How is The Net Worth of Sofia Franklyn $1.5m?

What is Sofia Franklyn’s Net Worth?

Net Worth$1.5 Million
Full NameSofia Franklyn
Source of WealthPodcasts/Tik-Tok/Brand Deals
Date of BirthJuly 21, 1992 (Age: 30)
Star SignCancer
Place of BirthSalt Lake City, Utah
Height1.65m (5’5″)

The Usual Intro

Sofia Franklyn is an influential American Tik-Tok star and podcaster known for her role as the co-host of the hit podcast “Call her Daddy.” The fiery first episode of her new podcast, “Sofia With An F,” is her side of the breakup between her, Barstool Sports, and former co-host Alexandra Cooper. The tone of that first episode and the anticipation of what is coming next stand to bring in a considerable amount of money for Sofia.

Before the Spotlight

Sofia Franklyn was born in July 1992 in Salt Lake City, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor’s in economics and went to work at a finance firm.

Because she is concerned with privacy, details of her personal life are scarce.

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The Journey to Success

After working at the finance firm for a while, Sofia started to take an interest in stories about sexual encounters. It was then that her hit podcast “Call Her Daddy” was born. Sofia wrote about her own experiences, captivating the public. Her humorous and engaging approach to raunchy subjects has entertained millions.

She gained mainstream popularity when she met with Instagram star Alexandra Cooper. While on a vacation in Texas, Cooper and Sofia discussed about sex at a bar, which garnered them immense fame from the audience.

Their grand success sparked the idea of starting a podcast. They soon collaborated with  Barstool Sports, a digital media company based in New York City, and formed a podcast channel entitled “Call Her Daddy.” The podcast covered the topics of relationships and dating culture, and earned the duo worldwide recognition.  

Despite the huge success, Sofia and Cooper were forced to leave the channel due to some conflicts with Barstool Sports. From December 2020, Sofia Franklyn began hosting her own podcast named “Sofia with an F.” She discusses on the topics of modern women’s issues and her youth years.

Why “Call Her Daddy” Came To An End

Best known for her controversies, Sofia’s work online speaks for itself. “Call Her Daddy” became a smash, reaching #1 on iTunes on July 20, 2020. At the time, Sofia was making the same money as her co-host Alexandra Cooper before their public feud brought the friendship to an end. They were both making $70,000 each, with merchandising benefits. Despite renegotiating their deal with Barstool Sports, the duo decided to go their separate ways.

Barstool Sports offered Sofia and Alexandra a better deal, increasing their earnings and shorting the contract duration. Sofia made a counteroffer, comparing her worth to the pop-star Ke$ha.

Barstool declined Sofia’s counteroffer, and shortly after, Sofia’s tell-all hit the airwaves garnering much attention.

Hence, “Sofia with an F” was born, and #CancelSuitman started to litter the descriptions of her old podcast where her credits should’ve been. Allegedly, Sofia turned down a 6-figure salary with incentives and even a chance at regaining rights to Call Her Daddy at a later date.

“Suit Man” Controversy

Sofia’s boyfriend and long-time supporter, Peter “Suit Man” Nelson, is a former HBO executive who became involved in the negotiations between Franklyn and Barstool. As a result of his interference, he ended up stepping down from HBO Sports

The Private Side

She started dating the former HBO executive Peter Nelson, which she refers to as “Suitman” in her podcasts. The couple have been seen together in many internet videos and parties. 

Sofie’s life turned around when she turned 20. She was arrested on the account of possession of alcohol and interfering with the police. Although she was soon discharged, it significantly undermined her career.

Because she is concerned with privacy, details of her personal life are scarce.

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Sofia Franklyn’s Interview for No Jumper

The Social World

Her words of wisdom have been greatly applauded by people. Here is a list of her active social media accounts:

  • Instagram — (@sofiafranklyn) 760K Followers
  • Instagram — (@sofiafpodcast) 153K Followers
  • Twitter — 177.4K Followers
  • Tik-Tok — 138.2K Followers / 5.2M Likes

New Podcast: “Sofia With An F”

After leaving “Call her Daddy,” things weren’t easy for Sofia, with waves of disapproving fans tanking her podcast ratings before it even started. Still, her podcast enjoys rising popularity on the charts. Her rude removal from her previous project was what people were begging to know.

Sofia with an F” was a cathartic answer to what the fans wanted to know, and it was interesting enough to garner a huge amount of buzz despite Sofia’s negative press. It featured the same themes her old project would feature, only now she felt empowered and could spill anything she’d like without being censored.

The tell-all first episode gave people insight into the dynamic the co-hosts used to share on “Call her Daddy.” Sofia made it clear that she was the single driving force behind the duo’s success. She emphasized that Alexandra was riding her coattails to success. Sofia’s claims about her qualifications were not well received after new details emerged about the facts.

Her remarks resulted in some loss of sponsorship, but her show’s consistent audience keeps it afloat. It hit #1 on the iTunes US Podcasts Chart on October 8, 2020.

Recent Controversies

Sofia has recently faced some backlash for her insensitive comments about a long-forgotten friend who also happens to be a former Disney star. The alleged victim of this cyber harassment reached out to Sofia over how outrageous the incident was.

The social backlash was unrelenting, with Sofia facing all kinds of hate for her rude and obscene comments. The sponsors behind her new podcast were rather disinterested in her namedropping, eventually dropping their sponsorship.

Sofia publicly apologized on social media for her outburst and asked the victim for forgiveness.

Her online content still draws a large audience, mostly owing to her prior skills as a radio host. Her Tik-Tok content is very popular with younger audiences.

Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Sofia stands as a bold figure for us. Here are some lessons we can adopt into our lives:

  1. Increasing your network. Sofia did not become an all-time famous podcaster by herself. The journey to her lucrative career was accompanied by her friend Alexandra. They both formed a dynamic duo at a bar. Her friend gave Sofia an insight into some of the leading problems worldwide and this is how the concept of women’s problems originated in her mind.
  2. Shine your light. Sofia did not follow all the hot topics around her, neither did she possess lust for money. She followed her passion. The results were spectacular. Sofia is currently earning a six-figure salary, thanks to her constant devotion.
  3. Hard work and persistence pays off. Sofia’s marvelous career faced many significant setbacks. Her arrest serves as a prime example that framed her as a culprit. Nevertheless, she stayed persistent. Due to her exceptional hard work and endurance, she quickly swung the pendulum in the opposite direction.

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Answering Frequent Questions

Why did Alex and Sofia fall out?

Sofia stated in an emotional instagram video that Alex negotiated with executives behind her back to earn a more dominant role over the podcast.

Why was her podcast called Call Her Daddy?

The name was based on a play, where a male sex partner is referred to as “daddy.” It also focused on equalizing power dynamics between the opposite genders. 

The Closing Remarks

With her persistence and talent, Sofia established herself as a multi-millionaire radio host . Sofia Franklyn’s genuine, humorous, and vibrant personality has earned her a large fan following. She continues to deliver powerful speeches that enthrall listeners and gives us an insight into society’s growing problems. Make sure to tune into her radio channel next time when you go for a cruise.

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