How is The Net Worth of Brad Lea a Stunning $8m?

What is Brad Lea’s net worth?

Net Worth$8 million
Source of WealthPodcasting/Writing/Content Creating/Business Training
Date of BirthNovember 9th, 1969
Height1.78m (5 ‘10)
Place of BirthCottage Grove, Oregon, United States
Star SignScorpio
PartnerMelissa Renae Lea

The Usual Intro

Brad Lea is a businessman from Cottage Grove, Oregon. He has been running LightSpeed VT for over two decades and has helped many people achieve business success. 

Lea provides business training courses and counseling on LightSpeed VT. He also runs a podcast, Dropping Bombs, and has published a nonfiction business book, The Hard Way. 

Lea and his family live in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Before the Spotlight

Brad Lea grew up in Cottage Grove, a small town in western Oregon. He and his three siblings endured a difficult childhood after their mother and father’s divorce.

After his parents separated, Lea and his siblings ended up in state care. Eventually, their father reunited with them.

Brad Lea’s father forced him to leave home at age 16 and drop out of high school.

The Journey to Success

Brad Lea dropped out of high school and decided to become an actor. When this did not succeed, he began working in the Forest Service. He continued to pursue odd jobs in his late teens. 

In 1999, he founded a startup company, Lightspeed VT. The company quickly picked up speed, and he continued his career by starting the well-known podcast, Dropping Bombs.

The Best Moments

  • 1968- Born in Cottage Grove, Oregon
  • 1984- Dropped out of high school and moved to Los Angeles
  • 1999- Founded Lightspeed VT
  • 2021- Published his book, The Hard Way

The Private Side

Brad Lea is married to Melissa Renae Lea. He was previously married to another woman but divorced her. With Melissa, he has two young daughters. 

Lea had a troubled relationship with his father, an alcoholic. He regularly made life difficult for Lea and was abusive.

Fortunately, Brad Lea is experiencing a happier life with his wife and daughters in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Brad Lea’s Related Youtube Video

Why You’re Not Rich has garnered Lea over ten thousand views. 

Famous Quotes of Brad Lea

1.) “My mission in life is to get the knowledge from the people who have it to the people who need it.”

2.) “My secret is I am lucky as hell and willing to roll the dice.”

3.) “The stories from my life explain why I think the way I do and how to avoid years of pain, roadblocks and frustration.”

4.) “With the right knowledge, success is guaranteed.”

5.) “You’ll never get rich with a poor mindset.”

The Social World

Brad Lea is an avid user of Twitter, which he uses to promote his business and share podcast clips. He has 81.6k followers on Twitter

Lea has 583k followers on Instagram and 214k followers on Facebook

He has a YouTube channel with 130k followers. He shares tips and skills on his channel about entrepreneurship and running your own business. 

He has 788k followers on TikTok

Lessons for Entrepreneurs

  • Brad Lea shows that someone can have success even after a difficult childhood
  • Lea is a successful lesson because he founded a startup with no high school or college degree
  • Lea is proof that hard work in lower-paying jobs can lead to a successful career in sales training

The Unusual Stuff

  • Brad Lea’s favorite car is the Ford F-150 Raptor truck
  • Lea is a philanthropist and regularly gives back to the community by sharing his massive net worth
  • Lea advises on marriage and relationships issues, mainly on his Tik Tok account
  • Lea is a social media influencer and posts life tips and advice on his social accounts

Answering Frequent Questions

What is Brad Lea’s company worth? 

Brad Lea is the CEO of LightSpeed VT, a company worth $25 million. Even though the company only employs 200 people, it has a large client base.

Are Brad Lea and Grant Cardone friends? 

Brad Lea is friends with businessman Grant Cardone and has credited him as one of his mentors. Lea has invited Cardone onto his podcast, and they have had many conversations together about business.

Does Brad Lea smoke cigars? 

Lea is an avid cigar smoker and shares it on his Tik Tok. He believes cigar smoking is a great way for men to bond together and talk about business.

The Closing Remarks

Brad Lea is a successful entrepreneur who endured a difficult road to fame and earned his $8 million net worth through years of hard work and effort.

His charismatic personality has drawn many listeners to his podcast, and he continues to gain traction on Twitter and other social media accounts.

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