How is The Net Worth of Jordyn Woods $6m?

What is Jordyn Woods’ net worth?

Net Worth$6 million
Source of WealthSocial Media
Date of BirthSeptember 23rd, 1997
Height5’9 ft / 175.3 cm
Place of BirthLos Angeles, California
Star SignLibra
PartnerKarl-Anthony Towns

The Usual Intro

Jordyn Woods is most famous for being Kylie Jenner’s best friend. The two co-starred on the reality television show Life of Kylie, a Keeping Up With the Kardashians spinoff. She has earned over $6 million through her appearances on Life of Kylie and her other endeavors. Like the Kardashians, she is rich primarily because of her looks and social standing. 

She models and works against body shaming in the Hollywood industry. Outside of modeling and acting, Woods has entrepreneurial endeavors, such as a clothing line and a self-care app, making her more than simply a model who acts. 

Before the Spotlight

Jordyn Woods was born and raised in California and surrounded by Hollywood culture even as a child. Her father was a television sound engineer and worked on many popular shows, including The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. However, he passed away from cancer when Woods was nineteen. 

After moving from school to school, Jordyn Woods finished high school as a homeschooler. She decided to homeschool because all the schools she attended were primarily white, and she moved around many times as a child. Woods became good friends with Kylie Jenner and became famous when the Kardashians did. 

Sources of Income

Woods’ net worth is largely derived from her career as an influencer and model. She has worked with numerous fashion brands and has amassed a large following on social media platforms, which allows her to charge significant fees for sponsored content and partnerships.

In addition to her work as an influencer, Woods has also earned income through her reality TV appearances and her various business ventures.

Investments and Assets

In addition to her income streams, Woods has also made smart investments throughout her career. She has invested in real estate and has purchased several properties over the years.

Net Worth Evolution

Woods’ net worth has grown significantly over the course of her career. According to Celebrity Net Worth, her net worth is estimated at around $6 million.

Rise to Fame

Woods’ career took off in the early 2010s when she became a close friend of the Kardashian-Jenner family. She appeared on several seasons of the reality TV show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and became a regular fixture in the world of reality TV.

In addition to her reality TV appearances, Woods also developed a successful career as an influencer and model. She has worked with numerous fashion brands and has amassed a large following on social media platforms.

Current Endeavors

In recent years, Woods has diversified her career and has become a successful entrepreneur. She has launched her own fashion line, “Secndnture,” and has also worked as a brand ambassador for several companies.

Woods has also continued to work as a model and influencer, collaborating with numerous brands and maintaining a strong presence on social media. She has also used her platform to advocate for social issues and has become a vocal advocate for mental health awareness.

The Journey to Success

When Jordyn Woods was a child, she did some modeling. However, it wasn’t until 2015 that she was signed on to an official modeling company and appeared in Cosmopolitan UK in 2019. She also did modeling for various local agencies, including Khloe Kardashian’s clothing line. 

Woods is 5’9” and too large to be considered a regular model. She only did plus-size modeling but advocated for a change in terminology and added body inclusivity in the modeling world. As part of her business model, Woods founded a bodily-inclusive clothing line called SECNDNTURE. 

Of course, most of Jordyn Woods’ fame came from her multiple appearances on Keeping up with the Kardashians. As Kylie Jenner’s best friend, she was on several episodes. When ‘Life of Kylie’ was announced, Jordyn Woods was listed as a primary cast member and was a large part of every episode. 

Woods has also dabbled in acting, other reality television, and business endeavors. She was in an episode of The Masked Singer for its third season, competing masked as a kangaroo. She has also had guest appearances on drama and comedy television shows, debuting as an actress in 2019. 

The Best Moments

Jordyn Woods is young and still has much of her career in front of her. However, here are some highlights of her professional life so far: 

  • 2015 – Woods signs as a professional model
  • 2017 – Woods stars in Life of Kylie
  • 2018 – Woods launches her activewear line
  • 2019 – Woods featured in Cosmopolitan UK

The Private Side

Woods has had a very public life, as her parents were both in the movie and television industry and her friends from a young age were famous. From when her father died when she was 19 until now, she has undergone much scrutiny in the media. However, Woods has managed to be private with some details. 

Jordyn Woods was best friends with Kylie Jenner, and the two lived in the same house for several years. Until January 2019, Woods would often help Jenner with her daughter. This close relationship and friendship was the basis for the 2017 miniseries Life of Kylie, a spinoff show from Keeping up with the Kardashians. 

However, Woods and Jenner had a severe disagreement in 2019 and have not been able to reconcile fully. There were unconfirmed rumors of Khloe Kardashian’s then-boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, sleeping with Woods. It’s not clear whether Jordyn Woods and Kylie Jenner are still friends. 

Jordyn Woods has spoken about her struggle with body image, especially in modeling and Hollywood culture. She is an avid proponent of body positivity. Woods has been dating Karl-Anthony Towns, a professional basketball player, since the beginning of 2020. The pair live together in Woods’ house in Los Angeles. 

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Famous Quotes

Jordyn Woods was known for her appearances on Keeping Up With the Kardashians before she starred in Life of Kylie. Here are some of her favorite quotes: 

1.) “I have a love-hate relationship with cardio.” 

2.) “Not every quote that is posted is a sub or a clap back, and not everything posted is directed towards one thing in general. I deal with a lot of different shit daily. It’s all love. Only positive vibes.”

3.) “Every day I can wake up, and I can continue to be me and do what I love is a blessing.” 

Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Although she’s had a short career so far, here are some success lessons we can learn from Jordyn Woods: 

  • Always be yourself, and don’t apologize for that.
  • If something is unfair about the industry you work in, speak up. 
  • Don’t be ashamed of your insecurities – everyone has them. 
  • Be loyal to your friends and family. 

The Unusual Stuff

Jordyn Woods has lived a life in the public eye, and most information about her is public knowledge. However, here are some facts you might not have known. 

  • Woods was the 10th most googled person in the world in 2019. 
  • Woods and her family are close friends with Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith. 
  • Woods modeled both as a child and an adult. 
  • Woods also goes by Heir Jordyn, her name on most social media accounts. 

Answering Frequent Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about Jordyn Woods and their answers. 

Are Jordyn Woods and Kylie Jenner still friends? 

Jordyn Woods and Kylie Jenner have been best friends for many years, but recently there was a rift between them. Although the pair’s arguments were made public, Jenner has tried to apologize and become friends with Woods again. 

What is Jordyn Woods’ ethnicity? 

Jordyn Woods is African American. She was born and raised in California to black parents. 

Did Jordyn Woods get braces? 

Jordyn Woods had a gap between her front teeth for many years. However, it has disappeared in the past few years. Although the star tried invisible braces, she went to a Hollywood dentist for veneers. 

The Closing Remarks

Jordyn Woods is primarily famous for her relationship with Kylie Jenner, one of the most famous women in America. Through her work with the Kardashians, modeling, and entrepreneurship, Woods has made upwards of $6 million. She continues to make money through social media and her television appearances. 

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