How is The Net Worth of Jeannie Mai $4,000,000?

What is Jeannie Mai’s Net Worth?

Net Worth$4 Million
Source of WealthHost, Makeup Artist, Endorsements
Date of BirthJanuary 4, 1979
Height5’4 / 1.63m
Place of BirthSan Jose, California, United States
Star SignCapricorn
Marital StatusMarried

The Usual Intro

Jeannie Mai is an iconic American TV personality, makeup artist, and fashion model. Beginning her career as a makeup artist, she transitioned to becoming a renowned celebrity stylist.

She rose to prominence after contributing to the reality TV show “How Do I Look?” and the daytime talk show “The Real.” Mai’s diverse knowledge in the art of makeup has established her as a top American fashion expert, featuring in numerous well-known TV shows like “Today,” “Extra TV,” and “Insider.”

Before the Spotlight

Jeannie Mai was born to James and Olivia on January 4, 1979, in San Jose, California. Her father was Chinese, while her mother was Vietnamese. 

She got her early education from Milpitas High School and later went to De Anza College, graduating with a degree in Communications.

The Journey to Success

The seeds to her international fame were sown when Jeannie was only 18. Mai garnered an immense love for makeup and began working for MAC Cosmetics. Working with the company gave her the opportunity to do makeup for high-profile celebrities like Alicia Keys, Jennifer Aniston, and Christina Aguilera, to name a few.

Mai also tried her hands at hosting TV shows. She began auditioning for local TV networks with self-written scripts and eventually secured a position on the Asian-American show “Stir” as a co-host. She got her breakthrough in 2005 after becoming the host of the TV show “Character Fantasy” where participants got to live their fantasies.

In 2009, she hit another impressive milestone by becoming the host of a fashion makeover-oriented show titled “How Do I Look?” which aired on Style Network. Her grand success with the show landed her many other prominent hosting roles, including on NBC’s “Extra TV” and “The Biggest Loser.”

In 2013, she hosted the live weekly series titled “Style Pop.” In the same year, she co-hosted the daytime talk show called “The Real” alongside other famous personalities such as Tamar Braxton, Adrienne Bailon, Loni Love, etc. Mai’s other notable appearances were in the reality competition show “Steampunk’d,” where she was a host, and CBS’ “Entertainment Tonight,” where she was a fashion correspondent.

The Best Moments

  • Won Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host.
  • Was the host of American Music Awards.
  • Became a sideline reporter on ABC’s reality show “Holey Moley.”
  • Appeared in “Dude” and “Where’s Your Style.”

The Private Side

Jeannie married American TV personality Freddy Harteis on August 11, 2007. After a decade, they both filed for divorce. Jeannie met an American rapper, Jeezy, and married him in 2021. The couple was blessed with a daughter, Monaco Mai Jenkins, in the same year.

Jeannie has endorsed various reputable brands and worked for the welfare of society. She became the brand ambassador of “Pacific Links Foundation” to eliminate human trafficking in Vietnam and promote education and shelter. She was also the brand ambassador for “” and has endorsed brands such as Ford, The Limited, Macy’s, etc.

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Famous Quotes of Jeannie Mai

Jeanie Mai’s words of wisdom are a blessing for us. Here are some meaningful quotes by her:

  • “I believe the green movement is gaining momentum because people are becoming more educated about the real importance of living green.”
  • “There’s a tiny vial of turmeric I like to add to my tea and my facial cleanser. It revitalizes and detoxifies – it does everything.”
  • “So my mom really taught me to be fearless, and I love her! She’s just so much fun! She is completely the reason why I am a personality and a success to myself today.”

Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Jeannie stands as a bold figure for us. Here are some lessons we can learn:

  1. Passion. Jeannie became interested in the styling sector from a very young age. Just at the age of 18, she began working with MAC cosmetics. Her immense love and passion for makeup turned her into a top fashion expert across America.
  2. Expand Your Options. Sure, Jeannie was passionate about makeup, but was that the only idea she centered on? Jeannie also developed an interest in acting, particularly as a host. She was able to secure many roles as a host that accelerated her career to stardom.
  3. Hard Work. Success can never be attained without constant effort. Even though she started off as a rookie-level makeup artist, Jeannie endured many hardships and refined her artistic skills. It took her years of practice to achieve perfection in this field.
  4. Take Advice. Jeannie’s mother was a great inspiration for her. She taught her how inexpensive makeup was to color in who you are. Her mother shaped her mindset to pursue her dreams.

The Unusual Stuff

Here are some mind-boggling facts about Jeanie Mai that we bet you didn’t know:

  • She once considered getting a butt implant.
  • Her parents named her after a lead character in “I Dream of Jeannie.”
  • Mai is a Germaphobe and uses restrooms without any skin contact.
  • She hosted Miss USA in 2012. 

Answering Frequent Questions

What languages does Jeanie Mai speak?

Mai possesses the talent for speaking multiple languages. She can speak English, Spanish, and Vietnamese fluently.

Is Jeannie Mai still on the show “The Real?”

After premiering eight seasons, the show is finally coming to an end. According to PEOPLE, the show has been canceled as of 2022.

How did Jeanne Mai meet Jeezy?

They both met on the set of “The Real” and since then kept their relationship private until August 2019.

The Closing Remarks

Today, Jeannie Mai can be referred to as the true ‘beauty with brains.’ She gained lots of recognition as a jack of the trades and queen of the makeup industry. She taught us how makeup is not a skill but an art. Mai put consistent effort into making women feel seen, heard, and included. She channels the same energy into her work as an Emmy award-winning television host.

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