How is The Net Worth of Mason Ramsey $1m?

What is Mason Ramsey’s Net Worth?

Net Worth$1 Million
Source of WealthSinger
Date of BirthNovember 16, 2006
Height4’8 / 1.44m
Place of BirthGolconda, Illinois, United States
Star SignScorpio
Marital StatusUnmarried

The Usual Intro

Mason Ramsey, popularly recognized as “The Walmart Yodeling Boy,” is a 15-year-old American singer, songwriter, voice actor, and a TV personality.

Mason caught the eye of the public for singing “Lovesick Blues” by Hank Williams. The video was posted in 2018 and spread like wildfire on the internet. Mason has released a string of commercially successful songs like “Famous.”

Mason has also made appearances on many popular TV Shows and events like “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” Grand Ole Opry, and Coachella in 2018.

Before the Spotlight

Mason Ramsey was born on November 16, 2006, in Golconda, Illinois. His mother, Karen Ramsey, is a housewife while his father, John, is a hairstylist by profession. His family strictly follows Christianity.

Mason is currently studying at the Golconda High School. He began to develop a love for music when he was just three. His music taste was country oriented. Turning six, he began playing guitar to nurture his passion for music.

The Journey to Success

Mason became a worldwide sensation at the young age of 11. A video of him singing “Lovesick Blues” in front of air mattresses in Walmart instantly went viral and amassed him 25 million views. Many memes branched out from his video, which helped solidify his status as a viral internet sensation.

After catching media attention, Mason was invited on NBC’s “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” Mason performed his song “Lovesick Blues” and talked about how he desired to appear on the Grand Ole Opry. Ellen surprised him by booking it and also organized a concert for him at Harrisburg Walmart. 

In 2018, he signed a deal with Atlantic Record and Big Loud label. His song “Famous” shot him to stardom. It peaked at No. 62 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. Going forward, he dropped many hit singles like “Jambalaya” and “The Way I See It.” He was also featured on Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road.”

Mason’s fame increased even further after performing No.1 songs on Billboard Hot 100 for many prominent artists, including Adele, Beyoncé, and Billy Joel, to name a few.

The Best Moments

  • Released the cover of “Lovesick Blues”
  • Released “Before I Knew It” which became popular on TikTok
  • He sang at the Grand Ole Opry
  • Performed at the Country Bloom Music Festival

The Private Side

Mason has not disclosed much information about his personal life to the public. In 2018, he started dating Madison which he confirmed in a radio show with Ty, Kelly, & Chuck. Their relationship seems to be stable and Mason hopes to marry her when he becomes 20.

It has been rumored that Mason loves to play basketball. He is currently playing as Mason Blake. Mason, in an Instagram post, revealed that he is also a motivational speaker.

Mason Ramsey‘s Related YouTube Video

Famous Quotes of Mason Ramsey 

Ramsey’s words are inspirational for us. Let’s take a look at  some of his influential quotes:

  • “I don’t really practice ’cause I already know the songs. It’s kind of: if I do good, I do good, and if I mess up, I mess up.”
  • “I’m a country boy, and out in the old country, all we do is bale straws of hay, and next thing you know you’re sitting under a tree takin’ a nap with your hat down and a weed in your mouth.”
  • “You’ve gotta have time to be a kid, you’ve gotta have some time to play around and be goofy.”

The Social World

Ramsey’s fanbase has been increasing rapidly. Here are some of his active social media accounts:

Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Ramsey stands as an exemplary figure for us. Here are some lessons we can learn from his life:

  1. Follow Your Passion. Ramsey developed a strong liking for music at the tender age of four. He began practicing guitar when he was just six. His songs frequently broke into the Billboard Hot 100 Charts. And there’s no doubt that it was his passion that led him to this spot.
  2. Have Courage. The Walmart Yodeling Boy captured the spotlight for his fearlessness. He put his shyness aside and yodeled in front of thousands of people. Our fear restricts us from achieving our maximum potential. It was this video that made Mason an internet sensation.
  3. Spice Things Up. His yodeling style and bow-tie with cowboy boots seized the hearts of thousands. They absolutely loved the eleven-year-old music prodigy, mesmerizing millions of fans internationally. Think outside the box.
  4. Don’t Wait For Success. Mason did not gain mainstream success just by sitting and dreaming, rather he acted out. He made efforts and worked tirelessly to make his way into the Grand Ole Opry. His hard work paid off as he turned his dreams into reality.

The Unusual Stuff

Here are some jaw-dropping facts about internet sensation Mason Ramsey:

  • He appeared in a Burger King’s commercial.
  • Hank Williams’ “Lovesick Blues” climbed to No.3 on Spotify’s Viral 50 charts because of Ramsey’s yodeling.
  • He was marked No. 1 on 27th Annual Kentucky Opry Talent Search.
  • He was once nominated for Shorty Awards.

Answering Frequent Questions

Does Mason Ramsey have a crush on Mille Bobby Brown?

There’s a reason why Ramsey has been making songs about love. He revealed in Ellen’s show that he does indeed love Millie Bobby Brown.

Why did Mason Ramsey sing at the Walmart?

A woman from Walmart knew Mason and asked him to sing a song. Someone shot the video on camera and posted it on the internet.

Does Mason Ramsey work at Subway?

He has shared several videos of him working there, including making sub sandwiches, cleaning, and clips of dancing.

The Closing Remarks

With his innovative approach and hard work, Ramsey formed a formidable career in music. This young fifteen-year-old has achieved incredible feats in multiple spheres of life and is expected to reach many new milestones. From frequently breaking into the Billboard charts to collaborating with world-class musicians, Mason is truly living the dream life of every teenager.

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