How is The Net Worth of Ryan Friedlinghaus an Amazing $15m?

What is Ryan Friedlinghaus’ net worth?

Net Worth$15 Million
Source of WealthCEO, West Coast Customs
Date of BirthApril 22, 1975
Height5 ft 8 inches
Place of BirthLos Angeles, California
Star SignTaurus
Marital StatusMeagan Friedlinghaus

The Usual Intro

Ryan Friedlinghaus is the CEO of West Coast Customs. He built his business from scratch, starting with only $5000 that he had saved while working at his father’s liquor store and a dream to build the world’s best custom cars.

Friedlinghaus has enjoyed a successful career in business and TV shows, earning him a net worth estimated to be around $15 million as of July 2022.

Before the Spotlight

Friedlinghaus was raised as the only child by his mother and father, who owned a liquor store. He had developed interests mostly embedded in automobiles, including bicycles, skateboards, and cars.

He spent most of his childhood studying how these machines operate, and eventually, he started fixing minor problems with bikes and skateboards. This helped expand his passion further, and he soon began observing car maintenance work.

He attended high school in his birthplace, from where he graduated in 1993 but did not proceed to any college. He began working at his father’s liquor store until he turned 18.

The Journey to Success

At the age of 18 years, Rayan established West Coast Customs with $5000 he had saved from working at his father’s liquor store. Initially based in Laguna Niguel, Orange County in California, the shop operated there for four years before relocating to the Compton outskirts. The shop operated here for two years, after which he moved to Inglewood.

Friedlinghaus enjoyed moderate success until his breakthrough in 2004 and then the years that ensued, as this marked his television debut in Pimp My Ride, a reality show centered on car customization shops. Some of the first celebrities to order their vehicle from the West Coast Customs include Shaquille O’Neal and Sean Combs.

In 2007, he joined Discovery Channel’s Street Customs. He produced Inside West Coast Customs, another reality TV series that ran for six seasons, having 46 episodes, between 2011 and 2018. While filming it, he also decided to produce West Coast Customs, which lasted for three seasons with 27 episodes in all, from 2013 to 2016.

The Best Moments

Some of the best highlights of Friedlinghaus’ career include:

  • Friedlinghaus established West Coast Customs at the age of 18.
  • His career breakthrough came around in 2004 through MTV’s reality show, Pimp my Ride, which was hosted by Alvin Nathaniel Joiner, popularly known by his stage name Xzibit.
  • He featured in the two seasons of Street Customs aired on the Discovery Channel.
  • He produced Inside West Coast Customs, having six seasons running from 2011 to 2018.
  • Ryan produced West Coast Customs, with three seasons running from 2013 to 2016.
  • His company achieved global recognition after being featured on the MTV series Pimp My Ride and subsequently went on to become the subjects of TV shows such as Street Customs and Inside West Coast Customs.

The Private Side

Friedlinghaus has been mostly focused on his business, and very little is known about his romantic life. However, he was in a relationship with Meagan Elliot, and they got married in December 2011. Their wedding was a secret ceremony, which only close friends and family attended.

The couple has two sons together, Ryan Jr. and Dylan. Ryan Jr. is already an entrepreneur in his own right and owns a clothing line called Pas De Faux, while Dylan is a singer and popular YouTuber, also known as Dynamite Dylan.

Friedlinghaus and his wife haven’t been targeted by any controversy since their union became public, and it’s unknown whether they plan on having more children. They reside together at an undisclosed location in California.

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Famous Quotes of Ryan Friedlinghaus

  • “I wish we could push reset on this whole WCC journey and go back in time 20yrs to my Inglewood shop with this knowledge I have today and take a different path with it.” – Ryan Friedlinghaus
  • “One of the cool ones we’re doing is we’re doing an SUV an Escalade SUV for Mark Wahlberg.” – Ryan Friedlinghaus
  • “We are here today and need to keep pushing forward through this mess and keep everyone close that’s REALLY in your circles for you! Remember always.” – Ryan Friedlinghaus
  • “Always ahead of the curve and reminding the fakes that “West Coast Customs will always be setting trends that others will follow” Your welcome!” – Ryan Friedlinghaus
  • “The people you really think are there for you might not have the same feelings.” – Ryan Friedlinghaus

The Social World

Here are the social media accounts of Ryan Friedlinghaus and their respective following counts:

Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Here are some important success lessons to learn from Friedlinghaus:

1. Take your risk

Friedlinghaus identified an opportunity worth risking, and it paid him off. With just $5000, which was his only savings, he was able to establish a multi-million enterprise.

2. Save your money

It is important to make personal savings, regardless of your age. You will always need somewhere to start from, especially if you can not secure a bank loan to start your business.

3. Keep going

Friedlinghaus’ first years in business were not as successful. However, he did not give up but kept pushing until things turned around for him in 2004. You should pursue your dreams.

The Unusual Stuff

Here are some interesting facts about Friedlinghaus:

  • He started his business when he was only 18.
  • He had a passion for cars from a very young age.
  • He did not even go to college.

Answering Frequent Questions

Is Ryan Friedlinghaus married?

Yes, Friedlinghaus has been happily married to Meagan Elliot since December 2011, and they have two sons.

What is Friedlinghaus’ net worth?

Friedlinghaus had a successful career in business and TV shows, racking up $15 million dollars.

What is Friedlinghaus’ best TV series?

Friedlinghaus featured in Pimp my Ride, which aired on MTV from 2004 to 2007.

The Closing Remarks

Ryan Friedlinghaus has built the coolest custom car company in the world. The imagination and creativity he brought to West Coast Customs have made them stand out above anyone else in the business. Ryan Friedlinghaus boasts a net worth estimated to be $15 million from his business and TV series.

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