How is The Net Worth of Bradley Martyn $3m?

What is Bradley Martyn’s net worth?

Net Worth$3 million
Source of WealthYouTube
Date of BirthMay 22, 1989
Height6 ft 3 inches
Place of BirthSan Francisco Bay Area, California
Star SignGemini
Marital StatusUnmarried 

The Usual Intro

Bradley Martyn is an American entrepreneur, content producer, YouTuber, and popular Fitness Trainer. He lives in Los Angeles, California. He is one of the top fitness greats and social media sensation, famously known through his YouTube channel. As of 2022, his net worth is estimated to be around $3 million.

Before the Spotlight

Bradley Martyn was born on May 22, 1989, in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. His father, Michael G. Martyn, committed suicide when he was only six years old, so he was raised by his mother.

Bradley began going to the gym at the age of 15, where he started his online fitness program in January 2006. After gaining some attention online in 2014, he launched his own channel on YouTube. He began posting his gym routines and meal preparations.

The Journey to Success

Martyn entered the realm of fitness at the age of 15 as he began exercising at the gym. After improving his weightlifting talents and gradually constructing his extremely intriguing body, he expanded his knowledge of workouts, weight training, and good nutrition.

In January 2006, he launched his own fitness program, BMFit. The program includes customized fitness regimens and training routines, putting emphasis on fat reduction, muscle building, food planning, and nutritional and supplementary counseling.

He gained fame in August 2014 when he began his own YouTube channel, Bradley Martin, where he posted his training videos. His channel has been enhanced throughout the years with numerous videos of his daily routines and eating habits, and ‘Vlogs’ about regular life issues, in addition to fitness equipment.

In July 2012, he founded AlphaCre8tivedesigns, and later in May 2017, he opened Zoo Culture Gym in Los Angeles. He is the co-founder of Lean Meals Inc., a successful fresh food delivery service that excels in fitness-based healthy meals.

The Best Moments

Some main highlights of Martyn’s career include:

  • He won in the 2011 NPC Southern California Championships held in San Diego.
  • He recorded a runner-up finish at the 2011 NPC USA Championship held in Vegas, in which 689 athletes registered.
  • Martyn was the runner-up in the 2013 NPC Phil Heath Classic tournament.
  • He made his first YouTube video in 2014.

The Private Side

Martyn has kept his personal life extremely private and hidden from the public. He has never married and has kept his dating life out of the public domain. He had a relationship problem with his ex-girlfriend, and the two parted.

On November 8, 2017, Bradley tweeted, “I want a girlfriend lol.” However, it is still unknown if he found a girlfriend. It is a strong possibility that Bradley might have a beautiful girlfriend in his life. Currently, he is more concerned with his profession and, hence, he is more cautious than inventive in his personal life.

Bradley Martyn’s Related Youtube Video

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Famous Quotes of Bradley Martyn

  • “Being bigger gets you more attention, but that’s not always a good thing. Can it help you get girls? Maybe if the girl you are interested in likes your muscles. You need a personality. You won’t get girls simply by having muscles.” Bradley Martyn
  • “I started promoting my personal training and online coaching services as soon as Instagram came out. I believe I was one of the first fitness people to start doing this on social media. When IG first came out there were people coaching/training others via email, but very few people had actually used social media for advertising of these types of services.” Bradley Martyn 
  • “I wouldn’t say that I like anyone better than the other. I like creating content for YouTube the best. If I had to get rid of all but one then I would probably keep YouTube just because I have the most fun creating content with their platform.” Bradley Martyn
  • “I am on Facebook but it is definitely lower on the list than the others. I’ll admit I haven’t followed too much about what’s going on outside of some of the memes, posts, and links that I see on the various forms of social media.” Bradley Martyn 
  • “I used to compete in Men’s Physique when the division first came out. I think about competing in the new Classic Physique division from time to time, but right now I’m still focused on building my brands: BMFIT, Zoo Culture, Origin Supplements, and Culture Cast.” Bradley Martyn

The Social World

Here are some social media statistics of Bradley Martyn:

Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Here are some success lessons to learn from Martyn:

  1. Freedom starts with self-honesty. When you are in denial about something, you are blinding yourself to the truth. Even if the truth is temporarily painful, it will ultimately set you free. Be radically honest with yourself, so you can live authentically.
  2. Perfection can be boring sometimes. Perfection is unattainable, and the pursuit of it makes your life very boring. It is your differences and imperfections that connect you to humanity and make your life real.
  3. You are the priority. Pleasing others for approval and acceptance might feel good in the short term, but eventually, you will lose yourself and feel resentful.

The Unusual Stuff

Here are some interesting facts about Martyn:

  • His father committed suicide in his presence, just at the age of six.
  • He became popular through his YouTube channel.
  • He is single at 32.
  • He left college just a semester before his graduation

Answering Frequent Questions

Is Bradley Martyn married?

No, Martyn is yet to be married and is not dating anyone as of July 2022.

What is Bradley Martyn’s net worth?

Bradley Martyn’s career has earned him a net worth estimated to be $3 million.

What are Martyn’s endorsements?

Martyn launched his own brand and has since become inactive in making endorsements for other brands.

The Closing Remarks

Bradley Martyn is an American YouTuber, physique competitor, and fitness trainer. He runs a popular video channel, along with several other social media profiles. He has over 3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and Instagram page. His excellent career has earned him an approximate net worth of $3 million. 

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