How is The Net Worth of Sue Bird a Stunning $8m?

What is Sue Bird’s Net Worth?

Net Worth$8 Million
Source of WealthBasketball Player
Date of BirthOctober 16, 1980
Height5’9 / 1.75m
Place of BirthSyosset, Nassau County, New York, United States
Star SignLibra
Marital StatusEngaged

The Usual Intro

Sue Bird is a 41-year-old former basketball star who played for the Seattle Storms of the American Women’s League. She was the first overall pick by the Storms in the 2002 WNBA draft and, over time, emerged as one of the top basketball players in the league. She has also been associated with three Russian teams and was appointed operations associate for the Denver Nuggets.

With her spectacular basketball skills, Sue has not only remained a winner for Seattle Storm’s three distinct WNBA-championship-winning squads but has also won numerous prestigious medals like the Olympic gold medals.

Before the Spotlight

Suzanne Brigit Bird was born on October 16, 1980, in Syosset, Nassau County, New York, to Herschel and Nancy Bird. His father has a Russian-Jewish background, which gives Bird an Israeli citizenship since 2006. Sue has one older sister named Jen.

Sue attended Syosset High School and graduated from the University of Connecticut. Sue also had a knack for tennis and soccer but loved basketball particularly. During her time in high school and college, she began to grab the public’s attention with her impressive skills on the court. When Sue was in sixth grade, she became more involved with AAU basketball games.

The Journey to Success

Sue Bird’s two-decade-long awe-inspiring career took off when she was selected by the Seattle Storms in the 2002 WNBA draft. Appearing in thirty-two games in her rookie season, Sue scored an average of 14.4 points per game. She was also selected by the WNBA Western Conference All-Star team, finishing second in the Rookie of the Year voting.

In 2004, Bird made ground-breaking success when she won the WNBA Championship, becoming one in eleven women to be awarded an Olympic gold medal, WNBA Championship, and NCAA Championship. In 2011, she pulled an incredible clutch in WNBA Playoff history; during a match with Phoenix Mercury, she hit a game-winning three-pointer in the last two seconds.

Sue Bird played for many international teams, including Russia. Playing with the Spartak Moscow Region, she won the Russian Super League and the EuroLeague Women championships from 2006-2007. She was later selected by the Russian UMMC Ekaterinburg and helped them win three consecutive titles. 

Sue Bird also demonstrated her breathtaking play in various international tournaments. In the 2000 Jones Cup in Taipei, she played a significant role in assisting and helping her team win a gold medal. Although she lost in the 2006 Brazil World Cup, Sue took the consecutive World Cups by storm and outperformed her teammates, winning the 2010 Czech Republic, 2014 Turkey, and 2018 Spain World Cups.

The Best Moments

  • She won 4 Olympic gold medals, 2 NCAA titles, and 4 FIBA World Cups.
  • She earned the title of New York State Player of the Year, New York Daily News Player of the Year, and WBCA All-American.
  • Bird won the Wade Trophy and the Naismith Award.
  • She was voted WNBA’s Top 15 Players of All Time by her fans.

The Private Side

Sue Bird was in a relationship with the American musician Nick Carter, but they both broke up. Sue is currently dating a professional soccer player named Megan Rapinoe. In 2017, she disclosed her relationship with Megan and her lesbian identity. Recently, they both confirmed their engagement through social media.

Sue Bird has signed many sponsorship deals with popular brands, including Nike, State Farm, etc. She has promoted brands like American Express, Glossier, and Mendi, to name a few.

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Famous Quotes of Sue Bird

Sue Bird’s words deliver a powerful, profound message. Here are some precious gems:

  • “You can control what you put in your body, how you take care of yourself, how much you work. You have to control what you can.”
  • “A young basketball player has people to look up to an emulate. We are a pro league, and we’re on television. It makes a difference. It shows what’s possible.”
  • “The one thing you learn is when you can step out of your comfort zone and be uncomfortable, you see what you’re made of and who you are.”

Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Sue Bird stands as an exemplary role model for us. Here are some life-leading lessons we can adopt from her:

  1. Passion Lights Up Your Path. Sue Bird had a knack for sports when she was just studying in her primary years. Soon, she began demonstrating her prodigious skills and love for basketball by winning many respectable titles and prestigious accolades. Her passion for the game was ingrained in her mind.
  2. Fight Rather Than Sit Back. We all know how serious of a knee-injury Bird faced. But did you know that Sue kept playing when she even discovered her symptoms? On paper, she was able to play 29 games before she was called off in 2013. Be a fighter, not a surrenderer!
  3. Strong Will. Sue was mentally prepared. She aspired to become one of the top basketball players internationally, and she did! Even in the face of adversity, when she lost some tournaments, Sue fought it off with optimism. She boasted her exceptional persistence to the world by winning many back-to-back world cups.
  4. Perfect Yourself. Even after winning multiple reputable medals and championships, Sue never considers herself perfect, which is instrumental to her success. She constantly refined her skills, along with hours-long practice every day. Sue continued to perfect her play by learning many new techniques and workarounds.

The Unusual Stuff

Here are some mind-blowing facts about Sue Bird that we bet you didn’t know of:

  • She won 2 NCAA championships while she was still in University.
  • She appeared with Meghan Rapinoe for the “Body Issues” cover of ESPN The Magazine.
  • Sue was included in the “2022 Queer 50” list.
  • In 2021, she waved the American flag at the Tokyo Summer Olympics.

Answering Frequent Questions

Is Sue Bird related to Larry Bird?

Their common last name created ambiguity for people who thought Larry and Sue were related. It turns out that Larry and Sue have no association.

When did Sue Bird retire?

She announced retirement from her grand career on September 7, 2022, after playing a match against Las Vegas Aces.

Did Sue Bird break her nose?

During Game 5 of the Storm’s WNBA series, she collided with Minnesota guard Teresa Edward, which left her with a broken nose.

The Closing Remarks

Sue Bird formed a formidable basketball empire. Her stellar performances and breathtaking gameplay have landed her countless awards. It also helped fortify her already rapidly increasing fan base. She hit several milestones throughout her two-decade-long career, putting her on the list of 25 greatest players in WNBA’s history.

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