How is The Net Worth of Andrei Jikh a Stunning $3.5m?

What is Andrei Jikh’s net worth?

Net Worth$3.5 million
Source of WealthAd revenues, affiliate marketing, inclusion in crypto
Date of Birth4 January 1989
Place of BirthRussia
Star SignLibra
PartnerCarrie Jikh

The Usual Intro

Andrei Jikh is a Youtuber, Financial Advisor, Social Media Influencer, and Entrepreneur who became famous on Youtube for his financial advice videos. His videos are helpful guides to navigating modern financial problems like cryptocurrency.

He has a youtube channel with almost 2 million subscribers that help people make decisions about the stock market, investments, personal motivation, and trends in the financial field.

Before the Spotlight

Andrei was born in Russia to a pair of Cirque de Soleil acrobats. Growing up in the performer scene, he started to find a fondness for magic tricks.

As he grew older and after moving to the United States, he helped create a magic card trick scene called “cardistry” in 2002. Cardistry incorporates some of the principles of magic performance and blends them into the card tricks invented by great card magicians of history.

The Journey to Success

In 2019 he uploaded the first youtube video to his channel. Friends persuaded him to try it for a year and see how it went.

In just six months, his channel started to take off to the point where he became a millionaire. He invested $100,000 in bitcoin at the end of 2020 and made waves in the crypto investors scene, eventually gaining acceptance among the elite crypto investors.

The Best Moments

  • Hit 2 million subscribers on Youtube
  • 9 million active monthly viewers on Youtube
  • 122k followers on Instagram
  • Has been on Logan Paul and Russel Brands Podcasts
  • Amassed a $3.5 million net worth in only a few years
  • Earned a Youtube Golden Play Button

The Private Side

Andrei Jihk is currently 32 years old and married his wife, Carrie, whom he met on Tinder. He has a love for Harry Potter and Pokemon cards. 

He is ethnically Russian, so he speaks both English and the Russian language fluently.  He has dabbled in filmmaking and incorporates his experience into his Youtube videos.

Although he was born in Russia, he came over with his parents at nine years old surrounded by the glitz and glamor of Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Famous Quotes of Andrei Jikh

1.) “Like it or not, money dictates the direction of our lives.” 

2.) “Today is the oldest I’ve ever been and the youngest I’ll ever be again.” 

3.) “If I wanted a cash grab, I’d create crypto, pump it, make a few quick million, and disappear. There are more efficient cash grabs than putting effort into building a community.” 

The Social World

Andrei Jihk is at @andreijikh on Twitter, @AndreiJikh on YouTube, and @andreijikh on Instagram.

Andrei has 72k followers on Twitter, over 1 million followers on Instagram, and almost 2 million subscribers on Youtube.

His Youtube channel, called the “magic of finance,” has a B+ rating on Social Blade, and they estimate that he makes between $100 and $1000 a day from organic channel views alone.

Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Andrei Jihk teaches people several types of lessons that can lead to success in multiple areas of their life. You can learn:

  • How to make money online
  • How to start at 20 and retire by 30
  • How to get a handle on passive income
  • When you should save money and how much you should save
  • How to buy NFTs

The Unusual Stuff

Andrei Jikh has a few interesting facts that make him unique or weird. 

  • He was raised by circus acrobats
  • He loves performing magic card tricks
  • He is an avid collector of Pokemon cards 
  • He goes onto many different podcasts where he gets vulnerable and serious and jokes around

Answering Frequent Questions

Before you go, take a look at these common questions people ask about Andrei Jikh.

How did Andrei Jikh make his money?

Andrei made his money primarily from creating Youtube content. He was later able to successfully invest his money to grow it into a sizable fortune.

What does Andrei Jikh do for a living?

Andrei Jikh is a financial investor who makes helpful Youtube videos about cryptocurrency, the stock market, and NFTs.

Where is Andrei Jikh from?

Andrei was born in Russia and moved to Las Vegas when he was nine years old. He was raised by Russian immigrants and can speak both Russian and English.

The Closing Remarks

Andrei Jikh grew up concerned about money and living on the streets and turned that struggle into a way to better himself and try new things. He hit the scene at the right time, and his combination of skills allowed him to become a six-figure financial investor that has seen him achieve great success.

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