How is The Net Worth of Jayda Cheaves $4m?

What is Jayda Cheaves’ net worth? 

Net Worth$4 Million
Source of WealthBusinesswoman, Instagram Model
Date of BirthSeptember 25, 1997
Height5’3 ft / 160 cm
Place of BirthSavannah, Georgia, United States
Star SignLibra
PartnerLil Baby (ex boyfriend)

The Usual Intro

Jayda Cheaves is an American model, influencer, Youtuber, and entrepreneur. She came under the spotlight after becoming famous on Instagram, where she posts bold pictures, lifestyle content, and sponsorship of her products.

Due to her impeccable fashion sense and entrepreneurial skills, Jayda also became a brand ambassador and represents many labels. She got lots of public attention after getting involved in a romantic relationship with fellow rapper Lil Baby. Lately, she has been teasing the release of a new fashion lineup with the world-famous sportswear brand Adidas. 

Before the Spotlight

Amour Jayda was born on September 25, 1997, in Savannah, Georgia. Over the years, she has managed to keep information about her family and past private. However, media reports confirmed that she has a sister and a younger brother, Ameerah and Jaelen. 

Jayda graduated from Windsor Forest High School in May 2015 and enrolled for a bachelor’s degree from the University of Georgia. Amour decided to become an entrepreneur at the age of 16. 

She would buy used clothes and sell them at a good profit on Poshmark (a website that deals in buying and selling used clothes). Later, she started selling her personalized apparel on Facebook and Instagram and even formed her online platform called “Waydamin”. The business quickly prospered and helped her get a good work experience.

The Journey to Success

After the success of her online clothing platform, Jayda partnered up with well-reputed brands like Fashion Nova, Pretty Little Things, and GSU WOO, where she produced her clothing line under their retail network. She is currentlyworking on a new clothing line which will drop soon. 

Additionally, Jayda is a hairstyling enthusiast who operates her online store, “Amour Jayda Hair,” which sells hairstyling products, wigs, and hair bundles. According to reports, she made $2.5 million between 2016 and 2018 through this business model alone.

Jayda is also a professional makeup artist. She creates makeup tutorials and shares them on her YouTube channel and Instagram. Lately, Jayda has also been involved in developing beauty products in collaboration with Ulta, which will be released soon.

Besides that, Jayda is also very socially active across all platforms. She has amassed a considerable fan following on her YouTube channel and receives thousands of views daily. She primarily uploads daily vlogs and promotes her products on YouTube.

The Best Moments

  • Became an entrepreneur at 16
  • Worked with Fashion Nova, Pretty Little Things, and GSU WOO
  • Created her own clothing website, “Waydamin”
  • Stared an online store, “Amour Jayda Hair,” for selling hair-related products
  • Involved in a number of brand endorsement deals

The Private Side

In 2017, Jayda started dating rapper Dominique Jones, famously known as Lil Baby. They met through Jayda’s sister Ameerah and have been together since. The relationship brought Jayda under the spotlight and helped her gain publicity. 

They couple would post each other’s pictures so frequently that fans believed they would get married. They were also blessed with a son named Loyal Armani two years later. However, their relationship ended in 2021 after Lil Baby was found guilty of infidelity. Reports suggest that Lil Baby cheated on Jayda with multiple women, including porn star Ms.London, whom he paid $6,000.

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Lessons for Entrepreneurs

  1. Start working young. Jayda decided that she wanted to do business from a young age. Hence, she started selling used clothes for profit at the age of 16. This helped her gain experience at an early age and become a multi-millionaire.
  2. Diversify into other businesses. After Jayda found her own clothing brand, she didn’t stick with one business.Instead, she found her own hairstyling company and became an Instagram model while also representing a number of brand endorsement deals which helped her forge her wealth.
  3. Use social media the right way. Sponsoring her work was a major breakthrough for Jayda. It helped her reach millions of people and rapidly expand her business into the millions.

The Unusual Stuff

Here are some facts about Jayda that you might not have known before:

  • Jayda loves to travel.
  • Since highschool, Jayda hadn’t been single until she broke up with Lil Baby.
  • She co-parents her son Loyal Armani with Lil Baby.
  • Lil Baby gifted Jayda a car and multiple Birkin bags on Mother’s day.

Answering Frequent Questions

Are Jayda Cheaves and Lil Baby still together?

After 6 years of relationship Jayda Cheaves called it quits with rapper Lil Baby after he was found guilty of cheating on her with other women.

How much does Jayda Cheaves make?

Jayda Cheaves makes approximately $2 million annually through her various business ventures.

What does Jayda Cheaves’ sister, Ameerah do?

Jayda Cheaves’ sister, Ameerah, is the owner of salon in Georgia called “The Glam Trap in Decatur”.

The Closing Remarks

Jayda Cheaves became popular for her clothing business and other entrepreneurial ventures which helped her reach new heights of success. However, her biggest boost to fame was after she got romantically involved with Atlanta-based rapper Lil Baby. Today, Jayda continues to make millions from brand deals and is on her way to becoming one of the most famous influencers on Instagram.

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