How is The Net Worth of Patrick Bet-David an Insane $150m?

What is Patrick Bet-David’s net worth?

Net Worth$150 Million
Source of WealthEntrepreneurship 
Date of BirthOctober 18, 1978
Height5’7 ft / 170.2 cm
Place of BirthTehran, Iran
Star SignLibra
PartnerJennifer Bet-David

The Usual Intro

Patrick Bet-David is an entrepreneur and inspirational speaker with a net worth of $150 million. He has achieved the American dream, going from a war-torn country in the 1980s to becoming a wealthy American with influence and several published books. Patrick Bet-David is a self-made man. 

Bet-David has published several self-help books and created an empire for himself out of nothing. He has earned his wealth and uses it to protect his family and continue making money as an entrepreneur. Patrick Bet-David also uses his wealth to influence politics as best he can by voicing his opinion. 

Before the Spotlight

Patrick Bet-David was born in Tehran, Iran, in the middle of a national crisis. As conditions deteriorated in his country, Bet-David’s parents fled to America when Patrick was only ten years old. He spent two years in a refugee camp in Germany, where he first learned the value of hard work to earn a little bit of money.  

Despite his chaotic beginning, Patrick Bet-David has always wanted to help others. When he was six, his career ambition was to be a father. Since then, Bet-David has used those goals to form his career path, from entrepreneur to self-help author to father. His early life in Iran and America formed him. 

The Journey to Success

After high school in California, Bet-David served in the United States military in the 101st airborne division of the Army. He served for several years before being honorably discharged and starting a career in finance. His first employer was Morgan Stanley, and he worked for the company for several years. 

In 2009, Patrick Bet-David founded his own financial company, the PHP Agency insurance company. His company has been wildly successful, and he has been able to stay in business in the Dallas area for almost fifteen years. The PHP Agency was a great success for Bet-David. 

As a result of his success, Bet-David founded another company, Valuetainment. This company runs the Valuetainment YouTube channel and other entertainment channels. On these shows, Bet-David interviews other entrepreneurs and famous people, including current business people and former presidents. 

Valuetainment is Bet-David’s way of giving back to the community and encouraging young entrepreneurs to follow their dreams. He has also written six books, including Doing the Impossible, The Next Perfect Storm, Drop Out and Get Schooled, and his most recent, Your Next Five Moves. All are self-help and business advice books. 

The Best Moments

Patrick Bet-David has had a great career and continues to make a name for himself. He will undoubtedly have more highlights as he continues, but here are some of the highlights thus far: 

  • 2009 – founded PHP Agency
  • 2013 – founded Valuetainment
  • 2017 – expanded PHP Agency with $10 million in expansion capital
  • 2020 – published Your Next Five Moves

The Private Side

Bet-David’s personal life has mainly been private, as he works to protect his family from the spotlight. Instead, his social media and news announcements focus on his work and political opinions. However, Bet-David claims to be neither Republican nor Democrat and only works towards learning the truth. 

Bet-David’s parents moved with him to California, but little is known of their whereabouts now. It is assumed that his parents live with him in Fort Lauderdale or have their own home, but they prefer a private life. Bet-David has two siblings as well. 

Politically, Bet-David leans conservative. He has interviewed conservative political leaders such as George Bush on his channel. He openly criticizes current President Biden and many other left-leaning celebrities and politicians for their actions following the COVID-19 pandemic and other events over the past few years. 

He often posts videos or podcast episodes following business trends, the economy, and political news and is not afraid to share his personal opinion. However, Bet-David does more than create content. He is also an avid chess player. His latest book, Your Next Five Moves, focuses on businesses like chess games. 

Although Bet-David was born in Iran and has lived in several countries, he is an American citizen. He married Jennifer Bet-David in 2009, and the pair have three children. The millionaire and his family live in a small mansion in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Their family life is kept private. 

Patrick Bet-David Youtube Video

Famous Quotes of Patrick Bet-David

Here are some of Patrick Bet-David’s most famous and inspirational quotes about business and life. 

1.) “Traveling isn’t about the destination – it’s about the people you travel with.” – Patrick Bet-David

2.) “I’ve not found one single mutual fund, one single real estate investment, any gold, silver, or anything else that has given me higher returns than me investing in myself.” – Patrick Bet-David

3.) “A talented entrepreneur with bad habits eventually becomes an employee. An average employee with great habits can eventually become a great entrepreneur.” – Patrick Bet-David

Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Bet-David has had a successful life and has lived the quintessential American Dream. Here are some successful lessons we can learn from him: 

  • No matter where you come from, you can create a name for yourself. 
  • If you make it big, help others with your knowledge. 
  • Don’t be afraid to say what you believe. 
  • Honor your family first. 

The Unusual Stuff

Here are some interesting facts about Patrick Bet-David that you might not have known. 

  • He started as an entrepreneur at 10, cleaning bottles out of pools in Germany. 
  • He interviewed Kobe Bryant in the last interview before the basketball star’s death. 
  • He has been incredibly successful, despite never having a college degree. 
  • He was hired by his first real estate company on the day before the September 11 attacks. 

Answering Frequent Questions

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about Patrick Bet-David. 

Is Patrick Bet-David an American citizen? 

Bet-David was born in Iran and spent two years in a refugee camp in Germany. When he was ten, his parents moved to America, and he became an American citizen, serving in the military and raising an American family. 

Is Patrick Bet-David Christian? 

Bet-David was formerly an avowed atheist but has revealed in interviews that he does believe in god. However, he has not divulged his specific religion, just that he believes in a god and thanks god for his business success. 

What languages does Patrick Bet-David speak?

According to the entrepreneur, English is his fifth language. He speaks Assyrian, Farsi, Armenian, German, and English. He learned the first three from his time in Iran and German from his time in the refugee camp in Germany. 

The Closing Remarks

Patrick Bet-David has risen through the ranks of entrepreneurship to become one of America’s most successful business owners. He uses his business acumen and experience to help others start their own businesses and inspire those who want to be entrepreneurs. Starting with very little, Bet-David has worked hard to earn $150 million in net worth.

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