How is The Net Worth of Anna Delvey $5m?

What is Anna Delvey’s Net Worth?

Net Worth$5 Million
Source of WealthFrauds & Scam, Reality-based TV Show
Date of BirthJanuary 23, 1991
Height5’5 / 1.64m
Place of BirthDomodedovo, Moscow
Star SignAquarius
Marital StatusUnmarried

The Usual Intro

Anna Delvey is a German convicted fraudster and a con artist. She is particularly known for disguising herself as a wealthy German heiress.

Anna first came into the limelight as a professional fashion modeler and then switched to becoming an interior designer and a real estate agent.

Throughout her life, Anna tricked many banks, acquaintances and legal authorities by using fraudulent checks to cash out millions to spend on her lavish lifestyle. Her life’s story has been aired on multiple streaming platforms, particularly in the popular Netflix show, “Inventing Anna.”

Before the Spotlight

Anna Sorokin was born on January 23, 1991, in Domodedovo, Soviet Union. Her father, Vadim, was a truck driver, while her mother ran a small convenience store.

When Anna was 16, her family relocated to Germany. There, she attended a catholic school called Bischöfliche Liebfrauenschule Eschweiler and later moved to London to study art at Central Saint Martins.

From a young age, Anna had a strong obsession with Vogue magazine and fashion blogs. Her passion for modeling became apparent after she earned approximately €400 per month on an internship for a fashion magazine called “Purple.”  

The Journey to Success

Anna Delvey kicked off her defrauding campaign in New York. She attended The Stanford, High Line party, cosplaying as a rich heiress and boasting about wearing expensive branded clothes. She funded many expenses through her acquaintances. These expenses included hotel stays and flights, totaling to thousands of dollars.

In 2017, she successfully convinced the City National to grant her $100,000 assuring them that it would be repaid quickly. Anna used fake untraceable emails. She was able to pay $100,000 to Fortress, a financial institution, for a loan application, but withdrew it immediately when the director met her banklers to verify her assets. 

Delvey received $55,000 from Fortress, which she spent on high-end clothes, electronics, and for beauty purposes. These were physical proof for people to consider her as a wealthy woman.

In 2017, Anna was extradited to the United States; she pleaded guilty to five counts of grand larceny. Delvey was frauding an American landlord and stole $200,000 from him.

In 2022, her fame began to soar when Netflix released a TV Show titled after her own name, “Inventing Anna.” The show highlights her frauding endeavors and numerous scams. The show was a ground-breaking success and earned Anna a paycheck of $320,000.

The Best Moments

  • Defrauded $275,000 from legal authorities from 2013 to 2017
  • Used Microsoft Word to generate fake bank statements
  • Received $70,000 as usable funds from the $160,000 fraudulent checks.
  • Lived at The Bowery Hotel with fake wire transfer receipts

The Private Side

Delvey had been dating for two years in New York until his boyfriend relocated to the UAE. Despite promising his boyfriend to keep his identity safe, she revealed that he was engaged in TED talks. She used his identity to her advantage and charged a fee of $10,000 to anyone wanting to know more.

In 2019, she became more involved in technology and cryptocurrency. She aspired to become an investor.

In October 2017, Anna was arrested by the NYPD in a sting operation designed by police officer Michael McCaffrey. She faced a sentence of 4 to 12 years in prison as her fraudulent acts became apparent. However, she was released in 2021 on account of good behavior. 

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Famous Quotes of Anna Delvey

Anna’s sayings give us an insight into her life. Let’s take a glance at some of her influential quotes:

  • “I work for my success. I earn my accomplishments. Pay attention – maybe you’ll learn how to be smart like me. I doubt it, but you can dream.”
  • “You think that there was some evolution, like in the movies or whatever, but I was always who I am. Maybe it would help the both of us going forward if you stop thinking about me like everyone else.”
  • “They will not call Anna Delvey a dumb socialite. I’m smart. I’m a businesswoman.”

The Social World

Here is a list of her active social media accounts with current statistics:

Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Although her career was foreshadowed as corrupt, there are many success lessons that we can adopt from her: 

  1. Pursue Your Dreams. Even though Anna was involved in fraudulent activities, she is a great example of overcoming your self-limiting beliefs. It’s about harnessing the power of your mind. Strive for what you’re passionate about.
  2. Don’t Let Your Faith Die. Having a firm belief in your capabilities and potential is what propels you to push past boundaries. Her first visit to jail didn’t stop the young and cunning lady. She continued defrauding many high-end powerful authorities which shows her exemplary persistence.
  3. Overlook Opinions. Don’t let others’ opinions define you. It’s essential to form a healthy boundary. Remember that opinions are based on the image of just one individual. Ask yourself: Are they an expert in your life? Discard what others think about you.
  4. Be Fearless. Another barrier to pursuing your dreams is having a fear or trauma. Fear often limits our goals and stunts the opportunity for growth. Having a long history of frauds and thefts did not stop Anna, and neither should your fears stop you from achieving greatness.

The Unusual Stuff

Here some interesting facts about Anna Delvey that we bet you didn’t know of:

  • She launched 10 NFT tokens that grant potential buyers an exclusive chance to meet her.
  • She wrote a sarcastic letter to Donald Trump that he should be a prisoner at Rikers Island.
  • Anna considers social media as satirical.
  • She hosted an art show called “Free Anna Delvey” to pay for her legal defense expenses.

Answering Frequent Questions

Where is Anna Delvey today?

After her release in 2021, she was imprisoned again after six week at the New York county jail by ICE.

Did Anna Delvey do drugs?

While living in Paris, Anna was sentenced to two years in prison after authorities found heroin in her system.

Who was the lawyer for Anna Delvey?

In 2020, she hired Thomas for her immigration case. Earlier, she sought help from Todd Spodek for her trial, who is now an important character in “Investing Anna.”

The Closing Remarks

Although Anna Delvey obtained money through illegal means and duped many banks and hotels, she enlightened millions with many crucial life lessons. What specifically caught the public’s eyes was how she deceived people and used their money to give herself an edge – which is an art rather than a skill. 

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