How is The Net Worth of 6ix9ine a Stunning $8m?

What is 6ix9ine’s net worth?

Net Worth$8 Million
Source of WealthProfessional Rapping
Date of BirthMay 8, 1996
Height5’6 / 168 cm
Place of BirthBushwick, Brooklyn, New York City
Star SignTaurus
Marital StatusRachel Wattley – Girlfriend

The Usual Intro

6ix9ine, formerly known as Tekashi 69, is a controversial American professional rapper. His career is relatively short but saw dramatic success after his release from prison. His fame is largely credited to his aggressive behavior and unusual scream-rap style.

6ix9ine is best known within the rap and hip hop community for his iconic rap performances “Gummo” and “Gooba.” He has also received significant media and public attention for recent troubles with the law.

Before the Spotlight

6ix9ine, officially named Daniel Hernandez, was born on May 8, 1996, in Brooklyn, New York, to a Mexican family. His father was imprisoned for five years on account of selling drugs. His mother was a factory worker and house cleaner. Hernandez did not meet his father until he was 9.

Hernandez was a talented soccer player and was appointed to an MLS team when he was 13. However, his mother did not let him join. He frequently attended church with his brother where Hernandez would sing in the choir.

When he was 14, his stepfather was shot dead. This left the remaining family in great financial and emotional distress. Hernandez later received treatment for PTSD and depression.

He got expelled from high school in 8th grade and started working at a grocery store. 

The Journey to Success

Hernandez started rapping in 2012 after meeting Peter “Righteous P” Rodgers from the Hikari-Ultra record label in New York. He titled his first track ‘69’ after his stage name and released it in 2014. From 2013 to 2017, he remained only moderately popular. His songs contained references to anime and he soon assumed the stage name “Tekashi69” based on Japanese culture.

Hernandez first became mainstream in 2017 when his eccentric appearance was popularized through online memes. Capitalizing on the opportunity, he released his debut single “Gummo” in 2017, debut mixtape “Day69” in 2018, and debut album “Dummy Boy” later the same year.

Hernandez has seen great commercial success ever since; his singles and albums have ranked high on the Billboard and Hot charts on multiple occasions.

In 2018, Hernandez was involved in a direct shooting with the security members of rapper Casanova. As a result, he was banned from Barclays Center and lost a $5 million partnership deal. Later that year, he signed a deal with the Los Angeles music company, “Create Music Group.” In 2019, he signed a $10 million deal with 10K Projects label for two albums. He continued releasing music despite being on house arrest.

The Best Moments

Here are some highlights from 6ix9ine’s career:

  • Released his official debut single, “Gummo,” in 2017.
  • Tekashi signed a $10 million contract with the label ‘10K Projects’ in 2019 for the future release of two albums.
  • Tekashi’s single, “Trollz,” featuring Nicki Minaj debuted at first place on the Hot 100 chart in 2020.
  • He was released from prison in April 2020. 

The Private Side

Hernandez is currently dating Instagram personality Jade (a.k.a Rachel Wattley). The two started dating a few weeks before Hernandez went to jail in 2018.

Hernandez has two daughters from two prior relationships. He had his first daughter, Saraiyah Hernandez, with Sara Molina when he was only 18. His second daughter, Briella Iris Hernandez, was conceived from Marlayna M. 

Hernandez has made his passion for Christianity public. He claimed that he prayed to God for 400 days to change his life before he first became popular. In 2018, Hernandez appeared on a radio show, “The Breakfast Club,” alongside Australian pastor Brian Houston. Brain prayed for Hernandez to make wise decisions and blessed his family.

Hernandez has been at the center of many illegal activities. In 2015, he faced a child sexual performance charge. After failing the conditions of his plea deal, he was incarcerated along with other charges in 2019. The main reason for his conviction was his involvement with the Nine Trey Gangsters. The initial 47 years in prison for nine felonies were reduced to 2 years due to his plea deal which included him testifying against other members of his gang.

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Famous Quotes of 6ix9ine

6ix9ine is an iconic figure in the rap and hip hop communities. Here are some of his best quotes:

  • “The scumbag persona is just for shock value.”
  • “I don’t really want no friends.”
  • “I’m self-made. I started it.”

The Social World

6ix9ine is active on social media. Here are the links to his official accounts, along with the number of followers he currently has:

Lessons for Entrepreneurs

While it’s true that he has recently been involved in serious legal trouble, Hernandez has still inspired many in the following ways:

  1. Show confidence. Hernandez has feuded with several popular celebrities and rap artists, often calling them out by name. Bravery is essential to stand up for yourself.
  2. Be kind. According to the founder of the Cristian Rivera Foundation, Hernandez has performed acts of kindness privately on multiple occasions. He also has a record of philanthropy.
  3. Testify the truth. While it can be argued that Hernandez testified against associates and gang members purely for personal benefit, he did help in bringing about justice.
  4. Keep going. Despite being on the receiving end of extreme hate and criticism, Hernandez keeps on producing music to achieve remarkable success. The criticism of others should be taken positively.

The Unusual Stuff

Some interesting facts about 6ix9ine you might not have known before: 

  • His track “Shinigami” references the death god from the anime “Death Note.”
  • Hernandez’s stage name “Tekashi” is a reference to Japanese anime. 6ix9ine, as it insinuates, is a reference to the sex position.
  • He owns a $2,000,000 Mercedes McLaren P1
  • In 2018, Hernandez was robbed and beaten in Brooklyn. The robbers stole $750,000 in Jewelry and $35,000 in cash.

Answering Frequent Questions

What did Snoop Dogg say about 6ix9ine?

After 6ix9ine broke several records on YouTube, Snoop Dogg posted on Instagram, “They gotta stop pushing this rat!”. The two are publicly not on great terms.

Is 6ix9ine broke?

In March of 2022, 6ix9ine revealed in court documents that he is broke. He stated, “Right now, I am struggling to make ends meet.”

Did 6ix9ine donate his proceeds from Gooba?

He intended to donate 10% of his $2 million sales to the No Kid Hungry campaign. However, the recipient organization declined the donation offer, likely due to 6ix9ine’s record of child sexual abuse.

The Closing Remarks

6ix9ine rose to popularity in 2017 when he became the subject of online memes. He is notorious for being involved in criminal activity. He is recognized today in the hip-hop community as someone who snitched on his fellows, which is especially unpleasant for him as much of hip-hop culture is based on anti-authoritarian values.

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