How is The Net Worth of BabySantana $1m?

What is BabySantana’s net worth?

Net worth$1 million
Source of WealthRapper / YouTuber
Date of BirthNovember 14, 2006 
Height5’5 (165 cm)
Place of BirthColumbus, Georgia
Star SignScorpio

The Usual Intro

BabySantana is an American rapper known for his viral songs on social media platforms like TikTok and Soundcloud. The rapper has made a name for himself because of his Chicago rap-inspired beats and unconventional delivery. He has made music with several upcoming rising stars and is considered a self-made prodigy.

The artist has his own YouTube channel where he posts music frequently, while his Soundcloud also features some of his beats online. The music he makes specifically panders to people his own age since the lyrics are relatable and the hooks are catchy. The songs he makes go viral online rather frequently.

Before the Spotlight

Steven Lewis was born on November 14, 2006, in Columbus, Georgia, living a somewhat hectic childhood growing up. He was raised by a single mother, and the family constantly dealt with making ends meet. He paired up with his brother and started to work for a bread-making factory.

Eventually, Tana had enough to start buying equipment and making music. He received some financial help from his supportive mother along the way, which was all he needed to get started. He recorded his songs in a closet and edited them himself using Audacity. The Chicago rap scene had a huge influence on his childhood too.

The Journey to Success

The rapper made his debut online, uploading his homemade content on YouTube and Soundcloud. He’s signed with Galactic Records but still manages to post exclusive content through his pages. Tana was formerly known as BabySantana, a mixture of two rappers’ names, BabyTron and Fredo Santana. 

He later dropped the old name as soon as he started going viral with his songs on TikTok. The artist’s success was rampant, and he followed it up with a huge line-up of content. In 2021, he dropped three music projects and plans to launch an album sometime during September 2022.

His main claim to fame is the hard work and dedication that shines through his content on YouTube. Tana was committed to realizing his musical talent, and he hasn’t shown any signs of stopping ever since he made his online debut in 2018.

The rapper is very good at marketing his image and has a significant fan following across different platforms. His Twitter posts gain attention reasonably quickly, and the same thing can be said for his Soundcloud page too. The content he shares there gives his fans tiny glimpses into his life and the new ideas Tana is going to be working on in the near future.

The Private Side

Tana comes from a small family, which includes him, his mother, and his brother. The rapper is close friends with some of his other contemporaries in the rap scene and frequently makes appearances on other artists’ content. 

The YouTuber is pretty quiet about his personal life. There’s little information of what he does in his free time beyond the posts on his Instagram page.

His mother, Shettina, worked at an insurance agency. We are unaware if he is dating anyone at the moment.

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Lessons for Entrepreneurs

  1. Success Involves Sacrifice: To attain your goals, you have to be ready to sacrifice something. Tana spent his formative years working to earn enough to buy his own instruments and equipment, it takes a lot of dedication to achieve something.
  2. Don’t Let Adversity Define You: The YouTuber never stopped innovating and pushing out new content. This helped him stay relevant and engaged with his audience.
  3. Get Out There: Don’t be afraid to branch out. Get your content uploaded onto different platforms and make sure your digital footprint is clearly visible enough if you want to go viral like Tana. 

The Unusual Stuff

  • Tana started off his career while being friends with A Capella, and XXXtentacion inspired him to produce his own music.
  • Tana is a self-taught musician who bought instruments for himself with the money he earned working at his local bread factory.
  • He is a former co-creator and band member for the rap group named “1500.”
  • Tana loves traveling and often visits other countries for fun.
  • His real name is Steven Lewis.

Answering Frequent Questions

What rappers inspired BabySantana?

Tana is a big fan of Chicago-based rapper Chief Keef and the late Fredo Santana, the latter of which inspired the second half of his former stage name.

How many singles has BabySantana released?

Tana has released a ton of music, both independently and under his record label. The artist has made 13 singles so far and has been featured on a multitude of tracks by other artists.

Why did BabySanatana change his name to Tana?

He changed his name to present a more mature brand image. The rapper began seeing a lot of traction online and thought it was wise to adopt something new.

The Closing Remarks

Tana is part of a new generation of rappers with a vibrant online presence and huge fan followings. The exposure artists like him can get from the internet has opened the floodgates for more rappers to come pouring in looking for their own big break. Tana’s story is about struggling and overcoming those challenging situations to pursue your own passions. 

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