How is The Net Worth of SSSniperWolf $6m?

What is SSSniperWolf’s Net Worth?

Net Worth$6 Million
Source of WealthYouTube, Endorsements
Date of BirthOctober 22, 1992
Height5’4 / 1.6m
Place of BirthLiverpool, England, United Kingdom
Star SignLibra
Marital StatusUnmarried

The Usual Intro

Lia Wolf, popularly known by her stage name SSSniper Wolf, is a British-American YouTuber and an iconic social media personality.

Lia first rose to prominence for posting gaming videos on YouTube. She specializes in the first-person shooter game, “Call of Duty,” which solidified her status as one of the female pioneers of gaming and won her many prestigious awards.

Over the years, Lia diversified her career into reaction videos and live streaming on Twitch. She also dabbled in cosplay and anime which gathered her a huge fan base. 

Before the Spotlight

SSSniperWolf was originally born as Alia Marie Shelesh on October 22, 1992 in Liverpool, United Kingdom. She has two brothers namely Paul Shelesh, Bakir Shelesh, and one younger sister Ranya Lasagna. 

SSSniperWolf was only six when her parents relocated to America. She had a knack for gaming when she was growing up. She refined her skills when her father bought her a Playstation and had strong support from her parents. After studying at a local community college, she dropped out to solely focus on perfecting her gaming skills.

The Journey to Success

SSSniper Wolf’s career took a major turn during 2011. She registered on YouTube with the name of “sexysexysniper” and regularly uploaded vlogs. Within just two years, her channel garnered 50,000 subscribers. Despite her immediate rise to fame, her channel got deleted by YouTube. Rumors suggest that she was banned due to her YouTube name.

Lia gave a second shot at YouTube in 2013 and named her channel “SSSniperwolf.” Most of her videos were gaming-oriented, but her Call of Duty gameplays wpartiere cularly a major hit. She also recorded videos of her playing Overwatch, Until Dawn, Destiny, and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Her success from gaming inspired her to open another channel named “Little Lia,” where she uploads content on DIY, make-up, cooking, and art.

SSSniperWolf’s charming physique and enchanting looks make her stand-out. She mastered the skill of seamlessly combining humor with creativity to make her videos entertaining. Her videos have accumulated more than a billion views to date. Lia frequently hosts live streams on YouTube which still attracts millions of viewers and continues to cement her career as a multi-talented female gamer.

The Best Moments

  • Won Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards in 2019 and 2020.
  • Accumulated over 32 Million subscribers on YouTube.
  • Created the “Little Lia” channel.
  • Forbes included her in the list of ‘Top Influencers in the Gaming World.’

The Private Side

SSSniperWolf started dating YouTuber Evan Sausage in 2013. The couple had a loving romantic relationship and bought a luxurious mansion in McDonald’s highland for $2.9 million. Unfortunately, they broke up in 2015 due to personal differences.

Lia’s attractive personality landed her multiple endorsement deals with brands like Boohoo clothing, Mercedes-Benz, Hair Vitamins, Sugar Bear, and G Fuel Energy, to name a few. 

She is currently a brand ambassador for gaming companies such as Activision, Ubisoft, and EA. Lia also has her own line of merchandise where she sells high-quality hoodies, t-shirts, phone cases, and much more.

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The Social World

SSSniperWolf expands her influence on multiple social media platforms. Here is a statistical measure of her immense fame:

Lessons for Entrepreneurs

There are many life lessons to be learned from SSSniperWolf. Here are some of the most notable ones:

  1. Passion can take you to unimaginable heights. From the age of six, SSSniperWolf developed a strong love for gaming. She often fought with her brother to win the controller. Her parents were equally supportive of their daughter. Passion drives you to push yourself. Devote all your heart and soul in something you’re passionate about.
  2. Play smart. Many people are intimidated by the idea of starting a business. But where there’s opportunity, there’s a market. Long before SSSniperWolf launched her merchandise, she used to buy $2 action figures and sell them at a profit. Luckily, her gigs became popular, growing her web of resources and allowing her to form a sizable business empire.
  3. Success is not a one step journey. SSSniperwolf remained a controversial figure for many years in her life. She was accused of posting adult videos on her “sexysexysniper” channel. Still, she endured all the allegations and put all of her efforts towards gaming.
  4. Be Creative. Not many YouTubers can effectively combine humor with gaming. That’s what makes SSSniperWolf special. Her content was innovative and she centered her videos on other things besides gaming, such as DIYs, make-up, etc.

The Unusual Stuff

Here are some mind-boggling facts about SSSniperWolf that we bet you didn’t know:

  • She was featured on an episode of Fear Factor.
  • She loves pets and has three dogs named Kaz, Ashe, and Lumpy.
  • She hasn’t visited a doctor in 10 years.
  • In 2016, she was arrested for screaming at her boyfriend.

Answering Frequent Questions

How does SSSniperWolf make her videos attractive?

Her thumbnails are composed of vivid colors and her dramatic, puzzled, shocked expressions that captivate the audience. 

Is her content viewable for a seven-year old?

She posts funny and enjoyable content, but there are references of sex and alcohol in some of her videos. Parental advisory is recommended.

Which cars does SSSniperWolf have?

She owns a Mercedes Benz S-Class worth around $117,000. She also owns many other luxurious cars like Porsche, Chevrolet, and a custom Jeep.

The Closing Remarks

According to Tubefilter, SSSniperWolf gained 200,000 subscribers in just one week in July 2022 and over a massive 125 million views, making her one of the top 10 most-viewed personalities on YouTube. SSSniperWolf has successfully paved her way towards becoming one of the highest-paid YouTube stars in the world, and has used her resources to create multiple income streams.

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