How is The Net Worth of WhistlinDiesel $3.2m?

What is WhistlinDiesel’s net worth? 

Net Worth$3.2 Million
Source of WealthContent Creator
Date of BirthJuly 18,1998
Height1.80 m
Place of BirthIndiana, American
Star SignCancer
PartnerRachel (ex-wife)
Katie Miller (girlfriend)

The Usual Intro

WhistlinDiesel is a famous YouTuber who has garnered a large fan base through his life-threatening stunts. His primary source of income is his YouTube videos, where he buys new vehicles for the sole purpose of destroying them. He rose to fame because of his dangerous stunts involving big and expensive trucks, never failing to impress his audience with exciting automobile content. 

Before the Spotlight

Cody Detwiler, also known as WhistlinDiesel, was born on July 18, 1998, in Indiana, USA. He got inspiration for starting a YouTube channel from his family’s construction business. 

Whistlindiesel hasn’t shared much information about his family except that he owes his success to his supportive parents. The automobile enthusiast began his career early and rose to prominence with high-risk stunts that got him 3.3 million subscribers on YouTube.

The Journey to Success

WhistlinDiesel made his YouTube channel on January 7, 2015. His first upload came five days later. He showcased a compilation of the fields of Indiana titled “2014 Indiana Bow Season Highlights”. 

Due to his family’s background in the automotive business, Cody developed an interest in trucks and wanted to test their limits. He moved his content towards motor stunts on bikes, cars, and trucks. After his famous 2019 video, he started to focus more on stunts and anything wild. From fitting horse buggy wheels on a GMC truck to driving in the ocean, Diesel has experienced it all. 

Besides content creation, Cody also participates in his family businesses of construction, automobiles, and farming. 

In January, WhistlinDiesel stated that he survived a .50 caliber bullet to the head that ricocheted 4 feet away from him while he was shooting on steel plates. This news blew up on the internet, with many wishing him well and a speedy recovery.

WhistlinDiesel has a poor record with law enforcement agencies. In May 2022, he was charged with a year of jail time for misdemeanor and splashing the police with his jet ski. However, all charges against him were dropped in exchange for Diesel using his platform to promote the local boating safety course.

The Best Moments

  • Created his YouTube channel in 2015
  • His video “Fourwheeler on REAPER WHEELS literally Tills Dirt” went viral
  • “Catching the guy who stole 20 things from me” was viewed over 11 million times in just ten days
  • Promoted a boat safety course in exchange for criminal charges

The Private Side

Cody married his lifelong sweetheart Rachel at the age of 18. Rae is a social media influencer and an adult model. Her content is accessible on Onlyfans for $20 per month. Unfortunately, the couple could not last long, and they got separated in late 2021. 

Whistlindiesel recently announced Katie Miller as his new girlfriend through an Instagram post.


Famous Quotes of WhistlinDiesel

Here are some famous quotes from WhistlinDiesel:

  • “We’re just gonna see what [the Hilux is like] after a normal day on the farm, normal driving conditions, what a normal person would do…averagely…over the course of 25 years, in one day. No crazy tests, just averageness.”
  • “I never had the right truck to do this with. It had to be something that didn’t have much value, something with a short wheelbase, and something really practical.”
  • “At some point, the motor got turned upside down and ended up in the back seat and the front axle is perpendicular to the rear axle.”

Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Establishing a highly successful YouTube channel, WhistlinDiesel has taught us some valuable lessons through his videos:

  1. Turn your passion into a career. The fast-rising YouTuber’s career is a perfect example of how to cultivate your passion and work hard to achieve success. He turned his love for trucks into a multimillion dollar revenue stream.
  2. Be daring. Whistlindiesel faced his fears and mustered up the courage to chase his goals. He destroyed new and expensive vehicles without being worried about the consequences.
  3. Strive for uniqueness. YouTube contains thousands of unique automobile videos, but WhistlinDiesel took it up a notch by destroying vehicles to stand out. Despite how outrageous it sounds, this is what led to his success.

The Unusual Stuff

Here are some facts you might not know about WhistlinDiesel:

  • More than 400 of Cody’s YouTube videos have crossed 500 million views.
  • He also arranged an unauthorized truck rally in Fort Wayne and was later summoned by the Fort Wayne police.
  • During one of his risky stunts, WhistlinDiesel got shot by a bullet.
  • Whistlindiesel got into a feud with TheStradman when he mocked him for finding it funny to own purple vehicles.

Answering Frequent Questions

Why is WhistlinDiesel in jail?

WhistlinDiesel is facing jail time after he and his crew members made waves with a jet ski in a “no wake” zone.

Is WhistlinDiesel divorced?

WhistlinDiesel made his divorce from his first wife official after revealing Katie Miller as his new girlfriend. The announcement was made publicly via a post on Instagram.

How did a Ripsaw hit WhistlinDiesel?

In the mountains of Utah, Dave and Cleetus went on a cruise on the Ripsaw (a combat vehicle) when WhistlinDiesel recorded them on a snowmobile and got hit by the Ripsaw.

The Closing Remarks

The sensational stunt actor has earned a huge fan following throughout his career by performing dangerous feats with different cars. He owes his immense wealth to the massive number of followers and views on his YouTube videos. Where the majority of his audience applauds him for his bravery, some call him out for his reckless actions.

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