How is The Net Worth of The Island Boys $600k?

What is the net worth of The Island Boys?

The Island Boys are 20-year-old twins Franky and Alex, who became a viral sensation through their rap song ‘I’m an Island Boy’ on the popular app TikTok. With over 17 million views on the video, both the boys have become overnight stars, partly through their distinct appearances, and have acquired a collective net worth of over $600,000.

Net Worth$600,000
Source of WealthTikTok/Brand Deals/Merch/YouTube
Height1.7 (5 ‘7)
Place of BirthWest Palm Beach, Florida, USA
Star SignCancer

Before the Spotlight

Franky Venegas and Alex Venegas were born on July 16, 2001, in Florida, USA. They grew up with their mom as their father died of a heart attack when the boys were just six years old.

They went to prestigious schools but had a troublesome upbringing. At 13, the duo served time in juvenile centers for committing assault and burglaries.

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The Journey to Success

Franky, who also goes by the name Kodiyakredd, started his career in 2020 and released a couple of songs; 9ine, My Time, and Smoke. Alex, whose rapper name is Flyysoulja, released his first song, ‘In This Pain In My Body’ in August 2020. 

Their careers took off when the boys posted a video of them in a hot tub freestyling to their song ‘I’m an Island Boy’ on TikTok in October 2021. The video went viral overnight and got watched over 10 million times within a couple of months before being mysteriously removed.

According to reports, the Island Boys are set to appear in an influencer boxing reality show produced by LiveOne & Propogate Content. Two winners from a pool of 32 male and female influencers will reportedly win a $1 million cash prize. The founder of LiveOne, Rob Ellin, showed keen interest in signing the duo for the TV show.


During January 2022, Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg appeared on an episode of “2021 and Done” where the two made fun of the viral Island Boys freestyle rapping video for being unentertaining and bland.

In the same month, the Island Boys posted a video with Cameo supposedly through the donation of a U.S. Army Recruitment officer. A spokesperson for the U.S. Army later clarified that no funds were donated to the pair and no officer was involved in the commissioning of the video.

The duo also clashed with Logan Paul in December 2021 on an epsiode of Impaulsive. One of the co-host, George Janko, gave the brothers financial advice which was received negatively. The two ended up walking off the set. Later, the duo appeared at a boxing match to support Logan Paul, but were booed and removed from the arena for throwing shoes.

In July 2022, an ex-manager of the Island Boys claimed that the brothers owed him $150,000 as a cut for the videos they made on Cameo. He also claimed that their bank accounts have run dry and the brothers are on the verge of bankruptcy.

Franky Venegas was caught beating his girlfriend, Montaisha, on Instagram Live in 2022. Montaisha later appeared to have suffered a ruptured lip and was bleeding from her mouth. The footage immediately blew up on social media, but no charges were pressed against Franky.

Why The Island Boys Career Died So Quickly

The Private Side

Both parents of the Island Boys were from Cuba. They reportedly come from a wealthy background. The twins love body art and have various symbols/numbers tattooed on their torso, face, arms, and neck.

Alex Venegas is reportedly in a relationship with an Instagram influencer who goes by the handle @toxiicfaiiry. The two reportedly have a daughter name Kaylia.

The Best Moments

  • The Island Boys were awarded a gold play button from YouTube after their channel hit 100K+ subscribers!
  • The duo launched a merchandise store on LinkTree where they sell custom t-shirts and sweatshirts!
  • The first concert of the Island Boys at the LVI Nightclub, Miami ended with them walking off the stage after being booed by the crowd! 
  • The twin brothers launched their own NFT which you can purchase for Ethereum!

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Island Boys Related Youtube Video

Famous Quotes of Island Boys

  • “I’m an island boy, so I love my reggae and soca music.”
  • “Through the storm, through the rain, ‘coz we try a home like a lime.”
  • “I’m a island boy, I been tryin’ to make it, Sittin’ with the gang gang slang, you ain’t just sayin’ no cane.”

Social World

TikTok Followers (@flyysouljah): 5.8 Million (March 2022)

TikTok Followers (@kodiyakredd): 3.1 Million (March 2022)

Instagram Followers (@flyysouljah): 1 Million (March 2022)

Instagram Followers (@kodiyakredd): 1 Million (March 2022)

YouTube (Big Bang Ent): 133K subscribers (March 2022)

Lessons in Entrepreneurship

  1. Never let rough times define you. Both Franky and Alex frequently landed in trouble with the law during their teens. But ever since they’ve become famous, the two have reformed and now maintain a much cleaner public image. 
  2. All it takes is one stroke of luck to become famous. The twins made songs and videos for a year before getting their lucky shot, a reminder that you should keep pushing toward your goals, and your breakthrough will eventually come.

The Unusual Stuff

  • In February 2022, SWAT raided the brothers’ Florida house to arrest their associate, who was a suspect in the murder of an 8-year-old!
  • The twins were arrested at the age of 13 and placed in juvenile jail on charges of assault and robbery!
  • Fellow TikTok star, Bryce Hall, called out the Island Boys for a boxing match in 2022!
  • The duo appeared on the popular ‘Impaulsive’ podcast but left mid-interview after an altercation with a co-host!

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Answering Your Frequent Questions

Where do the Island Boys live?

Franky currently resides in New York while his twin-brother Alex still lives in their home in West Palm Beach, Florida. The former spent some time living in Indiana for a while.

Who came up with the Island Boy song?

Alex Venegas (aka Flyysoulja) came up with the inspiration behind their song ‘Island Boy.’ However, both brothers contributed to the lyrics and vocals of the rap song.

What is the ethnicity of the Island Boys?

The parents of Franky and Alex are Cuban and share a Cuban heritage. However, the boys were born in the USA, making them American nationals.

Closing Remarks

Having a net worth of over $600,000 at 20 years of age makes the Island Boys among the youngest rappers to amass such a fortune. Their song has received equal amounts of criticism and hate from their audience, but their social following increases daily. 

The twins are reportedly earning over $50,000 a year from multiple income streams, including Cameo shoutouts and selling merchandise.

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