How is The Net Worth of Paul Teutul Sr $500,000?

What is Paul Teutul Sr‘s Net Worth?

Net Worth$500,000
Source of WealthActor, Entrepreneur, producer
Date of BirthMay 1, 1949
Height6 ft / 1.83m
Place of BirthYonkers, New York, United States
Star SignLibra
Marital StatusDivorced

The Usual Intro

Paul Teutul Sr. is an American entrepreneur, producer, author, and reality television star. He is the founder of Orange County Choppers and Orange County Iron Works. He also founded “Paul Jr. Designs,” a company that specializes in designing custom motorcycles and selling branded clothes.

Did you know that Paul started from nothing but just a wedding torch? He rose to fame by starring in the American television series “American Chopper,” and currently stands at a Net Worth of $500,000.

Before the Spotlight

Paul John Teutul was born on May 1, 1949, in Yonkers, New York, but spent his childhood in Pearl River. He has two younger brothers, Daniel, owner of Orange County Ironworks, and Michael, a famous television star.

His sister, Christin, works as a nurse. Paul is natively American, but he also shares Italian, German, and Australian roots.

The Journey to Success

Paul’s journey to stardom began in the early 1970s. He garnered immense love for motorcycles and heavy bikes from films such as “Hells Angels on Wheels” and “Easy Rider.” His passion extended to riding bikes, and soon he got involved in fabrication work.

In 1973, he launched “Paul’s Welding” company in New York. When he started his workshop, Paul only had a welding machine and a pickup truck.

In a short time, he expanded his business to a massive 7,000-square-foot Rock Tavern facility and renamed the company “Orange County Iron.” In 2004, he modified its name to “Orange County Ironworks, LLC.” The company began designing classic bikes based on inspiration from films. The custom motorcycles became a big hit, selling out within a few hours. 

Aspiring to expand his new lucrative business, Paul put his son, Dan, in charge of Orange County Ironworks and opened a new company called “Orange County Choppers.” The company’s opening proved to be a stepping stone for this new businessman and boosted his bike sales.

“American Choppers” soon began to air on Discovery Channel. The season has premiered more than 230 episodes, including two seasons on TLC. The show was a great success and generated numerous spin-offs like “American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior,” “Orange County Choppers,” and “Orange County Choppers: American Made,” as well as the specials “American Chopper Live: The Build Off” and “Chopper Live: The Revenge.”

Despite the massive success, Paul closed Orange County Choppers in 2020. Recently, in 2021, he started “OCC Road House and Museum” in Pinellas Park, Florida. This grand 11,000-square-foot facility houses Billionaire hall, a wide range of carefully selected motorcycles, floor games, memorabilia, live event space,
bar, and a restaurant. 

The Best Moments

  • He founded the “Orange County Choppers.”
  • Opened “OCC Road House and Museum.”
  • He sold custom bikes under the company “Orange County Ironworks, LLC.”

The Private Side

From 1969 to 1995, Paul was married to Paula Teutul. The couple was blessed with three sons; Paul Jr., Michael, Daniel, and a daughter, Cristin.

Paul had a head-on conflict with his son Paul Jr. and was subsequently fired from the show “Orange County Choppers.” Paul married Beth Dillon in 2007 but divorced in 2015. Since 2011, he has been in a relationship with Joan Bulger-Kay.

Paul Teutul Sr. is known for having multiple tattoos over his body. He has one key tattoo reading “OCC New York ” because he was annoyed when people frequently confused “Orange County Choppers” to be situated in Orange County.

In April 2017, Paul faced a serious lawsuit filed by his business partner. Paul was accused of utilizing Derbyshire’s share of investment in “Orange County Choppers: American Made” for his personal use.

Derbyshire accused him of delaying the production and agreeing on deals without consultation. As a result, Paul was sued by JTM Motorsports. By 2018, Paul revealed in a statement of financial affair that he was involved in eight lawsuits simultaneously.

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Famous Quotes of Paul Teutul Sr

Paul’s words of wisdom give us an insight into how to lead a balanced life. Here are some of his influential quotes:

  • “You are the most inconsistent, unreliable person in this entire f***ing shop, and if you were to make an example to the rest of the guys out there, they would all end up just like you, but I don’t let that happen, I don’t let that happen.”
  • “Ever since we came back from Laconia, Paulie thinks he’s something else with his new girlfriend, new car, and new freaking Gucci watch or whatever kind of watch that is!” 
  • “You are the most inconsistent, unreliable person in this entire f***ing shop, and if you were to make an example to the rest of the guys out there, they would all end up just like you, but I don’t let that happen, I don’t let that happen.”

The Social World

Paul’s outstanding motorcycle designs have gathered him a huge fan. Let’s take a look at his immense fame in some statistical terms.

Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Paul stands as a bold figure for us. Here are some key lessons we can all adopt into our lives:

  1. Hard Work. Remember that success never falls in your lap without your whole-hearted effort towards it. It took him years of hard work and constant devotion to achieve professionalism in this field. Break the sweat!
  2. Follow Your Dreams. Paul’s lifelong love affair with motorcycles started from the early 1970s. Being inspired from the films he saw, Paul dedicated his whole life to producing state-of-the-art motorcycles of remarkable build quality that helped him gain mainstream success. When you find what you are passionate about, set it as your life goal to stand out from the crowd.
  3. Persistence. Throughout his whole career, Paul faced various setbacks in his life and was frequently dealing with serious lawsuits. But do you know what sets him apart? His persistence. Although the lawsuits significantly undermined his fame, he regained his momentum with his resilience.

The Unusual Stuff

Here are some of the editing facts about Paul Teutul Sr that we bet you didn’t know of:

  • At 18, Paul joined the United States Merchant Marines when the Vietnam war broke out.
  • He and his sons co-wrote a book called “Orange County Choppers: The Tale of the Teutuls.”
  • Paul’s car collection includes a 1969 Camaro 427, 1933 Ford Hot Rod, and a 1960 Corvette.
  • His 3,448 square foot New York mansion sold for $1.9 million.

Answering Frequent Questions

What did Paul Teutul Sr do for charity?

His company “Orange County Choppers,” has built bikes for many charitable organizations such as Make-A-Wish Foundation and Iraq Star.

What happened to Orange County Choppers?

The business suffered a massive loss as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Orange County Choppers was reopened as Orange County Choppers Roadhouse & Museum. Paul Sr made a deal with Keith Overton, who is now a manager and investor for the company.

How much does a single bike of Paul Junior Design cost?

All the bikes are created from the inspiration of the QUBX logo. Reportedly, a single motorcycle is said to hold a hefty price tag of $700,000.

The Closing Remarks

Paul’s “American Chopper” had a unique mix of human relationships and workplace drama that made him a reality TV star. Audiences did not only become transfixed with motorcycle miracles made from metal and paint, but also with the real-life employees of OCC. Whether you are a teen or an adult, you will be enthralled with the remarkable build quality and awe-inspiring motorcycle design, solidifying Paul’s reputation as an entrepreneur and top-class designer.

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