103 Good Night Messages & Texts For Her

Good night texts are a great way to let your wife/best friend/girlfriend know that you’re thinking about her right before bed.

They can be romantic, funny, or cute — the point is to make her feel loved and cared for. Think about it: you’d probably be really happy if you received a message from her as well! Speaking of which, taking the initiative by sending her a good night message might just be the perfect way to make that happen. 

If you’re interested, we’ve gathered for you a selection of 103 of the most passionate, heart-touching good night messages perfect for sending to your soulmate before she dozes off. We have long messages for when you really want to convey emotion and short messages for more casual instances. 

In our extensive selection, you’ll find suitable messages for every stage of the relationship, so feel free to jump about and find the perfect message to send to her tonight!

Regardless of what you go with, she will definitely appreciate the thoughtfulness. With that said, let’s move on to the first good night message on our list:

Best Good Night Messages For Her

1.) “As the day seem to be coming to end and moon is about to set my love for is always becoming new. Good night.”

2.) “At night I always felt so lonely without you. I always think about you and miss you dearly. I can not live without you. Good Night, my sweet girl.”

3.) “How did I ever get so lucky with a beautiful girl like you? Goodnight my precious angel, as I believe my luck lies within the stars.”

4.) “Your beauty feels like the roses and your smile shines more than the stars in my heart. I love you. Good night.”

5.) “I made your favorite color my bedsheet, so the feelings of your heart can be closer to my heart. I love you. Good night.”

6.) “Some scientists say that star Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky. I don’t agree with them. The brightest stars I’ve ever seen were your beautiful eyes. Sleep tight, honey.”

7.) “Every night before I sleep I chant my favorite letter of the alphabet – U. Good night.”

8.) “Thinking about you is the tipping point where my nightmares end and sweet dreams begin. I love you.”

9.) “Thinking about you keeps me awake. Nights are so lonely without you. Good night, baby. Sleep well.”

10.) “Love is one of the greatest blessing given to man kind. Not every man is opportune to be loved. I am happy am one of the few to get to be loved. I love you. Good night.”

11.) “I just want to be your pillow for this night and every night to come. Have sweet dreams.”

12.) “You are the cure to my poison; you are something else. You are not from this world. I love you so much. Have sweet dreams. Good night.”

13.) “There are no guarantees in life except one – your kisses always give me the sweetest dreams. Good night.”

14.) “The only thing that is keeping me awake every night are the thoughts about how much I love you, and what am I going to do without you! Good night, sweetie.”

15.) “May the lullabies of a hundred angels’ wings comfort you and keep you as you drift off to sleep. Good night, my princess.”

16.) “Good night to the girl who made all my dreams come true by coming into my life. If you are a dream, I don’t want to ever wake up.”

17.) “If truly there is life after death, I really hope to be yours even after death. One life is too short to prove my love for you. Good night.”

18.) “This message is to remind you that you are the most important thing in my life. I want to take away all your nightmares and fill your dreams with love. Have a lovely night. Sweet dreams.”

19.) “Whenever I think about you, I find my self smiling. I can only testify that your love have taken over my mind. Good night.”

20.) “I’ll make sure to steal some kisses from you in your dreams tonight! Sleep tight!”

21.) “You are my everything. Good night, my love!”

22.) “I want to be the cool night breeze that gives you goosebumps as you sleep. Good night girl.”

23.) “All my life I have experienced happiness and none of them can be compare to the amount of joy, your love brought to my world. Good night.”

24.) “Whenever I see you. I remember all the dreams I had of us being together and one day I am going to make them a reality. Good Night.”

25.) “Missing you more than I can express, thinking of you more than you know. Sleep well, good night love!”

26.) “Before you sleep, I wanted you to know that I would have waited an eternity to meet you, but I’m really glad I found you when I did.”

27.) “You are my love; you are the one who rules my heart. You are my everything. Good night my love!”

28.) “Good night to my dear girlfriend. Sleep well and may tomorrow brings more happiness to you. I love you.”

29.) “I wish you sweet dreams and a lovely and restful night.”

30.) “It’s so hard being without you. I can’t wait for tomorrow to hug you tightly. Good night, dear.”

31.) “You might not notice it, but every time I see you, I still get butterflies. Even when I am already with you, I still can’t wait to see you in my dreams. Good night, my love.”

32.) “Before you go to sleep, know that there’s someone who loves you like crazy. Good night, sweetheart.”

33.) “Your shining smile has taken over my night and now I always smile in my dreams. I love you. Good night.”

34.) “For once, I wish I could come into your dreams and show you that you are loved in every way possible! For now, I can wish you a good night, knowing I’ll love you twice as much in the morning.”

35.) “Sweet dreams, my darling. There is no one else I’d rather create a thousand memories with!”

36.) “May the angels protect my queen when she falls asleep. Good night, sweetheart.”

37.) “Last night I could not be able to sleep any minute, and it felt like I have something important to do which I forgot. I think again and again, and then I remember I have to wish this special person in my life a good night. Good night my love. Have lovely dreams.”

38.) “It does not matter how far you are; you will always be in my heart. Good night love.”

39.) “You are the woman of my dreams. I hope your dreams are as wonderful as mine. I love you so much. Sleep well, my darling.”

40.) “At night, even if I am really tired and very sleepy. I still can not sleep if I don’t text my sweet girl. You are always my priority. Good Night, love!”

41.) “Before you close your eyes and go to sleep, let me convince you that I’ll be right there by your side, protecting you and loving you forever! Good night my darling, and sweet dreams!”

42.) “I said to the moon that you are not the one who lightens up my nights. He asked angrily, then who? I said only my cute and sweet girlfriend could light up my nights. Good Night.”

43.) “Do you know what is temporary? This night, this moon, and these stars—they will all disappear in the morning. But do you know what is permanent? Our love—it will last forever. Good night, my love.”

44.) “I hope you have the best sleep that makes you energetic for tomorrow. Good night, honey.”

45.) “This moon is always in a competition of shining with you, and it always looses, because you are more shiner than a star to me. Good night, love”

46.) “So many people have come into my life, some with right intention and other with bad intentions. But no one have ever give me this amount of Joy. I’m happy to have you. Good night.”

47.) “Good night, my sweet lady. I hope today was lovely as you are and I hope you wake in the morning feeling beautiful as ever. I love you to the moon and back.”

48.) “My life is filled with your smell and I have begun to wonder how senseless it will smell without your scent in it. I love you, Good night.”

49.) “My dearest, I hope today treated you well. There was so much going on, and I was proud of you through every step. You are strong and beautiful, and I wish you a good night of sleep. I love you.”

50.) “Thank you so much for the wonderful night we had. I hope that you sleep well and that you have dreams as beautiful as you are.”

51.) “You are the most beautiful woman in the world, and I am so lucky to have you in my life. Good Night, my love, and pleasant dreams.”

52.) “Before going to bed, I wish that I could give you a cute kiss with a tight hug to show you how much I love you. Good Night my love!”

53.) “My love, today might have been hard for you, but remember that you are strong. I cannot even imagine myself as strong as you are. You are all the things that are right and good in the world, and I want you to remember that as you sleep. I love you.”

54.) “My pillow has been my companion for nights, since you are not here to show me your feelings am sending my own through message. I love you. Good night.”

55.) “I believe I must be a great man to have met such a sweet girl, whose beauty can’t be hidden even to the stars at night. Your realness is what keeps me going. I love you. Good night.”

56.) “I thank the skies for bringing you closer to me, in reality and even in my dreams. I love you. Good night.”

57.) “Consider me as a cool night breeze that gives you a good sleep. Good Night”

58.) “They say there is no such thing as a perfect life. Seems like they have no idea what it is like having you in my life. Close your eyes, my dear, and dream of tomorrow.”

59.) “I am so grateful for the time that I can spend with you. You are the best girlfriend ever. I love you. Sleep well and have wonderful dreams.”

60.) “I cannot wait any longer for that day when we will be spending our life together. I hope that you know I am ready for all of it. This is one of the last nights that we have to be apart, and I am ready to start forever with you. I love you, darling.”

61.) “Every night I sleep with the thought that you are going to be mine forever and the feelings is what made my night so special. Good night my queen.”

62.) “Queen of my heart, you are the first thing I think about when I wake up and the last thing that crosses my mind when I sleep. Thank you for making me feel so special and lucky. Goodnight and dream me.”

63.) “May the stars bring you closer to my love and may the moons show you of our special you are to me. Good night.”

64.) “Every night, I wait long for this night to turn into a day. So I can meet you. You are far too away, all I need is to give you a sweet kiss. Good night.”

65.) “Without you I can’t predict what my life will have look like. I go about my daily activities with the hope that one day you will be my side and never leave me. The night is here and am still filled with that same thought my love. It shows how much you truly mean to me. I love you. Good night.”

66.) “While looking at this blissful night with romantic moonlight and a cool breeze with glitters of stars up in the sky. I can only wish that you would have been with me. Good Night. I love you so much babe.”

67.) “My hopes for us is that we should never be apart and that our love keeps flourishing till the end of our time. Good night.”

68.) “Thank you for making my day. Now, close your eyes and sleep peacefully, dear. I love you.”

69.) “Behind my messages are a true feelings that my heart can never be apart from you even in many years to come, my night will still never be complete without your beautiful voice. I love and care for you with my last breath. I love you. Good night.”

70.) “Wish that I could come over to you and honor you with a beautiful, good night kiss. Have sweet and lovely dreams. Good night.”

71.) “Good night to the angel who is the reason for my smile and makes all my troubles disappear magically with a simple kiss. I love you, honey.”

72.) “Hotel rooms are so lonely without you here in bed with me. Even a boring conference would be nice if you were here. I love you, darling. Good Night.”

73.) “Never back away from your nightmares. Face them with all the strength you have. This is the only way to overcome them. Have a good night.”

74.) “Good Night, darling. Sleep well and may all your dreams be about beautiful and happy things. Remember how much I love you. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.”

75.) “My sweet lady, I presume your day has been as lovely as you are. Sleep and rest well, so you can wake up younger and energetic for the big day tomorrow. Goodnight.”

76.) “I hope you can be able to feel my desire for you and how much my heart is filled with your love.”

77.) “I always pray for you every night before praying for myself because I know with you my dreams will be well achieved. Good night. I love you.”

78.) “Hey, pretty face. I hope today has been good for you. I have been thinking about you and how much impact you have on me. I will be lying next to you when you wake up. Goodnight.”

79.) “Every night I catch my sleep with the thought of you. I wonder how my life will be if you are not a part of it. I love you. Good night.”

80.) “If we would have been together right now. I would spend all the night cuddling with you and then we would sleep after seeing the sun rise together.”

81.) “Just like the sun and moon are destined to rise in their particular time, I am destined to be with you forever. Have a beautiful and magical night, my love.”

82.) “I blessed God for creating a rare gem like you. Your love have really made me very happy and pleased with life. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my whole life with you my lover. Good night.”

83.) “There are thousands of stars in the sky that shine, but for me, you are the brighter and most shinier. I love you with all my heart. Have a nice sleep with lots of beautiful dreams. Good night.”

84.) “Good night my love. Have sweet and lovely dreams of us together.”

85.) “I am so sorry that I have to work late tonight. I wish I could be with you. Sleep well my love and sweet dreams.”

86.) “On this beautiful night, cuddling with you would be perfect. I love you. Good, night and sweet dreams.”

87.) “I had such a wonderful time with you tonight. You looked so beautiful, and I enjoyed our conversation over dinner. Sleep well and have wonderful dreams.”

88.) “My darling, you are the last thing I think about before I fall asleep and the first thing I think about when I wake up. I love you so much. Sweet dreams.”

89.) “As I am in my hotel room alone away from home, I think about how lucky I am to have such a wonderful wife. Sleep well, my love.”

90.) “I hope you know how honored I am to call you my wife. I wanted you to know this before you close your eyes for the night.”

91.) “I wish that all the dreams about you and me come true. Good night sweetie.”

92.) “As each night comes and go, I’m always counting down to the day that I can finally call you mine with full assurance. Good night my queen.”

93.) “Hey, lovely. Did you know that I had a good day thinking of you? I hope today was kind to you as well. May you have a good night, and I will be here for you in the morning when you wake up.”

94.) “Can you see how the star are looking at you? They are also deeply in love with your smile. Your uniqueness and beauty can’t be hidden even to the stars. I believe you are one of God’s favorite. I love you. Good night.”

95.) I don’t want a moonlight. I have a better moon, and that is you. Good night my love. Have sweet dreams.”

96.) “When I am asleep, I only think about you and our lovely time together. Good Night. Have sweet and lovely dreams like me!”

97.) “Hello, sweetie. I just wanted to let you know that I have been thinking about you. Have a wonderful night and pleasant dreams. I love you.”

98.) “My love for you has no end, no boundary. It’s a blessing to have you. Good night, my love.”

99.) “Now that I have you in my life, every day is bright, sunny, and full of happiness! I love you; good night sweetheart!”

100.) “A beautiful night like this should be spent with a beautiful person. I’m happy because I have you. Good night my love!”

101.) “I am jealous of the night because it’s always there to guide and see you smile but I’m always happy to know am the cause of your immersive happiness. Good night.”

102.) “Good night, my sweet girl. The love I have for you makes waking up every morning worth it.”

103.) “I think about our moments together whenever I am depressed cause that has been the motivation I get to move on happily. Good night.”


Good night messages are not only an exhibition of love but also an excellent way to turn a bad day around. If she hasn’t had the best day, a sweet, thoughtful message will do wonders in making sure the day doesn’t end on a bad note. It will also reassure her that she can count on you when she needs you the most. 

We hope you enjoyed the list and were able to find a suitable good night message for your soulmate. If you’d like, feel free to add a little bit of your own creativity to these messages; doing so will make it feel more personalized. 

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