How is The Net Worth of Cody Rigsby a Stunning $5m?

What is Cody Rigsby’s net worth? 

Net Worth$5 Million
Source of WealthFitness Instructor, Dancer, Social Media Personality
Date of BirthJune 8, 1987
Height1.82 m (6’0”)
Place of BirthCalifornia, USA
Star SignGemini

The Usual Intro

Cody Rigsby is an American fitness instructor, professional dancer, and social media personality. He shares his enthusiasm for health and fitness on various platforms, being one of the most distinguished Peloton fitness instructors worldwide who is also openly homosexual. 

His immaculate dancing skills have led him to work with many famous artists like Katy Perry and appear on several TV shows, including “Saturday Night Live” and “Dancing with the Stars.” He works as a fitness trainer for Peloton.

Before the Spotlight

Cody Rigsby was born on June 8, 1987, in Northern California, USA. He spent his childhood in Greensboro, North Carolina. His mother raised him alone and supported the household through odd jobs, as stated by Rigsby in an interview. 

After graduating, Rigsby went to New York for an internship that his friend recommended. He was always keen on dancing and enrolled at the Broadway Dance Center on a scholarship. Rigsby added ballet to his skill set by taking classes during college. Around this time, Rigsby came out as gay to his friends and family. In 2009, he permanently moved to New York to continue pursuing a career in dancing.

The Journey to Success

After college, Rigsby began working at nightclubs and gay bars as a dance performer. He also landed several gigs as a backup dancer for famous celebrities and artists. In 2011, he became a part of Nicki Minaj’s backup dancing crew at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. His dancing skills led him to appear on the classic comedy show, Saturday Night Live. 

Unfortunately, Rigby’s dancing career proved to be unfruitful. After hearing about Peloton in a burlesque club, he gave an interview to become a choreographer and got hired. Peloton is an exercise equipment and media company that makes state-of-the-art treadmills and stationary bikes. Putting a hold on dancing, Rigsby focused all his efforts on fitness coaching and quickly rose to become one of Peloton’s most famous fitness trainers.

Rigsby is also a Peloton Cycling Director. His fame in the fitness world primarily comes from social media, where he posts pictures of his aesthetic physique. He landed many brand endorsements and featured them on his accounts. In 2021, Rigsby appeared on “Dancing with the Stars” with dance partner Cheryl Burke and won third place.

The Best Moments

  • Was a backup dancer for Nicki Minaj in Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (2011)
  • Got hired by Peloton (2014)
  • Became one of the leading trainers in the fitness world
  • Finished third on “Dancing with the Stars” with Cheryl Burke (2021)

The Private Side

Rigsby is the eldest among his siblings and grew up alongside them in Greensboro. As his mother raised them alone, he expressed how she made many mistakes during their upbringing. However, he still maintains a good relationship with his mother and frequently appears with her on social media.

During his school life, Rigsby suffered homophobia from his peers. In 2011, he dated a girl but felt uncomfortable throughout their relationship. After arriving in New York, he declared his homosexuality publicly.

In 2019, he met fellow trainer Andres Alfaro who worked in Barry’s Bootcamp. They began dating in 2020 and loved each other’s company as shown on social media. They broke up in 2022 for unknown reasons.

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Famous Quotes of Cody Rigsby

Here are some of Cody Rigby’s motivational views on life:

  • “Grab a water, grab a towel get your life together boo.”
  • “Success happens when you allow yourself to be in the present moment when we truly let go of any regret of the past or fear of the future.”
  • “If I am not living my truth in everything I do, then I am not doing it right. I want Members to have fun while they’re working out, and remember that even though it’s challenging, It’s not that deep!”

The Social World

Here are the social media statistics of Cody Rigsby:

Lessons for Entrepreneurs

  1. Persistence. Rigsby came from a humble background and rose to immense fame. He was always consistent in following his passion for dancing and eventually found an opportunity that took him from homelessness to being a renowned personality.
  2. Living in the now. Rigsby has talked about letting go of failure and trauma of the past to fully immerse yourself in today’s happenings. Awareness of your surroundings is essential to take advantage of any chance you get at success.
  3. Health and fitness. Being the best version of yourself boosts your confidence through the roof. Rigsby preaches the benefits of leading a healthier lifestyle as it helps you feel accomplished.
  4. Staying true to yourself. Rigsby has shown his bravery in publicly stating he is gay and leading a homosexual relationship. He keeps many friends from the LGBTQ+ community and never puts on a fake persona.

The Unusual Stuff

Here are some less-known facts about Cody Rigsby:

  • Rigsby loves interacting with his fans and calls them the “Boo Crew.”
  • As Cycling Director, Rigsby helps find new talent for the Peloton team as a caster.
  • Rigsby has special “Xoxo, Cody” rides where he shares his personal life with members.
  • Rigsby suffered from COVID-19 and experienced immense fatigue and heavy coughing.

Answering Frequent Questions

Does Cody Rigsby own Peloton?

Cody is not the owner of Peloton. He works there as one of the leading instructors.

How much does Cody Rigsby get paid?

Cody is one of the most expensive trainers on the platform — he earns about $750 per class and holds around 15 classes per week.

Did Peloton fire employees?

In 2022, Peloton let go of 2,800 employees. However, it kept all of the class instructors, including Cody Rigsby.

The Closing Remarks

Rigby’s relentless work ethic gave him affluence and popularity that he enjoys today. Besides encouraging people to be fit, he conveys his more vulnerable side for relatability. He understands his position as a prominent figure in the fitness world and continues to be an inspiration for everyone looking to lead a more productive lifestyle.

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