How is The Net Worth of Anuel AA a Whopping $20m?

What is Anuel AA’s net worth? 

Net Worth$20 Million
Source of WealthRapping, Singing
Date of BirthNovember 26, 1992 
NationalityPuerto Rican
Height1.68 m (5’6”)
Place of BirthCarolina, Puerto Rico
Star SignSaggitarius
ReligionRoman Catholic
PartnerGeorgina Díaz (m. 2022)

The Usual Intro

Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago, famously known as Anuel AA, is a Puerto Rican rapper and singer who has significantly influenced the Latin trap genre. He is known for his affluent lifestyle and several legal altercations. He is a controversial figure with a history of multiple feuds with other artists.

In 2010, he signed with Maybach Music Group — but it wasn’t until 2016 that he found major commercial success upon releasing his mixtape. He served prison time shortly afterward but continued producing music, boosting his popularity. Anuel is known for using samples of old trap songs and recording his Latin trap lyrics over them.

Before the Spotlight

Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago was born on November 26, 1992, in Carolina, Puerto Rico. His mother is of White Puerto Rican descent and his father, José Gazmey, is an Afro Puerto Rican. He faced racism as a child for being mixed-race. His father was the Vice President of the Puerto Rican division of Sony Music Entertainment. However, he lost his job when Anuel was fifteen.

Watching his father in the studio and getting inspired by artists like Tupac Shakur, Anuel was motivated to pursue music. He started creating beats at 14 and shared it publicly when he was 18. He gained recognition and was noticed by American rapper Rick Ross. In 2010, Anuel signed with the Latin division of Maybach Music Group.

The Journey to Success

In 2016, Anuel released his mixtape “Real Hasta La Muerte,” which was a great commercial success. Shortly after, he was imprisoned for 30 months due to gun possession charges. While incarcerated, he worked on his debut album, “Real Hasta la Muerte,” which he released the day he was released from prison in 2018. This single decision made him a legend in the Latin music industry.

Anuel released a surge of new projects over the next few years, frequently ranking on the Billboard 200 and US Top Latin Album charts. He collaborated with numerous prominent Latin and American artists and provided vocals for them. Some of them were 6ix9ine, Nicki Minaj, Daddy Yankee, and J Balvin. He dated fellow artist Karol G for a while and collaborated with her on several tracks.

In 2020, Anuel announced his retirement from the music industry due to depression but continued to release music. He is the first Latin artist to work with UFC on a sports conceptual album. His most recent album, “Las Leyendas Nunca Mueren,” was released in 2021.

The Best Moments

  • Signed under Rick Ross’ record label Maybach Music Group (2010)
  • Debut mixtape “Real Hasta La Muerte” (2016)
  • Debut studio album “Real Hasta La Muerte” (2018)
  • Major hit song “China” (2019)
  • Won New Artist of the Year award at Billboard Latin Music Awards (2019)

The Private Side

Anuel has a son and daughter from past relationships. His son was born to Astrid Cuevas who broke up with him and sued him for full custody of their child. He also has a daughter with model Melissa Valecilla. In 2019, he began dating singer Karol G with whom he got engaged to. The couple broke off their engagement in 2021 amicably. Anuel is currently married to Georgina Lulú Guillermo Díaz since June 2022.

Anuel has been at the center of several controversies. He had troubles with artists like Cosculluela and Ivy Queen, for which he faced public backlash. His incarceration in 2018 ignited the “#FreeAnuel” movement.

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Famous Quotes of Anuel AA

Here is Anuel AA’s insightful input regarding his career and life:

  • “Being real is what keeps me humble. It doesn’t matter how much money I make or how much I accomplish. What’s critical is staying real to myself and keeping my feet on the ground. That’s what helps keep me going.”
  • “I can’t betray anyone. I don’t know what it’s like to really betray someone. I’m very loyal to my circle, my family, and those I hold close to me.”
  • “People just love rumors. They’re always saying things that aren’t true.”

Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Here are some success lessons we can learn from the illustrious career of Anuel AA:

  1. Keep your promises. Anuel is a man of this word. He made a verbal deal about giving his childhood friend, Eli, a percentage of his revenue. Even after becoming a prominent artist, he honors the agreement to this day.
  2. Be humble. Anuel urges people to be honest with themselves as it helps you remain humble. Even after enjoying a life of wealth, he can relate to his fans and does not forgets his roots.
  3. Overcoming adversity. Although incarcerated, Anuel’s drive to work hard did not falter, and he continued to record his album. The tremendous response made his efforts worthwhile.
  4. Owning up to your mistakes. Anuel has been involved in various controversies. However, he has expressed that he is apologetic and regrets his actions. It is necessary to take the blame and learn from your wrongdoings.

The Unusual Stuff

Here are some less-known facts about Anuel AA:

  • He is childhood friends with fellow Puerto Rican rapper Casper with whom he has collaborated.
  • In prison, Anuel spent 90 days in solitary confinement over a physical altercation with another inmate.
  • Cosculluela filed a defamation lawsuit against Anuel which was later dismissed.
  • Anuel has a total of 27 tattoos all over his body.

Answering Frequent Questions

Why did Anuel AA get canceled?

He called La Taína a “pig” for her HIV-positive status. He faced public scrutiny for his remarks.

How old is Anuel AA’s girlfriend?

His girlfriend is currently 20 while he is 29 years old.

Does Anuel AA have his own record label?

Anuel is among the few Latin artists who release music under their own labels.

The Closing Remarks

Anuel is considered a pioneer in the Latin trap genre. His unique vocals — supported by his freestyle lyrics — revolutionized the Latin music industry. Although he is retiring, a specific date has still not been given. His next album is already announced and will be a sequel to his previous studio album.

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