How is The Net Worth of Mike Majlak $1.5m?

What is Mike Majlak’s net worth?

Net Worth$1.5 Million
Source of WealthYouTube/Brand Deals/Book Sales/Sponsored Posts
Date of BirthJanuary 13th 1985 (Age 37)
Height1.88m (6 ‘2)
Place of BirthMilford, Connecticut, USA
Star SignCapricon
PartnerLana Rhoades (2020-2021)
Last UpdatedApril 2022

Mike Majlak is a 37-year-old YouTuber, Social Media Influencer, Author, and Podcaster from Los Angeles, California, best known as the co-host of the podcast ‘Impaulsive’ and his YouTube channel which has over 2.5 Million subscribers. Mike is also popularly associated as the former boyfriend of retired adult film actress Lana Rhoades. 

Before the Spotlight

Michael Majlak was born on January 13th, 1985, in Milford, Connecticut, where he was raised and attended high school. He also went to Fordham University but dropped out later. Mike was introduced to cocaine, painkillers, and heroine during his teens and battled with severe drug addiction for nearly a decade.

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The Road to Success

Mike started his career as a social media promoter for Nice Guy Promotions. Later, he became a blogger for The Essential Foodie and a marketing manager for the furniture company LoveSac. 

He first met with Logan Paul to promote an oversized beanbag, after which the two became close friends. He started vlogging on his own channel in 2017 and became a co-host on the famous podcast ‘Impaulsive’ in 2018. He is also currently the marketing manager of Paul’s promotion agency Maverick.

The Best Moments

  • Mike released a book on his drug addiction journey called ‘The Fifth Vital’ in 2020, which has sold over one million copies!
  • His promotion with Logan Paul sold over 2.5 Million beanbag chairs in a day!
  • He gifted his mum an Audi SUV in a YouTube vlog with over 4 Million views!
  • Mike reportedly helped ‘Impaulsive’ garner over 1 Million subscribers in a month after joining as co-host!

The Private Side

Mike started dating former adult actress Lana Rhoades in 2020 after meeting through a mutual friend. The two announced their break-up on YouTube in February 2021. 

During his teens, Mike struggled with drug addiction that lasted for over eight years before he finally got into rehab. He has written a book called ‘The Fifth Vital’ explaining his journey as a drug addict.

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Mike Majlak’s Related Youtube Video

Famous Quotes of Mike Majlak

  • “If you’ve ever made it through mental illness or addiction, you have something.”
  • “I treated the practice of my faith similarly to how I treated my recovery: Do what works for you.”

Social World

Instagram Followers: 1.7 Million (March 2022)

YouTube Subscribers: 2.57 Million (March 2022)

YouTube Views: 297 Million (March 2022)

Twitter Followers: 472k (March 2022)

Lessons for Entrepreneurs

1. There is always a way to turn your life around. 

From being a severe drug addict to a Hollywood-level celebrity, Mike is living proof that it’s possible to turn your life around with consistency and dedication from the weakest points in your life.

2. True friends always back each other up. 

After Logan Paul received massive backlash for filming a dead body, Mike readily helped him manage his PR and supported him in staying grounded with his public image.

The Unusual Stuff

  • Mike has reportedly stolen stories from his friends for the book ‘The Fifth Vital’ and allegedly paid them to keep it secret!
  • He earns around $600,000 annually just from his YouTube channel!
  • Mike loves dogs and owns three pooches named Henry, Finney, and Brannie!
  • He is a skilled photographer and pursued it as a career during his time at The Essential Foodie!

Answering your Frequent Questions

Why did Mike Majlak and Lana Rhoades break up?

Mike and Lana broke up in February 2021 after he was accused of cheating with the Instagram model Ava Louise. Lana also shared her problems with Mike being “inappropriate with other women” and called it quits.

How did Mike Majlak quit drugs?

According to Mike, he hit rock bottom after failing to care for his grandfather due to drug abuse. He finally became sober in June 2010 after his probation officer gave him an option to join rehab and turn his life around. 

Why did Mike Majlak and Logan Paul stop talking?

Mike made some negative remarks about Logan Paul on the podcast “Mom’s Basement” for being an attention-seeker, which led to an argument between the two on Instagram, with Mike ending up apologizing. The two still appear on ‘Impaulsive’ as co-hosts.

Final Remarks

Mike’s story is inspirational as he turned his life around from being a drug addict to one of Hollywood’s most popular podcast hosts. He is currently worth over $1.5 Million and living the dream celebrity life. His book ‘The Fifth Vital’ has sold over a million copies and motivated youth across the globe to pursue the journey of quitting drug addiction.

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