Top 39 Hottest Female News Anchors

While the world of journalism may appear to be dominated by men, there are many women making a name in the field of television.

Sexism is a prevalent problem in various fields where women struggle to be taken seriously. However, these female news anchors are changing the narrative and succeeding every day.

Let’s take a look at the hottest and most beautiful female news anchors in the world:

1. Rubika Liyaquat

Rubika Liyaquat is a rising star and is considered one of India’s most prominent journalists. She debuted as an intern on Channel 24 in 2003 and contributed her talents to several significant ventures, going as far as being the host of her own television show. She eventually made a comeback to Channel 24 before moving on to work with ABP News around late 2018.

With a Bachelor of Mass Media Degree in Journalism from the University of Mumbai, Liyaquat had the credentials to eventually land herself a gig on TV. She was even chosen to take an interview with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2019.

2. Tanya Kim

Tanya Kim is a famous Canadian television personality and host. The celebrity has her own show called eTalk Daily. She’s also an actress who’s worked in a few films but only occupied minor roles in the past. Kim made her debut interviewing music celebrities, and her interviews got her a lot of attention. After developing a fanbase for herself, she went on to host her own show. 

eTalk Daily gained a lot of traction with her fans, and it eventually led to her using the money she earned to help people in need. Kim is a charitable person, who’s spent years organizing and covering events that continue to reshape society’s views and elicit change.   

3. Gloria Macarenko

Gloria Macarenko has made quite a name for herself over the years, but she made her way to the top through sheer dedication and perseverance. The presenter has a huge list of awards she has received for her outstanding work. She’s helped out numerous initiatives and causes by offering them coverage or financial help.

Macarenko is a Canadian journalist who has worked with the CBC since 1989 on several different projects. She has even been featured on The National. Her talents were well recognized by her superiors, which is why Macarenko was made the new host for the show On The Coast in 2018.

4. Zain Asher

Nigerian news anchor Zain Asher was just an ordinary news anchor before she suddenly got some well-deserved recognition for her talents. In 2014, Asher got a chance to work for the multi-national news organization CNN. She personally covered a few significant events that shaped pop culture and history with the channel.

Asher is also a writer and presenter online. Her TED talk garnered her a huge amount of attention and has been viewed over two million times. She is someone who’s proud of her heritage and has worked in all kinds of interesting situations, sometimes putting her own life at risk for the truth.

5. Valeria Gavrilovskaya

This Russian reporter has recently seen a considerable amount of traction online, so much so that she’s considered the hottest reporters on television alive today. Valeria Gavrilovskaya made her debut working on the project Origins with REN TV. Her prior experience working on other smaller projects during her Public Relations degree helped her nab an important gig for herself. 

Eventually, Gavrilovskaya auditioned for a PE role on the State of Emergency and within a couple of tries, got called in to fill in the role. Her skills as a presenter have continued to shine throughout her tenure with NTV.

6. Archana Vijaya

Archana Vijaya is one of India’s most prominent media celebrities and has been a part of multiple projects which include a few traveling shows and co-hosting the IPL (Indian Premier League) Cricket Tournament in 2011 as well. 

Archana’s resume certainly speaks for itself and her experiences have made her a highly sought-after professional in her own right. Before becoming involved with the broadcasting industry, Vijaya won a beauty contest for Channel V and had a very successful modeling career.

7. Isabelle Ithurburu

Isabelle Ithurburu is a French reporter and sports journalist who’s been covering important events with Infosports+ over the years. Her work got her a lot of attention and she eventually got to present at the 2011 Rugby World Championship. 

Ithurburu ended up marrying a rugby player too and got the chance to replace Darren Tulett as a presenter on the show Des décodeurs. Before pursuing her career as a presenter, she even participated in a television contest to showcase her acting talents. The reporter has also worked with other publications and magazines.

8. Brooke Baldwin

 Ron Adar /

As a CNN host who’s been working for the network so long that almost every viewer is familiar with her face — Brooke Baldwin has cemented her spot on the list of the most sought-after personalities on television. Her work has won her accolades such as the ‘Best Investigative Report’ award at the International Television & Film Awards in 2011 for the part she played in To Catch a Serial Killer. She’s even been nominated for an Emmy for her work. 

She worked with CNN for well over a decade and eventually resigned in 2021. Her written work on the platform got her a ton of attention, especially since the pieces were captivating tales about her harrowing yet adventurous journeys.

9. Sonia Shenoy

Sonia Shenoy is not only a prominent TV presenter but also an Assistant Executive Director of CNBC TV18 India. Her position with the network is emblematic of how she got to where she is today. She made her debut working with Thomson Reuters as a Business Journalist, whilst also occupying a role as an Equity Analyst in 2007. 

This helped her build a strong resume for herself and she soon pursued a career as a TV anchor at CNBC TV18. The author has written several editorial pieces that have been nominated and won awards for journalistic excellence.

10. Mélissa Theuriau

 Frederic Legrand – COMEO /

Mélissa Theuriau is a famous French TV news anchor who has had a history working with M6 and the French TV network. This makes her a highly sought-after presenter, especially since she holds a degree in Journalism too. She’s one of the people who started La Rose, a charity that contributes to efforts made by UNICEF to educate underprivileged girls. 

She is a celebrity online and gained a massive following on social media, which led to her being featured in many publications that highlight her aesthetic value. The anchor is also a mother of two and is happily married to a French-Moroccan comedian. 

11. Richelle Carey

Richelle Carey is a familiar face on Al-Jazeera and her work with the network has seen her gain considerable attention. She previously worked with Al-Jazeera America and became one of the few reporters they chose to bring onto the team. She has been a part of several different projects and shows.

Carey even got the chance to be a temporary replacement for Mehdi Hasan on Upfront and has been keen on devoting her life to her career and social activism. She’s worked on women’s rights during her tenure as a reporter and is also on the Board of The Girls Scouts of Greater Atlanta.

12. Anna Kasterova

Anna Kasterova is a Russian TV presenter and wife of Evgeni Malkin. She’s renowned for hosting a few well-received sports shows like the Bolshoi Sports Program and the Headbutt Football Show. The presenter is an avid sports fan, and it shows since her husband is an Ice Hockey legend. She’s also famous for her work with Russia-2.

Kasterove was also affiliated with Good Morning Russia and was prominently featured on the show, thus making her one of the highest earners in her field. She is one of the most sought-after journalists in Russia.

13. Anjana Om Kashyap

As a Senior Executive Editor for Aaj Tak, Anjana Om Kashyap has been striving to make a name for herself ever since she debuted as a journalist working for Aankhon Dekhi. She worked on the news desk before moving on to work with Zee News. Kashyap made it her goal to become a news anchor. She was motivated enough to go out looking for work and eventually landed a job with News24.

However, that didn’t last as she moved onto greater pastures and joined the Aaj Tak team. She climbed the corporate ladder and with enough attention, became one of the few journalists to interview Narendra Modi during the 2019 election cycle.

14. Judith Rakers

picmedia /

Judith Deborah Rakers is a German journalist who made her debut as a presenter being a radio jockey for Radio Hochstift. Meanwhile, she pursued her studies at the University of Munster with a wide array of subjects to boost her resume. Rakers ended up landing her first major gig soon after. Her local TV station gave her a chance to present the Hamburg Journal in 2004, which she’d go on to present for the next six years.

The journalist also kept herself busy during that time — she joined the Tagesschau news program and started working with ARD. Rakers received a lot of attention for her presenting skills and was the host of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2011.

15. Natalia Cooper

Natalia Cooper is pretty famous in Australia and has worked with a couple of prominent networks. She landed her first actual presenting work while she was just 19. She debuted in 2013, working as a weather presenter for STW. The station recognized her talents and bumped her up to news bulletins by the next year.

Cooper spent her time exploring the world in 2008. She became a freelance journalist and eventually made her way back to Perth to work with Nine News and then later Today News. She has made a name for herself by being consistent with her work.

16. Megyn Kelly

Leonard Zhukovsky /

Megyn Kelly is a prominent online celebrity and television presenter who was a part of the Fox News Network team for several years. She has been known for having controversial takes but her viewership and influence online speak for themselves. She has her own show called the Megyn Kelly Show, and she has a very active social media presence too. 

Kelly is a master in her field — she did a few talk shows while she was working with Fox and a couple with NBC. Her expertise as an attorney certainly helped her stand out. She was even included on Time’s Top 100 Most Influential People list in 2014.

17. Gigi Stone

Gigi Stone is an actress, news presenter, entrepreneur, and producer. She has been all over the place, being one of the minds behind the making of shows like Mr. Robot and Elementary. Stone has worked with ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, and Bloomberg. The news anchor has her own media consultation company that advises and coaches people on how to handle their public image.

She is also a corporate advisor for several other media companies and has spent her life polishing her skills to further enhance her career and success. The reporter even created an interview series called Inspiring Women in Business. She has met several prominent celebrities during her professional career.

18. Hu Weiwei

Hu Weiwei is a popular news anchor and co-founder of the bicycle-sharing company, Mobike. She is best recognized for interviewing prominent state figures during her tenure. Hu Weiwei is a well-versed mogul who got her start providing her business insights to the Daily Economic News.

It didn’t take long for her to find more work, and she started her own media platform called GeekCar. Weiwei is also a member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network and has offered her expertise to the Chinese government, providing ideas and presenting the annual Government Report.

19. Tina Kandelaki

Maksim Konstantinov /

The Apostol company co-founder Tina Kandelaki is also a prominent Russian news anchor and television presenter. She is a journalist who has also dabbled in producing. Kandelaki is of Georgian descent and made her debut working for Radio 105 before introducing other projects into her life after leaving.

She has been a part of several television programs and even headed her own talk show called Details on the STS channel. The anchor is also a prominent businesswoman who has her own restaurant called Tinatin and some ties with the cosmetics company Oriflame. Her controversial takes gained her a lot of traction online in 2022.

20. Adela Úcar

Adela Úcar is an Audiovisuals Communication expert who made a career out of her interests and devotion to her vision. She always wanted to be a presenter, a journalist, or an actress. Eventually, her wish came true because soon after her degree, she participated in a mini-documentary contest held by Discovery Channel Asia. 

Adela won the competition and became a representative for them. She also went on to present a few of their shows which involved a lot of traveling. She ended up making the same kind of content on TVE1 and TVE2. 

21. Susan Li

Evan El-Amin /

Susan Li is a journalist who has been working with the Fox Business Network since 2018. She has already made strides in getting the chance to interview key public figures in the American business sector like the CEOs of Apple, Uber, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Li is fluent in English and Mandarin and has worked for CCTV International in the past where she also hosted Biz China.

The news anchor has also done some prior work with other prominent news networks like CBC, Bloomberg Television, CNBC Asia, CNBC Europe, and CNBC. Her business insights make her a valuable correspondent since she has interviewed several important politicians around the globe.

22. Carolyn Mackenzie

Global News journalist Carolyn Mackenzie has it all — the charm, the looks, the presentation skills, and the on-screen presence to captivate an audience while she delivers a bulletin. She is a co-host on the network’s The Morning Show. The Canadian presenter made her debut working for Rogers TV before eventually moving to Sydney.

There, she started working with ATV/CTV News while occupying all sorts of roles during her tenure with them, these skills would end up coming in handy later on in her career. The award-winning journalist is a mother of two and is married to a firefighter

23. Angela Scanlon

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The Irish presenter Angela Scanlon began her professional life working as a stylist and small-time journalist. After getting recognized for her talents and good looks, she got the chance to work with some big-name news agencies like Irish TV, RTE, and the BBC.

She is a contributing writer to Time’s Sunday Magazine and her prolific career spans writing for some of the biggest publications around like Vogue, Elle Japan, and TWIN. Scanlon also contributed her talents to a couple of shows on RTV like Oi Ginger! in 2013.

24. Cheryl Hickey

Cheryl Hickey is the host for ET Canada and a member of the Global News team. She has had some experience working as a production assistant and writer for a newscast. She made her debut working on K106.5 as a correspondent at first but eventually became an afternoon news presenter.  

Her tenure with the Global Television Network started back in 1999. Hickey initially started off working as a photojournalist and soon started reporting the news from a chopper. She has even tried her hand at producing documentaries and covering events held by Global, like the 2004 Grammy Countdown pre-show.

25. Oksana Fedorova

Oksana Fedorova is a Russian national treasure who has dominated the big screen by being a mainstream television presenter and also maintaining her modeling, singing, fashion designing, and acting career. She is often considered one of Russia’s most popular socialites.

Fedorova is a former police officer, the daughter of a nuclear physicist, and a charitable social worker. Her career on television started after her victory at the 2002 Miss Universe contest, but she was also crowned Miss Russia in 2001. She went on to host several TV shows and the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest.

26. Shereen Bhan

Shereen Bhan is not only the managing editor of CNBC TV18, but also a renowned journalist and television anchorwoman who has covered some of the most important global events in her tenure. Shereen Bhan is best known for her role on her show Young Turks, where she confronts famous business moguls and entrepreneurs by asking them hard-hitting questions.

She climbed her way up the ladder for over two decades and became a crucial member of a group of individuals responsible for shaping India’s economic landscape. Bhan even won the FICCI Woman of the Year award in 2005 for her media contributions.

27. Mirella Grisales

Mirella Grisales is a Colombian television presenter and actress who is best known for her dating history with football star Cristiano Ronaldo. She is also considered one of the hottest reporters in Colombia, and her good looks landed her roles on television shows well before she got recognized for her telecasting talents.

Grisales has worked as a host for sports TV network Telemundo for a while. She covered some important sports events here and there. She also starred in the telenovela series Aurora in 2010. 

28. Yanet Garcia

Yanet Garcia became a cultural icon when she got discovered by the internet, but her looks aren’t everything. There is a lot more to the Mexican weather girl than you might think. She is a famous socialite and has a powerful social media presence whilst being a prominent news anchor. Garcia is also a health coach, and she provides her valuable insights online through her FitPlan app subscription service.

The model was a child actor, but eventually moved on to being a weather presenter instead. She made her professional debut working for Televisa Monterrey.

29. Liu Xin

Liu Xin is a host and journalist who’s been working with CGTN since 1997 when it was formerly known as CCTV NEWS. She has been an asset ever since her debut with the news organization and has led several important events, like hosting former American president Barack Obama during his visit to China in 2009. 

Xin went on to play a crucial role in setting up CCTV’s Geneva Bureau by being the Bureau Chief for six years. The reporter covered several important global events at the time and made content that highlighted issues like nuclear disarmament, human rights, and climate change. 

30. Ana Cobos

Ana Cobos made her debut working as a sports news editor for Television Espanola, and it wasn’t long before she ended up getting to host her own show DXT-Noche. She has always been interested in sports and has covered several major sporting events including the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Cobos is pretty famous as she’s the host of beIN’s sports show The Express. She has also interviewed several prominent athletes, like Lionel Messi, Rafael Nadal, and even LeBron James. This reporter is considered one of the most successful female journalists in the world.

31. Gabby Logan

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This Sky News sports presenter is not only a renowned journalist but also an international rhythmic gymnast who’s hosted a multitude of large-scale events for the BBC. Gabby Logan made her debut working for Metro Radio, before fronting for On the Ball on ITV. During her tenure with ITV, she was also hosted the World Cup and Champions League.

Logan is also a prolific writer who has had several of her pieces published online and featured in different magazines. She was also a crucial member of the BBC’s team of presenters that covered the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games. 

32. Natasha Kaplinsky

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Natasha Kaplinsky is a famous journalist known for her contribution as an anchor on several different news networks like Sky News, BBC News, Channel 5, and ITV. She made her debut co-presenting the F2F show on Granda Talk TV in 1996 (with Sasha Baron Cohen) and went on to cover the evening news on Meridian Tonight.

Kaplinsky later joined ITV and hosted London Tonight for a while, before moving on to Sky News in 2006 to co-present Sunrise. She has been a familiar face on Spanish television for well over a couple of decades.

33. Emma Willis

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This English television presenter is best known for her work with Channel 5, the BBC, and ITV. She has worked on several prominent projects, presenting shows like The Voice UK, Big Brother and all of its subsequent spinoffs, and seasons 2 and 3 of The Circle. Emma Willis made her debut in 2002.

Her first gig was with MTV to present some of their shows before she moved onto ITV and started working on hosting specials with them. She even became a celebrity ambassador for Oral-B in 2015.

34. Julie Banderas

Julie Banderas is a news anchor who has worked with Fox News since 2005. Her debut on WLVI-TV Bostons was just the start; she would later go on to work with several other channels like WHSV-TV Virginia, WNYW-TV New York, WFSB-TV Connecticut, and WBRE-TV Pennsylvania. Banderas has been featured as an anchor throughout her career. 

The anchor-woman is very outspoken and upfront about her views, and she delivers her questions at the most opportune moments. Banderas is also known for eliciting a response from her interviewees. In 2006, her clash with an infamous Westboro Baptist Church spokeswoman led to a feud that brought her a lot of attention.

35. Davina Smith

Davina Smith is an Australian presenter best known for her work with the Nine Network. Not only is she a news anchor, but also an on-hand weather presenter at times. She had the chance to do both things while she was employed with WIN News and Television. 

Davina made her debut in 2002 working for Nine Brisbane, before departing and then officially making a comeback to the city. Smith has been through many challenging situations as a reporter — one of her most arduous experiences was covering the Toowoomba Floods. The ordeal led to a rather humbling conclusion for her, which in turn made her a better journalist. 

36. Mirei Kiritani

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Mirei Kirtanai is a popular Japanese actress, model, and news anchor. She is a big deal in Japan and has made an appearance in several films like Usagi Drop and Arakawa Under The Bridge. Kiritani is also popular on the small screen and was part of a few dramas. The shows she’s worked on include Gunshi Kanbe and Hell Teacher Nube.

Kirtani made her debut working with the Sweet Power Agency at the age of 16 and worked with them for the next 16 years, accumulating a ton of experience along the way. She is set to appear on Netflix’s series Atelier.

37. Jenna Lee

Jenna Lee is a former Fox News anchor and co-host of Happening Now. She was also the co-host for Fox Business Morning and made her debut after graduating from UC Santa Barbara, working freelance for the Marina Times and eventually Forbes

She built up her resume and ended up working as an on-screen anchor for Fox Business when they let her on the team in 2007. Lee left Fox Business for Fox News and was the first person to do so at that point. In 2017, she decided to do her own thing and launched SmartHer News. 

38. Robin Meade

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Robin Meade is a talented news anchor best recognized from her special, Morning Express with Robin Meade. She is a hardworking journalist who has been well-known since before her career because she won Miss Ohio back in 1992. She joined HTV’s roster in 2001, but her first day at HTV was the day the 9/11 incident occurred. 

Although the reporter made her initial debut as a reporter on WMFD-TV Ohio, it wasn’t long before she got singled out for her work. Meade was given the chance to present the 1996 Olympic Games while working with NBC. 

39. Diletta Leotta

cristiano barni /

Diletta Leotta is an Italian television sports presenter who is best known for her coverage of the Series A season for DAZN. She has worked with Sky Sports Italy for a while but was covering the 2018 Series B games. Leotta has also worked as a host on a radio program called 105 Takeaway on Radio 105.

However, this presenter isn’t just limited to the sports niche. She also hosted the 2018 Miss Italia competition and a music festival in Sanremo. Even though Leotta graduated with a law degree from Luiss University in 2015, she still managed to make an impressive career for herself by pursuing journalism and presenting instead.

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