How is The Net Worth of Will Ferrell a Whopping $160m?

What is Will Ferrel’s net worth?

Net Worth$160 million
Source of WealthActing, comedy, producing, writing
Date of BirthJuly 16, 1967
Nationality American
Height6’4 ft / 193 cm
Place of BirthIrvine, California
Star SignCancer
PartnerViveca Paulin (m. 2000)

The Usual Intro

Will Ferrell is a world-renowned actor, comedian, producer, and writer. His net worth is estimated somewhere around $160 million. 

Ferrell is known for his comedic roles in movies like Elf, The Other Guys, and the Anchorman movies.

Emerging in the 1990s along with comedic actors like Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, Owen Wilson, and Ben Stiller, Ferrell is known as part of the Frat Pack

For over three decades, Will Ferrell has made his mark as one of the leading funny men in Hollywood. 

Before the Spotlight

Born John William Ferrell in 1967, Ferrell was the son of an elementary school teacher and a musician who played for the Righteous Brothers. 

His parents divorced when Ferrell was eight years old. Always looking on the bright side and finding the humor in a situation, Ferrell tried to make the best of it for himself and his younger brother.

Ferrell never dreamed of entering the entertainment industry. His father’s job made him want to pursue other things. However, he always enjoyed making people laugh.

Throughout his childhood, Ferrell made it his business to make other people laugh. He performed comedy skits in school and at talent shows. 

In college, he studied broadcasting and was something of a prankster. After graduating, he performed poorly at his early jobs. Finally, he moved to Los Angeles to join a comedy group. 

The Journey to Success

While never successful as a stand-up comedian, Ferrell found some success with his first comedy group. He mastered improvisation and impersonations. 

In the mid-1990s, a producer from Saturday Night Live saw Ferrell perform and invited Ferrell to audition for SNL and the show’s creator, Lorne Michaels, who hired him immediately. 

Ferrell worked on SNL for seven years. As a cast member on SNL, Ferrell was especially popular for his impersonations. He took on various characters, including Ted Kennedy and Alex Trebek. 

He also performed with many original characters who gained critical acclaim as SNL staples during his tenure there.  

After leaving the show, Ferrell would return to host five times. When he left the show, he was its highest-paid cast member. 

While he worked on SNL, Ferrell simultaneously got his start working in feature films. He had guest appearances in all three Austin Powers movies, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and the Ben Stiller film Zoolander

His first starring role came after he left SNL. In 2003 he played the leading role in the comedy Old School. Ferrell’s comedic timing and high energy earned him an MTV Movie Award nomination, the first of many such nominations. 

Ferrell went on to star in many comedic films. He took on the leading role in ElfAnchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, and a supporting role in Starsky & Hutch

His position as a member of Hollywood’s comedy dream team was well secured. The comedy-drama Stranger Than Fiction in 2006 showed off his acting chops, although he continued to star mostly in comedies. 

In 2010, he produced and co-starred in The Other Guys with Mark Wahlberg. The film was a critical success, performing well at the box office and earning rave reviews from movie critics. 

Ferrell would join forces with Mark Wahlberg again for Daddy’s Home and Daddy’s Home 2.

Ferrell’s accolades include Primetime Emmy Awards, two ESPY Awards, a Golden Raspberry Award, and an MTV Movie Award.

In 2015 he became British GQ’s Comedian of the Year; in 2011, he won the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor; in 2015, he earned a spot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 

The Best Moments

Ferrell’s career is a long and interesting one, including many notable highlights:

  • He pursued broadcasting in college but didn’t want a career in the field
  • When he was working at a bank, his mother convinced him to follow something he loved
  • Moving to L.A. got him involved in his first comedy group
  • SNL producer Michael Lorne brought him into the cast immediately
  • His comedic talents quickly earned him a spot in the Frat Pack
  • As an actor and producer, Ferrell has never stopped making comedies

The Private Side

Ferrell married Swedish actress Viveca Paulin in 2000. The two met in 1995 and now have three boys together. 

Ferrell is deeply involved in many charities and has participated in multiple marathons. 

As a sports fan, Ferrell has a working relationship with the head coach of the Seattle Seahawks. He frequently performs motivational sketches for the team. 

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Lessons for Entrepreneurs

A few critical success lessons come from Ferrell’s career:

  • It’s okay to take time to find your passion
  • Pursue more than one hobby 
  • Versatility expands your horizons

The Unusual Stuff

Here are a few interesting facts about Will Ferrell:

  • He didn’t think show business would provide a stable income
  • Ferrell made his high school’s morning announcements in different voices
  • Ferrell’s audition character for SNL became a staple of the show during his tenure

Answering Frequent Questions

Here are the commonly asked questions about Will Ferrell.

Is Will Ferrell Mexican?

Ferrell was born in California and came from European ancestry. 

Are Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell friends in real life?

Ferrell and Wahlberg share a solid friendship off-screen. 

Can Will Ferrell speak Swedish?

Ferrell learned Swedish to impress his wife, a Swedish actress.

The Closing Remarks

Will Ferrell has made a name for himself as one of the leading funny guys in Hollywood. His lifetimes of hard work and dedication to the craft have made him widely successful on and off the screen. Getting his start on SNL, Ferrell pursued comedic roles throughout his career.

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