How is The Net Worth of Ryan Serhant a Stunning $30m?

What is Ryan Serhant’s net worth?

Net Worth$30 Million
Source of WealthReal Estate, Acting, Writing
Date of BirthJuly 2, 1984
Height6’3 / 190 cm
Place of BirthHouston, Texas, U.S.
Star SignCancer
PartnerEmilia Bechrakis ​(m. 2016)

The Usual Intro

Ryan Serhant is a real estate mogul of American nationality. He is best known for his role as a lead cast member in the reality TV series “Million Dollar Listing: New York.” His widespread popularity and outstanding track record in real estate have earned him celebrity status. 

Today, Serhant offers coaching and mentorship services to those in real estate and, more broadly, sales. 

Before the Spotlight

Ryan Matthew Serhant was born in Houston, Texas, on July 2, 1984. His father had an extensive background in finance and asset management, which provided the young Serhant with an effective avenue for learning.

Shortly after his birth, the family moved to Topsfield in Essex County. He grew up there with his two brothers, Jim and Jack. Serhant studied at the local Pingree school. After graduating, he enrolled at Hamilton College, where he did his undergraduate in English literature and theater – a double major. 

Serhant graduated college in 2006 and moved to New York City.

The Journey to Success

Serhant began his professional career as an actor right after graduating. He landed a starring role as “Evan Walsh” in the soap opera “As The World Turns” but did not experience much success otherwise.

During the 2008 Great Recession, Serhant thought of trying his luck in real estate. He got a job at the “Nest Seekers International” brokerage. However, his first year did not go so well – he made a mere $9,000, something marginal by NYC standards. 

Despite the initial distress, Serhant continued his career as a real estate agent and soon struck gold by closing a massive $8.5 million deal. In 2010, he became one of three real estate agents chosen as featured cast on the reality TV show “Million Dollar Listing New York (MDLNY).” 

The show began airing in 2012 and was very well received, establishing itself as a household favorite in the US. Naturally, the show’s popularity brought a great deal of public attention to Serhant, a leading cast member.

By 2012, Serhant was already the 15th most successful real agent in all of NYC, according to the media company “The Real Deal.” He created a brokerage team, The Serhant Team, with 60 members.

Now someone with a sizable fanbase and nationwide recognition, Serhant appeared on several other TV shows, including spin offs of MDLNY. He appeared on multiple news channels to share his story and knowledge, cementing his influence in the real estate industry.

In 2018, he released the New York Times best-seller, “Sell It Like Serhant: How to Sell More, Earn More, and Become the Ultimate Sales Machine.” The following year, he launched his sales course “Sell It Like Serhant.” In 2021, he published his second book, “Big Money Energy.”

In 2020, Serhant took the next big step in his career by establishing his real estate firm, “SERHANT.” The firm’s in-house studio uniquely uses online content and media to promote properties. Today, he is well-recognized as a mentor and authority on things related to sales and real estate. 

The Best Moments

  • Starred in soap opera “As The World Turns” in 2006.
  • Started working as a real estate agent in 2008.
  • Appeared on Million Dollar Listing in 2012.
  • Found his own real estate firm, “SERHANT,” in 2020.

The Private Side

Serhant and his wife Emilia Bechrakis first met in 2012 and started dating in 2013. They got married in 2016. Later that year, they released a four-part documentary of their wedding as an MLDNY mini-series. 

They had their first daughter, Zenna, in 2019 through IVF. They later shared their experience with IVF to support and encourage other families who had been considering the procedure.

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Famous Quotes of Ryan Serhant

Ryan Serhant is a mentor, not only to real estate agents, but to everyone who has anything to do with sales and marketing. Here are some words of wisdom from the self-made millionaire:

  • “You have to build up a relationship with your client if you’re going to get them to trust you enough to allow yourself to advise them on a purchase, right?”
  • “People tell me all the time, well I’m just not a morning person. You either hate waking up because you go to bed way too late, or because you don’t know the reason you’re getting out of bed.”
  • “One day you become a dog, the next day you are born again and so on. It really teaches you to listen, it teaches you to be a very open person and in real estate, if you want to be successful you have to be able to connect with you and with others. I have to become whoever I need to be in order to sell “that product.”

The Social World

Ryan Serhant is active on social media. Below are the links to his official social media accounts, along with the number of his current followers:

Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Here are some valuable success lessons we can learn from the life and career of the highly accomplished real estate mogul Ryan Serhant:

  1. If at first, you don’t succeed…. Ryan Serhant’s early career is a prime example of the importance of not giving up. Had he quit based on his first year’s meager earnings, he would have missed out on the ludicrous $8.5 million sale that set him up for success.
  1. Innovate. Serhant’s real estate firm, SERHANT, stands out from the competition by using online content and social media for promotional purposes. And evidently, it works.
  1. Interacting with clients. Serhant teaches us – by example – the importance of knowing how to talk and deal with clients. His communicational skills and improvisational abilities are exceptional.

The Unusual Stuff

Here are some fun facts about Ryan Serhant that might be new to you:

  • As a child, Ryan and his brother Jack collected firewood and sold it to their neighbors for $1.5 an hour.
  • Serhant’s hair started turning gray when he was only 16!
  • Serhant appeared in comedian Amy Schumer’s comedy TV series, “Inside Amy Schumer,” in 2016.
  • Serhant’s 2019 course, “Sell it Like Serhant,” brought in $100,000 worth of sales per day after its immediate launch!
  • Serhant’s wife, Emilia Bechrakis, thought he was gay when they first met.

Answering Frequent Questions

Is Million Dollar Listing Over?

Million Dollar Listing: New York has aired nine seasons so far. Recent news reveals that production for season 10 has been put on hold. There have been no official confirmations regarding a season 10, but according to predictions from several media outlets, it’s unlikely there will be a season 10 anytime soon.

Where does Ryan Serhant live?

Ryan Serhant currently resides in a $7.6 million townhouse in Brooklyn, New York City.

How successful is Ryan Serhant?

He has a net worth of $30 million at age 37. To give you a measure of his success as a real estate dealer in statistical terms, he has reportedly sold over $5 billion worth of real estate.

The Closing Remarks

Ryan Serhant is a real estate broker who made it big at a remarkably young age. He’s been trending on the internet lately due to reports of the 10th season of Million Dollar Listing: New York being canceled by TV network Bravo. Serhant and his wife recently left for a vacation to the serene Maldives. 

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