121 Fun Hobbies For Women to Enjoy Life

Admit it:

Every woman has felt stuck in a loop at least once in their life. 

In such circumstances, the best way to break the chain of boredom is to start a new hobby. 

Unfortunately, selecting a hobby to pursue is even more dreadful than realizing that your life has become dull and repetitive.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the 121 best hobbies for women that you can start today, whether on your own or with a couple of friends.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the list:

Fun Hobbies For Women to Enjoy Life

1.) Painting

Painting is a centuries-long art that is both relaxing and produces something valuable. It can clear your mind after a long work day and help you unlocks new doors to creativity. Once completed, the sense of fulfillment when you look at your masterpiece is truly unmatched. The best part about Painting? You don’t have to be an expert. Just create what your heart says, and the result will be astounding. 

2.) Reading

Reading is one of the most common activities for women of all ages. It stimulates the brain to think of new scenarios and broadens your imagination. Reading is a great way to disconnect from the world and build your own fantasy world. Not to mention that frequent reading also polishes your writing skills and improves your vocabulary.

3.) Singing

If you love listening to music, try out singing. Studies show that singing releases endorphins and oxytocin in your body. Endorphins create a sense of pleasure in your body, while oxytocin nullifies stress or anxiety. Singing can be a significant mood booster, and if you have a good voice, you can also pursue this at a professional level. 

4.) Dancing

Dancing has two significant benefits; it’s an excellent form of cardio and enjoyable at the same time. A short dance session can reduce stress to a great extent and improve your motor skills. You can practice dancing at your home or join a studio in your neighborhood to dance with your friends. 

5.) Writing

Writing is a common trend amongst women, especially among the younger generations. It’s a great way to detoxify the mind and streamline your thoughts. Many women use writing to express feelings that they’re uncomfortable sharing in public. If you feel a bit creative, you can also start working on a fictious story or create your own blog online. 

6.) Photography

Everyone has a smartphone that’s equipped with a camera. Why not use it as a hobby? You could take pictures of nature, your loved ones, the sky, and a ton of other things that appeal to the eye. Having physical proof of life’s important moments can be very rewarding, and you could even make some money on the side if you invest in a good DSLR.

7.) Videography

If taking pictures isn’t your forte, why not try making videos for a change? All you have to do is pick up a camera or your smartphone and record whatever piques your interest. You can also edit these clips and create a compilation of the beautiful moments of your life. 

8.) Playing an Instrument

Learning to play a musical instrument seems challenging to most people. But once you figure out how to play tunes, it’s one of the best hobbies to pursue. Once you’ve become adept at playing songs, you can also create a band with your musician friends or join a local music club.  

9.) Origami

Remember how you used to make paper boats as a child? You can turn that same pastime into a hobby. Origami goes beyond just making boats — you can create intricate swans, dragons, and almost anything you can imagine with some skill and learning. Creasing paper and finishing difficult origami is also a very satisfying part of this hobby.

10.) Scrapbooking

Creating aesthetic collages and frames while going through many pages of magazines and articles is a great way to spend your time creatively. It enables your artistic side and produces something worth keeping. It is also a cheap and easy hobby to pick up during your free time. 

11.) Embroidery

Embroidery is the craft of decorating fabric with beautiful floral and geometrical patterns. It’s also one of those hobbies that you can turn into a business. Many fashion leaders started with basic embroidery for their home clothes and have now become one of the industry’s biggest names. You could also gift embroidered dresses to your children or colleagues.

12.) Jewelry Making

What goes together with fancy clothes? That’s right, jewelry! Although this hobby requires a great deal of patience and nimbleness, it’s quite an engaging activity. You can purchase rare gems for your project or piece together unique rocks and stones. In either case, you’ll end up with a beautiful necklace or bracelet that you can wear on multiple occasions. 

13.) Video Games

Studies show that playing video games is the most common hobby of our era. Gaming allows you to live out your fantasies and relieve stress or even symptoms of depression. Even though many consider gaming as a manly hobby, women are also rapidly entering this industry for good reasons. 

14.) Playing Cards

Card games like solitaire and bluff are excellent ways to exercise your brain and bond with your friends. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, you can also bring out some chips and challenge your friends to a poker match. Playing cards allows you to sharpen your strategizing skills and can even improve your mood when you win.

15.) Collecting

Collecting themed items is a hobby that dates back centuries. Starting a collection of something you admire, such as stamps, action figures, or expensive gems, allows you to discover your personality and gives you a topic to discuss at gatherings. If you’re lucky enough to find something valuable, you might be able to sell it at a profit margin. 

16.) Cooking

Despite the stereotypes attached to women and cooking, it is an essential life skill and can be turned into a hobby if you’re passionate enough. The internet is flooded with recipes from different cultures that you can test out daily. Plus, there’s no feeling of accomplishment compared to eating a delicious meal you made from scratch.

17.) Baking

Who doesn’t like the smell of freshly baked muffins or croissants in the morning? If you do, it might be time to fire up the oven. Baking gives you access to a world of desserts and sweets. Once you’ve acquired enough practice, you can start a bakery from your home or sell a personalized cake for a mouth-watering amount of money.

18.) Gardening

Nothing compares to the peacefulness of tending to colorful flowers as birds chirp around you. As much as gardening benefits the environment, it also brings peace and happiness to the gardener. You can also grow fresh produce or rare flowers in your backyard as you progress. Regular gardening sessions are a fun and relaxing way to connect with nature.

19.) Sewing

Sewing is a long-forgotten skill that can prove handy on numerous occasions. Tore your shirt? Did the button fall off at the last moment? If you learn sewing, these problems will never stress you. Countless tutorials teach you how to sew on the internet and can even make you skilled enough to create your own outfits.

20.) Hiking

A long walk between beautiful mountain paths is one of the most relaxing physical activities you can engage in. It helps you create a connection with the outside world and improves your cardiovascular health as you climb steep trails. We highly recommend investing in some high-quality gear to make this activity safe and more enjoyable.

21.) Camping

Imagine watching the night sky without your phone or any contact with the outside world; doesn’t that sound peaceful? Being away from the city pollution in the clean nature helps reset your life and connect with your loved ones over a bonfire. You can explore different places to camp, or even try hunting if you’re feeling a bit adventurous. 

22.) Swimming

Swimming is considered as one of the most physically demanding exercises. However, it is also an excellent pastime and offers a full-body workout. It’s also worth noting that swimming is an essential skill that every human should learn for survival. Sign up at your local swimming pool today and relax in the cool water after a tough day at work.

23.) Cycling

Cycling as a hobby can improve your physical fitness while also reducing your carbon footprint. Strolling through the streets will also allow you to absorb the fresh air and appreciate the little things about your city. Plus, you won’t be getting stuck in traffic jams or at red lights anymore, saving your precious time and energy. 

24.) Yoga

Doing yoga is a fantastic way to clear the mind and find inner peace. Apart from the numerous mental benefits of yoga, it also helps tone your body and improve your flexibility. You can find tons of yoga tutorials or apps on your mobile phone. If you’re feeling a bit social, join a local yoga group and connect with like minded women in your neighborhood.

25.) Meditation

Don’t want to put physical stress on your body? Fair enough, try meditating. It’s a great activity that allows you to de-stress your mind and reflect on troubling thoughts. When you’re working a tough job or going through a difficult phase, meditation can help you control your emotions and gain a positive outlook. Just take 15-minutes out of your day and feel the impact of meditation in your life.

26.) Learning a Language

If you have some free time on your hands, why not try learning a language? Familiarizing yourself with another language increases your communication skills and is a great ice-breaker when meeting new people. Plus, employers will always give you preference if you have “bilingual” mentioned on your CV. Bonus tip: always learn a language that is in-demand and has scope within your career and locality.

27.) Volunteering

Giving back to society or the needy can make their day. It doesn’t matter how big or small your contribution is; volunteering can make you more grateful and add a sense of purpose in your life. Try finding volunteering groups or charities in your vicinity and participate in an activity that means the most to you.

28.) Interior Designing

Awaken your inner artist by designing beautiful homes and offices. It’s an extremely satisfying activity and increases your creative sense. Interior designing as a profession is also highly profitable; maybe you’ll even create a whole team in the future! A great place to start is your own bedroom or lounge, or perhaps a friend’s room that desperately needs a makeover.

29.) Candle Making

Colors, fragrances, and lighting — is there a better combo to make a woman happy? Candle making involves all of these elements. It’s a brilliant hobby to help women hone their molding skills and learn how to handle wax as well. Plus, candles make lovely gifts and can even be sold on websites such as Etsy or Ebay.

30.) Soap Making

If candles aren’t your forte, try making soap. Blend your favorite colors along with some fragrance oils and pour them into a mold — you’ll have a fresh soap at your disposal in just a few hours. As you progress, you can start adding special ingredients like almond oil or shea butter to your soaps. We can guarantee that your custom soaps will be selling like hot cakes!

31.) Papier Mache

Remember how you used to create lamps and masks with torn pieces of paper in kindergarten? You can rekindle that child in you with Papier Mache. It’s an affordable activity and only requires some paper and liquid starch. You can create beautiful sculptures or decoration items for your home, or even bond with your little ones over this activity.

32.) Pottery

Clay work is a common hobby in sub-urban cities. Producing clay pots, vases, and pans is an extremely calming activity and takes your mind off life’s problems. You can find tons of pottery classes in your locality and form relationships over this beautiful hobby. And let’s not sideline the satisfaction you get when creating something beautiful out of just mud and water.

33.) Pet Care

It’s an animal lover’s dream to take care of all the pets in the world, so why not adopt this as a regular hobby? You can find tons of tutorials on YouTube on how to perform different types of grooming for animals. Once you’ve practiced it on pets and are competent enough, you can even join a local pet salon and make some money on the side.

34.) DJing

Everyone loves attending festivals. Women nowadays are headlining events such as Tomorrowland and Eurovision. So why aren’t you? All you have to do is download a software like FL Studio, make a list of your favorite tracks, and start mixing them together! You can also select your favorite remixes and share them on platforms such as Soundcloud or play them at a friend’s party to make a name for yourself.

35.) Floral Arranging

Arches, bows, and bouquets are all forms of floral patterns. Arranging charming flowers helps relax the mind while being surrounded by vibrant colors and pleasing scents. Just go in your nearest yard/park and pick a few of your favorite ones. Bring them home and start arranging them in beautiful patterns. Your bouquet will serve as a great gift when visiting someone for dinner or birthdays!

36.) Puzzles

Making jigsaw puzzles with your family is a fun way to bond and spend time with them. Puzzles not only help in developing cognitive skills but are also extremely satisfying as you fit in the final piece in the grid. You can find a bunch of different puzzles at your toy shop or even solve some online if you’re on a budget.

37.) Tutoring

Teaching someone is an exceptional act of kindness. Sharing your intellectual skills and experience with others, especially children, can turn them into a compassionate and confident adult. You can also tutor students as a part-time job and make some money on the side while strengthening your fundamentals on different subjects as well.

38.) Book Club

A book club allows women to socialize in a nurturing environment while discussing their favorite literature. They’re a safe haven for introverts who will find many like-minded individuals in the clubs. Even if you’re not into reading, just visit a book club and learn from people’s experience with novels — you’ll automatically find your way to becoming a regular reader.

39.) Event Planning

Every guest wants to host an event that their guests would never forget. If someone you know has a birthday or anniversary coming up, why not help them plan? Creating an event plan is highly satisfying and allows you to test your creative limits. It’s also a great side gig for making money and improves your communication and coordination skills with different people.

40.) Astrology

Horoscopes and zodiac signs are a common discussion topic amongst many women. Learning about stars, planets, galaxies, and their meaning is an exciting hobby. It creates a deeper understanding of life and can be a fun activity to do when you’re at a friend or relatives house. 

More Hobbies for Women

41.) Drawing

42.) Acting

43.) Journaling

44.) Blogging

45.) Finding new music

46.) Freelance Writing

47.) Fitness Instructor

48.) Investing

49.) Knitting

50.) Writing Poetry

51.) Calligraphy

52.) Travelling

53.) Cave Diving

54.) Mountain Climbing

55.) Playing Table Tennis

56.) Skydiving

57.) Sailing

58.) Go for Bowling

59.) Playing Pool

60.) Playing Scrabble

61.) Running

62.) Paintballing

63.) Scuba Diving

64.) Paragliding

65.) Rollerblading

66.) Golfing

67.) Horseback Riding

68.) Graphic Designing

69.) Stand-up Comedy

70.) Treasure Hunting 

71.) Learning Magic Tricks

72.) Recording Audio Books

73.) Quilting 

74.) Training Service Dogs

75.) Kick-Boxing

76.) Aquatics

77.) Taking online Courses

78.) Surfing 

79.) Visiting Museums

80.) Cosplay

81.) Watching Documentaries 

82.) Playing Board Games

83.) Playing Basketball

84.) Stargazing

85.) Wine Tasting

86.) Wood Working 

87.) Advertising 

88.) Hunting 

89.) Wine Making

90.) Backpacking 

91.) Nordic Walking

92.) Studying Bible 

93.) Learning Archery

94.) Fishing

95.) Water Skiing 

96.) Coloring 

97.) Going Shopping 

98.) Learning to Code 

99.) Coffee Artist (Barista)

100.) Learning Makeup 

101.) Making Vlogs

102.) Bird Watching

103.) Learning Carpentry

104.) Working On A Startup

105.) Taking Self-Defense Classes

106.) Writing Songs 

107.) Learning About NFTs

108.) Attending Social Events

109.) Becoming a Virtual Assistant 

110.) Learning Different Cultures

111. )Beatboxing

112.) Ice Sculpting

113.) Designing Dresses 

114.) Bungee Jumping

115.) Kite Flying 

116.) Learning Tarot 

117.) Trying Karaoke

118.) Practicing Martial Arts

119.) Going Kayaking 

120.) Learning Photoshop

121.) Hitting the gym


Having a hobby can enhance your social life by allowing you to interact with people, mentally escape from the tensions of life, and polish your skills. Hobbies allow you to take a break from your busy schedule to do something you are passionate about. Sparing time during the day to do the activities you love is an easy way to improve your emotional well-being and enjoy your unplanned time.

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