How is The Net Worth of DJ Akademiks a Stunning $8m?

What is DJ Akademiks’ Net Worth?

Net worth$8 million
Source of WealthRapper / Podcaster
Date of BirthMay 17, 1991
Height5’8” (172 cm)
Place of BirthSpanish Town, Jamaica
Star SignTaurus

The Usual Intro

Livingston Allen a.k.a DJ Akademiks is a rising star online who’s been taking over the hip-hop radio scene. His podcast fetches him thousands of listeners, and his YouTube channel has over 2 million subscribers. His public image is a work in progress but his commitment to keeping his audience entertained is his most significant attribute. 

Allen is also a producer who’s made tracks with a few prominent upcoming artists, for example, Lil’ AK. He was also the host of an online show called Everyday Struggle while juggling the responsibility of being the owner of five different YouTube channels.

Before the Spotlight

Livingston Allen was born on May 17, 1991, in Spanish Town, Jamaica, where he was raised. He later moved to the USA and attended high school. The star’s family shifted to New York, and soon after, he started attending Rutger’s University. While pursuing a Bachelor’s in biomathematics, the rapper started disco-jockeying for the university radio station. 

Akademiks was a bright student, so he decided to pursue a Master’s degree in math finance, which didn’t take him long to get. He made his online debut in 2015 when he created his own YouTube channel called “DJ Akademiks“ and started posting content related to funny social commentary and satirical celebrity news.

The Journey to Success

Akademiks hasn’t had a long successful career quite yet since he started fairly recently after dropping his debut single in 2018 called Blues Clues. The star got his first big break on YouTube when he covered the Chicago drill scene. It didn’t take long for him to become a celebrity online since he has a lot of controversy surrounding his public persona.

The YouTuber has made a few enemies while working in the rap industry, with some rappers flat out despising him for his negative commentary and mocking nature. Yet, he still manages to draw in a large number of weekly listeners to his podcasts and internet shows. His radio-jockey experience from the past really helps him keep viewers engaged. 

Akademiks’ YouTube channels bring him a large amount of monthly revenue; his main channel has over a million subscribers. The artist has been rather active online with two active and verified channels. He has interviewed people like Gucci Mane, Charlamagne, and even The Game.

The Best Moments

  • As of the current moment, Akademiks has 2.71 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel.
  • In 2019, he released a song called LANES featuring Teka$hi69 which garnered 3 million views on YouTube in 8 months.
  • He was involved with a docuseries called Tekashi vs. The World where he served as the host and executive producer in 2019.
  • His Instagram page for his music project Lil’ AK had over 350K followers in 2019.

The Private Side

DJ Akademiks is a very private person and has refrained from sharing any details regarding his parents or siblings. He also avoids speaking about his romantic relationships so we are unsure if the star is currently dating anybody.

DJ Akademiks’ Related YouTube Video

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Lessons for Entrepreneurs

  1. Branch Out: It’s never a bad idea to branch out and explore every possibility. Akademiks took the shot and let go of living life as an average joe to pursue his own passion and dreams. It took him hard work and perseverance to get there, of course.
  2. Work Hard: When it comes to online content generation, consistency and quality are key factors. Being able to engage with your audience on a daily basis can help you draw more people in. Akademiks has five different Youtube channels and has been steadily adding content and expanding his catalog for years. Exploring new video concepts helps you target a larger audience pool.
  3. Celebrate Your Flaws: Controversy can be a blessing or a curse, it just depends on how you handle it. With Akademiks, he embraced his notoriety which led him to gain an even larger audience.

The Unusual Stuff

  • DJ Akademics made his debut on Youtube covering the Chicago rap scene and Vic Mensa came on his show to confront him about it.
  • Akademiks covered the 2015 Summer Jam Fest in Jersey where an incident occurred and he posted it on his YouTube channel.
  • He was caught clashing with the Migos during the 2017 BET awards.

Answering Frequent Questions

What made DJ Akademiks so famous?

He is a popular internet figure who is very good at stirring up controversy with his hardline opinions. Shock factor aside, the artist has prior radio show hosting experience too.

Is DJ Akademiks really a DJ?

Yes, he has performed a few gigs for some parties. The YouTuber would even get featured at barbeques and engagement parties.

Is DJ Akademiks married?

The rapper chooses to keep his personal life private so we can’t be completely sure.

The Closing Remarks

DJ Akademiks is a self-made math-wiz who’s spent the majority of his career stirring up controversies. He’s also a very successful podcaster and YouTuber with his own music show on the platform. He spent several years building up his online persona, and his current net worth shows his fans the exposure definitely paid off.

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