How is The Net Worth of Vladimir Putin a Whopping $200B?

What is Vladimir Putin’s Net Worth?

Net Worth$200 Billion
Source of WealthPolitician, President of Russia
Date of BirthOctober 7, 1952
Height5’6 / 168cm
Place of BirthSaint Petersburg, Russia
Star SignLibra
Marital StatusLyudmila Shkrebneva (div. 2014)

The Usual Intro

Vladimir Putin is a former KGB agent and the current President of Russia. Besides being a president, he was also an established foreign intelligence officer. He has worked as undercover agent many times in his life. After being elected as the president, Vladimir worked tirelessly for the welfare of his country.

Putin recently got international attention due to the Russia-Ukraine war, his controversial relationship with Donald Trump, and human rights violations against the LGBT community in Russia. Putin is currently serving his fourth term as president. Today, he stands at a Net Worth of $200 Billion.

Before the Spotlight

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin was born on October 7, 1952, in Saint Petersburg, Russia. His mother, Maria, was a local factory worker and his father, Vladimir Spiridonovich, was a disabled war veteran. Putin had two brothers, Albert, who was born in the 1930s, died in infancy. His other brother, Viktor, born in 1940, died of starvation and diphtheria in World War II during the siege of Leningrad.

He studied at the Leningrad State University Law Department, graduating in 1975. As a student, he joined the “Communist Party of the Soviet Union” From age 12, Putin started taking martial art classes and became a Judo Black Belt. Putin’s second language is German.

He studied it as a major in high school. Later, he studied law at Leningrad State University and graduated in 1975. In his free time he would like to read the works of philosophers such as Karl Marx, and Friedrich Engels.

The Journey to Success

After completing his law degree, he began his 16 years of stint as a foreign intelligence officer for the KGB(Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti). He worked as a Directorate Secretariat there and then soon got employed at the “Counterintelligence Division.” As part of KGB’s training, Vladimir was sent to “Andropov Red Banner Institute” to prepare him as an undercover agent for East Germany. His enduring hard work secured him a position as lieutenant colonel and he eventually became the head of the department in the intelligence office. 

In 1991, Put chaired the “Committee for International Relations” at St. Petersburg City Hall.The following year, he became the Deputy Chairman for St. Petersburg City Government After joining the “City Hall”, Vladimir resigned from his position as Lieutenant Colonel at the KGB.

After resigning, Putin became the advisor of international affairs to the mayor of Leningrad in 1990. Later, he was appointed as the Deputy Chief of the Presidential Staff and also Chief of the Main Control Directorate.

In March 2000, his big breakthrough came when he was elected as the president of Russia and continued the second term after being re-elected in 2004. However, as per the Russian Constitution, Vladimir was removed from the presidency position in the third term. In 2008, Dimitry Medvedev won the election and appointed Putin as the Prime Minister of Russia.

After winning 53% voting majority, Putin became the acting President of the Russian Federation on May 7, 2000. His two terms as president lasted from 2000 to 2008. According to the Russian Constitution, he could not hold the Presidency position for three terms in a row. Due to this reason, Putin became Prime Minister from 2008 to 2012. He returned in 2012 to serve his third term and is now serving his fourth term till 2024. 

Putin has earned a lot of controversial remarks from the public and other world leaders throughout his years as president. He was mainly accused of the Ukraine invasion war, the contentious relationship between him and Donald Trump, and human rights violations against the LGBT community.

The Best Moments

  • Spent 18 years as the president of Russia in a total of 4 terms.
  • Served two terms as Prime Minister (1999-2000 and 2009-2012)
  • Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize twice.
  • Declared war against Ukraine in February, 2022.

The Private Side

Putin’s full name is Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. He got married on July 28, 1983, to Lyudmila Shkrebneva. From 1985 to 1990, they lived in Germany, where his two daughters, Maria and Katerina, were born. Unfortunately his marriage was short-lived; his dovorce was finalized in April 2014.

Putin likes to live an extravagant lifestyle. He owns a number of expensive properties in Russia. He has spent a total of $700k on his wrist watches which is more than his annual income. Putin has been seen engaging in dangerous sports on several occasions.

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Famous Quotes of Vladimir Putin

Here are some of the most influential quotes of Vladimir Putin:

  • “Our society, including the liberals, must understand that there must be order.” 
  • “I think every person should have some faith inside him, in his heart. What matters is not an external display of this faith, but the inner state of the soul.” 
  • “The path towards a free society has not been simple. There are tragic and glorious
    pages in our history.” 

Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Vladimir Putin is recognized as a bold figure globally. Here are some lessons from his life:

1. Stay Persistent. Putin came from a lower-income family that struggled with making ends meet. However, he remained persistent in his efforts and tried his best to make his future brighter.

2. Be Confident. Putin always shows confidence in interviews, speeches, and interactions with other prominent presidents. 

3. Respect. On the memorial day of the fallen soldiers of World War 1, Putin attended the event in heavy rain without an umbrella.

The Unusual Stuff

Following are some of the exciting facts about Vladimir that we bet you didn’t know of:

  • Vladimir Putin’s parents were working-class citizens and he grew up in poverty.
  • No one has ever seen his two daughters Maria and Katerina.
  • Putin does not swing his right arm while walking due to a weapon-draw technique taught to him in the KGB.
  • He loves animals and has owned 7 dogs.
  • Putin always comes late to meetings with politicians as a power-move. He even made Queen Elizabeth wait for 14-minutes.

Answering Frequent Questions

How many languages can Putin speak?

Vladimir Putin can speak 2 languages, Russian and German.

Why did Putin get divorced?

Vladimir Putin and Lyudmila Shkrebneva divorced after 30-years of marriage due to personal distance, mainly caused by Putin’s busy schedule and high workload.

Does Putin have siblings?

Vladimir Putin had two siblings, Albert Putin and Viktor Putin. Albert died in infancy and Viktor died due to hunger and diphtheria during the Siege of Leningrad.

How long has Putin been president for?

In his second tenure, Putin has been a president for 10 years (since 2012).

The Closing Remarks

Vladimir Putin has been one of the most controversial and influential personalities of the 21st century. As of early 2022, almost 71% of Russians expressed satisfaction on Putin being the current president. His latest act of invading Ukraine has led to riots across the world and the shutdown of many brands in Russia.

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