How is The Net Worth of Lexi Rivera $3m?

What is Lexi Rivera’s net worth? 

Net Worth$3 Million
Source of WealthYoutube
Date of BirthJune 7, 2001
Height1.55 m
Place of BirthHuntington Beach, California, United States
Star SignGemini
PartnerBen Azelart (2018-2020)

The Usual Intro

Alexa Brooke Rivera is a 21-year-old Instagram and YouTube star. She is a popular social media influencer with over 9 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and 8 million followers on her Instagram profile. She is the younger sister of internet sensation Brent Rivera. 

Before the Spotlight

Alexa Rivera was born on June 7, 2001 to a shop owner and his wife, John and Laura Rivera. Lexi is the youngest and only sister of three brothers; Brent, Blake, and Brice. Brent and Brice are notable social media superstars, and Blake is a professional hockey player.

Lexi graduated from Huntington High School in West Virginia. She was said to be the No.1 ranked gymnast at her school and got into the University of California based on her abilities. Still, she never attended the university to pursue a career in YouTube. 

The Journey to Success

Lexi Rivera started her illustrious career with the help of her older brother, Brent. He already had a huge following on YouTube, and with his help, she jump started her career.

On August 21, 2010, Lexi created her YouTube channel. She uploaded her first video “Wait, Who’s My Favorite Brother? (Q&A)” in 2018 where she discussed her elder brothers and answered fan questions. Just two videos later, she went viral with the the video “Little Kids Nowadays (Lexi Edition)” which gained over 13 million views in little time.

Today, her content consists of lifestyle vlogs, tutorials, pranks, and reactions. Some of Lexi’s videos are currently sitting at over 25 million views. Her most viewed video is “I’m PREGNANT,” where she pranks everyone with a fake pregnancy. Lexi also has major collaborations with big names such as James Charles, Andrew Davila, and many more. 

Before starting her own channel, Alexa had appeared on Brent’s channel for several videos. She has also played a major role in the web show “Brobot,” which aired in 2018 on the YouTube channel Brat TV.

The Best Moments

  • Nominated for the Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Female Creator in 2022
  • She starred in the hit web show “Brobot”
  • Gained over 9 million subscribers and 2 billion views on her YouTube channel
  • She has almost 8.4 million followers on her Instagram account

The Private Side

Rivera dated professional skateboarder Ben Azelart for a period of almost two years between 2018 and 2020. They posted a video confirming that they had separated due to a very on-and-off relationship, but remain good friends.

Lexi was recently spotted with another Instagram influencer, Andrew Davila. The pair was seen hanging out frequently and at events together, but there has been no confirmation yet.

Lexi Rivera’s Related YouTube Video

Famous Quotes of Lexi Rivera

  • “Time passes with a pace; we are always on a chase. Let it pass; look through the glass. Slow and steady wins the race, don’t lose the grace. Sunset takes its time; that’s its shine.” 
  • “Sitting beneath sunlight, the floor looks white. I do wanna fight, but for people, right.”
  • “If you have stories to tell, here is no time to waste. Tell those stories so people can dwell, no one can copy-paste the original taste.”

Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Lexi’s story to fame leaves her fans truly in awe and one to take great inspiration from. Here are some success lessons to be learned from her life:

  1. Love yourself. As an Instagram model, Lexi has devoted her life to being in her best physique. She takes care of herself and exercises regularly to maintain her figure. It shows that loving yourself and treating your body with care leads to happiness and contentment.
  2. Never let anyone bring you down. The internet is a grim place filled with keyboard warriors. Rivera rose to fame on her own accord with some help from her elder brothers. However, the public claims that she used her brother, Brent, for fame and that everything was handed to her on a silver platter.
  3. Family matters. During the course of her life, Lexi has always stuck by her family and relied on her brothers to have her back. At every opportunity, Lexi is seen thanking her family for providing her with the capabilities to pursue her dreams and achieve what she had always wanted. She looks up to her brothers for guidance and knowledge.

The Unusual Stuff

Here are some facts about Lexi that you might not have heard before:

  • Lexi’s favorite movie is “Blades of Glory,” and her favorite TV show is “Happy Friday.”
  • Her favorite food is sushi.
  • Lexi mastered gymnastics at an early age and later on became an elite-level gymnast.
  • David Dobrik is Lexi’s favorite YouTuber.
  • Lexi Rivera was rumoured to be dating vine-star Hayes Grier but confirmed that the two are just friends.

Answering Frequent Questions

How is Lexi Rivera related to Brent Rivera?

Lexi Rivera is the younger sister of YouTube star Brent Rivera. Brent is three years older than Lexi.

Why did Lexi Rivera and Ben Azelart break up?

Lexi and Ben decided to break up in November 2020, after almost three years of dating, because they both mutually decided that their relationship was too confusing now. The root cause seems to be the on-and-off nature of their relationship.

Did Lexi Rivera get a Kids’ Choice Award?

She was nominated for the Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Female Creator in 2022 alongside Charli D’Amelio, Miranda Sings, and Emma Chamberlain, but she did not win the award. Charli D’Amelio was awarded the prize.

The Closing Remarks

As of today, Lex Rivera has a net worth of over $3 million and enjoys her status as an internet sensation. She has establish an empire over multiple social media platforms and continues to grow her following each day. Despite being called out for using her brother’s popularity, Lexi has amassed a strong fan base of millions.

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