The 113 Best Hobbies For Men to Add Joy to Your Life

Bored with your daily routine? Want to engage in some manly hobbies?

If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. Hobbies are an essential part of life and provide you with something to focus on other than your work. 

We have compiled a list of 113 hobbies for men that will help you discover new activities and meet people that share the same passion. 

So without further ado, let’s dive into it:

The Best Hobbies For men

1.) Working Out

Nobody prefers being unhealthy and out of shape. If you’re looking for a productive hobby for men, consider exercising. Exercise helps you build an aesthetic physique, improve your eating habits, follow a proper schedule, and gain lots of strength. Moreover, you will also find lots of support and make new friends from the gym community. If you’re an introvert, there are also countless home work out routines that you can start following today.

2.) Learning an Instrument

Imagine being able to play your favorite songs on a musical instrument. It’s a handy party trick that proves to be one of the greatest forms of entertainment for both yourself and those around you. It might even help you impress that special someone in your life. In this age, you can find millions of online tutorials and affordable instruments — making it easier for men to indulge in this hobby.

3.) Martial Arts

Being able to fight like Bruce Lee certainly has a nice ring to it. Martial arts are codified systems of combat refined in Asian regions. Not only does it teach you to defend yourself, but it also keeps you fit. Martial arts have countless varieties, each with varying fundamental teachings. Other encouraging factors are stress reduction and increased confidence. A sparring session may be the perfect way to blow off steam.

4.) Running

One of the easiest forms of exercise is running. It carries innumerable health benefits and tones your legs. Although running isn’t easy at first, you might get addicted to the dopamine-induced euphoria of a runner’s high, which has been proven to decrease anxiety levels. On the other hand, you can purchase a treadmill to run from the comfort of your home.

5.) Cooking

Cooking is an essential life skill that everyone should learn. It helps you save money that you would spend eating out at a restaurant or a fast-food joint. Once you’ve become familiar with ingredients, you can also fine-tune your diet plan according to your body goals. And let’s not forget, it’s an excellent way to show appreciation to your loved ones by serving them a personally-cooked meal. 

6.) Reading

If there’s one thing in common with every modern-day leader, it’s that all of them have a habit of reading. Reading has innumerable benefits, including better cognitive skills, improved memory, and overall increasing your intellect. 

Studies state that reading is one of the best ways to relax and eliminate stress. Exposure to new valuable ideas, information, and perspectives makes you more innovative and enhances your communication skills. Best of all, thishobby is entirely free if you have access to a library or a smartphone.

7.) Dancing

Dancing is a universal artform for expressing yourself. But at the physical level, it increases your aerobic fitness, improves agility and flexibility, and provides you with a set of skills that you can show off in various gatherings. Dancing also makes it possible to stay fit and have fun at the same time.

8.) Marksmanship

Owning a gun may seem intimidating at first. But once you follow proper gun safety guidelines, you’ll discover the thrill in being a good marksman. It allows you hone your reflexes and improve hand-eye coordination. 

A handgun is mostly used for recreational target practice, while rifles and other bigger guns are used for targets like sporting clay. Besides improving your shooting skills, a gun license also provides self-defense.

9.) Photography

Observing the world through a lens and capturing special moments in your life can be a therapeutic experience. Photography is a phenomenal hobby that can change your perspective of the world. It is easy to begin, and you can progress fast, especially since almost everyone has a DSLR-level camera on their phones. If you’re feeling old-school, try your hand at an analog film camera.

10.) Horseback Riding

Men have always owned a trusty steed before they were replaced by cars. Still, nothing beats the masculinity of riding on the back of a six-foot horse. It’s also a good workout as riding engages muscles all over your body and strengthensyour core. The hobby may be costly if you buy a horse, therefore we recommend hiring a teacher from your local stable to train you.

11.) Rock Climbing

Ever noticed how manly Tom Cruise looks rock climbing in Mission Impossible 2? Turns out, rock climbing is not asdifficult as it looks. In fact, anyone can start it on a beginner level and quickly progress as their body strengthincreases. However, before you embark to conquer a mountain, you may want to practice the basics at a gym.

12.) Motorcycle Ridingcycle

The daunting look and roaring engine of a motorcycle makes it one of the manliest hobbies to exist. Riding one gives you an unmatched adrenaline rush that pleases your need for speed. Of course, riding a motorcycle requires safety gear and precautions, but getting a license is always worth it. Plus, maintaining and upgrading your bike with different parts can helps take your mind off work stress. So who wouldn’t wanna do something that looks cool and feels cool?

13.) Hiking

A prime walk through nature’s obstacles prevents the usual ruminations of the mind and helps reduce anxiety. Being outdoors has proven to make a person happier. Hiking requires no preparation aside from finding a hill or hiking trail nearby. Furthermore, trekking through rugged landscapes is equal to a full-body workout and keeps you fit. To improve your hiking experience even further, take a partner alongside.

14.) Surfing

If you like the fresh breeze of the sea, you would love to soar through the ocean winds on a surfboard. Learning to surf might be challenging, but it’s possible with a trainer and frequent practice. Surfing in the vast ocean helps your mental state, and improves your balance and core strength. 

15.) Paintballing

The rush of an exhilarating paintball fight is highly addictive. It is an exciting hobby and a great way to have fun with friends or make new ones through a good-natured competition. The exertion, similar to being in a battleground, keeps you fit and sharpens your reflexes and aim. Paintballs do hurt, so proper gear and training are necessary.

16.) Playing Pool and Billiards

A classic game of pool or billiards is a brilliant way to kill your boredom. It is a widely played game among men and great way to meet new people and improve your social skills. The game also refines your critical thinking and builds more focus. Try signing up with a local pool club in your neighborhood, or purchase a table for your home for endless entertainment. 

17.) Traveling

If you’re tired of the city life and seeing the same skyscrapers every day, traveling is an excellent hobby for you. The change of scenery in another city or country is an extremely refreshing experience. Plus, learning new cultures and traditions allows you to appreciate the little things in life. Traveling across the world is stimulating and pleasurableexperience for everyone.

18.) Geocaching

Geocaching, in simple terms, is a global treasure hunt in which you use your navigational skills to find containers called “geocaches.” Once you find the location, enter your name in the logbook and trade an item inside the box. To make the activity more fun, grab a couple of friends to go on an adventure of geocaching. It also allows you to learn about your environment and secret hidden places.

19.) Art

Sketching, painting, coloring, or any other type of art is a calming affair that allows your creative energy to take control. Expressing yourself on paper or canvas is a great way to let out your emotions which is beneficial for your mental state. Whether you pursue proper training or do it at home, you can quickly progress and refine your artistry.

20.) Writing

Putting your emotions in writing can help you learn and understand your feelings. Whether fiction or real-life experiences, there is always something to reflect upon in your writing. Writing is also highly addictive, and sharing your works with others can give you new insight to improve it.

21.) Bird watching

Nature never fails to bring your soul to peace, and observing birds of vibrant colors, unique patterns, and various sizes seems almost magical. Bird watching makes you appreciate the intricacies of mother nature. Its relatively easy to begin and has a calming effect on your mental health. Just do a little research, buy a bird book, grab a pair of binoculars, and you’re set.

22.) Parkour

Parkour unlocks levels of strength in your body that could never imagine. The amount of agility and movement required may appear superhuman. However, with some perseverance, you’ll find yourself vaulting and flipping through urban obstacles. It is necessary to train properly under a trainer or through proper tutorials.

23.) Swimming

Swimming is considered one of the best cardiovascular exercises as being underwater engages muscles across your body. Besides building strength, you lose fat and develop a healthy heart and strong lungs. Being able to swim is also an essential life skill and prevents you from drowning. You can pick it up quickly and most people learn to swim properly in less than a week.

24.) Kayaking/Canoeing

Canoeing and kayaking are highly meditative activities. There’s just something highly calming about floating and paddling through water. Rigorously paddling with your arms is an effective cardiovascular workout that significantly improves your upper body strength. There is the initial cost of buying a vessel and proper gear, but after that, you can enjoy boating to your heart’s content.

25.) Adult Board Games

Boardgames challenge your intellectuality and strategizing as they require critical decision-making in order to win. You may be surprised as to how many adult board games exist that you can play. Besides being a great pastime, they make game nights and social gathering much more entertaining. Joining game clubs of like-minded individuals will provide worthy competitors to play against.

26.) Video Games

Video games are growing increasingly popular among adolescents and adults. According to studies, video games have proven useful in reducing symptoms of depression. It also improves your eye-to-hand coordination and is a great way to spend time with your friends. These days, you can find thousands of games for PC, consoles, and even smartphones.

27.) Camping

Feeling a little adventurous? Then, camping is the perfect hobby for you to enjoy nature and refine your survival skills. Plan a trip with your family members or take a group of friends to a nearby camping sight for a relaxing night under the stars. Camping has also proven to improve your circadian rhythms and promote a sound and relaxing sleep.

28.) Woodworking

Woodworking is a classic trait celebrated among men. Being good with tools is an important skill, and woodworking helps to refine that. You can also build items with practical applications such as furniture and decor through woodworking. Maybe it’s finally time to take up that shed-building project you have been delaying.

29.) Home Brewing/Wine Production

Although it is a lengthy project, brewing your own beer or wine can be extremely satisfying. It helps shift your focus onto something meaningful and produces something that you can share with your family and friends. There are plenty of home brewing kits available to get started with your new hobby.

30.) Bowling

Most people consider bowling as a recreational activity. However, there is much depth in the art of bowling. Learning to bowl with professional techniques will show you the effort pro-bowlers put into knocking down all pins perfectly. Furthermore, you can be a part of your local bowling community to improve. The core mechanics are simple and easy to pick.

31.) Chess

For those looking for intellectual stimulation, chess is the perfect hobby. It is one of the most popular board games in the world, known for enhancing cognitive abilities. Chess is also a highly mathematics game and requires significantcalculation. You can keep track of your chess skills through rating. Find your favorite opening and sharpen your skills.

32.) Astronomy

One of the many wonders of this universe are the sparkling stars in the sky. Stargazing is a mesmerizing experience, especially with a dedicated telescope. Learning about astronomy makes you knowledgeable, and the glamorous spacial entities make your research worthwhile. This peaceful activity revitalizes your spirit and is an excellent getaway from the rigors of life.

33.) Golf

Golf is a famous low-impact sport that keeps you active physically and mentally. It may seem simple but takes considerable effort to master. A golf course is a place where you socialize with other golfers build meaningful connections. It certainly helps that golf is an outdoor sport and practically playable by anyone.

34.) Metal Detecting and Antiquing

Collecting is a great hobby that can prove to be of monetary value. It takes you to exciting places you usually wouldn’t visit in search of special metals and other valuable items which others have scrapped. The hobby also keeps you active, considering the walking involved. Metal detecting can be a great pastime, and you might even fetch a reasonable price for the items you find.

35.) Gardening

What could be a better way to be one with nature than tending to it? Gardening is a productive hobby that rewards you with the produce you grow. It keeps you healthy and mentally at peace. A well-kept garden is also rewarding to the eyes, and guaranteed to get praises from guests and visitors. 

36.) Sailing

Riding the waves on a sailboat is an incomparably peaceful recreation. It requires a specific set of skills for working the boat while navigating where it goes. The hobby is more enjoyable on a bigger vessel with a bigger crew, which is more challenging but equally fun.

37.) Blogging/Vlogging

Documenting your life and personal opinions for the world to see is a liberating feeling. Especially when you garner the support and attention of people who agree with and enjoy your views on specific topics. Blogging and vlogging help you reach the entire world over the internet to share anything.

38.) Magic Tricks

A magician always knows how to impress the audience. If you want to be the life of the party, learning magic tricks will make you the center of attention. Mastering a difficult sleight of hand is also highly satisfying and can be learned through the millions of tutorials on YouTube.

39.) Singing

Who doesn’t love singing their heart out? Putting your vocal cords to the test makes your voice and control better. Most people consider singing to be a natural talent, but just like playing an instrument, your vocals can be honed. Practice along with your favorite songs at home, or grab a bunch of friends for a fun karaoke night.

40.) Yoga

Doing yoga after a stressful day at work can become extremely relaxing. Experts suggest that yoga improves heart health, strength, balance, flexibility, and a million other things that help you lead a more peaceful life. It has also proven improve sleep quality, making you feel energized and ready to face the world every day.

More Hobbies for Men

  • 41.) Boxing
  • 42.) Car Racing
  • 43.) Off-Roading
  • 44.) Skiing and Snowboarding
  • 45.) Fencing
  • 46.) Mountain Biking
  • 47.) Ceramics
  • 48.) Scuba Diving
  • 49.) Car Restoration
  • 50.) Urban Exploration
  • 51.) Barbecuing
  • 52.) Model Building
  • 53.) Blacksmithing
  • 54.) Live Action Role Playing
  • 55.) Wet Shaving
  • 56.) Fishing
  • 57.) Collecting Sneakers
  • 58.) Airsoft
  • 59.) Car Maintenance
  • 60.) Slacklining
  • 61.) Hunting
  • 62.) Baking
  • 63.) Coffee Brewing
  • 64.) Archery
  • 65.) Noodling
  • 66.) Programming
  • 67.) Building Robots
  • 68.) Bicycling
  • 69.) Picking Locks
  • 70.) Sculpting
  • 71.) Cheese Tasting
  • 72.) YouTube Channel
  • 73.) Stock Investment
  • 74.) Graphic Designing
  • 75.) Tattooing
  • 76.) Retro Gaming
  • 77.) Volunteering
  • 78.) Learning a Language
  • 79.) Museum Hopping
  • 80.) Wine Tasting
  • 81.) Poker
  • 82.) Electronic Music Production
  • 83.) Piloting an Aircraft
  • 84.) Dog Training
  • 85.) Theatre Acting
  • 86.) Podcasting
  • 87.) Online Streaming
  • 88.) Stand-Up Comedy
  • 89.) Fantasy Sports
  • 90.) Pottery
  • 91.) Puzzles and Crosswords
  • 92.) Fly Fishing
  • 93.) Genealogy
  • 94.) Cosplay
  • 95.) Darting
  • 96.) Researching
  • 97.) Card Games
  • 98.) Bingo
  • 99.) Knitting
  • 100.) Leatherworking
  • 101.) Rocketry
  • 102.) Thrifting
  • 103.) Electronic Models
  • 104.) Skateboarding
  • 105.) Knife Making
  • 106.) Landscaping
  • 107.) Gold Panning
  • 108.) Coaching Sports
  • 109.) Fish Keeping
  • 110.) Bee Keeping
  • 111.) Interior Design
  • 112.) Fashion Design
  • 113.) Movie Watching


Whether you prefer a relaxing day at home or the thrill of an escapade, there is something for all men of men on this list. Who knows, you might have an undiscovered talent for a hobby. Some hobbies are entirely recreational, while others have monetary gain. We hope you found the perfect hobby for yourself through our assistance.

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