enthusiast to a renowned music producer.
  3. Team Up. As a new entrant in the music industry, Nahmir knew how competitive the music industry had gotten, and therefore, he needed to seek the help of outside forces to make his name stand out. He teamed up with many notable artists like 21 Savage, which not only gave him exposure to rapping but also grabbed him a considerable fan base.
  4. Believe in Your Potential. YNW Nahmir always believed in himself. He knew he had the potential to make headlines as an influential rapper. Even if that meant facing acute criticism from the public, Nahmir never lost faith. With dedication and strong faith, he swung the pendulum in the opposite direction.

The Unusual Stuff

We bet you didn’t know these facts about YBN Nahmir:

  • YBN Nahmir adopts the rapping style in his songs from E-40.
  • He had to drop out of school because of his rapidly expanding fan base.
  • Nahmir is an experienced baseball player and has been playing since his childhood.
  • Two of Nahmir’s singles have been certified gold by the RIAA.

Answering Frequent Questions

Is YBN Nahmir related to Tay k?

Tay K is Nahmir’s older brother, who became famous after his single, “The Race.” He is currently facing a 55-year-long jail sentence.

Are YBN Nahmir and YBN Cordae still friends?

Nahmir blames YBN Cordae & YBN Almighty Jay for the downfall of their collective hip hop group. He stated that he still stays in touch with the members, but they are no longer part of the music production.

What happened to YBN Nahmir?

On August 6, 2020, Nahmir announced on Twitter that the collective band had officially been dissolved. 

The Closing Remarks

YBN Nahmir is, arguably, one of hip-hop’s most influential rappers. Through digital platforms, he established a diverse set of influences which led to the formation of a style that appealed to the masses. He seamlessly combines rich and regional sounds in his songs, featuring an energetic flow. His constant dedication and persistence show that he will transcend to even higher levels of success in the near future.

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