How is The Net Worth of Kodak Black $600,000?

What is Kodak Black’s net worth?

Net Worth$600,000
Source of WealthProfessional Rapping
Date of BirthJune 11, 1997
Height1.7 m (5’7”)
Place of BirthPompano Beach, Florida, USA
Star SignGemini
ReligionChristianity (Unofficial)

The Usual Intro

Bill Kahan Kapri, professionally known as Kodak Black, is a controversial American hip-hop artist who lives up to the enormity of his song lyrics. Black’s initial fame came through his debut single “No Flockin” released in 2014. 

His career experiences a sudden spike of success every time he releases a new album. Besides mainstream popularity, Black has been involved in several legal problems and has faced jail time in federal prison due to possession of firearms. However, being incarcerated did not stop Black from continuing to work on his music.

Before the Spotlight

Bill Kahan Kapri was born on June 11, 1997, in Pompano Beach, Florida, USA. He was born Dieuson Octave but legally changed his name later. His father left the family when he was a kid. Black’s mother, Marcelene Octave, raised him alone in a public housing project in Pompano Beach. 

Black was a troubled child who neglected his studies. Being influenced by his locality, he started selling drugs and was involved in multiple petty crimes. He was expelled from school due to a brawl and spent his time at trap houses recording music. 

At 15, he was arrested on a serious charge, but a producer who recognized his talent bailed him out. Since childhood, Bill called himself “Black” and eventually changed his nickname to “Kodak Black,” which became his stage name.

The Journey to Success

Black joined rap groups Brutal Youngenz and The Kolyons while going by the nickname “J-Black.” He released three consecutive mixtapes from 2013 to 2015, with the debut mixtape being “Project Baby.” He gained popularity after getting online recognition from the famous rapper Drake. The event led to Atlantic Records signing him under their label in 2015. After featuring in French Montana’s song, Black’s single “Skrt” reached 10th on the Billboard Top 100 chart.

In 2016, he released his fourth mixtape, his best one yet, breaking personal records on the charts. XXL magazine mentioned him in the “2016 Freshman Class” with other artists like Lil Uzi Vert. He was arrested for armed robbery charges and released a song while convicted. 

Black released his debut studio album, “Painting Pictures,” and another mixtape the following year. In 2018, Black was arrested again due to multiple felonies. He released a special mixtape for Valentine’s Day that year. Black worked with countless great artists, some of whom are Travis Scott, Offset, and NLE Choppa. 

Black released his second album before going to federal prison in 2018. He released his third album while serving his prison sentence. In 2021, he was pardoned and released by former President Donald Trump. He recently released his fourth studio album in 2022.

The Best Moments

  • Breakthrough song “No Flockin” (2014)
  • Popular song “Skrt” (2014)
  • Signing a deal with Atlantic Records (2015)
  • Debut studio album “Painting Pictures” (2017)
  • Released from prison due to presidential pardon (2021)

The Private Side

While convicted, Black met a Hebrew priest and became a Hebrew Israelite. He later changed his legal name. In 2018, he completed his GED while in jail. Although Black is not the ideal citizen, he is a dedicated philanthropist. He has made donations to various children’s centers and childcare facilities. On two separate occasions, he donated to the families of the victims of gun violence. After XXXTentacion’s death, Black donated $50,000 to his late friend’s son.

Black keeps his dating life private, so there is little information about his partners. He is known to have had many affairs with multiple women. His longest relationship was with fellow rapper Melody Faith, also known as Mellow Rackz. They got engaged in 2021 but split up later that year. It is rumored that he is currently dating a model who goes by the stage name Essence. Black is a father to three children from separate women.

Black has an extensive criminal record with countless felonies that came under the radar of the FBI. Some recurring crimes and misdemeanors include illegal possession of firearms and possession of drugs. In 2016, a woman in Florence, South Carolina, made rape allegations and pressed charges against Black. They were later brought down to minor sexual assault charges, to which Black pled guilty in a plea deal. 

Black has anger issues, evident from his multiple counts of assault. These include hitting a bartender and his anger management counselor. Kodak was sentenced to almost four years of prison in 2019. However, he was released in 2021 on a presidential pardon from Donald Trump.

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Famous Quotes of Kodak Black

Black has intense opinions. Here are some of his impactful words:

  • “People just see the shine. They don’t see the grind, the bags under my eyes. It was a lot of grinding, setbacks… I ain’t finna let nothing stop me. Wherever I stop at, I already know who I am.”
  • “Adults think it’s disrespectful when you don’t let them disrespect you.”
  • “I put my heart in my lyrics. I gave it all I could give.”

The Social World

Here are the social media statistics of Kodak Black:

Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Here are some of Black’s secrets to success:

  1. Never stop for anyone. Others never influenced Black. Being discouraged by what others say will only bring you down.
  1. Play by your own rules. Black always does things his way, no matter how different from conventional methods. It’s important to realize how you prefer to do a task instead of always following accustomed routes.
  1. Don’t use your circumstances as an excuse. Black grew up in a crime-ridden area but still managed to become successful. If he can do it, so can you.
  1. Always work hard. Black was incarcerated but still managed to release an entire album. Success without hard work is a myth.

The Unusual Stuff

Here are some less-known facts about Kodack Black:

  • The first time he called himself “Kodak Black” was putting it as his Instagram username.
  • Black dislikes his skin complexion and women who are dark-skinned.
  • After becoming a Hebrew Israelite, he released the album “Bill Israel.”

Answering Frequent Questions

Is Kodak Black Hebrew Israelite?

According to official documents, he is still Hebrew. However, he states that he has accepted Jesus and converted to Christianity unofficially after meeting with Christian ministers Kevin Louidar and Annia Icart.

Does Kodak Black have a permanent teeth grill?

Black had a 24-karat gold teeth grill. He got it removed in 2017 due to gum disease. He later bought a diamond grill for himself and his son.

Why was Kodak Black in a wheelchair?

In early 2022, Black was shot outside an Italian restaurant in Los Angeles during Justin Bieber’s Super Bowl party. He was initially in a wheelchair in the hospital. Now, he is reportedly back on his feet with the support of a walker.

The Closing Remarks

Kodak Black is not the perfect role model, but he is undoubtedly a successful music artist. He is often compared to Lil Wayne based on his music style and Tupac due to his gangster lifestyle. Despite facing tons of legal action against him, Black continues to work hard on his music career.

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