How is The Net Worth of Offset an Amazing $26m?

What is Offset’s net worth?

Net Worth$26 million
Source of WealthRapper / Songwriter
Date of BirthDecember 14, 1991
Height5’8 / 174 cm
Place of BirthLawrenceville, Georgia
Star SignSagittarius 
PartnerCardi B (m. 2017)

The Usual Intro

Kiari Kendrell Cephus, also known as Offset, is a professional rapper, singer, and songwriter. He is popularly known for being a part of the illustrious trio group “Migos” and as the husband of Cardi B.

Offset became prominent in the industry when he released the album “Without Warning” in collaboration with 21 Savage and Metro Boomin. He released his second album, “Father of 4,” which was praised by the critics.

Before the Spotlight

Kiari Kendrell Cephus was born on December 14, 1991. His father left him at a young age. He grew up with his aunt and two bandmates, Quavious and Kirshnik, in Gwinnett County, Georgia.

Offset and his bandmates listened to artists such as Gucci Mane, Lil Wayne, and Master P while growing up. Cephus decided to recruit them and make a band called “Migos” in 2008. Quavious became “Quavo,” Kirshnik became “Takeoff,” and Cephus became “Offset.” The trio had no idea that what they made would become one of the leading and prominent rap groups in the near future.

The Journey to Success

After four years of being together, Offset released his first song with the Migos called “Bando.” The song was recognized by Zaytoven, which gave them confidence and motivated the trio to make more songs. The following year, they released their hit single “Versace,” which changed their lives forever, featuring Drake as the cherry on top. The critics loved the song and it charted at No. 99 on the Billboard Hot 100.

In 2015, the trio was arrested due to possession of a firearm. Quavo and Takeoff were released on bail. However, Offset was imprisoned for almost eight months due to inciting a riot and attacking an inmate. While Offset was in prison, Quavo and Takeoff dropped their debut album “Young Rich Nation.”

In 2017, the trio again delivered a hit single, “Bad and Boujee.” The song was a massive success as it peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. According to reports, the song was directed by Offset. The trio released three more albums; Culture, Culture II, and Culture III.

In addition to releasing songs with Migos, Offset has released numerous solo songs as well. In 2017, he and Drake were featured in a song by Metro Boomin, “No Complaints,” which ranked at No. 71 on Billboard Hot 100. He also released his debut album “Without Warning” in collaboration with Metro Boomin and 21 Savage. The album was listed at No. 4 on the Billboard Top 200.

In his latest album, “Father of 4,” he opened up about the hardships he endured during his childhood. The album’s leading song, “Clout,” featuring his wife Cardi B, bagged the No. 39 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The Best Moments

  • His solo studio album “Father of 4” is gold-certified.
  • His album “Without Warning” peaked at No. 4 on Billboard Hot 200.
  • He made a song with his wife Cardi B called “Clout,” which ranked at No. 39 on Billboard Hot 100.
  • Offset’s latest album with his bandmates, “Culture III,” was streamed 144.57 million times in the first week and secured 2nd place on the Billboard 200 chart.

The Private Side

Offset has been in multiple relationships and has children from most of his partners. He has five children from 4 different women, two of whom were born to famous rapper and his current wife, Cardi B.

Offset and Cardi B started dating in early 2017, and secretly got married on September 20, 2017, which TMZ later tracked down. However, Offset staged a public proposal in a live performance at Power 99’s the following month.

The couple had their first baby daughter, Kulture Cephus, in 2018. While Cardi B was pregnant with Kulture, Offset cheated on her, which was later proved via leaked texts with Summer Bunni and Cuban Doll. In September 2020, Cardi B filed for divorce, but reportedly got back with Offset the following month. Offset had his second child with Cardi B on September 4, 2021.

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Famous Quotes of Offset

  • “A lot of times when people get copied, they get copied and washed out. But you can’t even duplicate how we do it because it’s just so genuine. It’s just us.”
  • “My brothers kept me relevant. They got my back 100%. After all the times I’ve been incarcerated, they’ve always had my back.”
  • “You know how a machine is built to do one thing and one thing only? Well, the Migos machine is built to make the hits! No matter how it come out, it’s gonna be a hit!”
  • “You can never forget God. If you forget God, he’s gon’ forget you.”

The Social World

Lessons for Entrepreneurs

  1. Learn from your Mistakes. When Offset was arrested in 2015, his bandmates produced a debut album without him. He was upset that he had let his group down, and they had to work without them. He learned from his mistake and didn’t get involved in any sort of trouble that could jeopardize his career.
  1. Change the Conversation. Offset working on his debut album alone left people in shock. He proved to the world that he didn’t need any other person to accompany him in his career, not even his group.
  1. Trust, but Verify. The Migos group has been together since 2008, while most of the groups break up after just a few years due to ego, greed, and envy problems. The Migos proved that to succeed, you need to surround yourself with positive people who help each other to grow.
  1. Work Hard. Offset has been in the music industry for almost 14 years and has been making hits since. He started as a rookie but is now a gold-certified rapper.

The Unusual Stuff

  • Offset attended military school during his childhood
  • He is a fashion icon and has his own clothing brand by the name of Laundered Works Corp.
  • Cephus has five children in total.
  • Offset’s first four children appeared on the album cover of “Father of 4.”
  • Offset has a reputation of walking out of interviews if he doesn’t like the questions.

Answering Frequent Questions

Are Offset and Cardi B still together?

After Cardi B filed for divorce in 2020, the couple reunited the following month again. They are currently married.

What did Offset gift Cardi B for her 29th birthday?

Offset gifted her a multi-million dollar luxurious mansion in the Dominican Republic.

Did Offset go to college?

After graduating high school, Offset went to Riverside Military Academy. 

How does Offset make his money?

Aside from rapping, Offset earns money through brand sponsorship, club campaigns, brand campaigns, and passive income through the esports organization “FaZe,” in which he is an investor.

Is Migos interrelated?

All the bandmates in Migos are related by blood. Quavo is a cousin of Offset. Takeoff is the nephew of Quavo.

The Closing Remarks

Offset has established himself as an original artist along with the Migos. He has acquired millions of streams and album sales across the globe with “Father of 4” and is popularly recognized as the husband of famed rapper Cardi B. His path to success seems bright as Offset continues to release hits from time after time.

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