How is The Net Worth of Javon Walton $1m?

What is Javon Walton’s net worth? 

Net Worth$1 Million
Source of WealthActor, Boxer and Gymnast
Date of BirthJuly 22, 2006
Height1.5 m
Place of BirthAtlanta, Georgia, United States
Star SignCancer

The Usual Intro

Javon Walton is a famous American actor and boxer. He is recognized for starring in the hit TV show “Euphoria” and his up-coming boxing career. Javin is also doing brand endorsement for Under Armour and appeared alongside Dwayne Johnson. He has been given the title of “Wanna” by his father for his tremendous skills and exceptional career achievements as a child star.

Before the Spotlight

Javon Walton was born on July 22, 2006 in Atlanta Georgia. He is the son of DJ Walton, the founder and head boxing coach of a gym named ONWARD athletics. His mother, Jessica, is a pop culture figure and a published author.

Javin has three siblings; Jaden Walton, Daelo Jin Walton, and Jayla Cookie. All of Javon’s family members are involved in sports one way or the other. Javon completed his high school degree from a local private school.

The Journey to Success

Javon started training at the age of four after being inspired by his father’s boxing career. He became the USA Boxing South East Regional Champion four times and Georgia State Champion five times. 

Walton also earned impressive fame in the field of gymnastics. The young sensation was chosen to represent Under Armour. His exceptional skills led to him being featured in “Will Finds A Way” campaign with Dwayne Johnson and shooting ads for the Muhammed Ali collection.

Javon rose to prominence as a child actor after he landed a role in the famous teen drama TV series, Euphoria. His incredible performance as Ashtray landed him another lead role in one of the American thriller series, Utopia.

Javon has also provided vocals for a character in the animated comedy movie “The Adam’s Family 2.” According to sources, he will be starring in the upcoming season of the hit Netflix show “The Umbrella Academy.”

The Best Moments

  • Built an entire gymnastics team while in kindergarten
  • Won the ‘elite’ rank in trampoline and tumbling in the 2018 USA Gymnastics
  • Starred as Ashtray, the main character in the HBO show Euphoria
  • Earned more than $400,000 from movies roles

The Private Side

Javon was born in a well-settled Christian family in Atlanta, Georgia. His full name iis Javon “Wanna” Walton, but his fans commonly address him as Javon. 

Not much has been revealed about his love life as Javon prefers to keep his personal details private. Walton owns a $1.2 million 3,000-square-foot mansion in the USA. 

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Famous Quotes of Javon Walton

Here are some famous quotes from the child-actor Javon Walton:

  • “Boxing is a huge mental game that combines physical and spiritual power, that requires right and disciplined preparation from the beginning.”
  • “When I got the call to read for the part of Ashtray, I had never even considered acting. Memorizing the lines came super easy to me, and I was able to connect with the character without any coaching,”
  • “My first scene, my first time ever acting, was with Zendaya. And just like with boxing, I became a sponge and wanted to be the best. I learned a lot from watching Zendaya on set, and Sam (Levinson) gave me the confidence and support to shape Ashtray as I saw him.”

Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Here are some lessons we can learn from Javon’s early success and accomplishments:

  1. Follow your passion. Pursuing your passion and doing something you genuinely enjoy helps you find happiness and a sense of accomplishment. Javon put all his energy into boxing, and has won 9 championships so far at the age of 16.
  2. Practice self-discipline. Self-discipline is a virtue common among all those living a successful life. Javon’s prolific career is a perfect example of being motivated, punctual, and taking action regardless of any distractions.
  3. Be willing to diversify. Although Javon was heavily involved in boxing from a young age, he availed the opportunity to star in a TV show which skyrocketed his fame. This fame is likely to help Javon in his future boxing career as well.

The Unusual Stuff

Here are some facts about Javon Walton that you might not have known before:

  • In 2017, Steve Harvey found Javon through social media and presented him with an opportunity to showcase his acting skills.
  • Javon began his proper wrestling training when he was four years old.
  • Javon has a twin brother named Jaden.
  • Walton is currently preparing to participate in the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Answering Frequent Questions

How was Javon Walton discovered?

Javon’s acting career began after an interview with American TV producer and host, Steve Harvey. He was invited to the Steve Harvey Morning Show to discuss his flourishing boxing career.

Why is Javon called “Wanna”?

Javon’s passion for boxing earned him the nickname” Wanna.”​ He talks about how he worked hard every day of his journey to accomplish his dream of becoming a boxer. That is when his father, DJ Walton, gave him the title “Wanna.”

How old are Javon and Jaden Walton?

Javon and Jaden are twin brothers born on July 22, 2006. As of 2022, they are 16 years old.

The Closing Remarks

Javon is an immensely talented boxer who won the Georgia state championship in gymnastics and boxing at an extremely young age. He later pursued an acting career, acquiring the role of Ashtray on HBO’s Euphoria and Grant on Amazon’s Utopia. He has signed several brand endorsement deals and is one of the top rising child celebrities of 2022.

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